That several Lich don’t know must say that any was good, they have not thought that now among Ark Continent here is big lived such big change, this, has seemed like listening to the book from heaven to be the same for them. Zhao Hai looked at these Lich one, deep voice said :, everybody, I was not saying anything, later you can ask everybody to add to with these Atlanta Continent people carefully. ”, Said that harnesses Yama Ship to want leave. In this time, that several Lich suddenly said : mister please be please do not bother to see me off.” Did Zhao Hai stare, stops getting downto turn the head look at that several Lich said : what matter several also to have?” And that this year's old Lich to Zhao Hai gave a salute, this courtesy likely is the Noble courtesy, but is not quite same, is passing plain air/Qi, the Laura look at old person courtesy, is actually two eyes one brightin a soft voice said : Elder Brother Hai in the ear of Zhao Hai „, this is the ancient Noble courtesy, is to the person had requested when will use.” Zhao Hai noddedlook at that Lich said :, what matter does mister so have?”, That Lich look at Zhao Hai said : looked that the mister appearance has extraordinary this, several of us Lich already in Underworld dull has been tired, wants to walk in all directions along with mister, can't mister be possible to agree? We are the slaves of mister, whips on for mister! ” Zhao Hai stares he, he has not thought that this Lich will have such request unexpectedly, his puzzled look at how many Lich said : how many currently had the God Rank strength, even to come in Underworld is also the character of a region's Overlord level, how many are willing to give up all following me? Becoming my slave? ” That this year's old Lich shows a faint smile good that said : mister said that several of us, in Underworld were also the honored and popular characters, but Underworld there was different from other places, in Underworld there, calculation that said truly, was almost Undead Creature, everyone/Great Clan is almost immortal body, all right will not struggle to fight, the following person liked hitting to make them hit usalmost idly, many years, my don’t know I lived many yearsbored time, we except for sleeping, can only be bored, day like this we have sufficed, therefore. We want to walk in all directions along with mister, having a look atthat to fear that is becomes the slave also refuses to balk. ” Did Zhao Hai turn the head to look at several other Lich said : several is also such meaning?” That several Lich noddedspeaking the truthall day to do nothing, only to stay with the day of sleeping, truly is not the person, looked like closes the confinement is the one type of very Yan Li punishment had been same. Zhao Hai look at these Lich, show a faint smile said : I to have several to walk, several can also bring your under the hand/subordinate to my on the ship, moreover I with several when only the friend is together well, several do not need to be the slaves.” That several Lich look at Zhao Hai, they really have not thought that Zhao Hai so will be unexpectedly good to speakis willing to work as the friend with them unexpectedly. That Lich turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : mister we are Lich, like this exits with mister, can bring troublesome to mister? ”, Zhao Hai laughed were too many, I who said : several thought was Dark Magician, my Undead Creature Continent had several ten of millions, how to care about many several Lich.

That how many Lich stare, then a face[ is popular] said : that exerts that does not know how many Undead Creature mister on the ship can install? But our under the hand/subordinate are many.” Zhao Hai laughs said : „, no matter many, can bring to Space , the population the more better.” That Lich has gawked, then turned the head well mister so to say to Zhao Hai said : that my impolite, my many under the hand/subordinate will not fly, asking mister to decrease in a grass altitude your ship. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, slowlydropped down the ground altitude reduction of Yama Ship, at this time old Lich of that lead, face upwarded a keenly blowing, then he was leading on that several Lich Yama Ship, before long large quantities of Undead Creature from have caught up in all directions. Zhao Hai thinks that these Lich under the hand/subordinate are also some Lich ”, but was quick he presently to make a mistakethese Undead Creature that from caught up in all directionshas plenty is some skeletons and Zombie, Lich instead to was minimum, although feels somewhat strangely, but Zhao Hai received the ship these people. Under that several Lich dumbfounded gazes, entries of these Undead Creature each and every one to Yama Ship, but seems like not very big Yama Ship, like was a bottomless pitall has actually swallowed these people. After last Undead Creature entered the Yama Ship cabin, Zhao Hai turned the head to smile said : to be good to that several Lich, several we then went to God Race there to have a look. ”, That several Lich dull nods, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, next quarter Yama Ship vanished in Dark mist, then appears in God Realm. That several Lich dull look at outside scenery instantaneous changes, that this year's old Lich look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : cannot think that mister unexpectedly is Space Divergent Warlock , no wonder mister can defeat God Race.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to defeat may, not only this that God Race depends, several are in Underworld the honored and popular character, should that also know existence of Demon Realm?”, The meaning of that Lich do not understand Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai just said that Demon Race and God Race together falls to Ark greatly the invasion, does he want to find out the Demon Realm situation through them? That Lich intention phonograph, but nodded said : is, our Underworld and Demon Realm have the several times battle, Demon Realm well person fighting strength is good, even if were our Underworld is given to repel by them by Undead Creature army give priority tohas been able saying that they were we have seen most formidable enemies. ” Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, shows a faint smile said :, reason that I dare to cope with God Race , because I have subdued Demon Race, now Demon Race is my under the hand/subordinate, I did not have the extra worries, naturally can feel relieved attack God Race.”

