Is shortsighted!” Roars from the out of the door of hall transmits, the people in room stare, the Capricorn Clan person who because just spoke, is not the ordinary person, he is Capricorn Clan Supreme Elder, similarly is also the Ultimate Weapon user, it can be said that status highest people one of the on the scene, such person, nobody dares to his impolite. The however several people saw walks from out of the door, shut up, Jin Ben that because comes, Jin Ben is also [gold/metal] Ox Clan Supreme Elder, the Ultimate Weapon user, he and Capricorn Clan that elder, the status is the same, he said that person, naturally does not have any issue. However Capricorn Clan that elder actually does not do, his two eyes stares said : Jin Ben, whom did you scold? stray dog, you also dare to bark in here randomly!” The Jin Ben look at Capricorn Clan elder, coldly snorted said : „, I scolded was you, the fool who your this only looked at the look, noticed that our Taurus God Race was defeated, do you want to draw back? Your Ran courage? You match said are one a God Race person? Do you have to think that Zhao Hai can extinguish our Taurus God Race today, tomorrow might begin to your Capricorn God Race, what? you such believe that you can certainly defeat Zhao Hai? Even if you can defeat Zhao Hai, your Capricorn Continent will receive the big destruction? How many people will die? You think!” this wants to return to several mouths, but one hear of Jin Ben said that he did not have to say anything, Jin Ben this saying said to was the truth, Zhao Hai can extinguish Taurus Continent, cannot extinguish Capricorn Continent, if Zhao Hai attacked Capricorn Continent, their days will not feel better absolutely. Jin Ben looked that has not spoken, his then said : ocean absolutely was not that Continent can deal with directly, moreover he was formidable Dark Magician, he can turn into Undead Creature all deceased people, but Undead Creature that he made, was holds before death complete fighting strength not saying that if the homicide a God Race person, his in hand had God Rank Undead Creature, but currently speaking his in hand God Rank Undead Creature quantity, feared that was not 100 million, ** always had surely, thinks that ** God Rank Undead Creature surely, killed on your Continent, What scene that can be.” Has sat side, the person who closed eyes maintains mental tranquility has opened the eye fiercely, his eye very strange, the eyeball unexpectedly is the red stature extremely big, his although only wears an ordinary cotton garment, but sits in the there bearing, is actually stronger than Jin Ben, this person of Cancer Continent Supreme Elder, Jie Yu. Jie Yu with the eye of oneself that pair of red , swept people in room, must annihilate to this Zhao Hai that deep voice said : Jin Ben said that otherwise he will be getting more and more formidable, entire God Race will not have when the time comes the auspicious day, moreover now Taurus God Race was extinguished, will make war the wound not to arrive in here and Zhao Hai innocently, if, when the flames of war burnt to our family in front of the door, the people in our clan can die were more.” Status and Jin Ben of Jie Yu in people heart is high, because Jie Yu is one becomes famous many years of Expert, in God Realm he is the prestige illustrious, in the hand the human life innumerable is killing that God Realm became famous. A Jie Yu such saying, the people cannot help but faced up to this matter to come, Jin Ben also deep voice said : „the Jie Yu elder said did not have the mistake our Taurus God Race to end now, will make war not to implicate my God Race average person in here, if one day of Zhao Hai to kill to visit, no matter you did have to defeat him, that will certainly implicate the average person in your clan, I believe that nobody is willing to see this situation? said it, who defeated Zhao Hai saying that didn't have the advantage? Do not forget, now my Taurus God Race ended, but Taurus Continent also, not only Taurus Continent, my Taurus Continent also three vassal Space, although now they have still revolted, so long as has defeated Zhao Hai, destroys completely that three races is the easy matter, in adding on our Taurus God Race opened Space rift with Ark Continent, but Ark Continent there was opened Space rift by Demon Race, so long as we have defeated Zhao Hai, you not only can obtain Taurus Continent all lands, but can also obtain Ark Continent, Thunder God Continent, Barbarian Continent, Pegasus Continent, Demon Realm Continent all lands, Isn't this advantage? This is a today's big advantage.”

