Enters Space in Fireball of that several grey , Zhao Hai immediately hears prompt speaking sounds that in Space has transmitted: Presently to the yinxing poisonous material, some materials is the yinxing flame, withdraws the ingredient, the ingredient withdraws successfully, Host available this flame carries on crafting, increases the Hell Space strength, the yinxing flame ingredient, join to Yama Ship, can the Yama Ship surface form the yinxing flame material, may be used for attack, defends, may increase the Yama Ship power system, may increase the Yama Ship Magic Cannon attack ability, this material may form the Yin Fire Crystal Stone ore in Hell Space slowly, whether Host must carry on this operation.” Zhao Hai one hear of Space here said that cannot help but one dull, he has not thought really that these Fireball will bring these many advantage to him unexpectedly, this flame can also be used for his crafting unexpectedly, was too interesting. Zhao Hai cannot help but laughs, this is really a pleasant surprise, Zhao Hai cannot help but laughs said : immediately/on horseback to carry on this operation.” The Zhao Hai voice just fell, saw one group of grey radiance one covering Zhao Hai Yama Ship, waited for that gray light information time, outside outside Yama, has actually emitted the faint trace grey flame. The flame of that grey probably comes out from Yama Ship inside, in the surface combustion of Yama Ship, but Zhao Hai they stand in on the ship, is an influence does not have. Laura they see the on the ship situation, very curious is strange, they stretched the hand to try rub rub these flame, but that flame was only phantom is probably same, has not affected to them. In this time, projects several body root spears from Dark mist, this Zhao Hai has not kept off that bone spear with the water spray, but makes that bone spear straight shoots toward on the ship. That bone spear just about to shoots in the deck range of ship, from gunwale suddenly rises the flame wall to come together, one kept off in front of the bone spear, that bone spear met that flame wall, one turned into the flying ash unexpectedly, disappearance shadowless did not have the trace. Laura they are calling out in alarm, they have not really thought that ” these look like look like the Void Form same flame, so is unexpectedly fierce. In this time, spread from Dark mist well one, Zhao Hai oneis looking in the direction that sound conveys, deep voice said : anyone, comes out!” Dark mist toward both sides point, went out of several people from inside, no, they should not call the person, they did not have the entity, looked like spectre same fluttering in in midair.

Zhao Hai looks at these people of appearances, cannot help but slightly stares, then his immediately understand, these people of Underworld unique race Lich clans. The Lich clan to put it bluntlyis Ghost Clan, they are the one type of Darkness vitalities that some people formidable spirit soul variation of become, to physical attack is almost the complete immunity, is in Underworld a very hard to deal with race. Zhao Hai has not thought that met the Lich clan in Dark mist here unexpectedly, the responsibility came these days, Underworld there to have more people to run up to Ark Continent to come. That how many Lich look at Zhao Hai, who deep voice said : suddenly „are you? Why can run up to our here to come?” Zhao Hai look at how many Lichshow a faint smile said : here originally is the Ark Continent domains, I want to come to come, how many is a Underworld Lich clan? Several are not staying in Underworld, why can run up to our Ark Continent to cause trouble?” That several Lich one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares slightly, one of them look at Zhao Hai, deep voice speaking sounds: Few talk nonsense, here possibly is Ark Continent, Ark Continent will have Law of Space to suppress, to the God Rank person, was unable to be long in Ark Continent, we came here also for sometime, has not actually felt the change of any Law of Space, moreover looked that your strength has also achieved God Rank, possibly to be how free in the Ark Continent life? Said that ” here is there? ” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought really that these Lich actually know these many matters, Zhao Hai and don’t know, these Lich were don’t know lived in fact many year old ghosts, so long as their Ghost Clan were not killed with the process of person battle, almost can live forever and never die, therefore they know that many matters, like coming to have the name of live history book. That several Lich looked that Zhao Hai did not speak, thinks that they have guessed right, Zhao Hai has been speechless, Lich cannot help but deep voice said : youngster, quickly said where here was?” Zhao Hai looked at that several days Lich one, deep voice said : here truly is Ark Continent, but here had the giant accident, here Law of the Heaven and Earth, changing , because of this, meets appears and Underworld intersection Space rift, you can arrive at here to come.” That several Lich looked at one mutually, saw astonished from the opposite party eye, did not have the mistake that Zhao Hai said that changed Continent Law of the Heaven and Earth, truly was directs to come some unexpected changes, they before also in puzzled, was any strength, has broken the Space barrier, has been connected Space rift and Underworld, originally unexpectedly was for this reason, what several people were puzzled, what has, had strength like this, can change Law of the Heaven and Earth unexpectedly.

