Tai Wu and Lu Yuanming stands in the top, Dark mist of look at distant place, they looked, that Dark mist already north the entire Ark Continent place, complete covering, moreover this Dark mist everyday by one type of very slow proceeds to advance, this lets Lu Shiming and Tai Wu face very difficult looks, they cannot, after Vicious Dog they walk, person who also has sent out notifying toward the clan, now in this known as Yaping's small town, already, only then 30 Magic Armor and War Chariot/Tank. Tai Wu look at piece Dark mist, could not bear fights with the fists on the embattlement, deep voice said : has not thought really that this Dark mist will not expand unexpectedly, no wonder the Ark Continent person ran, should this not know what to do? The difficult Daoism clan these time to wage a war, can go bad at this matter?” Lu Shiming very clear this point, their bodies had also gotten O'Neal Clan branding, it can be said that bound together for good or ill, their also very clear, this O'Neal Clan to enter Ark Continent, has used the big strength, if these time enters the Ark Continent failure, that O'Neal Clan may henceforth be unable to recover very much, such they do not have the auspicious day. However this Dark mist, is not good to cope, there surface definitely has Undead Creature, this point Lu Shiming determination, because only then Undead Creature and Dark Magician like using the bone spear attack enemy, that Innate Yin Fire, is Innate Yin Fire appears , what making in the Lu Shiming affirmation move is Undead Creature, because Lu Shiming is clear, even if Dark Magician, impossible long time survives in Innate Yin Land, but was not affected. However Lu Shiming actually cannot display to be restless now, he turned the head to look at Tai Wu one, showed a faint smile said : not to need to worry, Clan will find out the means that was really not good, can come the Clan ship, prepared some strong cannon to walk.” Tai Wu nodded, he after is young, that can calm down this peaceful these Undead Creature appears without Lu Shiming, truly has disrupted their many plans, therefore this several days Tai Wu one is willing to be worried for this matter that the temperament also became is naturally hot. Did Tai Wu turn the head to look at Lu Shiming said : Shiming Big Brother to come back in the person who having several days these delivered a letter?” Lu Shiming shook the head said : „the present not saying that I think that Clan will certainly make the arrangement, has the possibility they to send out a battleship to support us from marine very much directly, military strength that the battleship can transfer are many, moreover is quicker, knot saves energy.” Tai Wu has gawked, then nodded, he turns the head Shiming Big Brother these Undead Creature not to come out the evening to Lu Shiming said : attack we, you looked that we cannot so be daily idle, whether working sentiment?” Lu Shiming look at Tai Wu said : working sentiment? Do you want to do?” Tai Wu shows a faint smile said : on present entire Ark Continent nobody is Magic Beast world, but these Magic Beast can the country we provide many Magic Crystal, you looked that we are everyday can send for hunting and killing these Magic Beast in turn, collects some Magic Crystal, along causes also to have a look, on this Ark Continent, has anything minerals, this to our later motions also advantageous.” Lu Shiming thinks to nod said :well, let's do it according to your advice, this, everyday sends ten people to exit, but cannot use War Chariot/Tank. Tai Wu happy complied with turn around to run, the Lu Shiming look at Tai Wu back, showed a faint smile, then turned the head look at Dark mist time, the brow actually in one time wrinkled, said that this saying he regarding present this situation, was really extremely worried, this piece of Dark mist range was too big, moreover in the expansion of section, this did not explain that Undead Creature strength very formidable in this piece of Dark mist, O'Neal Clan spelled with such Undead Creature mutually, really worthwhile? When Lu Shiming was worried these matters, Vicious Dog they also arrived at Rosen Empire O'Neal Clan Encampment, now O'Neal Clan Encampment was original Rosen Empire country, O'Neal Clan Patriarch has moved to the imperial palace.

