Chapter 868 Jin Ben scheme Jin Ben sits on Taurus, on face piece of calm, however his at heart was actually inferior that on the face such calm, his own with Continent lost after on person relates for one month, can imagine, now the situation on Continent certainly was very not wonderful. Thinks of here, feeling chest that his cannot help but worry, thinks at heart one stuffy, could not bear lower the head to cough two, since previous time after the Zhao Hai war, he was wounded to run away, although had not wanted his life, however his body has actually been not as before, then he personally acted, convinces the male goat and other Continent to dispatch troops to help them, this has also spent his many energy, the body was day-by-day variation, now his head and beard entire were white, on before face not, that ruddy gloss. According to his [gold/metal] Ox Clan long estimate, Zhao Hai is strength formidable, wants in capturing Taurus Continent, minimum also takes three months to about six months, but Jin Ben has not thought that he comes out from Taurus Continent not long after, lost the contact with Continent on, this makes him very restless. This time his although invited five Continent reinforcement, but finally level can weapon actually only welcome to two, in adding on him altogether also three Ultimate Weapon, to be honest, these three finally level weapon defeat Zhao Hai, his point grasped does not have, when has not grasped completely, reason that he will lead reinforcement to return to Taurus Continent, cannot \; first, because he worried that Taurus Continent there situation, two were because his understand, he was in asking others, has not used, these person was impossible in sending Ultimate Weapon helps them. These two Ultimate Weapon that he invited, has paid the very enormous price, third he intentionally such did, he these people welcome to Taurus Continent there, even if were they do not hit Zhao Hai, had been defeated by Zhao Hai, Jin Ben did not fear that Zhao Hai has defeated these people, became enemies with that several Continent on equal to, people on several Continent certainly will go when the time comes all out with Zhao Hai. Is attacking such full intent, therefore Jin Ben will invite Capricorn Continent, Scorpio Continent and other God Race people on Continent with Cancer Continent, because in God Race, their several Continent people, most bears a grudge, so long as they and Zhao Hai make war, that wants to stop unable to stop. Moreover the people on these Continent, are not quite good because of the God Race here reputation, militantly becomes xing, moreover method extremely ruthless spicy, is bearing a grudge, seeks revenge for the slightest grievance, what most important is, the people of these clans very greedy, even if with is the God Race person, Jin Ben does not like them. However because of their such character, Jin Ben can please they, Jin Ben very good use their greedy and arrogance, drew in them this time war. Thought of here, Jin Ben cannot help but turns the head to look at behind several clan Continent, this five big race altogether sent out 100 million Elite troops to help Taurus Continent, besides this 100 million God Race this clan armies, other about hundred million race armies, 200 million army, besides this 200 million army, about 200 Domain Weapon, was adding on two Ultimate Weapon, can say that these five large clans very attached great importance to Zhao Hai. However Jin Ben not necessarily will only have that big confidence regarding this army, the Zhao Hai attack method he has seen, is very strong, he believes that if Zhao Hai wants to attack God Race that city, simply nobody can block. The military strength that on Taurus Continent above may fight are also many, but these armies meet Zhao Hai, had not been routed, although beforehand Taurus Continent lost part of armies, but in addition three big race rebellions, but regarding Jin Ben, these is not the main reason, the main reason to was the Zhao Hai strength too be strong.

This 200 million army although are he invites, but actually does not turn over to him to manage, his command(er) motionless these people, these people mutually are not convinced, their fighting strength can wield many, Jin Ben also really lacked self-confidence at heart. However he does not have the means that now besides believing these people, he did not have other good means that he only hopes that now Taurus Continent also under their clansman control, otherwise, that troubled. The distant place saw the Taurus Continent horizon, Jin Ben some mood cannot help but ji moved, this ji moves, he is the cough again and again, follows in these Taurus Continent people of his side, is an anxiety. They slowly to Taurus Continent coastline getting closer and closer, Battalion also anxious, all people are paying attention to the Taurus Continent direction, they feared that runs into the Zhao Hai army. What strength Jin Ben has not hidden the truth from these person of Zhao Hai is being, he told the people of five large clans, the Zhao Hai strength was very strong, after all Zhao Hai has defeated him, therefore five big clansman to has believed some, therefore so will be careful. Quick they arrived at the Taurus Continent coastline, but they had not actually received attack, very smooth that all carry on probably, but these God Race people also present an issue, they are to God Race Continent, but until now, a person had not actually seen that this makes their moods somewhat depressing. Person naturally understand this that these have fought many battles on behalf of anything, before they regarding Taurus Continent spent unexpectedly, if the big price invited their make a move, but also somewhat thought otherwise, thinks that Taurus Continent has made a fuss over a trifling matter, their courage also too small, but after Taurus Continent here, they presently, the matter does not have simplicity that they imagined. Taurus Continent is populous, but the place that Jin Ben chooses, before was to belong to the Taurus God Race rear area, if Zhao Hai has not captured Taurus Continent, that here should have many people, but until now, their person had not seen that this made their hearts raise. Jin Ben face also ugly, his too clear this on behalf of anything, this has perhaps been representing he most undesired that result, but he tries our luck, the hope was guesses mistakenly. For the awareness answer as soon as possible, Jin Ben sped up advancing, because he knows that the front not far away has a God Race Continent shape city, if here does not have the matter, will then certainly have the person in that city.

