Comes back from Demon Race SpaceZhao Hai paid attention to Thunder Clan the situations of their three clans, fortunately, their three clan present to does not have any counter- sleep ” to appear very normal. These time met the tough head-on with toughnessalthough to win in God's Aim City here and Taurus God Race, but, they and God Race casualty rate was also 1 : 1 ” not to occupy a point small advantage, can say, if were not Zhao Hai also has Undead Creature fighting strength to be very formidable, this casualty rate also met even bigger. Three clan although had already prepared sacrifice, but big before the so sacrifice was actually them, has not thought that this did not mean that Zhao Hai was not powerful, if in fact were not Zhao Haithey draws in the Demon Race together motionfinal result only to lose, they had underestimated greatly strength that moment that God Race was facing the life and death ” the violent came out. Now three large clans could be said as injured the strength, did not have to arrive at the recreation some time well, was impossible to restore to come, but here some time, did not refer to several days or several months, but referred to for several years or dozens years is good. Now what they lose is the population, is the Elite soldierany race Elite soldier, is not good to train, each soldier wants into Elite, needs one to be very long and firm difficult processin this process, regarding the investments of these soldiers, is very big, when these Warrior societies practice Warrior that needs, full body armor, Mount, provisions, the soldier's rations and pay, all these need to invest money to achieve. Any Elite, behind their proud successes, has the innumerable money to invest, but three large clan these years were also given unbearable of suppression by God Race, each year they their in hand money quantity were insufficient like wanting God Race paid many taxescorresponding ”, although has defeated God Race now, because the background was too thin, wanted to train a strengthening of the armed forces of Elite in the short time, was almost impossible. The situations of Zhao Hai look at three large clans, now three large clans already returned to with Space interlinked Space rift there of their several clans, moreover is based on Space rift, established a defense line they to such do, Space rift there although were many, but was not very big, constructed a defense linedefinitely with less soldiers to block the enemy in there, enemy's each attack was impossible to put in too many military strengththis is defense line important xing.Zhao Hai has not been angry regarding three clan such responses, conversely, he to is very happy, before three clans, has moved with his together, this makes Zhao Hai go into action some hands tied feet tieds, the special tactic, simply did not have means usenow is he movedthis regarding Zhao Hai, instead to a good deed, probably is the person who has carried a heavy load, suddenly has removed carrying a heavy load, one became the body light such as the swallow was the same. Now Zhao Hai is soalthough currently on Yama Ship also has Xiao Bingya they, but regarding Zhao Hai, their several people, will not have anything to affect to his simply, he can carry on the tactical arrangement at will. Taurus Continent also wants compared with Ark Continent on a big way many, before Zhao Hai no matter what only Buddha Empire areais daring with god demon two clan deal with, currently to have a such big strategic depthhe also to havehim who anything is good to fear definitely to use the Space ability, drags the entire God Race people in here.

Zhao Hai confidentis more confident reinforcement that to Spaceto oneself God Race these time sends, possibly is Continent, possibly is several Continent, no matter what reinforcement, a little can affirm that in these reinforcement will certainly have existence of Ultimate Weapon, but Ultimate Weapon although very strong, however God Race actually cannot use lightly, looks like that Taurus God Race old person is the same, he can use Ultimate Weapon, but cannot the use of long time, otherwise his body unable to bear. But Zhao Hai here now the strength is not weak, about 40 Domain Weapon, in adding on these can provide on Mount Undead Creature, the Space Transmission ability, all these cope with God Race weapon, so long as uses, can definitely make entire God Race take him not to have the means. Thought of here, the Zhao Hai cannot help but attention God Race sound, but is a pitynow in his Space maponly then mapGod Realm other responsibility about Taurus Continent here, he had not understood now. Besides these, a matter also lets Zhao Hai extremely worried, is Underworld and Atlanta Continent matter, the Underworld present pushing progress is still quick, but Atlanta Continent there also soon prepared ”, so long as the Atlanta Continent person kicked Ark Continent, their here were also many a variable. Is good does not lack the military strength because of present Zhao Hai in hand, even if deals with many wars, his in hand military strength was also enough , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai was not worried about the fight of present God Race here, the matter that he is worried about is same, Space repel! Zhao Hai can feel clearlypresent Space was getting stronger and stronger to his repelling force, leaves his time not to be many, he had not felt that before such strong Space repelling forceis God Race has not changed Law of Space, Zhao Hai by God Rank Expert body appears , when Ark Continent, he has not felt so formidable Space repelling force ”, but he actually felt in here. This although makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled, but Zhao Hai can actually affirm, perhaps soon, he may want ascend, if cannot before ascend, solve the matter, that keeps three large clans, can be absolutely incomparably huge rotten booth, the God Race person will not let off three large clans. However how regarding the matter complete solution, Zhao Hai really not to have a point head Xu now ”, no matter Atlanta Continent, is Underworld, cannot easily solve, even if God Race here, was not Zhao Hai said the solution can be solved ”, if other God Race people also looked like Taurus God Race this instead to go all out, Zhao Hai thought tidying up God Race, but also a long time can achievebut his actually don’t know can also dull how long in this Space.

