Axe nearest/recent is high-spirited, he status before Clan is one day tall Guo one dayAxe, because is very fond of the risk, therefore the strength in Clan is not highest, in adding on him in the matter to Clan little inquired about, therefore in O'Neal Clan, Axe this year the status of successor was not very stable. information that however this Axe brings, regarding O'Neal Clan was really too important, information that Axe brought, making O'Neal Clan start to prepare these time to the invasion of Ark Continent. In this case, status of Axe in Clan is getting more and more steady, the qualifications of this successor, in not, no matter what may the person dare to question. Because of this, Axe regarding these time invades Ark Continent matter very meticulously, in his opinion, these time invades Ark Continent, regarding him, absolutely is good opportunity, so long as after Clan has taken Ark Continent ” that Patriarch position certainly is his. Because of this, therefore Axe regarding this invasion, warm-hearted, has plenty did not turn over to the matter that he takes care, he is involved. But O'Neal Clan Patriarch, is the Axe father, arrives is really love this son, sees Axe to meddle these matters, he not only has not gone to stop, opposite he returns completely support. Before Axe too did not pay attention to the Clan matterthis is, Clan Patriarch that his father was worried, you can release authority ”, but you must know in the Daoism clan to live any matter, released authority not equal to by méng in the drum, otherwiseyou become a puppet. Before Axe was this appearance, this let his father extremely worried, therefore regarding this Axe performance positive of such, he not only has not gone to prevent, the even more larger in addition encouraged. In Atlanta Continent, especially Magic Armor Continent here, they want to carry on the military action of large-scale, all the matters of preparation are very many. Like God Race, they want to attack anyone, must carry on some preparationsassembling of army, assembling of commodity, the storage of weapon wait / etc., these must after the attentive preparationcan move, does not have the military action of completely safe preparation, finally can only be the failure. Butthing that the fight of Atlanta Continent here must prepare were morefirst their main weapon is Magic Armor, Magic Armor defense capability, attack ability very formidable ”, but the Magic Armor actually also shortcoming, was Magic Armor needs the power. Magic Armor like the person, especially these God Rank Experttheir fighting strength is not very strong, so long as has eaten thing, gives their suitable time rests, they can then fight.

But Magic Armor is different, Magic Armor needs to him to provide energy with energy that one type of compressesenergy in this type of energy, by one type of special equipment, energy that extracts from Atlanta Continent there ordinary Magic Crystal, then compresses. This type of energy is the heart of Magic Armor, therefore the first time piecethis type of energyis Atlanta Continent prepares many thingnot to have Magic Armor of energy, is scrap iron one pile. Because must prepare these thing ”, therefore Atlanta Continent the time of standing by, grow into God Race to prepare with one month compared with God Race manyto dispatch troops ”, but Atlanta Continent minimum with two months to three months can prepare. Compresses beside energyAtlanta Continent there to attackalso has plenty thing besides this type to prepare, first is the transport means. Atlanta Continent Magic Armorlooks like aircraft is the same, naturally, they compared with aircraft fighting strength formidable, energy that but they can carry is actually very few, one, but this type of energy uses up, that Magic Armor did not have no fighting strength. Therefore Magic Armor can be used to fight, but cannot be used for the fight of long time, moreover they cannot oneself limited energy, use on hurrying along, as the matter stands, wants to fight with Magic Armormust think that another means that transport Magic Armor with even bigger thing. In Atlanta Continent there many such transport means that this transportation labor has some are can in the sea walk, some are on the road, but is without any exception, these transport means are very big. Because big, therefore Atlanta Continent there this type cannot carry many Magic Armor flying in the sky tools, therefore thinks that is invading thing that Ark Continentthey must prepare on has plenty. That between Atlanta Continent and Ark Continent said Space rift, on an island, a very big island, nobody's island, this was not issueopposite, regarding the Atlanta Continent person, this was a good deed, because they can regard that island directly is a next base, then through the island, invasion Ark Continent slowly. However this also gave the Atlanta Continent person to bring certain trouble similarly, they wanted leave this islandto have the large-scale sea transportation equipment, such transport vehicle Atlanta Continent there has plentyhow, but to get so far as Ark Continent here these transport vehicles, was a troublesome matter. No matter Ark Continent, is Atlanta Continent, even if Earth also measures to be the same, marine loses the equipment, can construct on big compared with land.

