Tai Wu sits in tiger shape War Chariot/Tank, on the tempered glass by War Chariot/Tank, look at outside land, can look, the here land is very fertile slightlycompared with their Atlanta Continent land is also not bad, above although does not have the crops, but weeds actually long is very long, looks at this land to have fertilely. But this is also the Tai Wu most puzzled place, Tai Wu very clear, the ordinary person my humble home such good land will not move out, but the Ark Continent here person actually moved out, only then two explanationsor were they found better sheltereither to live any matter, making them have to walk. But this latter reason, he must show that because not only this he is curious, similarly also relationship to the O'Neal Clan future. They in Lu Zuzhi three days, the city that meets varied, but looks atthis Ark Continent total population certainly enormous very from the scale, compared with person of O'Neal Clan rule. ” don’t know were many many, but is this, Tai Wu at heart is restless. Moral behavior so numerous Continent, must move is not an easy matter, even if they must move, they can move to there to go? Do not say that moral behavior so many Continentis a population of city must move toward another city, that aspects also relationship to many matters, Ark Continent this relocation ” is really too suddenly, was too strange. Tai Wu is thinking these times, what person suddenly said : of his side Tai Wu are you thinking? Being enthralled that such thinks? ” Tai Wu turns the head to look, is War Chariot/Tank pilot Lu Shiming, Tai Wu is not the War Chariot/Tank pilot, he is the Magic Armor pilot, wants Advanced level some compared with the War Chariot/Tank pilot, butTai Wu actually does not dare underestimated regarding Lu Shiming, before Lu Shiming, is a very outstanding Magic Armor pilot, but after afterward one time was seriously injuredinjured, ” does not have the means in driving Magic Armor, this drove War Chariot/Tank, his status compared with general War Chariot/Tank pilot much higher, samehe was also the War Chariot/Tank pilot who in O'Neal Clan most became famous. Tai Wu has not been perfunctory Lu Shiming, his deep voice said : Shiming Big Brother, I now am getting more and more restless, you look at this Ark Continent land such fertilely, if not come across any matter, the here person will not move out, the size of here city, we passed by every large or small several cities, did not say these villages, is only the population in city feared that is not under number surely, these many population, such good land, wants to move out, that under many big determinations, what they moved that certainly have come across the extraordinary matter, we must careful the line.. ”

look at Tai Wu that Lu Shiming turns the head to decide, looks at Tai Wu some not to be comfortable, Tai Wu puzzled to Lu Shiming said : Shiming Big Brother? What did I speak incorrectly?” Lu Shiming shook the headsaid : not, you have not spoken incorrectly, I am only have not thought that” your youngster can think these many unexpectedly, this arrives gives right that I a pleasant surprise you said really ”, Ark Continent these time moves out, truly was too the fishy, this matter relationship to our O'Neal Clan life and death, life or death ”, therefore we were certainly careful. ” Tai Wu nodded, he turns the head then Shiming Big Brother I to remember that to Lu Shiming said : your woundprobably is when fights with a Warrior Continent person the wound of receiving? Are these people very really strong? ” These year of Atlanta Continent there quite peacefulTai Wu not has fought with Warrior Continent and Magic Continent person ”, therefore don’t know their fierce, currently has opportunityhe naturally to ask well. Lu Shiming one hear of Tai Wu said that face cannot help but slightly changes, facial expression somewhat low-spirited nod said : of „, is very strong, unusual, initially I am a God Rank other Magic Armor pilot, moreover at that time I was only over 20 years old am, is talent that in O'Neal Clan became famous, naturally is the people compares the day to be high, is arrogant, no one feared that once you heard, in Warrior Continent with a desert island between our Magic Armor Continent on, place demon secret Kuang, the although reserves were not presently many, but also sufficed us to use on period of time at that time heard this. information, I have not thought that ” harnessed own Mecha to go to that desert island. ” Tai Wu was first time listens to Lu Shiming to say this matter, therefore he heard very earnest, to be honest, when he heard Lu Shiming to say on Warrior Continent on the desert island between Magic Armor Continent present demon secret Kuang, moved at heart. This demon silver is manufactures the Magic Armor essential one type of orewith the demon silver with other made of metal alloy, manufactures the Magic Armor most basic material, any Magic Armor Continent person, cannot withstand such youhuo.

