Zhao Hai has not ridiculed them because of the Yan Jian words, he to is thinks that God Race such does is right, God Race had decided that must have a falling out with these vassal races, that naturally cannot be good to these people too, if provides them bursting with energy, when the time comes has gotten angry, God Race counter- trouble. He nodded, then said : „do these c your altogether several Continent participation move?” Yan Jian deep voice said :returns to the Master words, this time our God Race ten Continent participate, because we believe that this is one time can shake the God Race foundation the event, needing immediately/on horseback strangle. Zhao Hai nodded said : now in Taurus Continent here, several do use Ultimate Weapon Supreme Elder to exist?” Yan Jian immediately/on horseback said : in Taurus Continent here, four uses Ultimate Weapon Supreme Elder, separately is [gold/metal] Ox Clan Jin Ben, by that Master defeats, Capricorn Clan, Jie Yu of Cancer clan, last is Sagittarius Clan zither melody Karna, must break is adding on my words, is five uses Ultimate Weapon Supreme Elder, remaining several on remain in God Race there \; first, to cope with these vassal race, two on are to prevent different God Race attack.” Zhao Hai nodded, God Race such arrangement very correct, five Supreme Elder cope with him, in don’t know in his strength true situation, such quantity was not small, looks like in the God Race person, even if cannot kill him, they protect oneself are not a problem. But leaves behind five people to look after the house in their there, such quantity happen to suppresses different God Race three Ultimate Weapon, making different God Race want sneak attack they not to make to be good. Does Zhao Hai then turn the head look at Yan Jian said : God Realm there also to send reinforcement toward Taurus Continent here? Rebellion processing of God Realm there how?” Yan Jian deep voice said :, kills!”

This character Yan Jian although said with the one type of very calm expression, but listened in the ear of Zhao Hai, had the one type of bloody feeling. God Race each every Continent, some vassal races, the population of these vassal races are very many, but God Race copes with their methods unexpectedly only then a character, kills! It seems like God Race these time was under sub- is really cruel-hearted. Zhao Hai nodded, waved said : to be good, you get down.” Yan Jian bows to Zhao Hai, turn around walked, he wants returned to Zhao Hai to stay to the cabins of these Undead Creature arrangements. Waits for Yan Jian to walk, Laura they have then encircled, Laura said : Elder Brother Hai looked like this God Race gets down hated the heart, but this we one received Ultimate Weapon, was really very good, was right, had a look at this Ultimate Weapon quickly, can make Space analyze. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, nodded, the intention moves, that Ultimate Weapon appears in Space, that Ultimate Weapon just appears in Space, in Space had transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Presently high grade defends Combat Suit to start the Space special seed page, existing seed, ten Two Star place water Crystal Ball defend Scorpio of place seed Combat Suit, this seed can only sow seeds in Black Soil, is season plants, cannot remain to plant, the fruit food is the Scorpio place defends Combat Suit Spatial Water Crystal Ball, Host may assignthis Combat Suit to have certain self-awareness voluntarily, was controlled by Host, presently any is received by Host in the Combat Suit person, is disloyal to Host, Host can take back Combat Suit immediatelyor lets Combat Suit attack that person, existing Combat Suit, may turn defends Combat Suit Spatial Water Crystal Ball, uses Magic Staff to unify with Host, Because Host has the Crystallization defense capability, compared with this Combat Suit defense capability, suggesting Host does not need to put on this Combat Suit, unifies this Combat Suit and Staff, this Combat Suitwill become special Crystal Combat Suit by the Staff assimilation, cannot damagecannot fall, a little from main consciousness, will sleep only then to summon this Combat Suit to help you make the war, one, but Host forever will separate with Staff this Combat Suit, Combat Suit will install to restore the special metal structure, Host may assign voluntarily, whether Host must carry out this operation! ” These many contents, Zhao Hai actually has not listened to understand for a while, after he has asked Cai'er, understand, originally Space recognized that now God Race that Ultimate Weapon, is one type of defends xing very strong Combat Suit, this Combat Suit most important function helps Master make the war actually, but Space because of this Combat Suit, but started one to be called the store page of special seed page, that in the store, met some appears special races, now in that store only then the same race, is this Scorpio Combat Suit seed, this seed was only crops of season, after growing, can have. Water Crystal Ball, in this water Crystal Ball the seal with Scorpio Combat Suit same full body armor, Zhao Hai can this full body armor optional kindly giving under the hand/subordinate, if that under the hand/subordinate is disloyal, Zhao Hai can make Combat Suit kill him, or receives Combat Suit, but the Scorpio Combat Suit of present, Space can turn into water Crystal Ball him, this water Crystal Ball can the Staff union with Zhao Hai in together, Scorpio Combat Suit now seem like one type of special made of metal, one, but the Staff union with Zhao Hai in together, the Combat Suit material will also turn with Staff same, because Zhao Hai Itself has the Crystallization ability, defense strength is stronger than this Combat Suit, therefore Zhao Hai simply does not need to put on this Combat Suit, he wants like Yan Jian, regarded summon beast same weapon to use this Combat Suit is OK. This information regarding Zhao Hai, absolutely is the good deed, this Combat Suit was called Ultimate Weapon by God Race, although says can't compare with Zhao Hai Yama Ship, but does not accommodate underestimated, Zhao Hai on equal to can now planter this Combat Suit of batch, if Zhao Hai has one, puts on army that this Combat Suit composes, how many that have't fighting strength can be rises turns? How enhancement Devil Regiment fighting strength Zhao Hai for was worrying that Devil Regiment present fighting strength is not weak, but lacks good full body armor and weapon, if makes them put on such Combat Suit, that full body armor and weapon solved. Laura their although also heard the prompt sound, but they have not understood compared with Zhao Hai, now one hear of Cai'er such explained that Laura they understand what's the matter, several people cannot bear happy, this matter regarding them, is really a pleasant surprise, a big pleasant surprise.

