„, if after Laura smiles said : looks like, wants to cause good Mecha, but must Jiang Dwarf help to be good, was right, Elven Race, they regarding the portray of Magic Formation, but is an expert.” Zhao Hai smiles said : first not alarm them to well, after waiting to snatch Mecha, has a look at Space whether to analyze to manufacture the metal that Mecha uses, has these metals becomes about golden, this perhaps we can manufacture Mecha.” Laura nodded said : I also to know like this, but I hope that can let Dwarf Race and Elven Race helps busily, like this they will not be idle, must know, no matter Dwarf Race or a Elf clan, they are has can specially the person, like Dwarf Race regarding metal sensitive degree, big left our Human Race, but a Elf clan, regarding Magic Formation portray this aspect, wants much stronger compared with Human Race, if there is their join, I want regarding our Mecha improvements to be able the has plenty advantage.” Zhao Hai thinks that also nodded, to be honest, he had not thought before, he only has been thinking before makes a Gnome clan go to research Magic Formation, is manufacturing Mecha to come, has not actually thought that separates to manufacture these thing. Now Zhao Hai regarding Magic Formation also have some understanding, his very clear, Magic Formation research is not matter in one single day, besides the metal, scoring of Magic Formation is also very important, Magic Formation, that feared that was you only carves mistakenly symbol, that this Magic Formation also abandoned. But scores this aspect in Magic Formation, strongest on is Elven Race, Elven Race in Magic Formation scoring, truly has the Innate superiority, they dedicated, moreover has innate skill in this aspect. But Dwarf Race regarding obsessed degree of various metals, many Human Race is unable to compare, if lets these two clan also join Magic Armor research comes to Magic Formation and in regarding Magic Formation and Magic Armor research will be very certainly helpful. Before reason that Zhao Hai thought of these, was because Zhao Hai simply has not thought toward this aspect, to be honest, although he also took in a Gnome clan Space, but he in these races regarding Space, there are has near, the friend or stranger was able to discriminate. In his at heart, the Ark Continent there person, with him is most intimate, he lives in there that long time, his friend, the family members are the locally born Ark Continent person, therefore in his at heart, the Ark Continent here person is his family member. Second on was Demon Race, before although, he with Demon Race was an enemy, but he actually really did not hate Demon Race, moreover he with the Demon Race also not too big hatred, Demon Race voluntary entry Space, therefore they in the heart of Zhao Hai, the status were also very high.

In next was a Gnome clan, a Gnome clan with him can say that relationship did not have him just not to let a Gnome clan in such life, wants taking advantage of innate skill of Gnome clan, research to leave many Magic Formation to come, therefore took in Space a Gnome clan. Finally was these God Race people, he and hatred between God Race was the solution cannot untie, but he too does not want to investigate the God Race matter, does not want to be ruthless, therefore he God Race income to characters. Because of relationship of this friend or stranger, therefore Zhao Hai will make a Gnome clan go to research Magic Formation, but has not thought lets Dwarf Race and Elven Race join he wants to Dwarf Race and Elven Race as far as possible many[ from] by, moreover did not seek of repayment, he always felt, if he made Elven Race work for him with Dwarf Race, probably was he is requesting them to repay to be the same. But he does not have such idea regarding a Gnome clan, he with a Gnome clan sentiment does not have, making a Gnome clan help him handle something, should be. Now after a Laura reminder, Zhao Hai to has thought such through, lets a Dwarf clan and comes not to have anything Elf clan join to his research, in any case Dwarf Race and Elven Race also like doing such matter, he does not force them such to make, mosquito this and no big deal. Idea of Laura completely understand Zhao Hai, therefore he looks at Zhao Hai to nod, smiles said : well Elder Brother Hai, do not think that many, we can these Dwarf and Elf on join in which mister Wild Dragon Island, are choosing some quite intelligent earth deities, puts together them, making them each other be familiar, such time grew, a Gnome clan was not fearing that Dwarf Race and Elven Race, Dwarf Race and Elven Race can also accept a Gnome clan, they naturally can also in some research Magic Formation and Magic Armor.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, should make a Gnome clan contact with other races.” Zhao Hai understand, Laura said that makes a Gnome clan contact with other races, has the reason. Before a Gnome clan, suffered the persecution of God Race to be extremely serious, not only made civilization of Gnome clan almost be destroyed, attack even bigger that similarly, their spiritual received, Zhao Hai present, a Gnome clan has very strong vigilance regarding other races, there is a very strong fearing psychology, they when facing other races, often don’t know must do, moreover displayed dull silly, was because of this, therefore Laura said. Must let under other Gnome clans and race multi- contact radicals. However this matter also anxiously, now a Gnome clan just contact shortly after Magic Formation, even to make them help, cannot help, this was saying and other time. In this time, Xiao Bingya from in the room walked out, Xiao Bingya their several people have been following in the Zhao Hai side, but is calculating anything regarding Zhao Hai at heart, they and don’t know, they only think that Zhao Hai wants to seize Taurus Continent, simply has not thought that reason that Zhao Hai also keeps here, is for Magic Armor and God Race these Ultimate Weapon.

