Time total quick, standing of Zhao Hai calm on Yama Ship, Space rift of look at distant place, Space rift there will certainly not have anything to change, but Zhao Hai actually knows that has the change in crack behind. In Space rift behind, person Righteous Qi potential agitated killing of Atlanta Continent to Ark Continent, their four megaton-class huge ship, already official appointment. The Zhao Hai book thinks that best fights with him, can be the God Realm here God Race person, but makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, from the God Race person to Taurus Continent, already past one month, but they still at a moderate pace is constructing the base, does not have a meaning of advancing, moreover base there that their also correct use ship Magic Formation, the netg steed, constructs grain these strategic resources transporting slowly to them, must complete a giant fortress to be the same there probably. Instead to is the Atlanta Continent person, they after constructing huge ship, starts to put all kinds of commodities toward on the ship, then starts to mobilize soldiers, after all prepare, one month passed, then they directly embark, kills toward Ark Continent here, without any probe. This to is makes Zhao Hai really very accidental, these Atlanta Continent people, seem likely are not the recruits in battlefield, but they is a point probe do not have, point scout does not have, direct has killed toward Ark Continent on, this makes Zhao Hai very puzzled. Atlanta Continent this action appears somewhat frivolous, Zhao Hai real don’t know their confidence come from there, but the Zhao Hai year has to recognize, the Atlanta Continent there Magic-Mechanical Civilization show is very good, that four huge ship after finalize most from the beginning, inside added some thing, four huge ship are four can completely the on the sea migration city. What most important is, Zhao Hai also saw many Magic Armor, these Magic Armor Advanced level, some also wants happy compared with Magic Armor that Axe they drive, can have three types differently changes the Morph Form condition, moreover looks like these Magic Armor fighting strength in Zhao Hai, will not be lower than general God Rank Expert absolutely. But O'Neal Clan these time is only such Magic Armor, set out about thousand, moreover can visit them not to enter fully, the need of but nearby fighting, that four on the ship have installed other Magic Armor. Now that four huge ship arrived at Blazing Island there, Hundred Victories stopped in Blazing Island there, then these Mecha immediately flew from on the ship, rushed to Blazing Island directly, in remaining these Magic Beast the island has all killed, then these Magic Beast Magic Crystal taking. Zhao Hai has paid attention to Atlanta Continent these to act he to know that fortunately, because possibly they do not have existing dangerous therefore on the ship Magic protective shield not to open, Zhao Hai can see clearly they are doing. They brought in these Magic Crystal that small factory in ship most lower level, a use machine, turned into energy these Magic Crystal.

Zhao Hai surprised look at all these, he has not thought really that the Atlanta Continent there person can achieve this point unexpectedly, this really makes people very surprised. Zhao Hai knows now that Atlanta Continent there these Magic Armor provide the power by anything, unexpectedly is also Magic Crystal. However this arrived is makes Zhao Hai to these Magic Armor more curious, he wants to know, if have gotten so far as these Magic Armor, then used Crystal Stone to take the power that Magic Armor fighting strength to promote. The Atlanta Continent person, although turned into energy these Magic Crystal, but Zhao Hai very clear, energy in that energy, is impossible to be stronger than that several Magic Crystal, energy that also in other words Atlanta Continent person, uses, its energy is absolutely impossible to have his in hand weak stone to be so formidable. These Magic Cannon use Magic Crystal Might to be not much, however after using his in hand Crystal Stone has been able to extinguish Slaughter God level Expert unexpectedly, if lets these Magic Armor, uses his in hand Crystal Stone to take the power, will that wield big Might? Now Zhao Hai really urgent wants to obtain several Magic Armor, then tries these Magic Armor Might, but Zhao Hai also knows that this is not easy. Laura arrives at side Zhao Hai, said : Elder Brother Hai, don't worry, the Atlanta Continent there person, what storm cannot turn in a soft voice, you do not want to know after they arrived at Ark Continent there, is what table wrestles? Quick can see.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, pats Laura hand said : I to know that I had not been worried, I was only somewhat could not wait, if on Yama Ship, was joined to this Mecha, that fighting strength certainly astonishing.” Does Laura smile said : what? the Yama Ship attack strength unable to make you satisfy now? What kind of my modified?” Zhao Hai has smiled, before Laura said that must carry on modified to Yama Ship, Zhao Hai has not cared, but has made along with her, but has not thought that Laura very earnest, her careful research Yama Ship, then has actually carried on comprehensive modified to the Yama Ship interior, but also has drawn the very detailed blueprint, in the Laura blueprint, she Yama Ship being divided into many region, Yama Ship uppermost one layer, is the place that Zhao Hai lives, there arrangement is the same with Space, even also made on the green water, Hot Spring these thing.