Jin Ben was thinks, Taurus God Race ended in any case, that might as well took the you bait with these thing, let their full tackled Zhao Hai, was the Taurus Continent person revenges. Really, one hear of Jin Ben said that in the person eye in hall cannot help but 1 u left greedy , actually look at Jin Ben said : Jin Ben, what you said is real? Ark Continent did there open Demon Realm Space really? Haven't you deceived me?” Jin Ben coldly snorted said : „can this matter also be able to deceive people? Zhao Hai this time is obvious has coped with Demon Race person alliance our, we in the Zhao Hai army, saw the Demon Race person, moreover Demon Race also early breaks compared with us with Ark Continent Space rift, this point all Taurus God Race people know.” Was not speaking, he said : „is this Zhao Hai strength really so some little time strong?” Jin Ben coldly snorted said : „, if his strength is not strong, will extinguish our Taurus clan? A our Taurus clan links for two months both not to have ting to live unexpectedly, was given to destroy completely by him, you said that he isn't strong? At that time I coped with his time, the side also had 20 to use Domain Weapon Expert, but put in an appearance is led Domain Weapon Expert to extinguish these uses by him, you said that he was not strong.” Face somewhat cannot help but ugly, Jie Yu deep voice did said : have you not to say this matter at this time probably?” Before Jin Ben sneers said : „, I said that will you come? My truth you told that our Taurus Continent, once successively twice summoned on god Doppelganger, wants on please the god to help us destroy completely Zhao Hai, but this twice was actually defeated, on the god defeated by Zhao Hai, but also had been robbed two weapon by Zhao Hai, reason that Zhao Hai has such strong fighting strength , because his in hand has weapon of god.” One hear of Jin Ben said that in room has cannot help but resounded sound of the inspiration, to be honest, when knows that Jin Ben was defeated, the person in room is not surprised, in the God Realm 13 clans, the Jin Ben strength is not strongest, he possibly can only arrange to 78 positions, Jie Yu and can defeat his him to lose to Zhao Hai, can only explain the Zhao Hai strength compared with him, but can strong Jie Yu and Moroccan Luo Jia, that on did not say. However now one hear of Jin Ben said that Zhao Hai twice defeated on the god also from in hand on god to rob again weapon successively, this truly was makes these God Race People be startled.

On the strength of god is very strong, this they already know that before on Doppelganger of their also please god come out to fight, Doppelganger of first on god comes out, may not compare them on too to be many, but on weapon of god is actually very strong, they almost may not with thing that it is a worthy opponent. On but the status of god, if were extinguished one timethat second appears on god, will be only stronger, could not find the match in God Realm here absolutely, even if Jie Yu possibly is not on the match of god, but Zhao Hai has actually defeated on the god, but also has robbed weapon, that explained his strength, complete Jie Yu, now possibly also great strength, because he obtained on weapon of god. Jie Yu also frowned, this matter Jin Ben had not said that ” why Jin Ben did not say, Jie Yu very clear, nothing but Jin Ben wants to tow launching them. However now Jin Ben said that they have to launch, because the threat of Zhao Hai was too bigto threaten entire God Race, they have no alternative but make a move to cope with Zhao Hai. Their also nobody makes noise, all people frown, Jin Ben instead to was calm, he looked at person one in room, then turned the head to Jie Yu said : „the Jie Yu elder, now we must make have arranged, first, immediately/on horseback went to information minimum to in two use the Ultimate Weapon elder to other God Race to come, this had confidence to cope with Zhao Haisecond, to your under the hand/subordinate these races of subduing, must add carefully, Thunder Clan, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, before not 1 u any anti- intent, but they have actually revolted, this was one. Teaches you to guarantee that your under the hand/subordinate these races don't get up to make your instead? Third, we must against different God Race, Zhao Hai run up to God Realm to come from Ark Continent, Ark Continent there has the different God Race Lower Realm race, after they arrived at God Realm, can contact with different God Race, different God Race after knowing the Zhao Hai strength, can cooperate with Zhao Hai, do not forget, these years we, but has not suppressed little different God Race, they will not let off this retaliation opportunity, language that if the Jie Yu elder agrees with, my proposal our