One hear of Zhao Hai said that several Lich gawkedthen face big change look at Zhao Haiin these Lich to have several this year's discipline several thousand years old, they have participated and the battle of Demon Race, has not actually thought that ” Zhao Hai has subdued Demon Race unexpectedly, this let them is really very shocked. Zhao Hai look at several people of appearances, show a faint smile said : several to come with me, we go to Demon Realm to visit.” The intention moves, Yama Ship already appears in Demon Realm Space. One to Demon Realm Space, that several Lich completely was shocked, they go to Demon Realmnaturally to know where Demon Realm is, they can affirm, place that now they are, absolutely is not Demon Realm. But makes them feel what is strange, here although is not Demon Realm Space, but the person of here life, actually absolutely is the Demon Race person, they and Demon Race have battled, naturally knows what the Demon Race person is long is what. Around several Lich puzzled look at, suddenly transmits said : presently not to be the Space procedure on the buckle to a sound, updated program redata-titleape operation completes, Host can the command(er) procedure. ” In a Zhao Hai time, that several Lich actually suddenly bow said : to see Master to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai stares, then great happiness, these Lich full of wisdom, Zhao Hai thinks that Space will not make anything to these Lich, but now looks like actually completely is not that a matter, these Lich although full of wisdom, but they are actually Undead Creaturelook like in Space, they are several intelligent programs, can say that they possibly are several viral type thing, Space is certainly impossible to let such thing appears that is not obedient in Space, therefore direct on gave to surrender them, this regarding Zhao Hai, may absolutely be good information. After Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : was good, calls me Young Master, today I lead you to visit Spacethen you to go to Wild Dragon Island there, with my father-in-law together research Magic Formation, thinks, when came out to playsays one to me on the line. ” Several Lich obedient has complied with one, they now already complete has regarded Master Zhao Hai unconditionally, the Zhao Hai words they respects. They with were received these people in Space not to be different by Zhao Hai, took in these people in Space by Zhao Hai, Space must change bit by bit they, but these Lich Space will be impolite, direct simple and crude gave to surrender them. Zhao Hai also brought several Lich to look at Great Demon King, now Great Demon King is busy with clansman said Crystal Card the time, Zhao Hai also not dull, came out from Space.

However Zhao Hai directly has actually thrown into that this Lich under the hand/subordinate Space, these Lich under the hand/subordinate, were some ordinary Undead Creaturesome simply has not achieved 9th level, Zhao Hai naturally must the dish remelt to them. After processing these Undead Creature, Zhao Hai returned to God Realm, but that several Lich Zhao Hai actually gave Cai'er, making Cai'er bring that several Lich understanding his Space wellthen to make Zhao Hai arrange on Ark Space Wild Dragon Island that several Lich. These Lich have long life, even if they were not quite intelligent, but this time can actually make up for allin adding on these years they have been stranded in Underworld there, any matter does not havebesides sleeping, they are record historyor some research feel[ is popular] thing that exerts. However was a pity that Underworld there receivessimply not to form a system regarding Wei of Magic Formation and knowledge, these can Undead Creature, simply does not have the wisdom, they only then instinctin this case, even if they thinks that research impossible research to leave any thing. Now Zhao Hai has thrown into Space them, regarding them, perhaps is the good deed, happen to they can find the matter to be good to do, the Magic Formation study is abstruse, making their research go. Now in Wild Dragon Island there, Zhao Hai has made Ryan help him build up a laboratory, in this laboratory, has gathered many people, has Magicianto have Elf, has Dwarf, now are also many several Lich, Zhao Hai equipment will have made these Gnome also move into the near future. Regarding Zhao Hai, the significance of this laboratory is greatZhao Hai , on Earth lives, on important xing of very clear these laboratories, on Earth important science and technology achievement, is some laboratory neighborhoods comes out, he must construct a such laboratory now, will be ready for the future. a.