Qin I fast sneaked in my Magic Armor, he is a God Rank Magic Armor pilot, his Magic Armor compared with Axe big, not only can transformation, but also very fast, attack was fiercer, defended is also stronger. At this time the War Chariot/Tank roof panel opened, Tai Wu immediately/on horseback was driving own Magic Armor, departed War Chariot/Tank, soared to the heavens the mark, flew toward that piece of Dark mist there. This is also the Atlanta Continent there forms of combat continuously, after present exceptionally, War Chariot/Tank immediately/on horseback stops, is attacked by Magic Armor, after all War Chariot/Tank uses to transport the soldier, makes the war truly, is Magic Armor. Tai Wu careful control his Mecha, he is liking staying in his Magic Armor, he thinks that in this world, without any place, can staying is more comfortable than in own Magic Armor. He likes this feeling , because of this, therefore he will have today's achievement, Tai Wu careful look at front direction, there Dark mist site. Tai Wu could not bear closely has grasped under the fist, his Mecha has also made the similar movement, but this was the Atlanta Continent there greatest clear(ly), was because of this clear(ly), made Magic Armor grow truly. This is one type of Magic Formation, one type of known as Spirit Impose Magic Formation, this Magic Formation biggest doing with is, letting the person can use spiritual control foreign object, moreover lets foreign object with own spirit with the department, looks like he, control own trick/hand and foot is the same. Because of this, therefore Magic Armor so will be formidable, what movement because the person makes in Magic Armor, what movement Magic Armor will make, very formidable. However this Magic Formation also shortcoming, wants control this Magic Formation, must have very formidable spiritual force, but spiritual force that this spiritual force and Magician study is different. Magician studies spiritual force, for the control many Magic elements, they can use Incantation, with own Magic element to direct, to use Magic. But spiritual force that Magic Armor Master studies, is one type of purest spiritual force, this spiritual force is impossible to meet release to kill the enemy, they are used for control thing, Magic Armor Master most important is studies this spiritual forcespiritual force is formidable, they can control Magic Armor also be formidable. Because of them all time, was used to study spiritual force, therefore their bodies were stronger than general Magician, compared with true Warrior, missed far. Tai Wu by Magic Armor look at that piece of Dark mist, because in Magic Armor some special Magic Formation reasons, therefore Tai Wu can see the Dark mist there situation clearly, even under the strengthening of Magic Formation, but can also obtain certain enhancement. That Dark mist was very black, what thing cannot see clearly inside has, Tai Wu turns the head to look at other person of one, other people also stopped, Tai Wu deep voice said : how did everyone/Great Clan see?” Magic Armor passed on his sound enlargement. Another person deep voice said : sends several people to go in searches, has a look inside to have any thing, other people aid outside.”

Tai Wu nodded said : well, Spirit Snake, Poison Snake, Vicious Dog Lunatic, Lone Wolf, your five go to have a look, should not be too thorough, enters Dark mistpresently exceptionally, immediately/on horseback comes back. ” Five Magic Armor have complied with one, flies toward Dark mist, Tai Wu they outside, the alert of entire gods, prepare to aid at any time. That five Magic Armor enter in Dark mist ” the visibility in Dark mist is very presently low, but in midair did not have no thing probably, but that spiritless auramade them be careful. Five people by 23 lineup advancing, two beforethree, become a trapezoid, careful advancing, suddenly, deep voice said : is stopping, has the sound.” The person of speech, is the nickname Vicious Dog Magic Armor pilot, several people stare, immediately stopped. Vicious Dog deep voice said : gets down, below has the sound, look is anything.” He just a saying ended, has not waited, suddenly departs a body root spear from below, punctured toward him. Vicious Dog stares, his spirit continuously in high alert, therefore that body root spear just came out, his hand immediately moved, capture that body root spear. At this time, several body root spears flew toward them from below, but these people are the Atlanta Continent skilled people, these bone spear simply could not injure them. After several people kept off bone spear, suddenly departed several groups of Fireball from Dark mist, these Fireball very had the characteristics, general Fireball was red , but some Fireball were actually grey , grey Fireball! Vicious Dog sees these