Zhao Hai sneers said : they naturally presently, but today not necessarily present, perhaps tomorrow they will know, after all they may not have Message Fish as communication thing, we come up on returned to Ark Continent now, if tomorrow these God Race people will come out to look for the grain ship, our seize the opportunity first their bases tidying up.”

Laura shows a faint smile said : to know you like this, but I looked that must they say to Xiao Bingya first this matter, now in the Taurus Continent there God Race vassal race, information that but also don’t know in their clan and God Race battle against, if we cope with the God Race base, the God Race person will possibly make them work as the cannon fodder.” Lizzy also nodded said : Elder Brother Hai, we are not ripe with these vassal races, if became enemies with them, to our later motions, meets the trouble of has plenty, I looked that best was other Xiao Bingya contacts with these races, then we in coping with the God Race base, we did not worry in any case, these time the God Race grain ship plundering, so long as we did not make God Race find have been OK, when under one time, the God Race grain ship, us at the tribulation, had these days, believes how Xiao Bingya can with these race relation, you look?”, Zhao Hai thinks that also nodded, he presently somewhat worried, this simply is not the war that can solve at any moment, this can be a very long war, spoke this saying, he without using full, wants to detain wear Ultimate Weapon God Race Supreme Elder, is not that easy, today that the elders of now Scorpio clan most from the beginning somewhat have a low opinion of the enemy, in adding on his Yama Ship after by Laura transform, the words that the strength strengthens, want to retain a that person, is not so easy, if a that person wholeheartedly wants to run, that Zhao Hai on. Was impossible to keep that person. However God Race after eating this has owed, they will certainly strengthen the defense, next the person of usurping the salary of a dead soldier, was two Supreme ElderZhao Hai must possibly simultaneously cope with two Supreme Elder words, although he has the assurance that must win, but wanted to leave behind that two people, was not easy. Zhao Hai could not leave behind these God Race Supreme Elderto finish this war quickly not to finish, he thinks that earlier solved God Race, was almost impossible. What most important is, Zhao Hai has thought a point, in God Realm here, 13 Continent, 12, name with the names of ten Two Star places, actually one is not, if God Race level weapon finally, what thing thingthat 13 th like Twelve Golden Sacred Armor can be? Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently, but he shook the head, has flung from own head these ideas, now does not think this time, later will know. Lizzy looked that Zhao Hai nods first, then after will stay, shook the head, puzzled said : how Elder Brother Hai did I speak incorrectly what? ”, The Zhao Hai look at Lizzy appearance, shows a faint smile said : not, you have not spoken incorrectly anything, is were too many, was good I who I think to see Xiao Bingya, when having a look at them to relate well some vassal races. ”, Said that Zhao Hai has stood, walks outward. Xiao Bingya they sit outside deck now, place that now Yama Ship leave had just fought, but they do not have returned to their in the room.

Just fight, was too big regarding their thorn ji, God Race Supreme Elder, unexpectedly quickly by Zhao Hai killing, thisis one may imagine in their opinion simply. Moreover this fight, they busily have not added onthis also lets several people at heart very does not feel better, in their opinion, their several in the Zhao Hai eye, look like the waste material is the same, simply any use, this has not let several people somewhat is uncomfortable at heart. Right that however they actually have to recognize Zhao Hai say, they in the fight of Zhao Hai and God Race, simply turn do not begin, although in his present clan they are also a skilled person, however in Zhao Hai here, their actually anything is not. although Zhao Hai has given them duty, but these duty simply are not fight duty, this makes several people very quite depressed. The Ryder look at Xiao Bingya appearance, deep voice said : Lao Xiao, you said Mr. Zhao Hai does think? We such continuously idle?”, Xiao Bingya forced smile said : is content, most at least we now also a little matter can be done, by our strengths, can participate in the fight of mister? Then dies to have anything to distinguish with the well.”, Leaf Hertha has also smiled bitterly, recalled when oneself first time sees the Zhao Hai arrogance, she cannot help but blushing, believed at that time Mr. Zhao Hai, looked that they with seeing one group of idiots were the same. Ryder looked at their expression one eyes, has smiled suddenly, Xiao Bingya and leaf Hertha puzzled look at Ryder, don’t know he is smiling anything. Ryder showed a faint smile said : I to say that followed side mister, but also grew in experience, if before, some people told us, Supreme Elder can be killed, did you believe?”, Xiao Bingya and leaf Hertha one hear of Ryder said that cannot help but also has smiled, yes, if the beforehand some people told them, Supreme Elder was possibly killed or been defeated, they will certainly regard the joke to listen, but now, this matter actually such fresh in their at present, they think that did not believe is not good.

