Zhao Hai sits in Yama Ship, Laura they sits in the Zhao Hai side, the pattern of this room, is almost same as Space Villa, because Zhao Hai cannot staying of long time in Space Villa ”, therefore can only cause one on Yama Ship with the Space Villa same room, like this he will stay will be being comfortable. Laura they to had not opposed that Zhao Hai such does, in their eyes, Zhao Hai such does completely necessary, Zhao Hai daily staying on Yama Ship, they must stay on Yama Ship are accompanying Zhao Hai, but they have been used to it in Space Villa there, can say thatthey closes one's eyes in Space Villa there, will not bump into any thing, if changes an environment they possibly to spend newly ” to be familiar with some time ”, therefore Zhao Hai such does, very much has the advantage to them. Now Yama Ship is their families, all in villa have almost moved to Yama Ship, Zhao Hai their also everyday stays on Yama Ship. But Xiao Bingya they also experienced anything to be called the dwelling, Zhao Hai their although everyday stay on Yama Ship ”, but actually little went out, almost pass/test in the room, Zhao Hai they display like this, made Xiao Bingya they not smile bitterly by. Now the Zhao Hai careful look at Kaess Island there situation, Kaess Island there four huge ship launched ”, moreover cruised one, all normal, then several ships returned to Kaess Island ship field therehas conducted the final inspection, some partial adjustments, then can official supposing into use. However now Zhao Hai looks is actually not these, now he pays attention is these armored transport truckalthough Zhao Hai don’t know Atlanta Continent there tube transport truck names, but Zhao Hai actually likes managing him to call armored transport truck. Because the armor of this type of car(riage) is very thick, moreover is very big, this type of car(riage) is marching, design is also uneven, looks like overwhelming power. Zhao Hai attention Magic Formation on these armored transport truckon these armored transport truck, is abandoning on similar Magic Formation with huge ship, by research of Zhao Hai to Magic Formation, he really could not look these Magic Formation have these is the same ” has these is different. However a little makes Zhao Hai feel that very strangethese armored transport truck are the caterpillar bands, moreover automobile body very heavy, if adding on inside Mecha, will be heavier, however a such Heavy Armor large cart, is not slow, moreover changes very flexible, this makes Zhao Hai very puzzled. Laura sits in Zhao Hai side, now her nothing may beher not like Megan and Lizzy, everyday will be busy formulating the tactic, Laura will not handle such mattershe unable to do, but Zhao Hai present Laura has actually managed another characteristics of logistics aspect, to keen of machinery. Possibly is the body, only then the Karen geneLaura has the one type of very formidable intuition before the machinery and Magic Formationjust Laura had not paid attention to the matter in this aspect, therefore had not demonstrated this talent. However now is different, now Laura look at Atlanta Continent there Magic Armor and Magic Formation, ji had the deep love of team's to this different thingcouple of days ago huge ship must launch, Laura frantic is staring at the screen, looks is more than a day, frightened Zhao Hai to forcefully make him rest. Now Laura also two eyes looks at the light armored transport truck on look at screen, some little time did she said : Elder Brother Hai you say us to also Yama Ship modified? ”, Zhao Hai one hear of he said that cannot help but stares, puzzled look at Laura said : modified Yama Ship? Why? Changes?” Does Laura smile said : you to think the Yama Ship present attack method extremely in sole? I want to change the Magic number, do you look?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : Yama Ship according to the blueprint construction of Space, wants to fear that is not easy, this you also go to draw a blueprint, if good of that blueprint picture, I agree to change. ” ”

Laura smiles said : Elder Brother Hai you to misunderstand, I have not thought must change Yama Ship appearance ”, but defeats internal some structures, simply does not need to make Yama Ship remelt. ” ” Zhao Hai one hear of she said that this relaxed said : originally is this, ok, changes, but you want the drawing paper to leave, not so I do not make you change.”Laura complied with one, turn around ran. The Zhao Hai look at Laura back, has smiled bitterly next step: „ Hopes her like father-in-law, otherwise that on was too scary. Sat said in nearby Meg one hear of Zhao Hai that whose cannot help but bu smiled said : is then Laura Elder Sister stares at the screen to look, regrets now? Late.