God's Aim City that Zhao Hai look at is ready in full battle array, to be honest he now really somewhat admires the Taurus God Race person, in this case, they have still not given up resisting, is not very really easy. although very admires the Taurus God Race person, but is the enemy, Zhao Hai will be impolite, but he wants completely the final effort. Zhao Hai gently control Yama Ship nearness God's Aim City slowly, when the city God's Aim City also distance stopped, calculation that then deep voice said : Taurus God Race that said that the god comes out to see.”, The Taurus God Race people in God's Aim City intensely are preparing to the war, nobody thinks that Zhao Hai suddenly said that actually has not responded at once, some little time a somewhat old sound conveys said : Taurus God Race Patriarch, Maurice has seen Mr. Zhao Hai!”, Along with his words, Domain Weapon rose from God's Aim City slowly, this is sword-shaped Domain Weapon, is standing a wear magnificent full body armor man in this Domain Weapon above, the head and beard of this man some hua were white, but the bearing is astonishing, the feeling that total person one type of keeps aloof, although his Domain Weapon wanted compared with Yama Ship slightly, but on this man imposing manner was not weaker than Zhao Hai. Exactly said that the body of Zhao Hai does not have no imposing manner, his manner very peaceful, normally time, everyone/Great Clan almost will not be noting him. Zhao Hai look at Maurice, bows slightly said : Maurice Patriarch hello, today I asks clan grow out to meet, but wants to discuss with Patriarch that the matter to present this situation, Taurus God Race has been making the senseless resistance already not any use, asking Maurice Patriarch to be Taurus God Race considers, gives up resisting, my Zhao Hai Bao card security, moreover not slave Taurus God Race all people.” Maurice look at Zhao Hai, in the eye full is the hatred, listens to the Zhao Hai words, his laughing said : suddenly Zhao Hai do not think that you have won steadily, I told you, you have not won, you who our Taurus God Race will not defeat just wait, some sooner or later one day people will ask us to revenge, all of you will die without the burial ground.”, Zhao Hai look at facial expression somewhat maniac Maurice, knitting the brows head of gently, it seems like that this failure, was too big to the attack of Maurice, he now already complete was hated to méng has shaded both eyes, wants to be impossible that only to fight at the peaceful solution Taurus God Race matter. Zhao Hai take deep breaths said : Maurice Patriarch so said that my Zhao Hai is also speechless, the consequence that the war is you select that war that causes, should withstand by you, Maurice Patriarch please return, our immediately must attack.” Maurice look at Zhao Hai, suddenly snort|hum, turn around returned to in God's Aim City, at this time had then stood in Zhao Hai behind Thunder Clan Patriarch deep voice said : mister, your effort wasted Maurice this person is full Lunatic, he never met recognize to be defeated, arrogantly to insane.”, Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: War projects on the present, died too many people, I do not think that is making killing sin to be a pity, it seems like it is is impossible, that can only fight, pressed past military strategy, I broke their protective shield, then took Undead Creature to cover as Front Army kills!”, The people have complied with one. Zhao Hai not in polite, negotiations have no meeting of minds, that can only fight anything not to say. Zhao Hai command(er) Yama Ship fierce proceeds to flush away, in the city these God Race people also prepare for however they somewhat underestimate sub- Yama Ship, Yama Ship rapidness, on moment still in leaving God's Aim City very far the place, next one already after appears outside God's Aim City, when the person in God's Aim City has not responded, Yama Ship battering ram one under on puncturing on protective shield of god aim god. Because is too quick, God's Aim City protective shield with enough time has not even worked as, listened to one, protective shield to be broken.

Zhao Hai will certainly not let off this opportunity, Magic Cannon immediately/on horseback on Yama Ship came attack, then large quantities of Undead Creature appears in God's Aim City. although God Race has met many time has attacked like this, but they are volume of means do not have regarding Zhao Hai such attack. However God's Aim City here is not good to deal with, although protective shield was broken, received Yama Ship fire attack, in adding on Undead Creature has also crashed in in the city, but now the God's Aim City here person was really too many, the several ten of millions people pushed in the city to wait to fight a decisive battle with Zhao Hai, the blank that therefore just had by Zhao Hai attack, one by other God Race people blocking, the in the city these God Race person started to strangle to death these Undead Creature, but these God Race person on city wall used Magic Cannon and other's thing to various clan allied armies of outside the city carries on attack. Zhao Hai also noted this situation, but he has not worried, presently in his hand undead fresh were more than God's Aim City here God Race person, therefore his simply did not fear that these God Race people, he stopped put in these Undead Creature God's Aim City, expansion bit by bit his in the city domain. The war from fell into the situation of superheating most from the beginning, in God's Aim City here these God Race people, was to the Taurus Royal Family very loyal person, was adding on Taurus God Race Patriarch personally to assume personal command, these people naturally hugged must die the heart with the straight silver their allied armies to the war, at once casualties also big increase of allied armies. In the battlefield the first minute in the deceased person, God Race these people, in the body and Undead Creature with their flesh and blood makes the war, makes the war with other races heroically, Zhao Hai recognize they very fearless, but these people are actually his enemy, he under the hand/subordinate a little will not be forgiving. The fight is still continuing, this is Zhao Hai has experienced the most frigid war, the people were fell probably completely insanely, their eyes blood red, the body was stained with completely the blood, chopping that in hand weapon kept to the enemy, either was hacked to death, either died to want in the hand of enemy. Now in the battlefield can maintain calm, only then few people, was these Undead Creature, these Undead Creature looked like the machine is the same, simply will not have any emotion, now they must do killed people, murder. The people of both sides now already complete dogfight to together, even if Zhao Hai thinks that is using Magic Cannon not to be impossible, because such words will certainly create the accidental injury.

