Chapter 877 vassal race big rebellion These vassal races have not let Zhao Hai , etc. the too long time, the key is God Race too coordinates, the suppressions of God Race to these vassal races is getting more and more fierce, even has unfolded, looked that person is not pleasing to the eyes, stresses the situation of massacring directly, in this case, these vassal race finally storms. They cannot wait, did not dare to wait, if such were waiting, their people by God Race killing off, therefore vassal race getting up rebellions of major God Race one after another, scale very vast. Zhao Hai in Xiao Bingya there knows that this information, that is after Atlanta Continent four huge ship to ten thousand Ark Continent tenth day. The Atlanta Continent there situation that Zhao Hai most pays attention to now, O'Neal Clan although knows that the Ark Continent there person moves out has the strangeness, but they have not cared, was harnessing the ship to Ark Continent there, a Ark Continent there original port city that they arrived, Rising Water City. here originally is a Rosen Empire very important port city, has governed by Rosen Empire Prince, but also is reminded of dear ones who have left now. However does not have no relationship regarding the O'Neal Clan person, their appears place leaves the Rising Water City not far place, therefore their this talent will take Rising Water City as to ascend the land point. Is good because of the Rising Water City here harbor is the deepwater port, otherwise has not stopped that four huge ship, O'Neal Clan although knows here nobody, but they are very careful sent out Magic Armor to carry on scout to the entire city, did not have what danger after the determination, this made the large unit come ashore. After the O'Neal Clan Mecha soldier came ashore, sharply has not been expanding toward Ark Continent, they sent out the small stock army to carry on scout to Ark Continent, other people actually rebuilt Rising Water City in there. Before Rising Water City here although, is Rosen Empire one famous harbor, but here does not make about the O'Neal Clan use, in their Clan uses what are most is Magic Armor with War Chariot/Tank, no matter Magic Armor or War Chariot/Tank, very tall and big, especially War Chariot/Tank, in first war must install 20 Magic Armor, this makes War Chariot/Tank be more like a colossus is the same. Rising Water City here although is not considered as small town, however their city actually constructs according to the normal standard, although is also very tall and big, but that War Chariot/Tank actually cannot be able to go. In adding on these Mecha when does not fight, best is puts the room to carry on the maintenance, therefore this Mecha is also needs Warehouse to put, but the Rising Water City here general house may unable to put down these Mecha, therefore O'Neal Clan needs to build a base in here, to supply their long-term doing to fight the use, always has no alternative but to manage Mecha to have any problem, delivers on the ship to repair, that four ships cannot forever stop in here, they must returned to Kaess Island there, ship the commodity toward Ark Continent here. This several days time, O'Neal Clan besides sending small stock army scout, has been rebuilding Rising Water City, to does not have the appears too big calamity, moreover their scout scopes, does not have Rosen Empire, therefore Zhao Hai wants to make the desire that they and Underworld fight naturally also fail.

At this time, Xiao Bingya sent information to Zhao Hai, God Race these vassal races has revolted, Zhao Hai heard this information is really happy outward, so long as there from the beginning, his here can move. To did not say that he is a warhawk, but these many days, he has only been able look at unable to hit, is really makes him feel very difficult to receive, now finally can tidy up these God Race people. However Zhao Hai has not done to indicate in the Xiao Bingya front that he nodded said : well, knew.” Said that turn around returns to the room. returned to the room, Zhao Hai immediately to Laura their said : preparation, our immediately exited, first went to tidy up God Race was saying.” Laura nod of their also happy, to be honest, like the present, daily waits in here, they also felt that very bothersome, did not have the meaning. However their also very clear, now is not the best opportunity of dispatching troops, therefore they have been enduring, now finally can dispatch troops, their also very happy. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : our horse to leave, first gave their lines of supply, then has been tidying up their base.” Laura they nodded, they do not have anything to worry in any case now, immediately appears , but must walk, Zhao Hai gave Thunder Clan and other clans to send the letter, told them the here situation. Xiao Bingya the brains to Zhao Hai some response also rub, don’t know Zhao Hai wants to do, why after hearing information of God Race there rebellion, actually that indifferent response. However he presently has made quickly a mistake, Zhao Hai in moving, Yama Ship turned the head, flew toward Taurus Continent outside, moreover was extremely quick. Xiao Bingya stands in the deck of ship, outside look at Yama Ship that unceasingly retreat white clouds, the heart is actually a loosen, he knows that Zhao Hai must dispatch troops. Regarding Zhao Hai fighting strength, Xiao Bingya has not suspected, he has seen with one's own eyes Zhao Hai fighting strength strongly, so long as Zhao Hai make a move, these God Race cannot certainly obtain good going. Now Yama Ship is quick, but on the ship actually could not feel that point wind, on Yama Ship is bringing protective shield, gale complete keeping off outside, moreover this ship flies also very steadily, if Xiao Bingya is not the ship in the Yama Ship deck, almost felt that Wang moved by Yama Ship.