However Xiao Bingya regarding Zhao Hai very grateful, Taurus God Race is also a different God Race archenemy, especially with their Beast God clan, has the hatred of not being able to untie, therefore Zhao Hai destroys completely the Taurus God Race matter, Xiao Bingya not only do not blame Zhao Hai, conversely, he also thinks Zhao Hai does is very right, is very good. Xiao Bingya looked that Zhao Hai and Laura stand in bow there, cannot help but somewhat hesitates, he feared that disturbs Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also noted the Xiao Bingya appearance, did he show a faint smile, turns the head look at Xiao Bingya said : Bingya, what? has the matter?” The time that they believe was not short, therefore Zhao Hai was also more optional to the name of Xiao Bingya. Xiao Bingya arrives around Zhao Hai, bows to Zhao Hai said : mister, I just received information in clan, presently now God Race probably was intensified the effort of surveillance to these by their conquer race, so long as one is not presently right, appearance that immediately can dispatch troops.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then he nodded said : God Race so long time to be no wonder motionless, originally they have such idea, they want to stabilize the rear area first, is turning the head to cope with us, he he, interesting.” Xiao Bingya look at Zhao Hai said : what to do should that we, such look at?” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : look at not to be so good? God Race these years have been used to horizontally, reason that they know Taurus Continent here such quickly are attacked, has big relationship with three big race rebellions, therefore they increased have submitted to these in their race surveillance efforts, perhaps also will kill some people to set up the prestige, but they more such did, these people more will hate them, when they could not suppress these people time, their backyard counter- will be getting more and more chaotic, this to us was very advantageous.” Xiao Bingya has gawked, then nodded, right that he has to recognize, Zhao Hai say, their year to year does right with God Race, regarding God Race completely understand, God Race truly very tyrannical, in knowing these submits to the situation that their races possibly can revolt, they will be certainly impolite to these races, the murder sets up the prestige is only the most ordinary method. But Xiao Bingya actually knows that these submit to the God Race race, already to God Race very discontented, if God Race such is doing, that will only speed up these race rebellions, so long as these race together revolt, God Race did not have more military strength to cope with them, when the time comes Zhao Hai can definitely bit by bit God Race annihilating. Thinks through these soldiers, Xiao Bingya nodded said : well, depends on mister, I will tell clansman the meaning of mister, but mister, are we this take an action to the God Race person, makes them such construct the base, if they constructed accidentally really the base, to us did not have the advantage.”

Zhao Hai shook the head, smiles said :not to need to worry, making them construct, they always impossible forever staying in base, so long as they one comes out from the base, carries on attack to us, I can disappearing bit by bit clamp them. Xiao Bingya in speaking, he nodded, to Zhao Hai ritual said : „, if I went to first in the clan to report.” Said turn around returned to the cabin. Laura look at Xiao Bingya, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, different God Race does not make Xiao Bingya they go back, wants to monitor you? Why can we leave behind them? Copes with God Race, only depends on we were enough.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to drag down them, how they can make war with God Race, so long as their strengths weaken, we had confidence to snatch their in hand Ultimate Weapon, I wanted was Ultimate Weapon, naturally, if can also turn them in Space, that was better.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has smiled, she knows now that Zhao Hai unexpectedly is such idea, this is Zhao Hai copes with Thunder Clan actually and other means of large clans, drags down them, lets them and God Race makes the war, this not only can quicker annihilates them, may be weakened their strengths, when the time comes Zhao Hai directs toward God Realm here Atlanta Continent and Underworld, did not fear that they do not enter Space. So long as these people entered Space, that sooner or later one day, they will regard the god Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai will have when the time comes many Strength of Faith. Such method although is not quite bright, but is actually presently the Stage most effective method, if Zhao Hai also goes to conquer with the military force they, will only waste more time, but Zhao Hai in this Space, is impossible to stay too long time a.