However what Axe their don’t know is, lives on Kaess Island, complete was watched by Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai these days has not relaxed to God Race, Underworld and surveillance of Atlanta Continent. The reinforcement arrival of God Realm there, Zhao Hai knows that he has not launched attack to these reinforcement immediately, how he wants to have a look at these person of Zhao Xiangyao to do. Zhao Hai thinks that these people will come on Taurus Continent to ask him to fight a decisive battle directly, but this time he guessed mistakenly, the opposite party has not come to look for him opposite ”, they have built up the base in there, this arrived lets Zhao Hai accident, but he changed mind thinks that the God Race person such did also in the reason. Reason that Zhao Hai the don’t know God Race person prepares to cope with him fully , because God Race every time ” the reason that meets to use Magic Formation the conference site encircling, he could not see situation that the God Race person meetscould not hear them to say anythinghow , can therefore. However Zhao Hai looked that God Race such moving does, almost meaning of understand God Race, therefore he has not worried, he to wants to have a look, how the God Race person wants to cope with him. Zhao Hai only such look athe will certainly not make Xiao Bingya send letter to let different God Race to different God Racewith these by the race relation of God Race conquer, having a look at God Race there to have any sound, but this is not in the short time can have information, even if Zhao Hai gives some different God Race Message Fish, is impossible to have information to transmit in a short time. Therefore Zhao Hai also by the Kaess Island here situation attracting, O'Neal Clan has been possible not to establish to protect Magic Formation on Kaess Island, although said that Atlanta Continent person, by playing Magic Formation becomes famous, however looks like in O'Neal Clan, the Ark Continent personis impossible to come up to this island, does not need to construct Magic Formation. Moreover they have still arranged the massive Magic Armor guards on the island, simply has no need to construct Magic Formation, such words too wasted the time, regarding O'Neal Clan, there are to construct the Magic Formation time, might as well was used for the shipbuilding. Because they have not constructed Magic Formation, therefore their actions by Zhao Hai all looked atmost from the beginning Zhao Hai and don’t know O'Neal Clan personwas busy at anything in the eye in there, but was quick he to know, O'Neal Clan person unexpectedly in shipbuilding. Saw this situation, Zhao Hai also generally guessed correctly the Atlanta Continent there situation, the Atlanta Continent there Magic science and technology level was higher than Earth, but has not arrived in the science fiction that space Eternity Rank strength, most at least they now did not have the means to construct Universe Spaceship to transport the soldier. Zhao Hai has not carried on attackhe to fear that to the O'Neal Clan ship yard pair of O'Neal Clan carries on attack, O'Neal Clan will enhance vigilance, he also wants to see the O'Neal Clan person, after seeing Ark Continent scenery , what expression can be.

Therefore Zhao Hai on such look at Kaess Island there O'Neal Clan ship yard, bit by bit has built up four huge ship, to be honest, sees the O'Neal Clan person, almost day and night , in shipyard busy, Zhao Hai some have not been cruel enough look at they to make these to be not studious reallyZhao Hai not to remind them, they are the enemies. Under the gaze of Zhao Hai, four huge ship constructed, after huge ship constructed, Zhao Hai also saw Axe and Axe father was huge ship cuts the ribbon, was Axe and Axe father said anything in thereZhao Hai on don’t know. The Atlanta Continent there official language side, is obviously different from Ark Continent here, their although will also speak the Ark Continent language, but the person on one's own side exchanges, will not speak the Ark Continent language ”, but said that Atlanta Continent language, this makes Zhao Hai somewhat depressed. However Zhao Hai had not been worried that now huge ship was constructs, but Atlanta Continent wanted to invade Ark Continentalso to require some time. Now Zhao Hai has not been thinking when hit has missed ”, because that was impossible, now looks likehe and day of God Race reinforcement war, but must drag some time in the future, but Atlanta fell to invade Ark Continent greatly, will tow some time in the future, did not do well, these two Continent attacked the Ark Continent time, will rush to together to go, Zhao Hai has been ready that two have made to fight. However now Zhao Hai regarding Atlanta Continent construction huge ship of that megaton-class, has actually had big interest ”, moreover makes this Continent these machines, lets Zhao Hai feeling very[ is popular] exerts. Zhao Hai saw most from the beginning Atlanta Continent constructs the huge ship time, really surprised, because Atlanta Continent fully has achieved degree of entire mechanized work. They when construct huge ship, will weldcutting and other work, but the processes of these workthey all are complete through some operate characteristics Magic Armor by the person, this lets Zhao Hai exclamation. These Magic Armor are not Zhao Hai had seen transformation Magic Armoris not entire human-shape Magic Armorthese Magic Armor has some are car-shape, above thinks of mechanical armto have some are a mechanical arm. Their this shipbuilding ways, are Zhao Hai had seen most god Venerable, obviously they Magic machinery very good gathering, have composed one set of brand-new Magic-Machine Civilization.