Zhao Hai is also trying, after having a look to his repel Yama Ship received in Space, ” Space small, but the result is disappoints Zhao Hai somewhat, strength of Space to his repel, is not small, Zhao Hai understand, was his strength has met the requirements of ascend, was not the Yama Ship reason. However Zhao Hai to was present an issue, he hid , in Space, that Law of Space will reduce to his repel, almost can say could not feel, this regarding Zhao Hai was good information, this can big extended his ascend time, but similarly, he practice in Space also want to be quicker than outside, Dao Lotus in Space also had Gold Core to practiceZhao Hai to be affirmative, if he has been dull in Space, possible it will not take long, and other he in one to exit from Space, immediately ascend. Therefore Space is not multipurposehe cannot hide in Space for a lifetime does not exit, therefore Zhao Hai it can be said that is in a dilemma now. In order to reduce own practiceZhao Hai has to reduce enters the Space time, most times keeps God Realm there. However Zhao Hai will not let off opportunity, God Realm here is also the has plenty minerals, Zhao Hai naturally will not let off, immediately/on horseback sends out large quantities of Undead Creature and Iron Armor Beast mine ” the God Realm there minerals doom toward Space to move. Regarding Zhao Hai such procedure, Xiao Bingya they are somewhat puzzled, but has not asked too, looked like in Xiao BingyaZhao Hai has seized the God Race person now, but also such worried to mine the minerals to do? So long as repels the attack of God Race, when has not wanted to pick when picks. Zhao Hai will certainly not explain anything with them, everyday his everyday in Taurus God Realm strolling in all directions, so long as there is a minerals placehis release Undead Creature to mine. In his Space has plenty Taurus Continent High level Undead Creature, these people regarding Taurus Continent are very familiar with, there has the minerals they to be clear ”, therefore Zhao Hai is not worried could not find thing to mine. Is mining the minerals, while is paying attention to the God Race situation, time also in unknowingly past bit by bit, quick, quick, one month passed by.

Now three large clan there defense lines have constructed, Atlanta Continent person, soon prepared to invade Ark Continent, has also transmitted information from different God Race there, the allied armies that Capricorn Continent, Scorpio Continent, Cancer Continent, Gemini Continent, Leo Continent and other Continent comprised, leave several Continent, have killed toward Taurus Continent. Zhao Hai hears this information to not to worry, he is waiting for these God Race peopleto speak the truth, motion of these God Race peoplecompared with wants on slowly many, now Zhao Hai that he imagines could the possibility that makes to fightand other Atlanta Continent people kick Ark Continent faced with two, they must note that to say Space rift, after all that was too obvious. So long as Atlanta notes that to say Space rift, they certainly will send for investigating, when the time comes can have the conflict, Zhao Hai can only faced with possible that two make to fight. although Zhao Hai does not hope to see this situation, but he actually has toGod Race come facing this situation comes, but Atlanta Continent comes is not slow, Zhao Hai in wants to hit the time difference not to be impossible. However is good because of Zhao Hai to this aspect also some certain estimates, therefore he was not worried that God Race and arrival of Atlanta Continent, regarding him, is not the extraordinary matter, but both sides also arrive, will bring to him troublesome some. originally Zhao Hai also wants to divert the Atlanta Continent person using Underworld, but at the Underworld pushing progress, wants officially on the person with Atlanta Continent exchanges fire, feared that is must period of very long time, Atlanta Continent certain meeting entered from the Ark Continent south to Ark Continentthat with can only be first Zhao Hai that the Atlanta Continent person foughtthey. However Zhao Hai to is thinks that the time gives up God Realm and that between Ark Continent said the Space rift defense lineallows the Atlanta Continent person smoothly to enter to God Realm , is letting the Atlanta Continent person, with God Realm person exchange hands, he to wants to have a look, these two race that are fiercer! a.