This was one wins the enemy they to destroy completely Taurus God Race finally, various clans obtained the freedom, will ride from now in also nobody in their heads sits the prestige to sit the luck. However this is also a hard victory, the losses of various clans are not small, therefore although these time won, but Thunder Clan and other on the Patriarch faces of clans does not have too many smiling faces, they know that this is a start, later will have a more brutal fight to wait for them. Several people of static Zhao Hai full Gen trigram the Zhao Hai together look at horizon slowly is sinking to the underground Sun, is appreciating the beauty of dusk, for a while after deciding unexpectedly, nobody spoke. Some little time Zhao Hai said :really has not thought that this war such frigid, the losses of your clans are very heavy, needs to rest and build up strength, but God Race such will actually not let off them, believes soon, the allied armies of various God Realm clans will kill. „ One hear of Zhao Hai said that people became was also sadder, they know what Zhao Hai said was right, Taurus God Race has sent reinforcement, moreover exited already for one month, although did not have welcome to reinforcement now, but they believe that the arrival of reinforcement was an issue of time, but the Taurus God Race person, has estimated Zhao Hai attack wrongly, therefore they have not come back now. However one, but they come back, that follows in them behind, will be the God Race allied armies, by that time, he will treat the scene of facing, stern. Thunder Clan Patriarch sighed said : not to think that God Race strength unexpectedly such, this thinks they received in Ark Continent there, such attack, understrength, should very be good to cope, has not actually thought that this last war, unexpectedly so frigid, was a hard victory Other people also nodded, although this time war decides, the loss of Thunder Clan is smallest, but the population of their clan itself are not many, compared with their moral behavior total, their casualties may be several clan heaviest one. Zhao Hai sighed, then what said : „did the following everybody has to plan? Now Taurus God Race extinguished, however other God Race will come, moreover this arrival, regarding coming in reinforcement, definitely does not have one God Race finally level weapon, these Ultimate Weapon I can deal with, but similarly, I cannot many looked after you, the later casualties possibly can even bigger.” Several Patriarch moods very heavy, they think that about several clan strength in meditation, is adding on Zhao Hai, can with God Race to fighting fully, they have become, but similarly, they have drawn on a more formidable enemy, if processing is not good, may have the exterminated the clan danger. Xiao Bingya suddenly said : that had not spoken mister, I to have a proposition, is don’t know feasible.” Zhao Hai has turned the head look at Xiao Bingya curious said :

Oh? mister please say. „ The Xiao Bingya also look at people, the people now flush look at that cuts he, Xiao Bingya deep voice said :mister, these are our different God Race people, with these by God Race conquer the race also has some relations, knows that some races regarding the rule of God Race are not very satisfactory, mister you look whether the Taurus Continent here matter, to propagandize to these races, perhaps these people also meet rebel God Race, pressure that like this we face on will be much smaller.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then face curious said : mister the proposed that is very good, but your different doesn't God Race have conquer other Space? Doesn't have the slave to cross other races? If your rear also cause disturbance , our troubles can even bigger.” Xiao Bingya forced smile said : mister has not to know that our different God Race did not have conquer really other Space, other conquer Space, first uses is that type can break Space demon, but this demon, is in God Race that God Rank Expert bestows God Race, God Race one towering is the non- to divulge to an outsider, therefore our different God Race person that demon, the nature on will not have managed to break Space, conquer other's race.” Zhao Hai nodded, he turns the head to be so best to Xiao Bingya said :, please look like in your clans to report our here situation immediately/on horseback, has a look at them whether to relate on these races, the Taurus Continent here matter, lived, that does not have what to be good to conceal, can say to these races, if they can rebel God Race, we certainly coordinate.” Xiao Bingya nodded, so long as the Zhao Hai agreement is good, actually these years, different God Race to cope with God Race, has thought many offices, God Race going on an expedition in all directions in each every small Space, takes back feeling small Space to him waits to manage the enemy is the strength increases superficially probably, but actually also has the hidden danger. After God Race conquer that race, the person forces that race to change Faith, if this Earth, simply is not any matter, but regarding the here people, their Faith often compared with their lives important, the God Race person makes these races change Faith, this has buried hatred seed. But different God Race does not have such worry, they do not have conquer other Space, under the hand/subordinate does not have other races, therefore does not need to be worried about this issue, but as the matter stands, they, when with God Race to the war, will be at a disadvantage, because God Race can commandeer these to enter the war by their conquer race, but different God Race can depend on itself. In order to change this situation, the different God Race person has found out an office, sending for of their secret with these by God Race conquer the person contact, to God Race how has a look at them the manner, if these people have the hatred to God Race, they will agree with that race, when God Race and different God Race war, they will not go to initiative attack these races, these races naturally also agreed. Different God Race in the course of contacts also really had the relation with many races, therefore Xiao Bingya will have such proposal, Xiao Bingya they after seeing Zhao Hai fighting strength, one to believing, if wants to cope with God Race, left the Zhao Hai feeling definitely is incorrect, therefore they will tell Zhao Hai this matter.

