At this moment, old person actually left one move, but this move he in does not leave by the fist, old person both hands make a fist, open by the body, then extends the index finger, in the mouth said : two horns kills!” Said that pushes to refer to by the arm, fierce proceeding punctures. Along with his movement, two are similar to ox horn same Qi Strength, since they point at project, direct Zhao Hai strikes. But Zhao Hai at this time actually personal appearance fierce moves, returned to Yama Ship, Yama Ship has been similar to a sharp sword continuously, leaves Old Daoist Qi Strength that from old person, fierce passing through. Zhao Hai at this time open the mouth and said: Frisbee hits!” old person just left one finger at this time, did not have change the maneuver with enough time, Yama Ship battering ram to arrive at him, old person face finally changed, at this time, he in thinking change the maneuver was impossible, he two arms before his body the overlapping, entire body shrinks one group, is waiting for the hit of Zhao Hai. But good skillful unfortunately, Zhao Hai this hit, one hits to puncture in the elbow of old person full body armor, a resounding that listens , the elbow of old person full body armor punctures to be hit, the body of old person was similar to by the automobile is hit was the same, will roll in the future, simultaneously old person was a blood has also spurted. But because Yama Ship also this hits, slightly one slow, but old person actually with this strength of collision, flies near kilometer far, then with originally has not turned head with Zhao Hai in the meaning of battle, the personal appearance to move, fierce runs away toward the distant place, in the blink of an eye on disappearing form. old person such procedure to old person that somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai look at vanish, shaking the head of not bears, he knows that at this time in wants to pursue already without enough time, old person is impossible becomes running of straight line, where now referred to erratically runs up. Zhao Hai shook the head, in does not think that this matter, he is only the hand wields, since he attracted same thing from the ground, just byold person full body armor on that elbow thorn that he hit. Zhao Hai looked, he presently this elbow punctures becomes silver white , above has the sparkling stone color break-up to move probably is the same, very beautifulsame, very sharp. Zhao Hai wields, has thrown into this sharp thorn Space, turns the head direction that looked at old person to go far away, this has taken back the vision, city that turned the head look at that his attack.

That urban in the city person also in paying attention to this war, was looking that now Zhao Hai has defeated old person unexpectedly, the God Race person who in the city these resisted was actually one startledthen one flurried, resisted also started four palaces to run away, this undead Continent and Fei'er their attack got up to facilitatebefore long, in the entire city has resisted in also nobody, according to the beforehand procedure, Zhao Hai direct on these not, in the God Race person of resistance has thrown into Space. After waiting for Zhao Hai to complete these, Zhen Wushuang, Xiao Bingya they arrived on Yama Ship, just fought them to see, they were not foolnaturally also know just old person used was Taurus Continent Ultimate Weapon, was because of this, they were startled, Zhao Hai was defeated including Taurus Continent Ultimate Weapon unexpectedly! Therefore after several people arrived on Yama Ship, looked that the Zhao Hai look somewhat is differentZhao Hai look at several people of appearances, shows a faint smile said :What happened? everyone/Great Clan should not be surprised, if strict, I want to deal with that person am also very difficult, just his strength is not enough to urge that full body armor, therefore he injured will flee. although Zhao Hai such produces ”, but Zhen Wushuang they are not the fools, naturally knows that Zhao Hai this is in modest, but several people had not said that much anythingsaid to Zhao Hai the casualty situation that these time fights, lived.. Zhao Hai looked at people said : currently speaking, our present progress are very smooth, but that old person flees after today, we will possibly have to trouble, that full body armor that old person uses, is Taurus Continent Ultimate Weapon, now they presently Ultimate Weapon does not have anything to do to use to me, that will certainly invite reinforcement, the Zhen Wushuang elder, the Yuan Jiang elder, Zhan Fang Speaker, I hopes that your three can relate with your clans, was additionally appointed the manpower by them, surveillance under sea surface well, I want Taurus Continent to request reinforcements to other's Continent certainly.” Three people have complied with one, they have also thought of this point, Ultimate Weapon is Taurus God Race has taken advantage finally, now this takes advantage continually lost, if they in do not rescue, that can only wait for death, the Taurus Continent person is not the brain is remnant, they such will not do. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Xiao Bingya their eyes, showed a faint smile said : three, the here situation to your Patriarch said that making them prepare, you could begin.” Xiao Bingya they stand up, has complied with one respectfully, they really had feared now Zhao Hai, what method don’t know Zhao Hai also had. This several days they have followed in the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai all sorts of methods they to understand some, these Magic Cannon, these Crystal Stone, these Undead Creature, this Yama Ship, all these make Zhao Hai seem like mi.

