Before Zhao Hai, really has tried to find some solutions, but these means do not work, to the past , he when cleans up Space, presently after some thing, he then thinks that on Continent also has such one type of thing, Crystal Card! On Ark Continent, Zhao Hai obtained many Crystal Card before, but Crystal Card this thing, did not have the too big use to Space, afterward Space after several times Level Up, to can use Crystal CardSpace to be able the money in Crystal Card, turns into the money in Space, can deposit money in Space to Crystal Card, therefore currently had many bank same thing in Ark Space ”, Crystal Card, has become in Ark Space everybody necessary.Your bankcard on Earth can spend, but has thought going abroad spends anything, certain issue, moreover may losepossibly is robbed also possibly black, however to will not have such issue in Space definitely. In Ark Space there, Crystal Card is divided into two types, Crystal Card of one type is regular waythis Crystal Card looks like money is the same, who takes can use, but another one type of is actually exclusive Crystal Cardthis Crystal Card, only then card Master can useon crystal to have the Master picture, the fingerprint, the blood-group and energy attribute wait / etc. were used for the Identifier status, traded person simply to have more than enough. Such protective measure, on Earth is ”, but in Ark Continent here that cannot achieve actually, moreover where Zhao Hai also on with Earth tied together ID Card of this Crystal Card, in the card had the very detailed cardholder information, can let person convenient of Ark Continent. Now this Crystal Card has promoted on Ark Continent, pill every, but this Zhao Hai comes, wants to discuss with Great Demon King, makes Demon Race promote this type of card. Therefore Great Demon King one such asked that Zhao Hai said to Great Demon King own idea, Great Demon King number one hear of Zhao Hai said that thinks that then nodded said : this to arrive is that card that good means mister to make me have a look at you to say. ” Zhao Hai nodded has put out a card conveniently, the card that the person of this card on with Ark Continent uses is the same, Zhao Hai all will have one, to promote the need of this type of card. Great Demon King received the Zhao Hai card to look at an eyespot nod said : well, is very good mister to look when we do want to be joined to this type of card? ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to prepare in your first city, constructs some banks, special line type of card, not only this type of card, converter of one type of small shape, this converter quite does not look like a piece Jade Pendant is the same, everyone can bring on the body, if you want in buying thing so long as reached an agreement price their simply not to need to use money with the opposite party, so long as took the card, their cards simultaneous inserted toward converter, can change to opposite party card money, very convenient. ” Great Demon King smiles said : original mister early to decide the idea, good, I do not have opinion all hear of mister walked.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : that good, like this settled that you discussed with your clansman first, wait for you reached an agreement has informed my one, my immediately built up the bank.” Great Demon King nodded said : well to ask mister to invite my information, right mister, now outside situation how? Needs us to dispatch troops. ”

Zhao Hai shook the head said :, now first does not need me today just plundering the God Race grain ship has wanted to come them also to be incapable of attacking now, most important is first oneself got so far as the grain a short time, Ark Continent there appears Atlanta Continent person these fellows does not threaten us ” , must therefore fight the major battle also to some time, you did not need to worry. ” Great Demon King smiles said : I not to worry, more in the future will tow to us is advantageous, we happen to can deliver several batch of Devil Regiment person to try to practice.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, does in haste slowly, quick had opportunity, was right, after a period of time, my possibly one after the other was joined to one type of Combat Suit to the Devil Regiment person, when the time comes I will inform your. ” Great Demon King has gawked, then said : „did mister find appropriate Combat Suit?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : naturally to find, wasn't God Race has plenty Ultimate Weapon? Makes their Ultimate Weapon, according to that appearance, made Combat Suit not to be OK?” Great Demon King one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but dumbfounded unexpectedly is such idea that ” his ten thousand never expected Zhao Hai hit, snatches God Race Ultimate Weapon? Such idea also really fortunately Zhao Hai can think. Great Demon King has seen God Race Ultimate Weapon fiercespeaks the truth, although his in hand has Domain Weapon, however after seeing God Race Ultimate Weapon, he has the one type of attacked feeling, has produced one type of, God Race worthily is the idea of God Race. That Ultimate Weapon looks like probably is very simple, but Great Demon King very clear, that weapon is very strong, compared with Domain Weapon much better. But Demon Race before has not met Zhao Hai, Domain Weapon altogether, the manufacture of his very clear Domain Weapon had arrives at difficultydo not say that also wanted formidable Ultimate Weapon compared with Domain Weapon. Zhao Hai actually said that must manufacture Ultimate Weapon massively, how this enables Great Demon King not to be surprised. The Zhao Hai look at Great Demon King appearance, shows a faint smile said : not to need at matter I to obtain Ultimate Weapon the present to prevent intense ”, believes that quick will have the achievement, but this thing very special, wanting the mass production to have certain difficulty ”, therefore can only supply to Devil Regiment in turn. ” Great Demon King one has stood, to Zhao Hai said : mister, if you manufactured Ultimate Weapon, please must give me one. ” Zhao Hai has gawked, his puzzled look at Great Demon King said : Your Majesty, you are Master of a Realm, sat Devil War Chariot to be good, wanted that thing to do? After you think, some of your also how many can opportunity on personally the battlefield?”