In several people chatted, the Zhao Hai door opens, Zhao Hai from inside walked out, three people have stood hastily, saluted to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, looked at three people of one, showed a faint smile said : what what? to say?” Xiao Bingya smiles said : to chat, doesn't mister need rest a while?”, Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to use, was right, Bingya, I want to ask, when you can on these vassal races with Taurus Continent relate, making them know and believe that their clansman are making war with God Race?”, Xiao Bingya thinks that deep voice said : this is not easy, now the Taurus Continent Chinese mile God Race vassal race of certainly by God Race monitoring, must contact to be not quite easy with them, I look at about half a month.”, The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently, has not said anything, but nodded said : as far as possible quickly, do not wait for the god to release people to them began, our here has not contacted with on them, moreover in the earlier relation they, we can the base of earlier to God Race begin, this perhaps these vassal races casualties also little a little.” Xiao Bingya deep voice said :is, invited mister feel relieved, we made certainly the best use of the time. ”, Zhao Hai nodded said : to say to your clansman that now first do not worry, takes your time, is attacking and other time.”, Xiao Bingya nodded said : is, mister feel relieved, I talk certainly clearly with the clan.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head look at getting closer and closer Taurus Continent, deep voice said : these time makes war, don’t know also many has, perhaps this is the life in the destiny of Lower Realm person, looks like in the Upper Realm person, we, but is the ant that one crowd struggles to fight, they are only a look at joke, don’t know, this ant also has the sentiment.” Xiao Bingya their don’t know Zhao Hai this saying is any meaning, they puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai look at they, smile bitterly next step: „The God Race these years motions, almost can say that under the operation of person, is adding on the a little bit ambition, turned into this appearance, today was we have been defeated God Race, later here will also change a person to operate, the final result was the same, ok, did not say these, whether or not the person operated, I must defeat God Race now, this can have the person who opportunity saw these operations.”, Xiao Bingya they have not spoken, they are some too do not understand the meaning in Zhao Hai words, therefore does not have the means connection, Zhao Hai will look at three people of said : one to arrive above Taurus Continent, you can disembark to arrange to be lost to view with the mountain that these vassal races met, I can your some Space Equipment, be the grain that inside installed, mister they eat to the full, raise the full spirit, when I began to God Race, they can help, otherwise this time we grain ship tribulation, God Race will have buckled their grain certainly, their hungry half dead, when the time comes. They only become the burdens.” Xiao Bingya they were not the fool, a Zhao Hai such saying, their immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, three people nodded, their very clear, the God Race person knows that now they were making war with these vassal races, but these vassal races people and don’t know, therefore God Race with buckling grain such method coped with these vassal races completely to have the possibility.

Zhao Hai looked at three people of one, the hand turned, in hand appears several Space equipment, these Space equipment, obtained from God Race transporting grain on the ship, inside installed was provisions, Zhao Hai loses these Space equipment to the Xiao Bingya three people, deep voice said : in front of here was the grain, you took away to these vassal races people divide, told them, do not make God Race present, if made God Race present, feared that was God Race immediately will begin to them.” Three people have complied with one, at this time Yama Ship arrived on Taurus Continent, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at three people of said : to get down, the matter has gotten through, looked for me to the beforehand that place, I in there wait for you.” Three people have complied with one, jumped leave Yama Ship, dived toward God Race base there, the look at three people of personal appearance vanished, Zhao Hai then returned to in the room. A Zhao Hai returned to room, did immediately to Cai'er said : Cai'er, What happened? just you call me?”, Cai'er just truly was called Zhao Hai, but Xiao Bingya they could not hear. Cai'er nodded said : is Young Master, I just called you, just I when monitoring the O'Neal Clan person, presently they started to investigate in the Aksu Empire direction, may soon bump into Underworld Undead Creature.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then immediately/on horseback came the interest, turns the head to Cai'er said : oh, the good deed, I to have a look, O'Neal Clan person, after meeting Underworld Undead Creature, what response will have.” Said that he sat on sand, Cai'er immediately opened monitor projection. a.