Follows in his behind other Continent people, sped up, the scene of this nobody left, has given them very tremendous pressure, they also want the awareness result as soon as possible. Quick, that city in Jin Ben memory has been in sight distantly, but has not arrived in that city, Jin Ben face becomes becoming worse and worse, because he has not seen Magic protective shield of that city, has not seen any smoke from kitchen chimneys sign from that city. When Jin Ben they fly sky over that city, Taurus cannot bear shout wildly said : not, this is impossible!” Said that a blood has spurted, the whole person one on fainted in the past, fell toward the ground. Followed in his side these Taurus Continent people, immediately to catch him and Taurus, falling slowly to in the city, but these Taurus Continent people, actually were also two eyes with tears, choked with sobs. This city looks like very ordinary, the destruction of in the city is not serious, but a here person does not have, the ground only then some dry bloodstains, the bloodstain was black, looked like had often the time. All these explained that this city has lived a fight, but now a here God Race person does not have, that can only explain that this war, the Taurus God Race person defeated. These Taurus God Race person very clear, here is their rear, was attacked by Zhao Hai including the here city, that other places certainly, Taurus Continent will not fear that was fell into Zhao Hai in hand. The people of other five races see Taurus Continent these person of this appearances, bright grew in vain anything, several Continent people have almost issued as if by prior agreement stopped the order of advancing, then immediately/on horseback sent for tidying up this in the city house, in several large clans person who had the status, immediately lived. Jin Ben naturally also lived in city, the God Race person almost meets Healing Magic, these Taurus Continent people, used Healing Magic to govern for a long time, Jin Ben slowly have then opened the eye. Jin Ben opens the eye, saw these encircle in his clansman, a Jin Ben heart pain, but he is hitting the spirit, slowly sat, clansman that looked at these sob, deep voice said : what cries, the matter lived, now we most important revenges, is the person of that several clan doing?”

And a Taurus God Race person, said : with tears Supreme Elder, these people stopped, is meeting in City Lord Mansion.” Jin Ben nodded, take deep breaths, attracted the eye, some little time he has opened the eye, Divine Light from new returned to in his eye, his personal appearance moved, from netg. These God Race people were startled, person quickly said: Elder, you rests well, hope that now Taurus Continent revenges on your body, if you are getting down but actually, our Taurus clan ended.” Jin Ben looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : I did not have the jiao air/Qi that feel relieved, a short time I could not have died, you kept here, I had a look at these fellows to discuss anything.” Said that Jin Ben walks outward, looked at to outside him, presently he actually in an urban palace house, he has recognized under one, walks toward the front hall. The people of several large clans truly in hall discussed how must face at present this situation, many advantage that before Jin Ben promised, established in foundation that in Taurus Continent still had, now a person of Taurus clan, feared that was given to slaughter, these advantage that Jin Ben promised were very likely could not attain, in this case, they must attend this time matter, but must annoy this formidable enemy. Discussed for quite a while, had not discussed that a result comes, hall actually strange peaceful, all people at heart are keeping is calculating, if they annoyed that formidable enemy, in is good or bad to their clan, if were good, that had any advantage, if were bad, there is any fault. Has measured in three, Capricorn Continent team leader deep voice said : I think that this motion we cannot participate, the enemy who this Taurus Continent annoys was too formidable, God Race such was given to destroy completely by him, we annoy them, not necessarily is the good matter, even if were we have repelled them, our losses will not be small, moreover we could not obtain any advantage.” roa.