Magic-Machine Civilization, is the abbreviation of Zhao Hai to Magic-Mechanical Civilization, Zhao Hai finally from the beginningthis thinks that Ark Continent here will take that road, because of Ark Continent here, has stepped onto one to be similar to the Magic-Machine Civilization road, the here person has manufactured the stove with Magic Formation ”, refrigerator wait / etc. daily necessities, this already nearly in Magic-Mechanical Civilization. However quick Zhao Hai presently has made a mistake, Ark Continent here although uses Magic Formation ”, but Magic Formation people does not use him in Ark Continent here well-respected very ”, but wants by own life convenient, but completely has not actually thought must use Magic Formation, helping oneself do more matters. Demon Realm and God Realm that then he contactsare adding on thunderwait / etc. these plane, they are almost Magic Civilization, regarding Mechanical Civilization, they knows little. After knowing a matter of Gnome clan, Zhao Hai feels very unfortunate, because looks like in Zhao Hai, Gnome civilization is actually Magic-Mechanical Civilization, but was given to ruin. But Atlanta Continent appears , made Zhao Hai know, the collection came in Universe to have existence of Magic-Machine Civilization, moreover they have unfolded to the rank of high-end. Lived dozens years of Zhao Hai very clear on Earth, what change Mechanical Civilization will have brought about to the life of people, therefore Zhao Hai was the hope of sincerity he can unfold Magic-Machine Civilization. It looks like in Zhao Hai, Atlanta Continent really Magic-Machine Civilization unfolding a certain degree, these construct huge ship time alternative Magic Machine that uses does not calculate that these huge ship also make Zhao Hai two eyes one bright. These huge ship are the pure metals, is different to the Ark Continent iron armor ship, these big oceangoing freighter shapes of these huge ship on very with Earth. But their power systems are also become by Magic Formation Set, those who most make Zhao Hai puzzled is, on these hulls, brings to portray many Magic Formation, this made these four huge ship look like unreliably is more imaginary.Zhao Hai did not understand these Magic Formation of Atlanta Continent there use that Atlanta Continent there regarding the utilization of Magic Formation, has reached certain level, average person simply does not look at understand. Their Magic Formation very strange thingtwo look like exactly the same Magic Formation, but utilizesactually to produce the completely different results, when you carefully observe this Magic Formation, you will leave, this Magic Formationpossibly is only symbol has some changes, can actually make entire Magic Formation produce the different results.

This is not only a simple change Magic Symbol that simple matter, this need undergoes the multiple experiment, discovers the most appropriate this symbol position, size, even is picture symbol line is thick or thin, all these factors, can make Magic Formation change beyond all recognition. Now Zhao Hai in hand has some Atlanta Continent Magic Formation, these Magic Formation, are Cai'er makes from Axe their Mecha, now Karen is investigating strictly these Magic Formation. Gnome clan although in this aspect very has innate skill, however their civilization were almost destroyedmajority of Gnome not to know the character completely, is only after the several months study, simply cannot help, therefore currently Zhao Hai in hand although has many Magic Formation, knows the use, actually few. Therefore Zhao Hai look at that in these Magic Formation that on the hull portrays, looked like saw the book from heaven was the same, simply don’t know these Magic Formation were useful, this looked like to one did not know that the character a person precise machinery, his simply did not have the means to use. But is this, Zhao Hai regarding these huge ship is curious, he wants to know that reallywhat function these huge ship have. Except that on Magic Formation to huge ship felt that curious besideon huge ship the design is to also let Zhao Hai two eyes one bright, that Continent deck is divided into thirty storey, above several layers is used for the person, design reason of , four person rooms, inside Space is not small, moreover some entertainment facilitiesthis makes Zhao Hai really very accidental. Lived in the place of person altogether to occupy five layersto start from Sixth Layer, puts the Mecha place, put the Magic Armor place, has occupied ten layers of deck, in toward the surface was some place like garage, it seems like it was puts these to transport Magic Armor transport truck, this transport truck Zhao Hai has also seen, had many on Kaess Island. In the below of garage ” is actually a repairing department, in that repairing department, can simultaneously carry on the service to 50 Mecha a giant locationall kinds of mechanical arms and special Magic Armor goes through, systematic. In cabin lowest level, is components of Magic Armor, with deposits the place of energy, even also the equipment of small compression energy, can say provides very complete. Looked appearance that these workers are not out of practice knowssuch ship other people, not only has constructed one, this also lets Magic-Machine Civilization of Zhao Hai to Atlanta Continent there, had a general impression. a.