Axe is not a fool, his understand his father's meaning, some of his also do not understand, why don’t know Ark Continent here can like this. The Axe father look at Axe appearance, in secret nod, he thought that at heart Axe nearest/recent these days mature many, this is he most wants to see. In this time, outside suddenly is transmitting sound speaking sounds: Report, Patriarch, went to the scout person to come back.” The Axe father stares, then the great happiness, his immediately/on horseback said : makes him come.” Some people have complied with one, then a person pushed the door to walk. This is one year of middle-aged person, looks like over 30 years old, however spirit, tight-fitting doing fights the clothing/taking, this is also therefore drives the person necessary clothes of Magic Armor. This person arrives around the Axe father, „ has seen Patriarch to Axe father gave a salute said :. The Axe father nodded said : Lev, the there situation is what kind.” The Axe father is impossible to know each Magic Armor user in their Clan, but this Lev is actually an exception, he is a God Rank Magic Armor driver, moreover in the Clan God Rank driver, the strength also ranks among the best, Magic Armor that he drives has the function of stealth, this time to know Ark Continent there lived any matter, the Axe father will send otherwise in the common situation that Lev goes ”, is not one's turn Lev make a move. Lev deep voice said : there possibly is Ark Continent, but what is strange, in their seaside city, actually nobodythere likely is not has lived the war, moreover these people are move out probably, in their family application thing all took away, dropped the dust the thickness to come them to move out from the groundcrosses for three months. ” The Axe father stares, but Axe is actually face changes his look at Lev said :, really in three months? That is representing, I see Zhao Hai time, Ark Continent did here turn into this appearance? Lev, did you only look at that urban or Ark Continent here all places are this?” Lev deep voice said : I looked at two cities, some villages, are so, the people are move out, thing vanish from sight that all can use, moreover can look, they move out, does not worry very much all thing, tidies up is very clean.”

Axe face one becomes very difficult looked that he saw a father his father also to look at his one eyes, then showed a faint smile, comforts his said :, good Axe, do not care this matter, it seems like that Zhao Hai has deceived you, you met his time at that time, he was possibly moving out where no matter, but they moved to Ark Continent also, Ark Continent they could not move out ”, so long as we obtained Ark Continent to be OK, Lev, got down rest well. ”, Lev has complied with one after they salute, turn around walked, when Lev walks, the Axe father then frowned said : looks like the matter is not simple, if Ark Continent here all people moved out, why they do move out? Can they move to there to go? Space rift can appears move out with the Ark Continent here person has relationship, it seems like these need us to go to check properly. ” The Axe calm face sits in the one side, he really is angry he to think him Zhao Hai deceiving now, but the fact showed that he deceiving was right by Zhao Hai. Thinks of here, Axe cannot bear clench jawshe to feel that one was played, this lets his not being feeling well, but does not have the silk bold means. The Axe father look at Axe appearance, showed a faint smile said : well Axe should not be angry, later such matter, you will also meet many times, do not care, now returned to your on the ship goes, managed well your ship. ” Axe long vented anger, nodded, to his father gave a salute, turn around walked, the look at Axe back, his father shows a faint smile, has not said anything, in his opinion, all these should be the lessons that young man receives. Axe father don’t know, Zhao Hai is sitting in Space now look at theyexited from in the room to Axe, Zhao Hai then sighed said : to be a pity, I think will have any splendid content, has not thought that father unexpectedly such shaking of Axe decided looks like this O'Neal Clan is really uncommon. ” Did Laura nod, turns the head Cai'er you just to translate the content to Cai'er said : not wrong? To be honest, you can within such short time, on the learn Atlanta Continent language, I really be somewhat surprised. ” Cai'er smiles said : this to have anything to be startled, I have monitored them in Kaess Island there these days, their although very busy, but they must always speak monitored their time to grow, has been adding on some analyses and computations, naturally also on learn Atlanta Continent languagejust translation absolutely not wrong. ” Laura nodded said : „, if not wrong, that this O'Neal Clan Patriarch was greater, that several issues that he just, said that was our leave Ark Continent key, it seems like that this was really a great character.