Fireball, cannot help but face changes said : immediately/on horseback draws back, this place was too strange, goes back to ask Shiming Big Brother.” Several other people also complied with one, turn around retreated toward Dark mist outside. However before draws back outward, they leave energy light beam from in hand, struck on that several groups of Fireball, wants to come in them, that several groups of Fireball will certainly be struck the disaster, but they have not thought that several groups of Fireball although were struck, but actually become bigger, probably their exiting boat energy, turned into the Fireball fuel to be ordinary. Vicious Dog they are surprised, outward draws back quick, they have not penetrated Dark mist to be too far fortunately now, quick flew from Dark mist, but made their strange matters live, their Dark mist, pursuing of these aggressive actually stopped in their following Fireball, did not have Dark mist one step. Tai Wu they are paying attention to the situation in Dark mist, has not actually thought that the person who just went, actually one came out from inside, moreover probably very distressed, they are surprised, immediately/on horseback moves forward to meet somebody, prepares to aid several people. However what lets their accident is, in Dark mist, has not come out in any thing, Tai Wu puzzled said : Vicious Dog, what's the matter, how such quickly to draw back?” Vicious Dog immediately/on horseback deep voice said : Leo, inside is very strange, in the visibility is very low, what situation cannot see is, moreover some people with bone spear attack we, afterward were several groups of Fireball, that several groups of Fireball, did not fear that our energy light beam, our light beam projected in Fireball, that Fireball instead to was even bigger, therefore we have drawn back, Leo, asks Shiming Big Brother, he was experienced, may know what's the matter?”

Tai Wu has gawked, nodded said : well, walks, leaves behind ten person stand guard, in has a look also to meet appears anything thing.” Said that was leading person leave of its dwelling, ten people harnessed Magic Armor to stand in there, look at Dark mist. Tai Wu their returned to War Chariot/Tank there, immediately has made Magic Armor fall getting downhe to jump from Magic Armor, Lu Shiming also opened the vehicle door, from inside walked out, Tai Wu arrives at the Lu Shiming sideto Lu Shiming said : Shiming Big Brother, just I made Vicious Dog they enter in Dark mist to look, in that Dark mist air/Qi some people with bone spear attack they, afterward also appears several groups of Fireball, that Fireball had hit with our energy light beam do not extinguish, instead to is the fever was fiercer, what's all this about?” Lu Shiming stares, then face changes said :, how Innate Yin here will have Innate Yin Land. ” Tai Wu puzzled look at Lu Shiming said : Shiming Big Brother, what is Innate Yin Land? Why can't here have Innate Yin Land?” Lu Shiming deep voice said : Innate Yin Land, is only our one type of names so-called Innate Yin Land, refers to the Yin Qi specially strong place, such place, can produce some Undead Creature, these Undead Creature can evolution become Advanced level Undead Creature, but one type of Innate Yin Fire that Undead Creature that fire that you meet, Innate Yin in produces can come out, this Yin Fire was poisonousexcept to just to the positive thing, not having thing can extinguish him, so long as made a point type of fire moisten, was you extinguished the fire, can Fire Poison, but diedother's fire is not ability like this. Other places will not produce this type of fire, this type of fire only meets appears in Innate Yin Land, but the Innate Yin Land condition, is there cannot have Sun, one, but has Sun, that is impossible to produce Innate Yin is, because of solar Innate black place nemesis, to justto positive! ” A Lu Shiming saying ended, why Tai Wu they gaining ground cannot help but looks at the Sun in skynow they understand Lu Shiming such surprised here to meet appears Innate Yin Land, space Sun orthometric height high hanging in there, but below appears Innate Yin Land, this really could not actually be justified. Lu Shiming look at nearby this year discipline looks like 30 allow, is actually face vicious person said :, mad dog, hasn't that fire come out from Dark mist?” Vicious Dog nodded said : is, we just went in not long after, has met that fire, looks unable to suppress, our immediately has drawn back, hasn't that open fight between factions pursued?” Lu Shiming nodded, then said : „does nobody moisten to that fire?” Vicious Dog shook the head. Lu Shiming then relaxed said : not well, so long as that Innate Yin Fire stains, immediately destroys any thing that they stain, even if Magic Armor keeps off the water to live, was too