The war is still continuing, Zhao Hai really such as he said that sped up to God Realm attack, now Zhao Hai has not lacked the military strength, moreover he has delivered to Hell Space to go to to gain experience the a batch Devil Regiment person, now Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature crosses hundred million. Currently Zhao Hai everyday has large quantities of Undead Creature recording, but these Undead Creature, are God Rank Expert, can say that said now the Zhao Hai in hand military strength, in any Continent resistance with God Race will not fall on leeward. What most important is, now Zhao Hai in hand Domain Weapon quantity also more than 20, such quantity regarding God Race, is very formidable existence. Now Taurus God Race besides invites reinforcement, any means have not coped with Zhao Hai, can say that Taurus God Race was in the situation of end of hills and rivers. With increase of Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature quantity, he coped with Taurus God Race also sped up, Zhao Hai in these Undead Creature, selected some strengths to be strongest, making them use Domain Weapon, was sending attack God Race each every city them, like this they advanced was naturally quicker. In Zhao Hai and Taurus God Race that old man to fighting later fifth day, has transmitted information from Barbarian there, their present team Taurus Continent person diameter Capricorn Continent direction went, it seems like it was invites the reinforcement, the Taurus Continent person of this squad was not many, only then 10,000, but actually some rode the metal cow the old man also to have two to use the Domain Weapon person, remaining was also on Taurus Continent most formidable Cavalry. The Barbarian person sees such weaponry, does not dare to go forward to block, put their leave, Yuan Jiang they heard this information time, relaxed, they have not gone to block luckily, don’t know how otherwise dead. Zhao Hai heard that Taurus Continent used the Ultimate Weapon people to send them, immediately made Barbarian their three clans start to Taurus God Race to mount a large-scale attack. In order to fear them met Taurus God Race Domain Weapon Expert to suffer a lossZhao Hai to give in each clan to send three to use Domain Weapon Undead Creature specially, making them go to three clans to assume personal command. However what crosses Yuan Jiang their don’t know is, these three teams of Undead Creature, their bodies bring a piece Command Token that comes out by the Blood Staff segregatethis Command Token to use as monitor. join of three clans, in addition a large number of Domain Weapon, Zhao Hai they in Taurus Continent to the process of war, complete occupied the winning side, now Taurus Continent gave up in the defense of small shape city to surrounding these, the army of large unit as centralized as Taurus Continent several big city, in these small town, has only left behind some God Race general publics. However Zhao Hai therefore relaxed many, Taurus God Race has not actually given their general publics to issue an order, their everybody can rebel Zhao Hai they, so long as these ordinary people can kill Zhao Hai theiror kill Undead Creature, so long as they can run away smoothly, he will obtain the Royal Family shape to enjoy, even can make them in Taurus God Race Noble. Such reward regarding the Taurus God Race average person, has to attract gravitational force, in God Realm here, Royal Family and Noble status, wants to be higher than the Ark Continent there person status. In God Race here ”, if you are Noble, that future one day, you might become a plane god, that plane will be your territory, you can do anything in inside.