Following several layers in other preparations of on the ship life, in that several layers altogether the ear to make ten thousand people live in on the ship, moreover they have the independent room, in the room facility also very good. Is deposits the commodity under the place, there can deposit to suffice the hundred thousand person to live one month of commodity, in downward was on the ship Forbidden Land, there puts some Undead Creature places, inside environment with Hell Space very , can also make these Undead Creature practice in inside. The bottommost was the power level of ship, there was the place that Yin-Yang pond was, that was the heart site of entire ship. Actually some Space, Laura their simply do not need the fee such big matter to prepare these thing, but Zhao Hai cannot enter Space now, better, they who the ship arranges live also comfortably, other quarters and commodity depositing area, to the bystander looked that for helps Zhao Hai protect Space secret. Besides keep secret, Laura also made Zhao Hai on the ship several places carry on the modification, the first place was battering ram of ship, before that battering ram with a on the ship body, Laura actually has separated his ship now, in other words that battering ram was the activity, can take, in the necessary time, that battering ram can fly from the hull, killed the enemy. The on the ship chess pole, that is not useful, but is used to hang the place of flag, but Laura made Zhao Hai lengthening the chess pole, simultaneously this chess pole also became may be possible to be hard softly, but four sides swinging, in other words, even if some people arrived at side of ship, this chess pole, can like one sword same puncturing to the enemy. The person besides these, Laura to does not have ship actually to carry on too many modification, if because carries on to the ship changes greatly, must use Universal Machine, therefore Laura does not have to modify the ship. Moreover Undead Creature in on the ship that Hell Space, is Laura specially elects, is some God Race God Rank Magic Beast Undead Creature, these Undead Creature original builds are very big, Zhao Hai Undead Creature can transformation, therefore these Magic Armor turned into human-shape, stays in that Space, waits for Zhao Hai time, in comes out from that Space, then changes the becoming true body fights. Zhao Hai regarding these modification of Laura, is interested very much, but his these modification, to Yama Ship fighting strength, really has certain enhancement. Zhao Hai very clear, Yama Ship can call king dominate in here, that is because in this Space, not having no thing to threaten Yama Ship, looks like an Sir goes to the kindergarten to fight to be the same against these children, that in pure is bullying the person.

However now Space to his repelling force getting bigger and bigger, sooner or later some day he will go to Cultivator Space there, by that time, Yama Ship not necessarily is most formidable, he will run into a more formidable enemy, fiercer weapon. Now nobody can approach obtains Yama Ship, does not have no thing to Yama Ship to pose the threat, but this does not have on behalf of Cultivator Space there, these modification of Laura, regarding Yama Ship, ten carry together usefully. Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that cannot help but smiles said : well, modification good of , was very good, was right, their several were doing?” Laura smiles said : not anything, Lizzy and Megan still in looking at Taurus Continent and Ark Continent map, prepare to cope with God Race and Atlanta Continent person, Meg in the method of manufacturing of research new dessert, Ni'er this girl, but also look at these animal in Space, Ryan is still busy on the island, I listened to Grandpa Green saying that Ryan prepares to set up Merchant Union on Continent now, wants in this way, to gain to you to many gold coins, Berry also in her clansman there, now she is in several of us busiest.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that you, this didn't several days go to research these blueprints? Aren't you to these Magic Armor being interested very? Also made Cai'er specially making Magic Armor hologram.” Laura smiles said :, I am to Magic Armor being interested , the Magic Armor blueprint also truly am make, I also tried to make one, but I presently, manufacture Magic Armor these metals, was not the common metal, should be the one type of special alloy, intensity high, strong xing of this type of alloy also was very very good, made that Magic Armor with general made of metal, will not wait to construct to disperse, because the common metal, the simply means have not supported Magic Armor Heavy Armor.” Zhao Hai nodded said : Atlanta Continent there don’t know strict research many years, caused these Mecha, will not be simple, you looked that these Gnome research these Magic armor knew, is only Magic Armor involves that many course, do not say that also wanted happy Magic Armor compared with Magic Formation, was not wanting, took your time, after we snatched several Magic Armor, you can research well one.” a.