However Zhao Hai not extremely in worry, although in present Taurus God Race also remaining more than 20 Domain Weapon, but Zhao Hai in hand Domain Weapon are also many, Domain Weapon Expert of both sides to the war, to is also raises the flag to meet the match. Zhao Hai has not meddled, these God Race person also nobody cope with Zhao Hai, they know that they possibly are not the Zhao Hai match, can say that they also know this war must defeat them to carry on final struggling. Time past bit by bit, one hour, two hours, three hours...... A day passed by for two days to pass by, the war was still held, three days passed by, the war was still hitting, but was near the end. Now entire God's Aim City turned into Hell everywhere is the black brown viscous blood, fighting strength of people passed through for three days three nights of consumptions, has might as well spell greatly, but actually still nobody stops them still to take weapon to fire into own enemy. Finally, when curtain of night descend, last was still killed the war formally to end to this in the God Race person of resistance. At this time all combatants, were almost tired immediately to lie down on the ground, only then these Undead Creature also stood in there, but Zhao Hai still stood on Yama Ship, look at God's Aim City, this Wargod clan nobody surrendered, nobody escaped, they were fight final soldier this not to have what influence regarding Zhao Hai , the war was the war, no matter the opposite party spelled was frigid, so long as they were still resisting, that war must continue. Zhao Hai waved to receive with the corpse of God Race person these Undead Creature, the hand is wielding, one group of incomparably huge water ball appears in the God's Aim City sky, however then in this group of water ball slowly sprinkles is similar to the rain water same waterdrop, falls from sky, is washing out all in God's Aim City. God's Aim City now already complete was destroyed here almost not to have a complete construction, is discarding weapon everywhere, and also cutting off limb of some people. These were lying down in ground different race person suddenly feel raining, moreover drenching of that water warming up probably washes hot bath same comfortable on their bodies unexpectedly, originally vanished the strength, slowly was also restoring, that originally was sore, slowly was also recovering. They have cannot help but opened the eye, sees that huge water ball in sky, stops in water ball not far away Yama Ship, in this moment, originally already Sun that west falls, dyed golden yellow water ball, but originally was golden yellow Yama Ship, probably was actually unfolding the a golden light type, looked like holy incomparable.

Such beautiful scene, making these lie down in various clansman of ground, does not want to move, their static look at Yama Ship, were at heart many sentiment of the honoring Yi. Zhao Hai calm look at God's Aim City, the water in that water ball is warm spring water, originally is very hot, in process that in drenching, the temperature reduced, such temperature falls the ground, happen to gives people the one type of very comfortable feeling. In the battlefield all bloodstains, were washed away, although God's Aim City destroyed serious, their sewer system, actually had not been destroyed are too many, therefore these water have not had in God's Aim City, but following God's Aim City sewer system, was arranged outside the city. This water may, not only takes a bath to these people, meanwhile has the wound treatment effect, various clansman in God's Aim City, now is almost everybody is wounded, happen to uses this water to cure their injury. To God's Aim City here, in could not see the bloodstain, Zhao Hai then stopped, at this time several person's shadows flew from God's Aim City, fell to Yama Ship on, Zhao Hai did not need to look also knows that was Great Demon King they. This one fights both sides altogether to put in military strength over 200 million, Taurus God Race military strength over 60 million, but Zhao Hai their allied armies, altogether invest the military strength 100 million hors d'oeuvres ten thousand. This service Taurus God Race does not have one person to surrender, died in battle completely, same also gave Zhao Hai them to cause 60 million casualties, Zhao Hai Undead Creature army had been extinguished 20 millions, the Thunder Clan person died in battle about 5 million, Pegasus Clan died in battle about does 7 million, Barbarian person soldier 14 million, Demon Race person, because only then Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King entered the war, and nobody died in battle, different God Race there, some people entered the war, originally they had more than 1000 people, now population already less than hundred people. a.