Because this ”, therefore in God Race the has plenty person, wants to become Noble, but beforehand God Race here regarding Noble control is very strict, will not bestow the nobility to give anyone easily, therefore Taurus Continent here Noble is not many. But these time with Ark Continent to the war, Taurus Continent is actually suffered a lossto constrain Zhao Hai advancing, Taurus Royal Family has issued such order, on Taurus Continent, some some people of rebel ability, in the city has not clung to tenaciously, they started to play the guerrilla warfare. Such tactic, they have certain influence regarding Zhao Hai, especially to the people of three large clans, they must momentarily be worried to be able by God Race person attack. Zhao Hai although certainly was also affected, but affects is not big, after all has Space, these people, also light this that the guerrilla warfare plays surveillance of Space, therefore Zhao Hai is not worried about these. However this matter actually Zhao Hai angering, three clan appears the massive casualties, this has made the people of three clans not dare to move easily, this plan effect on the Zhao Hai is very big. Zhao Hai wants to call before other Continent reinforcement have not arrived, first has destroyed completely Taurus God Race, like this they had the even bigger strategic depth dealt with God Race have counter-attacked, was a Taurus God Race such lane, big has reduced speed his control Taurus Continent time, when he when met other God Race to clamp 6 attack, passive. Moreover situation also getting worse and worse cake, before Zhao Hai they, so long as has destroyed completely Taurus Continent in the city these garrison troops, in killing some rebel people, Taurus Continent these person of base originally not rebel, but presently in the city does not have the garrison troops, these Taurus God Race people also probably are very honest not in rebel, but Zhao Hai sends Undead Creature them toward in Space catches, first time will have many Undead Creature to be missing, these Undead Creature that finally, in the city is missing, unexpectedly attacking a city are more, this by Zhao Hai very angry. Zhao Hai was angry, the consequence was very serious, endures Zhao Hai that cannot be endured to issue has killed the life certainly, so long as there is in a that God Race city, was missing 100 Undead Creature, immediately/on horseback has massacred city, this order was public, after each Zhao Hai took over a city, with talking clearly of these God Race, such as is their not rebel, will not injure them absolutely, if their rebel, that sorry, killed! This is a bloody order, from the beginning God Race the people in these cities have not believed that however in medium grade, in 1 million people of big city, Undead Creature that these get down, almost lost more than 1000 in the flash, Zhao Hai ordered to massacre city directly, 1 million people of cities, a living witness has not remained. Besides does not keep the living witness, Zhao Hai uses Magic Cannon on Yama Ship directly, gives to raze that city, ear that 1 million people of city vanished on Taurus Continent. Taurus Continent is very big, these God Race play the guerrilla warfare with Zhao Hai now, but they need many thing, how compared with eat, with, them attacks situation also completely understand of various cities regarding Zhao Hai, the matter that therefore Zhao Hai razes a city, quick spreadall cities to know on Taurus Continent, Taurus God Race person although very angry, very scared, but they still did not have means rebel. Zhao Hai was too formidable. The advantage that Zhao Hai such makes has, the has plenty God Race small city, in rebel, to these Undead Creature, has not caught in them Space. Regarding these undead anti- people, some Zhao Hai rewards, he instead will give back to themto let them these living materials that puts from God Race there in life feeling better of Space.

Now these enter the Space Taurus God Race person to be getting more and more, but their rebel mood actually getting lower and lower, because enters Space these God Race most from the beginning, although destroyed thing in many Space, but in Space has plenty thing can let their living expenses, they do not want to starve to death, must honest is staying in Space. But Zhao Hai has not made them do the matter, they can life well in Space ”, so long as they do not cause trouble, Zhao Hai will not go to manage them. These God Race present, own living condition although can't compare with Taurus Continent there, is actually[ from] by, in Taurus Continent therethey was also capable person, was not Noble, they farmed, they bred, they went hunting, but these actually must pay taxes ”, but in Space they did not need to pay taxes. In order to let these God Race will not cause trouble, Zhao Hai also like is treats a Gnome clan, built up some to exchange the thing church, enabling the God Race person to be able relieved the life in Space. Zhao Hai with the method of such thunder, the rebel situation of letting various God Race cities one reduced many ” the God Race person, but the remaining these prepared to engage in guerrilla warfare, presently nobody is actually providing the commodity to them, Zhao Hai beside, these cities had emptied, thing that all can use, vanish from sight, they have all thought that was engaging in guerrilla warfare also good, must turn