ten big God Race form an alliance, by the Jie Yu elder, when alliance leader, common tackled Zhao Hai, naturally, our Taurus God Race already. Was extinguished, we want to revenge now, so long as has defeated Zhao Hai, our anything does not want, I will also give everybody Taurus god armor. ” One hear of Jin Ben said that Jie Yu and stares, then their understand Jin Ben is any meaning, Jin Ben now anything did not have, the race was extinguished, he was injured, presently in his hand besides Taurus god armor, is not having any thing, therefore he wants to fight armor with Taurus, comes weights that when he takes revenge, but has to recognize, this weights be very heavy, they moved. Is adding on not wrong, Thunder Clan that Jin Ben said that Barbarian, Pegasus Clan was not the first Tiancheng is Taurus God Race under the hand/subordinate, before these three large clans had also participated in the fights of ten God Race with three different God Race, but also has contributed to some merit, but the betrayal of suddenly Taurus God Race, who has actually been able to guarantee that their these vassal races, won't betray them? In adding on Zhao Hai came from Ark Continent, but Ark has a different God Race branch in 6 there, Zhao Hai to God Realm here, if has not felt strange with the different God Race relation, but hatreds of different God Race among with ten God Race was too deep, simply cannot melt, has such opportunity, if different God Race does not use, that was really an idiot. These three points are not that point, sufficiently makes ten God Race people move to cope with Zhao Hai, do not say that three points gathered, Jie Yu they one by Jin Ben convincing. Has hesitated some little time, Jie Yu nodded right that said : Jin Ben you said that this matter truly must process well is good, this, Jin Ben, our three person collective writing a letter of, said to various Continent people the Taurus Continent here situation, then listens to their opinions, we must do as for these days, I think us first anxiously the attack, we build a base in here first, prepares to welcome the pull back surface army, when our army arrived, we in bit by bit advances toward Continent , do you look?” Demon nodded said : I to agree with the opinion of Jie Yu elder, but I think that the light was our three people writes a letter were too few, this, we wrote a letter, let present all people to sign the character, then sent out, this was more convincing, did the Jie Yu elder you look?” Jie Yu nodded right that said : you said that good, such manages, this letter a while I write, Jin Ben, do you slander near terrain to be familiar to this? immediately/on horseback draws the map, then selects the a piece place, we must build a base, greets the following army.” Jin Ben nodded said : feel relieved, gave me to be good, but I must say a matter to you, Zhao Hai in hand Magic Cannon and Javelin very fierce, moreover he obtained a ship from god there, this ship can dash our city arrangement easily protective shield, moreover did not fear that the common fire, heard this Zhao Hai in Ark Continent there, with our God Race made the war, but also specifically uses one type of sao to harass the tactic, let ride quick Mount Cavalry, special sao harassed us, was been difficult by us, I feared Zhao Hai to be able in this hand, therefore. I think that we must build the base, must think that these matters are good.”

Jie Yu nodded said : in us, only then you and Zhao Hai have fought, this matter has processed on give you, must construct the base, if cannot strangle this Zhao Hai in here, then regarding our God Race, absolutely is a giant disaster.” Jin Ben selected, deep voice said : my present immediately chooses the place to construct the base.” Said that turn around walks outward. When Jin Ben has walked away, turns the head to solve Big Brother to Jie Yu said :, you think that Jin Ben said that he can Gu Qing is true or false that Taurus god armor delivers?” Jie Yu deep voice said : real, the Jin Ben beforehand injury is heavy, that injury is not installs, outside the city he also spat blood, that possibly is not installs, he certainly is to currently use Secret Technique, suppressed own injury, but this method was impossible lasting, one, but , the injury in one time exploded, he died, therefore he will say that must deliver to come out Taurus god armor.” Nodded, sighed said : this Zhao Hai is really fierce, unexpectedly one Taurus God Race extinguishing, no wonder Jin Ben to revenge, does not want the life, if this person did not eliminate, absolutely was my God Race big trouble.” Jie Yu nodded, idleness on gently eye, don’t know is thinking anything. Sees the Jie Yu appearance, immediately/on horseback makes the person arrange the written records, quite makes Jie Yu write a letter. a.