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: At that time looked she is nothing is probably good to set the down in the dumps example, this makes her come to see the screen, well relaxes, who knew can be such result. ” ” Meg has cannot help but smiled, in Zhao Hai several women, Meg normally is words minimum, most has not had the feeling, Ni'er has to have the feeling compared with her, because Ni'er likes movement very much ”, therefore most parts time, Zhao Hai makes Ni'er stay in Space, looks after these movements. Ni'er was too chasteZhao Hai not to make her know thing that too should not know, making Ni'er stay with these animal in together, possibly was good to her. But Meg normally nothing, her corner/horn looks like Laura and Zhao Hai specialized secretary is the same with the life assistant, helping Laura overcome the hand, arranges the daily lives of other Zhao Hai and people, these are the work of Meg, now Zhao Hai they have been used to Meg such procedure, if there is Meg of that day not at tube these matters, their life met one group of chaotic, but believes that on that day will not arrive. although normally Meg most has not had feeling, but Zhao Hai regarding her sentiment is actually best one, Meg is longestsentiment to be also deepest with the Zhao Hai time, therefore Zhao Hai to Meg also most love. Now in Zhao Hai several women, in Space is staying minimum, only then two, one is RyanRyan, because is shortest with the Zhao Hai time, in adding on her beforehand status and other reasons, can say that she is in Zhao Hai several womenstatus for special one, if ranks, she possibly placed finally. Ryan in Space, is she must go now, she stays on Ark Space Wild Dragon Island generally, arrangement all on island ”, because there belongs to Buda Family. Naturally ” the everyday evening she has met the returned to Zhao Hai side, daytime can also come back at any time, so long as she handled the matter on island to be OK.

Zhao Hai does not want to letnot make Ryan that Ryan goes go tonow his here also not to have other matter to be good to do, if Ryan daily staying in here, is very bored, but Ryan also likes helping Zhao Hai manage that island, therefore Zhao Hai also agreed with the Ryan procedure. Another always in Zhao Hai woman is not Berry, Berry is a Demon Race person, regarding managing the matter in this aspect, she misses are manyhas been looking after Zhao Hai to live this aspect, she is not good, is not interested in the machinery, reason that she now is so busy ” is arranging her clansman. Zhao Hai before has not let Demon Race enters Space, complied with Berry ” to make Berry clansman enter Space, after waiting for Zhao Hai to let Demon Race enters Space, Berry asks Zhao Hai, lets Zhao Hai to a Succubus clan, delimits 1 a piece place, looks like Wild Dragon Island is the same, can let a Succubus clan, peaceful life on island. This point Zhao Hai to is complete agreement, but why his do not understand Berry must such do, afterward had asked Berry Zhao Hai understand, a Succubus clan already passed the day that sufficed that you to struggle me to rush to ”, because they were considered as the people who most suited into the wife, therefore in Demon Race there, almost all people wants to obtain Succubus to take the wife, for this point, sometimes they will compel a Succubus clan to obey with some methods, but this was the place that a Succubus clan most hated, therefore they want to look for uninhabited small island, peaceful life. However Zhao Hai actually feels strangely ”, therefore he asked Berry ”, if a Succubus clan did stay after that islandthat a Succubus clan inherits? Without the man, will they have the descendant? This point Berry they actually already thought that a Succubus clan always does not stay on that island, once in a while, these grown, the strength has sufficed Succubus, will try to practice to Continent, when the time comes they can look for the manare get married to keep on Continent, like borrowing to plant, on the pregnant later returned to island, that along with them. Zhao Hai when hears this information, is somewhat scared, her really understand, why a Succubus clan do not cause such a strange request, but he complied finally, because this is not Berry own meaning, but is meanings of all Succubus clans, in this case, Zhao Hai does not have the means not to comply. Because of this, therefore the Berry Continent time, will stay on that island, with her clansman in together, processes in some clans the fresh matter. Because Berry is the Zhao Hai wife, status very special, therefore a person of Succubus clan Berry now becameregarding her also very respectfulPatriarch of Succubus clan, therefore is very busy. Zhao Hai to had not opposed that Berry such does, Zhao Hai is not that type is only thinking daily own woman cannot leave, cannot be outstanding, cannot have own family property that sand pig man, he hopes that his wife can make itself matter that likes handling ”, therefore his completely support Berry such does. Several people of women in busy, instead to is Zhao Hai this man, ” matter that relaxed getting down everyday has actually handledis sitting in the there look at screen, look at Undead Creature and these Iron Armor Beast in Demon Realm there, the advancement that in Ark Continent there, in mining that Taurus Continent here keeps, look at Underworld Dark mist also keeping, the look at Atlanta Continent person in the there transporting commodity, prepares to attack Ark Continent, look at God Realm these soldiers constructs own base in there. These matters look like are ting are probably bored, the matter that because these person of everyday handle is almost a type, when Zhao Hai actually has to pay attention, because these people are his enemy, he through the motions of these people, is analyzing the motives of these people, understands these people, presently their weakness.