But today Zhao Hai was makes them know. What is the fight, was too scary, Ultimate Weapon, in their clan also has, can say that is taking advantage of these Ultimate Weapon, their three clans can protect three Continent. However Zhao Hai 2-3 tidy up that to use Ultimate Weapon Taurus Continent old person today, this made them experience finally, Zhao Hai fighting strength was not saying played, now in the Zhao Hai front, they do not dare to display a point arrogance. Zhao Hai looked that several people complied, this nodded said : to be good, everyone/Great Clan prepares, then several days time we in a speeding up advancement, was calling reinforcement of other races have not arrived at time, we get some domains.” Several other people complied with one, turn around walked, no matter Zhen Wushuang or Xiao Bingya, they now unconscious regarded their center Zhao Hai, the words that Zhao Hai spoke they will certainly listen. After arranging these matters, Zhao Hai flashes body returned to sub- Space, Laura they looked at Zhao Hai to come, immediately/on horseback has encircled, Laura said : Elder Brother Hai, you how? All right?” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved to be good, I am all right, but Taurus Continent level weapon finally also is really a little way, can block Yama Ship several times attack unexpectedly, although I have not wielded the Yama Ship complete strength, but can block Yama Ship such attack, was very good.” Laura nodded: Yes, I have not thought really that their Ultimate Weapon unexpectedly are full body armor, but looked that full body armor appearance is ting is probably fierce, Elder Brother Hai, if they gather to cope with you Ultimate Weapon on other God Race Continent, you can have the matter?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, will not have the matter, if I deal with that God Race person fully, certainly with ease will tidy up his, but I do not dare to use the full strength now, because of me presently, God Race Continent here Law of the Heaven and Earth started to repel me.” Laura they stare, then how many person of face change, puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : really? What feeling is that?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : probably was you went to a place, that place all people harbored the hostility to you, wants to kick that place you, moreover their strength also very strong, I was think that rebel also rebel, was because of this, therefore I do not dare to use the complete strength.”

Laura they nodded, how actually don’t know must handle, Zhao Hai looked at several people of said : to be good, this matter did not need too to be worried that I in a short time was impossible leave, here Law of the Heaven and Earth although repelled me, but has not arrived to the situation that I kicked, you did not need to be worried, to be honest, how because of Thunder Clan they, the Atlanta Continent there matter, I really does not want leave, my strength, in God Realm here unable completely the use, I to be very curious now now, why Lu Wei must suppress Gnome one. Clan, but Atlanta Continent there show route with Gnome clan very similar, but they had not actually been suppressed, I want to make understand what's the matter, the place that after all our going possibly is Cultivator Continent, went to Cultivator Continent there, we want positive facing Lu Wei, the Lu Wei true strength, absolutely will be much more formidable than his throwing, therefore I want many understanding his, to accumulate some strengths, like this has arrived at Cultivator world there, we were also more some qualifications of maintaining life.” Laura several people nodded, Lu Wei true strength fierce, they return don’t know now, but, the Lu Wei strength is very what we definitely know is that strong, compared that several projection much better absolutely, but Lu Wei was a elder in Five Great Sect, the Five Great Sect possible has plenty elder, may have compared with elder more formidable existence, if this is really the case, that they to Cultivation World there, must facing the enemy on will be the abundant minute formidable existed. When facing formidable enemy, many methods of maintaining life, regarding them absolutely are the good deeds, therefore Laura they do not oppose the Zhao Hai words. Regarding Thunder Clan, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, to be honest, Laura they have not cared, they looks like in Laura, the Ark Continent people were safe, because Demon Realm submits to Zhao Hai, now was also safe, but Barbarian their three clans with Zhao Hai are only cooperation relationship, Zhao Hai can definitely not need to care about them now. However Laura they are also same as Zhao Hai, regarding Atlanta Continent there Magic Armor, to is very curious, that Magic Armor can reach the God Rank Expert level unexpectedly, this is very great. If they can step up these Magic Armor levels, manufactures more formidable Magic Armor, their fighting strength will obtain the further promotion, this regarding them is also very important. A most important point, Laura they want to obtain various God Realm Continent Ultimate Weapon, compares Magic Armor to come, these finally level weapon strength formidable, if can obtain various Continent Ultimate Weapon, their fighting strength formidable, when the time comes they facing leading great them did not need to be worried. a.