into wild man. Taurus Continent is very big, the person who has plenty Magic Beast, these engage in guerrilla warfare, can not need to eat worrying, but a little can actually affirm that they must eat the salt, but salt thing, is not all places produces in Taurus Continent here, the person who these engage in guerrilla warfare, needs various Continent cities to provide the table salt to them. But Zhao Hai actually the person various cities moved in Space, they in various city let alone salts, even if were the grain that a grain can eat could not find. Does not have salt eats human to fall ill, in this case, their guerrilla warfares, almost cannot hit completely, the person who these prepare to engage in guerrilla warfare, has not to be concentrated by the city that in Zhao Hai takes over toward these, this instead to lets supply pressure getting bigger and bigger of these cities, these God Race people have to look for the Zhao Hai decisive battle finally. But Zhao Hai present, these God Race people, has plenty because of the long time not being able to eat salt, have fallen ill, fighting strength is not as before, simply did not need to kill them, grasped directly live on line. That order of Taurus God Race Royal Family most from the beginning, truly they have created to Zhao Hai some troublesome, however the Taurus God Race person slowly presently, they did not have the means to Zhao Hai cause the meeting to trouble, instead to is lets Zhao Hai a batch a batch these people gives to seize, this plan, failed completely. Taurus God Race really has arrived at the poor way not to have the road now, they presently Zhao Hai advancement, original was quicker , since Taurus God Race original, by Taurus Continent area, Zhao Hai minimum takes several months to one year of time, can all cities hit, so long as gives them four to about five months, other God Race will support. However now they have presently made a mistake, according to Zhao Hai present, in less than one month, can kill under God's Aim City, when the time comes they ended. The advancement that look at Zhao Hai everyday keeps, the Taurus Royal Family person could not be sitting still, their secret has packed off Royal Family some juniors, making them go to sea other God Realm Continent to seek asylum, but the remaining people, remain to constrain Zhao Hai. Person who these run away, Zhao Hai is knows that but he has not been blocking these people, he is still finishing his proceeds to advance, along with God Race rebel getting lower and lower, Zhao Hai advancement is also getting quicker and quicker.

Finally, Zhao Hai presently that uses Ultimate Weapon old person leave Taurus Continent one month later, Zhao Hai they kill under Taurus Continent God's Aim City, this is an entire Taurus Continent biggest city, existing population over 60 million, but these 60 million people, were soldier, in the city all commoner have all outmigrated, moved other small town cities to live, naturally, these people entered in Space now, Zhao Hai has cleaned up entire Taurus Continent cleanly, remaining final God's Aim City. For clarity, the God's Aim City here city obtained the reinforcement, Magic protective shield opened, the netg steed and Magic Cannon have chocked up city wall, a preparation dead the appearance that definitely fought. Zhao Hai stands on Yama Ship, under look at his God's Aim City, is standing Great Demon King in his, Demon Dragon King, Barbarian Patriarch and Great Elder, Pegasus Clan Patriarch and Speaker, Thunder Clan Patriarch and Great Elder, Xiao Bingya, Ryder and Hertha. Ten days ago, Zhao Hai already with Barbarian, Thunder Clan and Pegasus Clan three large clans met, using ten days to clean up entire Taurus Continent, then this transferred God's Aim City abundantly. Patriarch of three large clans regarding Zhao Hai are also ten assignment clothing/taking, is adding on Zhao Hai that formidable strength, therefore they completely gaze by the Zhao Hai horse now. look at God's Aim City, person two eyes of several large clans shine, in the past their plane by God Race conquer time, they have not thought will have such one day, they can Taurus God Race encircling in the city unexpectedly, this is the what kind power and influence. Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King are also mood ji move, these days and battle of God Race person, they already present, God Race fighting strength very formidable, if not Zhao Hai appears , God Race will obtain finally certainly Ark Continent, possibly attacks while convenient Demon Realm, that will let them like the present, gives trapped|sleepy in the city God Race. But mood most ji moves, is actually is Xiao Bingya their several people, different God Race and God Race battled already for tens of thousands years, these year of different God Race continuously at leeward, God Race very much did not unite, was having existence of Ultimate Weapon in addition, now the different God Race status, feared that was similar to Gnome. Many years, are God Race have kicked Continent that different God Race is, different God Race is always the share that only then defends a city, does not have the ability of attack, like the present, destroys completely God Race Continent, matter that wants unable to think, but now, Zhao Hai immediately can achieve, this lets their is really hundred tastes is at heart mixed, don’t know was any taste. a.