strange, here is obviously impossible to produce the Innate Yin Land place, why will have this Innate Yin Fire appears ?” Tai Wu did not have the idea at this time, he gains ground look at Lu Shiming said : Shiming to be possible greatly, what to do can we presently in? Also goes in the examination?” Lu Shiming shook the head said : not to be impossible, this Innate Yin Fire, only then on the ship strong cannon can cope, our present simply do not have strong cannon, goes in can only court death, this, leaves behind two car(riage)s in here look at this piece of Dark mist, finds out the Dark mist range in a big way, sending War Chariot/Tank to go back to notify, I probably the understand why Ark Continent person must move out now, if here has produced Innate Yin Qi, that Ark Continent lived certainly the unknown change, and wanted to the evening, these Undead Creature from Dark mist coming out, Ark Continent person simply possibly will not be able to block, immediately/on horseback, prepared one. War Chariot/Tank, in War Chariot/Tank installs ten Magic Armor, goes back to notify.” Tai Wu does not dare to neglect, complies with one, immediately has prepared, Lu Shiming has not actually walked, he knows that here cannot leave him, although he has not been driving Magic Armor for a long time, but he had gone to the past the place may be many, the experience must compared with Tai Wu they, remain to help Tai Wu they be real. The car(riage) prepared quickly, Tai Wu has not gotten the car(riage) to go back, but has selected ten Magic Armor pilots, went back with that car(riage), these had Vicious Dog.

After waiting for that war to walk, Lu Shiming looked at all around one, deep voice said : we toward retreat, to that city that in our yesterday rested in the evening, do not leave that piece of Dark mist to be too near, otherwise in the evening possibly can by attack.” Tai Wu has complied with one, sent for summoning to leave look at Dark mist that squad Magic Armor, their driving straight round trip caught up. But what their don’t know is, the eye actually all that they make, each few words that says, looked in the eye, heard in the ear. Does Zhao Hai turn the head to Laura said : Innate Yin Land? Innate Yin Fire? Said that in Atlanta Continent there, has the volume in the Underworld place? Otherwise that is impossible to know that, this Innate Yin Fire so is really strong? I to have a look.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura smiles said : I to know you must have a look, was good, has a look also well, I to that Innate Yin Fire also very curious, Elder Brother Hai, Yama Ship itself am dark attribute, do we return to Yama Ship to look not to do well well?” Zhao Hai turns the head to look at Lizzy their eyes, Lizzy their each and every one also face hope look at he, Zhao Hai cannot help but smiled said : you, looked like the child who has not grown up, good, walked, has a look.” Said that his hand wields, Yama Ship sneaked in Space, next quarter, Yama Ship already appears in Dark mist, but the build was smaller. Actually this Yama Ship no matter increases or changes is small, inside Space is the same, because this Yama Ship is not increasing of relying on semblance changes is small, decided that is installs many or installs few, he depends is in that Space ability, even if Zhao Hai turns in a big way Yama Ship, his impossible attire too many thing. Yama Ship arrived in Space, Zhao Hai they from in the room walked out, all in curious look at Dark mist, before Zhao Hai only arrived in this Dark mist one time, other time, he lets these Undead Creature, grasps these Undead Creature in Dark mist, then delivers to Space, is not having personal having been here. Now entered here, he also really somewhat curious, but is quick he to think, here does not have well what strange, around here is tumbling Dark mist, visibility low scary. In this time, several Root Bone Spear are shooting toward Yama Ship from Dark mist, target Zhao Hai they, Zhao Hai looked that has not looked at that several Root Bone Spear one, his very clear, that several Root Bone Spear, simply cannot constitute anything to threaten to him. Really, that several Root Bone Spear just flew Yama Ship outside, immediately is flown to the volume by the Yama Ship following water spray, simply cannot approach Yama Ship. Looked that bone spear|gun is useless, opposite party immediately left several groups of Fireball, incurs the technique with they to be unexpectedly same regarding Vicious Dog, Zhao Hai sees that several groups of grey Fireball, two eyes is one bright, he knows, thing that he must look for came, when that several groups of Fireball approach Yama Ship, Zhao Hai this time in letting water spray attack, but is Space rift opens, the directness on received in that several group Fireball Space. a.