After Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King walk has decided that Zhao Hai turns the head look at Xiao Bingya he, when said : Xiao mister, I have also rested, that matter that you said asked you.” Xiao Bingya their immediately/on horseback bows said : mister to invite feel relieved to Zhao Hai, Bingya handles certainly.” Zhao Hai nodded, turn around entered cabin. Xiao Bingya they looked at Zhao Hai to walk, they also entered the cabin, place that but they lived in Zhao Hai not one layer, but the room to was good, good that very inside arranged. The Xiao Bingya three people entered the room, has not actually closed, but invited Ryder elegant and idle contented. These Demon Race person very satisfied present life, but the Demon Race royal palace is they earliest constructs the good construction, with Demon Realm time exactly the same, now the Devil Regiment person, stands outside of royal palace, but large quantities of Demon Race people are encircling in these Devil Regiment person side look at. These wicked, the person of regiment, is still face indifferent standing in the feeling, but their Death Qi vanish from sight, although still has made people feel that dies to set heavy, but will not make people feel that was afraid. This to is makes these Demon Race people somewhat puzzled, before Devil Regiment, is Demon Race most formidable fighting strength, they are almost equal to are the invincible symbols, what they are, Demon Race person very clear, before now Devil Regiment imposing manner does not have, was so strong? This makes them very puzzled. Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King actually surprised look at this hundred thousand Devil Regiment person, they may be different from the ordinary wicked Demon Race person, when them understood in the Devil Regiment person that now the Devil Regiment person, in their opinion, is absolutely more fearful than before. Before Devil Regiment very formidable, looks like double-edged sword that cold light sparkled, anybody saw them, knew their very dangerous. Now the Devil Regiment person, although looked like was not so fearful, but Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King actually know that this is Devil Regiment now the most fearful place, the long sword of sheath, everyone knew the danger, dagger that but hiding, sometimes actually compared with long sword danger, because the danger of long sword you were could notice that but the danger of dagger you actually could not see.

At this moment, Zhao Hai entered Space, Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King looks at Zhao Hai to come, moved forward to meet somebody, after three people sees to deliver the betrothal gifts, Zhao Hai turns the head to look at Devil Regiment that hundred thousand person one, nodded said : well, a little appearance, he he, it seems like it was the time should wait to provide on Mount to him.” These Devil Regiment people now or infantry unit, because before did to fight the need, Zhao Hai treated to him has provided Mount, but these Mount somewhat were incompatible with the strengths of these people, now is different, Zhao Hai has overcome Taurus Continent, Space in time Level Up, currently in Space finally has God Rank Magic Beast to produce, these Magic Beast has plenty can be used, when Mount, but Zhao Hai prepared to Mount that Devil Regiment provided, actually trained in Hell Space. In Magic Beast that other places raise, although fighting strength is also very strong, but has actually been short of that wild nature, if such Magic Beast provides to Devil Regiment, has not managed to wield Devil Regiment 100% fighting strength, therefore Zhao Hai has trained many Magic Beast in Hell Space there, these Magic Beast prepare to Devil Regiment. These Magic Beast raise in Hell Space there, sends these Devil Regiment people who tries to practice, will fight with these Magic Beast, not only like this Devil Regiment obtained the exercise, these Magic Beast also same obtained the exercise, then Zhao Hai is providing these Magic Beast to Devil Regiment, that is alliance, their fighting strength will be stronger. Regarding they had fought matter, this point Zhao Hai was not worried that these Magic Beast so are not intelligent like the Devil Regiment person, Zhao Hai wants an order, they can immediately/on horseback die, do not say that made them Devil Regiment Mount. Great Demon King don’t know these, he presently Zhao Hai then said that cannot help but has gawked, then said : „can mister find with him treats the appropriate match Magic Beast?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have the issue.” Said that on release hundred thousand Magic Beast, these Magic Beast are the black, horse shape, the head is growing an corner/horn, but does not have the wool, but is one layer leather armor, four hoof belt fires, tail is more like a hot whip same flings. one type of Magic Beast that in these Magic Beast Space produces, known as Nightmare, what do not visit them to be long is horse shape, but actually fierce exceptionally, moreover eats the meat, meets the Fire element demon, fighting strength at the God Rank Magic Beast meeting, is very formidable existence. Nightmare this Magic Beast, had in Demon Realm there before, but so is not strong, Demon Realm there Nightmare beast although is also very formidable, but most is the 9th level strength, on them is also growing the wool, will not have such obvious Fire element Magic Beast characteristics, most is the wool on hoof is red, tail is red, likely the present, hoof there direct on the look at fire, tail is also, Nightmare beast like this, Great Demon King and Demon Dragon King, but has not seen.