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : he naturally is a great character, Clan clansman, how possibly is the simple character, but I have not wanted to cope with them now, but monitored them to be OK, when they presently Space rift were saying that I have not thought, these fellows unexpectedly follow to arrive at Rosen Empire to go now, he he, this was more interesting, don’t know he can first presently we be first with Underworld these Undead Creature exchange hands. ” Lizzy mouth said : „, has not thought with a smile then of their route leaning these many . Moreover the ship so will be quickone ran up to Rosen Empire there unexpectedly, now they to Underworld Undead Creature, but compared with leaving us nearly, I have guessed them to be able first with Underworld Undead Creature exchange hands. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : really to have this possibility, that just right, we can not go to manage him first, so long as monitored them to be good, Cai'er do not forget to collect their equipment data, the more better. ” Cai'er has complied with one. Zhao Hai adjusted God Race person there the picture, these arrived at the Taurus Continent God Race person, good of patience, went out of the anticipation of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has not thought that these God Race people can construct a base with such long time unexpectedly ”, moreover this base was more formidable than their original city. The entire base takes the mountain asalmost looks like Zhao Hai that the capital construction gets up in base such that Accra Mountain there constructs, among them however a mountain mid-hill hollowing out. although said that God Race here does not have Iron Armor Beast to be used to excavate earth, but do not forget, their strength formidable, moreover they will use Magic, Earth element Magic is everybody can use with ease, this lets their under-construction base aspect, their initially is much more convenientinitially Zhao Hai to be possible not to have these many Magic Formation compared with Zhao Hai to help them construct the base, therefore can only depend upon Dwarf Race Iron Armor Beast. Most makes Zhao Hai be surprised, on the wall of this base, finds at everywhere Magic Formation, is only scoring of these Magic Formation, went to God Race a lot of time on hualooked like they want to turn into impregnable fortress here. Regarding God Race such procedure, Zhao Hai is understandable, they look like enter Ark Continent to be the same, think that the line constructs a base, then he in slowly advances toward Taurus Continent, compression his survival Space bit by bitmakes him have to act to go all out with these God Race people. However Zhao Hai actually does not think that these God Race people have built up fortress, but here but God Realmdoes not teach country there to teach country there brightlybrightly, God Race after seizing has taught the country brightly, reason that can make commodity continuous transporting of God Realm to teach the country brightly, completely is because they behind are Space rift, Zhao Haimust go to enter merit Space rift at that time unable, therefore God Race naturally can also feel relieved transported toward Ark Continent these commodities.

However now is different, now they in God Realm, that base that God Race constructs are seaside, but the sea may not necessarily be the God Race domain, Zhao Hai, if thinks that attack their line of supply is very relaxed, so long as cuts offthe base that their lines of supply that God Race constructs ” is just ornamentsanything uses not to have. Besides this base, Zhao Hai present a situationthese God Race people have not submitted to the trust in their these vassal races probably, these time establishes fortress, they not with these vassal race make a move, moreover in fortress does not permit entries of these vassal races absolutely, complete excluded these vassal races. However Zhao Hai has not thought now on attack God Race, he, when behind God Race, so long as cause disturbance his immediately cuts off the God Race line of supply, then first this fortress tidying up, looked at that what response God Race when the time comes will have. These days Zhao Hai information that obtains from Xiao Bingya there are getting more and more, God Race has prepared to cope with these vassal races, they are getting more and more ruthless regarding these vassal races and suppressions, tube the strictness of more and more, ” execution curfew in God Race all vassal race Space, except for the curfew, their non- night these vassal races has weapon, has not permitted assembly appears of ten people, even cannot these vassal race Martial Arts. Can say now God Race already complete did not believe these vassal races, moreover was in the nerve qualitative situation, this made the contradictions of God Race with these vassal races also deeper and deeper, the war has touched. Because knows this information, therefore Zhao Hai must make and other vassal races beginthen him the hand, he feared that own here one will move the seat of honor with God Race, God Race all will shift the attention to his body, relaxed to the suppressions of these vassal races, in that case, when these vassal races don’t know can have the courage to cope with God Race. Zhao Hai does not hope that such situation lives, the person who he must let these vassal races, participates in this war, his good turbid water rub fish! a.