Lich look at Zhao Hai said : that leads talk nonsense, Law of the Heaven and Earth is magnificent is easy to change, how possibly can some people achieve?” Zhao Hai smiled bitterly, deep voice said : Law of the Heaven and Earth is really not that friend is easy to change, but some people actually used person of the country to carry on Blood Sacrifice, Law of the Heaven and Earth changing.” That several Lich one hear of Zhao Hai said that is face changes, although they now were Lich, but Lich was also the person changes, moreover these Lich although turned into ghost soul, but they regarding before death matter remember that they really also some think, some people met frantic to this degree unexpectedly, person with a country carried on Blood Sacrifice. Zhao Hai look at that several Lich, deep voice said : your although is Lich, but also some human nature, came don’t know to strive to excel many compared with these people, I did not fear to tell you, such did to Ark Continent, was God Race, God Race and Demon Race simultaneously invaded Ark Continent, person of God Race with country carry on Blood Sacrifice, broke Space, changed Law of Space, in adding on your Underworld suddenly appears , I have to all people Ark Continent give to shift.” Zhao Hai just a speech, Lich immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : mister whether to tell me, has person of God Race with that country's carried on Blood Sacrifice?” Zhao Hai nodded said : this to have anything, they are used to carry on the Blood Sacrifice country, is Ocean Waves Dynasty!” Zhao Hai just a speech, Lich cannot help but two eyes of that question stared, look at Zhao Hai said : you say Ocean Waves Dynasty? Really is Ocean Waves Dynasty?” Zhao Hai puzzled look at that Lich, nodded said : well, is Ocean Waves Dynasty, I do not need to deceive you with this matter.” A that Lich keenly blowing suddenly, Zhao Hai presently his on the ship flame unexpectedly automatically has composed the wall with flues for heating, it seems like Might very big of this keenly blowing, making these flame think that he must carry on attack to Yama Ship. Zhao Hai cannot help but knitting the brows head, his puzzled look at that Lich, presently that Lich probably intentionally such does not do, thorn ji that but receives was too big, comfort that Lich that several other Lich kept. Moreover Zhao Hai also looked, in these Lich, was just keenly blowing the strength of the Lich was lowest, in the Zhao Hai cannot help but heart moved, his suddenly thinks that Lich was turns by the person, can it be that this did Lich have what relationship to be inadequate with Ocean Waves Dynasty?

Some little time that Lich calm, looks like age very big Lich, look at Zhao Hai deep voice said : mister should not be offended, just he was not intentionally attack your, was only he before death a Ocean Waves Dynasty Imperial Clan people, therefore one hear of mister said that such ji will move.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „to understand, but wants to come this mister also already has plenty year not chapter of Ocean Waves Dynasty?” Lich of that keenly blowing has gawked, then nodded said : mister not to guess wrong, is more than thousand years ago passed away, already don’t know Ocean Waves Dynasty matter.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this not strange mister, Ocean Waves Dynasty in the recent several hundred years, is Radiant Church biggest with according to the place, in there, the person speech of Radiant Church, is also effective compared with general Noble, the junior high school are majority, is the Radiant Church most frantic follower, but Radiant Church, God Race keeps chess piece on Ark Continent, afterward by us presently Radiant Church scheme, copes with them, has not actually thought that Radiant Church has fallen back on Ocean Waves Dynasty, then Ocean Waves Dynasty King has given Radiant Church Bishop the throne, changed name to call to teach the country Ocean Waves Dynasty brightly, because like this, therefore God Race can again the Ocean Waves Dynasty person. Carries on Blood Sacrifice.” That several Lich have gawked, that Ocean Waves Dynasty Lich sighed said : to consider as finished, more than thousand years passed by, Ocean Waves Dynasty turned into any appearance, was not closing my matter, said it, my present appearance, did not have the means to look for God Race to revenge, ok.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : actually the mister enmity, has made me give the report, invades my Ark Continent, is Taurus God Race in God Race, now Taurus God Race had been given to extinguish by me, now we are fighting on Taurus Continent with the God Race person, after Ark Continent here, belonged to your Underworld.” That several Lich look at Zhao Hai, they really cannot believe words that Zhao Hai spoke, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, shows a faint smile said : this to hand over me to come to here, but listened to the person saying that here appears one type of strange flame, therefore came to see, did not have other meaning.” That several Lich looked at one mutually, Lich deep voice said : you said that these Iron-man that just came in are also under the hand/subordinate of person?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : I to be possible not to have such under the hand/subordinate, because God Race changed Ark Continent Law of the Heaven and Earth, therefore Ark Continent here appears several Space rift, is together interlinked with your Underworld, in addition together actually to another place, before is us, don’t know plane, called Atlanta Continent, these Iron-man were their weapon, was called Magic Armor, their people were driving Magic Armor, can wield very strong fighting strength, they were also the Ark Continent intruder.” a.