Great Demon King has gawked, then has smiled bitterly, nodded said : „, when my king daily is thinking these thing, lacked prospects. ” The Zhao Hai look at Great Demon King appearance, smiles said : you is really martial arts maniac feel relieved was good, Ultimate Weapon, is not good thing, gave one to be good, when later had the condition, if I can generate Yama Ship to come, I also delivered you Yama Ship. ” Why Zhao Hai understand Great Demon King wants in Ultimate Weapon, Ultimate Weapon this thing, regarding Warrior really to be too important, if Zhao Hai replaced to Devil Regiment, that later Devil Regiment will be loyal and devoted to his Zhao Hai, may not be listening to Great Demon King ”, therefore some Great Demon King worries. Now the Devil Regiment although strength is very strong ”, but they turn over to the Great Demon King leader, if after Zhao Hai gives them Ultimate Weapon ”, that may not be uncertain. although now the idea of Great Demon King to Zhao Hai, already by Space transform some, but has not achieved is situation that Zhao Hai considersis completely impossible to achieve like Xu Wanying them, he has his dead/die heart is also understandableafter all superior, must achieve the heart like the iron stone, wants to change their ideas, changing the idea of average person is more difficult. Zhao Hai realized this point ”, therefore he said that must deliver Great Demon King one year of Ultimate Weapon, same after ”, had opportunity, he will also give Great Demon King Yama Ship such words. Great Demon King one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares slightly, then at heart cannot help but a feeling, he has stood, bows said : to thank mister to Zhao Hai!” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : not to use politely, was good today's matter also saying that ” your here preparation as soon as possible, must the banking system as soon as possible constructed. ” Great Demon King nodded said : to invite mister feel relieved, I certainly completion as soon as possible.” Zhao Hai nodded, is leading Laura and Ryan leave Demon Race Space, returned to on Yama Ship, returned to Yama Ship, Laura immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, Great Demon King looked like some dead/die heart that otherwise he will not take Ultimate Weapon.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „to understand that does not need to worry in us, takes your time he he did not fear he has the dead/die heart, so long as he does not have the counter- heart on the line, God Race these people are my enemy, I different have put in them Space, we are not anxious. ” Laura noddedLizzy to collect said : at this timeElder Brother Hai, what's the matter? Laura Elder Sister was the well said that Great Demon King also had the s sea to show a faint smile, said to Lizzy the Demon Realm there fresh matter.

After Lizzy said that cannot help but two eyes sets up said : good Great Demon King, really does not know the good and evil, Elder Brother Hai, wants us to teach his?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to use, Great Demon King is very high in the Demon Race there prestige, if we cope with him, will have certain influence to Demon Race in any case Great Demon King is only a little dead/die heart, does not want to be disadvantageous to us, does not need that to him. ” Lizzy somewhat is indignant, coldly snorted said : we were so good he also to have the dead/die heart to Demon Race to the present, snort|hum, such person, should give him a lesson. Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : you to speak incorrectly, who told you you to be good others to others to probably be good to you? Has nobody said? You have remembered, you are good to others, others must be good to you not necessarily, the will of the peopleis in this world thing that is difficult to ponder over, now knew Space location of formidable? The Space strongest placeis lies in his ear to change the will of the people, place that this most goes against heaven's will. ” Lizzy nodded, although she somewhat is indignant, but she actually knows what Zhao Hai said is right, in this world bite the hand that feeds are many are ” you, if thinks that you are good to others, others certainly will also be good to you, that was too naive, feared don’t know how dead. Laura does not want to discuss that this somewhat serious topic, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you go to rest well one, crossed several days possibly to have the major battle to hit.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head Cai'er to pay attention to Xiao Bingya to Cai'er said : they ”, if they have any matter, clamps help them, currently they have to us in a big way use. ” Cai'er complied with one, Zhao Hai turn around has then rested. a.