Zhao Hai looked at Thunder Clan Patriarch and other people of enemy deep voice said : Taurus God Race to be extinguished completely, now entire Taurus Continent was our domains, the Taurus God Race person is also given to make by me, but I do not want in Taurus Continent here in too many armies, I to prepare to use in Buddha Empire there cope with God Race Fang to come to cope with other God Race.” Fei'er their these have experienced person, knows what Zhao Hai said is any meaning, to be honest, Zhao Hai that game tactic also is really the non-solution, they suffered a loss on this. Thunder Clan Patriarch he treated also the meaning of understand Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai that tactic, Fei'er treats with him has said that but they one have not experienced blindly, therefore also some suspicions. Zhao Hai looks at several people of enemy deep voice said : now your several clans to need recuperation well, I looked at this, you first withdrew your Space the army, recuperation well, the God Race matter gave me to process, Xiao mister, you, when sent the letter to own clansman, must explain with them, these God Race reinforcement also attacked our times, they did not want immediately to have the motion, at that time should be other God Race respected the cautious maximum time, and other we in Taurus Continent here, weakened the power and prestige of these person the time, you in moving. Also is not late.” Xiao Bingya has gawked his don’t know Zhao Hai from the feeling the confidence, but he believes that Zhao Hai has at heart certainly the spectrum, what therefore he has not said that is nodded said : well, this non- prestige issue, but can mister, carry on by God Race conquer the matter of race relation with these?” Zhao Hai smiles said : naturally to carry on, moreover must carry on as soon as possible, told them, if God Race makes them dispatch troops, has remembered to me, dispatches troops, but cannot strive, if they dispatch troops and strive, my Zhao Hai will be absolutely impolite.” Xiao Bingya nodded, if before , some time Zhao Hai spoke this saying, he has not possibly believed that but Zhao Hai said now that Bingya actually believed that after seeing Zhao Hai fighting strength has decided that they do not believe that Zhao Hai this saying was cracking a joke. Zhao Hai turns the head look at people said : in clan, if has any need, or needs any thing, although told me that I want certainly to manage to everybody get so far as, invite everyone/Great Clan feel relieved.” Reason that Zhao Hai has such big energy , because he was not short of money now, Demon Realm there various minerals mining convenience of, the Zhao Hai in hand gold coins quantity crosses the standard of originally now, moreover that 20 ordinary Space and ten Magic Space that he can sell himself have bought, these Magic Space before adding on also had the crop, now he is not short of money.

Thunder Clan he treats several races, no matter needs any thing, he can make through Universal Machine, therefore Zhao Hai dares such to say. Thunder Clan Patriarch he treats expressed gratitude to Zhao Hai, said goodbye leave, after this time war decided that in their clan also the has plenty matter needs to process, impossible to be naturally long in Zhao Hai here, instead to was Xiao Bingya they have not walked, before Xiao Bingya, naturally can give others to process to these matters that Zhao Hai said that they naturally must remain, then observed Zhao Hai. This is also he treats the order in clan, the person in their clan, how is to know the Zhao Hai strength, must therefore make him wait to remain. Looked that these people walked, Zhao Hai then turned the head to Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King said : Your Majesty, the Demon Dragon enemy you treats already outside several days, in this return to clan had a look, I did not keep you......” Great Demon King looks at Zhao Hai complexion, knows that Zhao Hai had the matter to them tell, does not want to make Xiao Bingya they know, therefore they have not said anything, nodded, Zhao Hai then allowed them to enter Space. Xiao Bingya they are not first time noticed that Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King enter to Space, but they and don’t know Demon Race entered in Zhao Hai, they are think that Zhao Hai will be formidable Space Divergent Technique, can delivers returned to Demon Realm to go Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King with Space, has not gotten suspicious. Actually after this fight, Zhao Hai is thinks that seize the opportunity their several clans lays cards on the table with Thunder Clan, tells them the Space matter, has a look at them whether to enter Space, but a Xiao Bingya saying must relate other races the matters, Zhao Hai knows that is impossible, hates to leave one's native land, they also gleam of the hopes in the country, at this time wants to make Thunder Clan he treat now enters Space is impossible, therefore Zhao Hai bore this saying not say.