Chapter 875 O'Neal Clan turning point Reason that Laura and Zhao Hai always want in the turning person toward Space \; first, because in Space was too spacious, a little person will have the human spirit, moreover puts that big Space not to use, really wastes. Second because of Strength of Faith, although so far, Zhao Hai also not too clear this Strength of Faith has any advantage in Cultivator, but looked collection Strength of Faith that they so think of every means that can affirm this thing has certainly big using regarding them. But if Zhao Hai one day of ascend to go to Cultivation World, in wants to collect Strength of Faith, feared that was will not be easy, Lu Wei will be collected Strength of Faith by the minute to this place, can look, wanted to collect Strength of Faith in Cultivation World there, feared that not so was easy. If the Cultivation World there person, strength is very strong, Zhao Hai wants to collect Strength of Faith in there is almost impossible. Moreover Cultivation World there, their such Space, has carried on the assignment, that Cultivation World there certainly also blowing the minute was clean by the major influences, Zhao Hai wants to go to Cultivation World to collect Strength of Faith, will offend these big influences, certainly will be chased when the time comes down, Zhao Hai offended Lu Wei, he does not think that is offending too many people. Lu Wei Doppelganger, can such fierce, obviously the main body is certainly stronger, but in Cultivation World there, Lu Wei is not strongest existence, returns has plenty the person who he is fiercer, Zhao Hai does not want just to arrive at Cultivation World there, chasing down of full world, that was been unamusing. What most important is, Zhao Hai feared that some Cultivation World there people can attack among Space Breaker, if some Cultivation World there people can achieve this point, that Zhao Hai danger. Therefore before entering Cultivation World, Zhao Hai has made the completely safe preparation, he must turn some people to enter Space, like this arrived at Cultivation World there, he did not lack Strength of Faith to use, he must make understand, Magic Armor what's the matter, Ultimate Weapon what's the matter, waited for these thing, arrived at in his hand, he was many strength of one point of self-preservation. Standing of Axe high-spirited in the tyrant number bow, he likes tyrant this ship name , every time hears this ship name, he has the feeling of one type of burning with passion. First several days they had been to Blazing Island there, Blazing Island there to does not have what change, only then some Magic Beast, Axe not polite, sends for Blazing Island there directly, was clean to the slaughter these Magic Beast, obtained some Magic Crystal, although was not many, but Axe actually very happy, he liked the feeling of this conquer. Then they northbound, he knows that Ark Continent certainly is north, because Zhao Hai came from that Ark, therefore he does not worry, slowly is catching up toward the north. The tyrant number is not the flagships of four ships, the flagships of four ships are Glorious Ship, his father in Glorious Ship, but he is the driving request domination number here. Axe does not like hiding in own father's eyes is staying lowly, such although can learn many thing, however daily is managing, this lets his very uncomfortable, therefore he in leaving, on own initiative raises, comes up to the tyrant number, moreover reason also very sufficient that he looks, he wants study well, a how command(er) ship. This reason really very useful, his father, as soon as listened to him saying that immediately agreed that making him the tyrant number captain, simultaneously has matched an experience very rich first mate to him.

Before had not thought that when he managed a ship truly, he present, the taste of authority so wonderful, looked like one glass of good wines, letting the person yu tyrant. All around this several days their although also sent out some Magic Armor to go to scout, does not have presently any Continent, has not seen any ships, this arrived is makes Axe somewhat puzzled. Their ship are not slow, this is with energy for the power ship, is not that type of ancient sailing ship, such ship walked several days, has not seen land, it seems like Blazing Island leaves Ark Continent is very really far. However this also makes Axe very puzzled, their ships must walk several days, said by Zhao Hai that Ark Continent here did not have Magic Machine probably, they use should be the sailing ship, that will use a longer time, Zhao Hai to harness the sailing ship, runs up to Blazing Island to do? Moreover is his appears opportunity so skillful? What issue won't the here surface have? Thinks of here, Axe immediately/on horseback shook the head, swung own head this idea, he cannot downward think according to this idea, because he feared that this idea was correct, then to Clan, the attack was very enormous. Time day-by-day past, in two days, Axe will not somewhat be able to calm down, his everyday most time stay in the deck, look at day mark, although his understand, if they are not far from Continent now, these Magic Armor already should come back to report, he stands in here like this looked that simply any doing has not used. But he stays in the deck, because he is in the room simply unable to tarry, in this time, in sky of distant place appears black spots, the Axe cannot help but spirit has been shaking, he knows that went to scout Magic Armor to come back. Really, before long Magic Armor flies the tyrant number slowly the sky, this is Magic Armor of aircraft style, is in all Magic Armor, quickest one type of. This Magic Armor in Space transformation, after turning into human-shape, falling slowly to on the ship, then Mecha opened, a person jumped from Mecha, half step has arrived at Axe, bows to Axe said : Young Lord, I presently Continent, absolutely is Ark Continent, is not general boat, in our east side, we now somewhat walks leaning.” Axe excited nod said : good, does fantastic, have this information tells my father?” That person nodded said : some people to go to to report Patriarch, invited Young Lord feel relieved, but......” that person spoke of here, a face had the hesitant appearance. The heart of Axe downward sinks, his immediately/on horseback said : What happened? what? Speech?” That person looked at Axe said : we not extremely in close Ark Continent, but makes us feel what is strange, Ark Continent there does not have the who smoke probably, in seaside, we do not have the present ship, a ship does not have, this very strange.” The heart of Axe sinks, his immediately/on horseback does said : have this situation tells my father? How did the father he say?”