Can the batch plant plants Ultimate Weapon? This matter feared that is also only then Space here can live, other places, want to live are impossible. Laura they cannot bear one cheer, Zhao Hai is also one happy, his deep voice said : immediately/on horseback carries out this operation.” The Zhao Hai voice just fell, that in Space fights armor immediately to be covered by one group of white light, waits for white light information, appears in there, only then water Crystal Ball of blood red , this water Crystal Ball is not very big, only then the longan size, then Zhao Hai turns, water Crystal Ball appears in his hand. Zhao Hai looked at one toward water Crystal Ball, presently in this water Crystal Ball anything could not see that there has symbol, astrology symbol of now Scorpio place. Zhao Hai puts toward Staff on water Crystal Ball, water Crystal Ball looked like dissolves was the same, merge slowly to Staff, then appears on Staff now Scorpio astrology symbol, in not any special thing. Zhao Hai with beginning to wield, has wielded gently, huge, was made scorpion appears that by blood red Crystal in in the room, this scorpion seemed like that Scorpio Combat Suit, but some did not look like, looked like were more than that Scorpio Combat Suit formidable might, the structure was also probably stricter. Zhao Hai look at this big scorpion, nodded, deep voice said : tail needle!” That is only big moving tail needle that the scorpion is obedient, Zhao Hai present, this Scorpio Combat Suit tail needle, is different from the tail needle of common scorpion, generally the tail needle of scorpion, can only be attack front thing, but this now Scorpio Combat Suit tail needle, can actually optional wielding, look like a flexible whip is the same. Zhao Hai satisfied nod, also deep voice said : Zuo Qian chela.” The great scorpion is obedient has waved Zuo Qianao, his former chela can also be separated with the body, flies to offend somebody. Before Zhao Hai has tried and chela, just like Zuo Qianao, Zhao Hai then nodded said : transformation!” Zhao Hai has a look at this now Scorpio also to turn into the full body armor appearance, turns into the full body armor appearance, must cover on him can fight. The Zhao Hai voice just fell, sees that Scorpio Combat Suit, slowly turned into erectness human-shape, he has not covered on the body of Zhao Hai, but turned into overall full body armor, this helmet early all over the body is the Crystal constitution by blood red , very beautiful, joint and other attachment points, are constitute by Crystal, but that Crystal probably is one type of soft Crystal is the same, can[ from] by activity, not compared with the joint difference of person.

But this full body armor appearance, has seen with Zhao Hai, that full body armor that Yan Jian puts on is exactly the same, does not have the special place, but he does not need the person to put on, can move. A Zhao Hai face[ is popular] exerts to smile said : to receive!” That full body armor immediately/on horseback turned into small water Crystal Ball, returned to in Zhao Hai Staff. Laura they just from the beginning saw the tail, look at Zhao Hai has experimented the ability of this big scorpion, sees this big scorpion such formidable, happy that they cannot bear. Zhao Hai after taking back Scorpio Combat Suit, turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, you pay attention, makes some adjustments to Space, reorganizes a piece to come Black Soil there, special this Combat Suit.” Cai'er has complied with one, meaning of her understand Zhao Hai, now Black Soil there type is some medicinal herbs, but these medicinal herbs must manufacture God Rank Potion, the meaning of Zhao Hai is, in the situation in as far as possible not affecting the medicinal herbs planter, comes out these Combat Suit types, this regarding Cai'er, is not the difficult matter. Naturally, the medicinal herbs planter no matter what certainly will be affected, but she must make some adjustments, falls to lowly this influence. After telling Cai'er, Zhao Hai turned the head they to smile said : to Laura not to think that this God Race Ultimate Weapon, within however will have such big use, if it seems like we took 13 level weapon finally, was very certainly helpful to our fights, did you look?” Laura smiles said : that also to use saying that naturally will be helpful, but Elder Brother Hai, we tribulation the God Race grain ship now, God Race can there receive information?” a.