Simultaneously Zhao Hai to Space paid attention to ” a life of Gnome clan there in various clans all normally, but more and more Gnome start to play Magic Formation now, commodity that needs were also many, Zhao Hai and Cai'er have to discussto these Gnome some duty, they only then have completed these duty, can obtain more commodities. These duty are not difficult to play regarding Gnome, moreover is some and Magic Formation related dutyto the growth of Gnome very effective, these Gnome each and every one to is very good. Sea Race there Zhao Hai once for a while will also carry on to pay attention, naturally, Zhao Hai most paid attention that Sea Race there these Azure Dragon Snail. Azure Dragon Snail was Zhao Hai already one type of Magic Beast that obtained from Sea Race theredefense capability very formidableis Sea Race most important weaponZhao Hai finally started to obtain Azure Dragon Snail afterward from Sea Race therealso to obtain, now is raised by Zhao Hai in Sea Race Space. Because Space has the ability of in addition, now these Azure Dragon Snail long was very big, but Zhao Hai has not taken the refinement these Azure Dragon Snail, because of his very clear, these Azure Dragon Snail is the year the more better, live is longer, the future use will be bigger ”, therefore although has plenty Azure Dragon Snail was mature in Sea Race there ”, can use, but Zhao Hai has not actually used these Azure Dragon Snail. Zhao Hai wants to have a look, these Azure Dragon Snail how long will die, after he wants to wait for these Azure Dragon Snail natural deaths, he is taking the refinement these Azure Dragon Snail. However makes Zhao Hai be that surprised matter lived, these Azure Dragon Snail living well in there, did not see them dead, now Sea Race Space there biggest Azure Dragon Snail, the long about ten thousand meters were high, that Azure Dragon also lifelike, looked like lifelike abundant, but he actually still live well. But Zhao Hai has performed an experiment, ” is Crystal Stone that he uses Ark Continent there to produce Magic Cannon attack that Azure Dragon Snail the Magic Cannon energy has used, this artillery continually general God Rank Expert cannot bear, but this artillery hits on Azure Dragon Snail, making Zhao Hai shocking one come out, that Azure Dragon on Azure Dragon Snail, probably is lives to be the same, in hovering on Azure Dragon Snailthen stretches out only Dragon's Claw, to energy light pillar that Magic Cannon is shooting, that energy light pillar one meets the claw of that Azure Dragon, unexpectedly vanish from sight slowly, this artillery. A simply point does with not to have. Sees these, Zhao Hai shockedhim not to think ofthis Azure Dragon Snail defense unexpectedly such anomaly ”, if were making him live is getting up some years, what real don’t know will turn into, because this ”, therefore Zhao Hai has not gone to these Azure Dragon Snail, still made their natural growth, Zhao Hai to have a look, this Azure Dragon Snail will turn into any appearance finally. Sea Race other races, obtained very big promotion in Space, the strength is very strongmost makes Zhao Hai see, is Sea Dragon Race, this was a Dragon Race final branch, Space that they were , was also not Sea Race Space, but was that Space that the Zhao Hai villa was, but they have been dull in the sea, was crossing own easy life, Zhao Hai for sometime, even has forgotten them. However the growth of Sea Dragon Race to stems from unexpected of Zhao Haiprevious Zhao Hai saw their times, in their clans had several God Rank Expert, these days in seeing them, God Rank Expert in their clan were more, this arrives is really the anticipation of half Zhao Hai. a.