Zhao Hai turns the head after these Devil Regiment person said : this was your Mount, took away.” The Devil Regiment person has complied with one, went forward everyone to take away a Nightmare beast. However Zhao Hai regarding the present Devil Regiment person, weapon of use, actually somewhat looks does not glance, weapon of Devil Regiment use is Zhao Hai provides, full body armor, Knight Spear, Javelin and Great Sword. These thing look like in Devil Regiment is not the anchor, but Zhao Hai is not quite satisfied, was a pity that he cannot make better weapon now, can wait later to have opportunity said it. Waited for the Devil Regiment person to take away the soldier of Mount, Zhao Hai turned the head to Great Demon King said : Your Majesty, can arrange the second group of people to enter Space, crack defense line there, I will make Undead Creature defend, let the person of wicked flag regiment, in a rest elder brother well to Space.” Great Demon King complied with one, turn around walked to arrange, Demon Dragon King kept Zhao Hai enemy in a soft voice said : mister, matter that today Xiao Bingya they have gone bad you? Or we draw him treat send off consider as finished.” Zhao Hai shook the head, shows a faint smile said : do not worry, the weaponry also has hits, you have forgotten, now past one month, Underworld Dark mist, has floated Aksu Empire, but similar of Atlanta Continent there preparation, when about one month, Atlanta Continent there Magic Armor army, almost must also kick Ark Continent, he he, I want to have a look, they see the appearance in Ark Continent, what response will have.” Demon Dragon King has also cannot help but smiled, Atlanta Continent person, attacks Ark Continent, for the resources and manpower on Ark Continent, but Fontein Continent there is almost destroyed now, various types of minerals the majority was received in Space by Zhao Hai, thing that the remaining some are not useful, the population is one does not have, this Atlanta Continent person, feared that was doomed to lose money. Zhao Hai turns the head „the devil armed forces I not to want in this Space to use to Demon Dragon King said :, if before we went to Cultivation World there, that is the place that Devil Regiment gives full play, Undead Creature my present simply cannot discover a better office to promote their strengths, but Devil Regiment must become God Rank Expert, their practices will become very smooth, therefore after this army will be we will enter Cultivation World, the basis of settling down and getting on with life, must well look.”

Demon Dragon King nodded said : mister feel relieved, each Demon Race person, will not forget that Lu Wei takes to our shame, will not forget that mister to our great kindness, I allowed the person to understand, Space here, has plenty Demon Race in others, has given for mister Statue now.” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that really can be this, when matter puzzled said : „is this? My don’t know? It is not you will treat the force?” Demon Dragon King shows a faint smile said : we not to force, they are all voluntary, for must thank great kindness of mister to our Demon Race, mister does not say, our later Faith you will not manage, how we possibly force them to change Faith.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : is not good of force, if they regard the god me, I to was also feel relieved, ok, this matter, along it.” Strength of Faith is useful to Zhao Hai, but arrives at the bottom to be useful, Zhao Hai had not felt now, therefore he does not worry, receives all races in Space to him, he does not have a meaning of forcing, their happy 6 Faith anyone, on Faith anyone, he does not meddle absolutely. Demon Dragon King look at Zhao Hai, is actually the admiration that cannot bear, the Strength of Faith matter he also knows at heart that originally they want to work as the chip with this, with some Zhao Hai lecture of conditions, but has not actually thought that Zhao Hai simply raises does not raise this matter, before has achieved him , the words that completely when asks them to enter Space speaks, in the matter to their clan is also complete does not meddle, this makes him be moved and admire really.