The Lu Shiming eye although look at front, however his mouth actually has not stopped, then said : young frivolous who can want to obtainthat unexpectedly is the trap of Warrior Continent to my arrange, I also afterward know that this is our Atlanta Space three Continent unwritten custom, no matter on that Continent, appears the young talent of becoming famous, will have been planned by another two Space people, but the side of this personcertainly will have the person to protect, at that time my side had the person to protect, but I by them, finally had not actually suffered a loss, Became famous Expert to strike the severe wound by Warrior Continent one, if not the rapidness that Expert in Clan comes, I did not come back at that time, their Martial Skill very strong, Martial Skill Continent person, practices Body Technique specially, they can Battle Qi, Might flyto practice to the high deep place, the life are much longer than our Magic Armor Continent person, moreover like Magic Armor what can flying in the skymost important is, they make the ability that fights lastingly, compared with our Magic Armor in many, if we leave Magic Armor, fighting strength on will reduce in a big way, simply impossible will be their gathering, will have arrived at God Rank Expert specially Time, their God Rank Expert very formidable ” the although independent attack strength was inferior that wedo not have us to be quick, but we , to cope with them, is not easy, the time of if delaying grew, that defeat certainly is we. ” Tai Wu listened to the Lu Shiming wordsLu Shiming to say his don’t know matter, if, Tai Wu were also in O'Neal Clan a talent character, here surface matter his unexpectedly don’t know. Lu Shiming turned the head to look at Tai Wu one, said : this matter, people on three Continent, with only in secret will not send in a soft voice for protecting perhaps currently have protect your person who I sayin secret. ” Tai Wu has gawked, then forced smile said : Shiming Big Brother do not crack a joke, my simply is not the O'Neal Clan talent, Clan simply will not send for protecting me, will otherwise not send to my such duty.”, Lu Shiming shows a faint smile said : that not to be uncertain, you must know that these genuine boats are long to move a side Expert, that does not have fought many battles, does not pass through the test of birth and death, is impossible truly becomes Expert.”, Tai Wu has gawked, then nodded, outside his look at glass, face firm said :, I certainly become Expert, certainly will.”, The Lu Shiming look at Tai Wu appearance, shows a faint smile, he probably saw of young time, at that time were such high-spirited, the surroundings were full of the sound of praise, can, when he was seriously injured, in cannot drive the Mecha team, all also vanished. Is good does not have self-destruct to nurture because of Lu Shimingbecomes a drunkard who the roadside finds at everywhere, after depressed some time, he has stood again, start is O'Neal Clan drives War Chariot/Tank, finally has become O'Neal Clan most outstanding War Chariot/Tank. although in outstanding War Chariot/Tank, the status was still inferior that the Magic Armor pilot is so high, but good War Chariot/Tank, will lower compared with the general Magic Armor pilot not necessarily to there goes, wants to become this hundred tons big guy, plays flexibility like own arm, is not who can achieve, your this people, normally cannot look at anything, however when carrying out some special duty, will actually use to them. In car(riage) silent some little time, suddenly Lu Shiming one stopped, is thinking concern Tai Wu stares, turns the head puzzled look at Lu Shiming. Lu Shiming actually saw the ghost same look look at front of one type of, Tai Wu looked following the Lu Shiming eye Qiang, was greatly surprisedbecause in their front very far places, put in order Heaven and Earth to be covered now by Dark mist.

Now at noonsoon arrives to eat the time of lunch, is a day of solar fullest time ”, but their front, actually appears piece of Dark mistputting in order Heaven and Earth covers now Dark mist! This friend was astonishing. Tai Wu face changes said : Shiming Big Brother, what's all this about? What thing is this?”, Lu Shiming one recovers, his face revolution, turns the head look at Tai Wu said :, informs all people standing by quickly, this Dark mist I do not feel simply, before I have killed Magic Continent Dark Magician, he when uses Black Magic, will have will have these poisonous mist appears , the range that but he will use so is not big, even if will be God Rank Dark Magician, will be impossible to use such formidable Black Magic, this situation will not be simple, perhaps this will be the Ark Continent person moved out the reason. ” Tai Wu one hear of Lu Shiming said that does not dare to neglect, immediately/on horseback turn aroundentered behind the car(riage) in Spacethere is the place that the person rested, in toward was the Magic Armor depositing place, to Magic Armor depositing place, Tai Wu immediately according to making a sound red on wall according to turning. This according to turning to press, in Lu Shiming this War Chariot/Tankimmediately has heard a respect report sound of sharp ear, this respect report sound resoundedentire War Chariot/Tank one to live it up. Like War Chariot/Tank that Lu Shiming they are atBiao Zhuang the disposition is 40 people, 20 Magic Armor pilots, five War Chariot/Tank pilots, five War Chariot/Tank maintenance men, ten War Chariot/Tank weapon operate, therefore in War Chariot/Tank has some are to the place that the person rests, Space when, War Chariot/Tank has rested to the person, is impossible to have on the ship to be so big, the condition is also inferior to on the ship to be good, but War Chariot/Tank , to carry on long-distance makes the war, these are necessary thing, a condition persistent and hard-working point are also understandable. a.