That person shook the head said : my don’t know, should tell Patriarch, we separate the notice, I have not gone to Patriarch there.” Axe nodded, turns the head said : to prepare my Magic Armor, I must go to Glorious Ship.” His behind servant immediately/on horseback complied with one, turn around walked. Before long some people drive, Axe Magic Armor pulled out, Axe had not said that on immediately own Magic Armor, flew toward Glorious Ship. They are not far from Glorious Ship, four ships are become straight line advancing, first is Hundred Victories Ship, is belongs to Vanguard, Glorious Ship in the second position, but the domination number in finally, their middle is away from Conqueror Ship. Quick Axe arrived in the Hundred Victories Ship deck, after he stopped Magic Armor, immediately jumped from Magic Armor came out to hurry to toward his father's room. Quick Axe arrived at outside his father's room, in room in front of the door, two guards, that two guards sees Axe, immediately/on horseback gave a salute, a guard to Axe said : Young Lord, Patriarch said that if you arrived, goes to see him directly.” Axe nodded, pushes the door to walk, enters to the room, Axe has gawked, because in his present room has several people, these people are in Clan famous War General, is these time goes to battle with Commander of various Ark Continent ships. His father looked at Axe to come, nodded said : well to Axe, ting that came was quick, quick under.” Axe after person gave a salute in house, this sat. Waits for Axe to sit down, his father then said : in our east side, already present Continent, but strange very phenomena, in that Continent seaside, they unexpectedly have not actually seen any ships, this very strange, I in one time have sent for scout, this time I allow them to approach that Continent careful look, having a look at that Continent to live any matter.” The person in room, nodded, in which captain frowns said : Patriarch, if that Continent nobody, really what to do that can?” Axe father slightly said : do not worry, if that Continent really nobody, only then two possibilities \; first, we have not looked to the place, there is not Ark Continent, but is uncultivated land uninhabited smoke Continent, but this possible is not big, the second possibility is, there is Ark Continent, but there lived something, therefore there person leave, this regarding us, possible good information, because we can not need to resort to violence on seizing that Continent, we must in any case is the commodity on Continent. With the minerals, the person we have the matter.” Several people nodded, Axe had stood at this time, is unfair to the father to his father ritual said :, is my earlier scout has not completed.” His father type beckoned with the hand said : this not to blame you, if you contacted with the Ark Continent person at that time really on, that will alert the enemy, perhaps now Ark Continent there nobody, follows time you to see Zhao Hai to have relationship, our wait, having a look at Ark Continent there to live any matter.” Axe nodded, sat, his father turns the head other look at several people of said : „the present, no matter that Continent there does have the person, we must be ready, the ship now already the tone, to that Continent there, we must construct the base in the shortest time, prepares to welcome the army arrival of follow-up, now looks like, this Ark Continent, imagines wanting to be bigger than us, this regarding our O'Neal Clan, is good information, the place to be big, means that will be more to our useful thing, this perhaps is a turning point of our O'Neal Clan show.”

As soon as the people listened to him saying that cannot help but the spirit shook, yes, Ark Continent truly they imagined also wants to be bigger, this regarding them, absolutely was good information, did not say other, Ark big land Fang Da, that Magic Beast were many, Magic Beast were many, Magic Crystal were many, Magic Crystal are many energy that they obtained to be also more, was only this income on absolutely can be gained by O'Neal Clan turned, do not say the other commodity on Ark Continent, had the minerals, such big Continent, above was impossible. Without minerals, so long as there is minerals, then regarding O'Neal Clan, was more important. In Atlanta Continent there, after many years of mining, the ore deposit that on Continent these knew, almost hollowed out, did not have the minerals, did not have various metals, without various metals, they did not have the means to manufacture Magic Armor, without Magic Armor, their strengths will be limited, this was a circulation. The Axe father looked at people said : Atlanta Continent there although to be very big, but existence of Martial Clan and Demon Race, we think that was tidying up Martial Clan and Demon Race, in a short time seemed like impossible, but Ark Continent here, was the only belong to us place, only belong to us O'Neal Clan, here even is not smaller than Atlanta Continent, thinks that we had complete Atlanta Continent as the rear base, this was a how another person excited matter.” The people hear two eyes to shine, they were described the scene to be shocked by the Axe father, yes, if their O'Neal Clan currently had a Atlanta Continent that big place as the rear base, that Atlanta Continent there, who is their matches. Axe the expression of father look at people, satisfied nod said : of was good, the words I spoke of here, you went back to prepare, we took certainly Ark Continent, any dared to work as before us, was our enemies, will be torn into shreds by us, O'Neal Clan, ten thousand victories!” That several captains and Axe have stood, said loudly: Ten thousand victories!” leave that then face ji moves, Axe must also walk outward, his father actually received him. After waiting for several captain leave, his father then makes Axe sit down, then said : on that day you saw Zhao Hai, what special place had to have?” Axe stares, but his also understand his father's meaning, his father not too feel relieved Ark Continent there matter, but the day of Axe had not had any special place, he shook the head said : not to have any special place, he is first time sees Magic Armor probably, very curious , some appearances of fear, I can affirm that Ark Continent here does not certainly have existence of Magic Armor, at that time he was the Magician appearance, in hand is also taking Magic Staff, can flying in the sky, should be 9th level Expert, I not presently God Rank Expert that imposing manner on him.” His father nodded said : so looks like, these that person said are very likely, Ark Continent here really impossible appears God Rank Expert, this regarding us to is good information, now I was a little worried why will have Space rift together, appears with no reason at all in there, this is makes people somewhat puzzled.” Axe knitting the brows head, to be honest, he has not thought of this. roa.