In this time, Zhao Hai appears in Xiao Bingya behind, he was looking at Xiao Bingya one, shows a faint smile said : What happened? I to think that your a little ji moves probably.” Xiao Bingya turns the head look at Zhao Hai, bows to Zhao Hai said : is, mister, my some ji move, in my family uncle, Uncle, my father and brothers, were killed by God Race, the matter that my everyday most wants to handle killed the God Race person to revenge for them.” The Zhao Hai look at Xiao Bingya appearance, sighed, patted his shoulder said : this is inevitable, the war was so, do not think that were many, rests.” Xiao Bingya actually shook the head said : to be unfair to mister, I cannot fall asleep, mister, you said that our time can defeat the God Race person?” The Zhao Hai look at Xiao Bingya appearance, shows a faint smile said : energy, certain energy, feel relieved.” Xiao Bingya one hear of Zhao Hai said that facial expression then calm slowly, don’t know why, although Zhao Hai spoke a few words, but he actually believes the Zhao Hai words. At this time leaf Hertha and Ryder also arrived in the deck, they looked at a Yama Ship direction, did not have to say anything, God Race information of vassal race rebellion they were clear, Zhao Hai such response also in their expected. Yama Ship very fast, after two hours, they arrived in the sea, Zhao Hai did not stop, then toward the forward flight about two hours, this stopped, then lets Yama Ship on the sea horizontally flying, took in the in the sea situation the Space map. If God Realm has the satellite, certainly can presently, Yama Ship now the route, is a semicircle, God Race that base surrounding. The feeling can complete the line of supply of God Race that base cutting off, Zhao Hai stopped, Xiao Bingya they somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, shows a faint smile said : not to worry, in here slowly was waiting, so long as God Race shipped the commodity toward Taurus Continent there, we can certainly tribulation, was good, everyone/Great Clan rested.” Xiao Bingya their you have a look at me, I have a look at you, actually nobody moves, they have understood Zhao Hai all sorts of magical things, but they manage the Law Idol letter, Yama Ship will stop in there, the God Race tender will deliver. Zhao Hai has not explained anything to them, but turns the head the cabin, Xiao Bingya they are unable, had returned to own room.

Xiao Bingya they also know, if Zhao Hai really the God Race line of supply cutting off, then in the Taurus Continent there God Race person in having bad luck, had about hundred million people in Taurus Continent there God Race Continent, besides these God Race army, delivers hundred million vassal races, now the person don’t know their races of these vassal races have also done with God Race, therefore is still following in the God Race side. Person many strength naturally however do not forget on very strong,, that is also the mouth of eating meal, 100 million people are 100 million the mouths of eating meal, if adding on these people of vassal putting, 200 million the mouths of eating meal, are adding on Mount, this quantity will be astronomical figures, God Race everyday will send out the ship to have some God Race people, bringing Space equipment to deliver the grain to them, otherwise they must be hungry. Zhao Hai only will not certainly cut off the God Race line of supply, simultaneously he also makes Xiao Bingya try to find the solution, the God Race vassal race army on Taurus Continent delivers a letter to these, tells them their God Race already with information that God Race battles against. Zhao Hai to did not count on the army that this hundred million vassal races, will form anything to threaten to God Race army, but if this 100 million vassal race armies striving also well, even if these people does not help them, most at least cannot make them help the God Race person, or lets God Race person massacring in vain. Time past bit by bit, the eye look at day was black, Xiao Bingya in the room could not be tarrying, he rushed to the deck, wants to have a look to be able in having the God Race person from here in the past. However arrived at outside him to stare, because he one came out from in the room, saw that Yama Ship was moving, Xiao Bingya has gawked, but he one looked toward below, actually happy, because he presently on sea surface not far away, God Race fleet slowly drove. At this time Zhao Hai also walked out, he looked at Xiao Bingya one, showed a faint smile said : how, was worried that I couldn't block the God Race fleet?” Scratching the head of Xiao Bingya meaning, bows said : „the mister method to be extraordinary to Zhao Hai, was Bingya worries blindly.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : feel relieved to be good, I had said that must deal with the God Race person, certainly will cope with them, place that just we passed through, I in the sea have put Undead Creature, so long as presently the God Race fleet, these Undead Creature will pass in us.” roa.