However a bigger equipment transports is difficult, therefore after knowing the Ark Continent there situation, the first matter that O'Neal Clan handles is, immediately has constructed a ship yard on that island, then concentrates shipbuilding Artisan that in Clan all passes optimal, goes to that island to make the ships. Under this is also O'Neal Clan not bears the best meansin O'Neal Clan there, presently the Space rift place, is inland small mountain valley, their Clan simply does not have the means large-scale loses the ship, transports from Space rift to Ark Continent directly ”, therefore they can only achieve their points with such method. However can manufacture Magic Armor this thing Atlanta Continent, regarding manufacturing ships, it can be said that handily, very fast, megaton-class other huge ship, Atlanta Continent only needs with one month can manufacture underlaunching to use. But O'Neal Clan regarding this time invasion attach great importance to, they almost invested in Clan all funds and manpower, in the short two months, has completed four megaton-class other huge ship actually. These four huge ship, not only need transport Magic Armor, ” transporting armored car that transporting armored car that but also uses in some six on this land uses, is a masterpiece on Atlanta Continentevery time loses the car(riage) to install 20 Magic Armor, moreover this type of car(riage) is multipurpose, can carry on the short water 6 amphibious to transport the soldier, can in the condition extremely bad place travel, be able to board, very thick armor, on the vehicle also has weapon, can fight, can be said as very versatile. O'Neal Clan person very clearthey finally in the conquer place, are Ark Continent, must depend on these transport truck, therefore huge ship ”, so long as constructed several to be enough. O'Neal Clan these time has put out own completely in gambling, in their opinion ”, so long as conquer Ark Continent, that all had. Axe stands in island that in that Space rift is, this island by Clan human life known as Kaess Island, to be commemorated his, after home puts has named this island, Axe on liking very stays on this island, supervises these person of shipbuilding, self-intoxicated. Today O'Neal Clan person on Kaess Islanddoes not have Axe, the Axe father ” is also O'Neal Clan other important members in Patriarch and Clan. Reason that they come up to Kaess Islandare because today is four in the day of No. 1 million huge ship launching on Kaess Island constructing. These four ships by O'Neal Clan human life known asconquer, Hundred Victories, magnificent, tyrant can look from the names of these ships ”, O'Neill has the clan to have the how big ambition and expectation regarding conquer Ark Continent.

These four huge ship have used O'Neal Clan full strength, these four ship official launchingalso announced the invasion official start of O'Neal Clan to Ark Continent. Following worker also in busy, Axe stands in pier there, he fell behind in his father behind half-stepAxe father look at these four huge ship, on the face cannot help but 1 u leaves a smiling facesome little timehe to turn the head look at Axe said : Axe, your this dry attractiveness, so long as our Clan conquer Ark Continent, you will claim credit.”, Axe although at heart proud, but on the face is actually maintaining calm bows to his father said : „, can be the Clan potency, is my being honored, father I wants to wait after a period of time, do I go to Ark Continentto go with that Zhao Hai Lian am, the point kiss you to look? ” His father looked at Axe one, shows a faint smile, is actually shook the head said : Axe, such do not worry, when Clan prepared on the island, you were not late, that Zhao Hai was very young, possibly did not have what experience, but this did not have the experience on behalf of other Ark Continent people, if we without preparing good, you braved rashly went to Ark Continent, will alert the enemy possibly, that regarding our O'Neal Clan, what and was good matter also to have not necessarily, Axe, do not forget, you were Clan Young Patriarch, You must do is the Commander overall situation, but does not break through enemy lines, such matter has is the person does, does not need your this Young Patriarch personally to act, understand? ” Axe one hear of fathers said that also does not dare to answer back, has deep voice said : is father, my understand. ” The Axe father nodded, puts out a hand to pat Axe shoulder said : child future O'Neal Clan to hand over in your hand, you want understand, these matters are Clan should be done, these matters are Patriarch should not help, matter that too many Patriarch that if you make should not handle, that this position are you cannot hold on to your hat? ”, Axe regarding his father's words, although not understanding, but he also knows that now does not ask the good opportunity of this matter, therefore he nodded, does not have the connection.pier there is preparing in this time, a leader has arrived at Axe father's frontkneel down with one knee, said :, reported Patriarch loud, all preparations finished, asking Patriarch to cut the ribbon!” The Axe father nodded, has arrived at pier there, now the tyrant number is stopping in there, on the tyrant number bow, is one bottle of liquor ” the Axe father is working on the beverage bottle with rope, toward pounds a that in the tyrant number makes an effort.