although Zhao Hai moved out the entire Rosen Empire people, but the imperial palace he does not have too to destroy, inside although does not have no thing, but interior decoration still, appears resplendent and magnificent, O'Neal Clan moving of Patriarch naturally impolite. Vicious Dog their appears , when outside the imperial palace, by two Magic Armor blocking, the devil has not dared to be unreasonable in here, blocks in their front Magic Armor may be on God Rank Magic Armor, if he dares to be unreasonable, the opposite party meets kill he, he jumped down from War Chariot/Tank, bows said : to hunt for the lion squad to that two Magic Armor, Scout Team long gou is positive, seeks an interview Sir Patriarch, my responsibility important information brings back.” In that two Magic Armor turn the head, in said loudly to imperial palace: Hunts for the lion squad to have information to bring back, seeks an interview Patriarch.” Another Magic Armor of inside not far away, passes on toward inside the similar words, before long passes to the imperial palace, the person who a servant dresses up, has arrived at O'Neal Clan the place of Patriarch work, stands in in front of the door, has knocked on two gates lightly, then said : Patriarch, hunted for the lion squad to send, said that had the matter to seek an interview.” O'Neal Clan Patriarch in the work, one hear of this servants was saying that immediately/on horseback said : makes him come in quickly.” That servant complied with one, turn around toward arriving at the distant place, to Mecha said :, made him come.” That Mecha passed on these words, before long Vicious Dog entered in the imperial palace, brings to enter from that servant to sub- O'Neal Clan the place of Patriarch work. Patriarch looked at Vicious Dog one, shows a faint smile said : gou to be positive, was your youngster, what What happened? present?” gou has not thought that Patriarch recognizes him unexpectedly, cannot help but mood ji moves, kowtowed to Patriarch, this said : Patriarch, we leave from here, toward north, all had been very smooth, however in leaving this has about ten days the place of distance, has actually met troublesome, that is piece of Dark mist, I enter in the fog to investigate, in that piece of Dark mist has thing to have bone spear attack we, Fireball of one type of grey , that Fireball had not feared that our energy light beam attack, with energy light beam attack, instead to more burns is more prosperous, afterward we came out, stagger Shiming Big Brother one. Said that Lu Shiming Big Brother said that we have probably met Innate Yin Land, these Fireball possibly are Innate Yin Fire, therefore he makes our immediately/on horseback come back to deliver a letter, in they remain to be good to monitor that piece of Dark mist.” Patriarch has gawked, then knitting the brows head, his naturally clear Innate Yin Land regarding them meaning responsibility anything, his look at gou Righteous Path: Determined that is Innate Yin Land?” gou was shaking the head said : Lu Shiming Big Brother saying that there looks like to Innate Yin Land characteristics however Innate Yin Land generally is feared really sees Sun, but there does not have this situation, even if under Sun, these Dark mist also had Lu Shiming Big Brother to be also in doubt, but he thinks that there can be Innate Yin Land possible even bigger some.” Patriarch nodded said : „the Shiming management, always very safe, it seems like there really possibly is Innate Yin Land, if this is really the case, some that Ma Hui, but wants to come Shiming they not to go in Dark mist, you get down the first rest.” gou was complying with turn around to walk. Waits for gou one to walk, Patriarch then turns the head said loudly: Jiang several generals meet.” A gate servant complied with one, turn around walked. Before long several generals arrived at Patriarch study room Axe also to come, after several people sat down, Patriarch then said : just hunted for gou of lion squad, they said that in our here toward the places of northern ten days of distances, present piece of Dark mist, Shiming suspected that there was Innate Yin Land, how everyone/Great Clan sees?”

The people in room is a silence, the person in this room is the person of having fought many battles, even if Axe, because also life of many years of exiting exploration, regarding Innate Yin completely understand, therefore he has not spoken at a venture. Some little time a tall general stands Patriarch I to think that to Patriarch ritual said : we should send for protecting there, there to our here, be only ten days of distances, are not far, if there is any situation, will have certain threat to us, moreover our O'Neal Clan just seized Ark Continent to unable such to draw back definitely, otherwise, lost is too big.” Patriarch nodded another person of general to stand got up said : Patriarch, I think that the Ark Continent here person moves out possibly has relationship with the Innate Yin Land here matter, we must tightly guard there, I looked that should adjust a battleship to support in the past, simultaneously adjusts some strong cannon to come from Clan anxiously.” Patriarch nodded, at this time another general stood said : Patriarch, I think that we should also speed up some lines to the southern survey, the south was too near to our Clan, if lived anything , may threaten directly our Clan.” Patriarch has hesitated, nod said : rational, the south truly should scout well, Axe, what you have to say?” Axe has stood, to Patriarch ritual said : father, we just seized Ark Continent now, why moving out of regarding Ark Continent person, is not completely understand, now appears this Innate Yin Land matter, I have thought that we now in the Ark Continent here strength were too weak a point, we should in adjust some manpower from Clan, also adjusted the project Magic Armor soldier, within the shortest time, found the Ark Continent here mineral resource, mines, let the Clan fund, re-steaming as soon as possible.” Patriarch looked at Axe one, satisfied nod said : of my son has truly grown up, this idea is good, now Ark Continent here danger unknown, we must be ready that momentarily retreats, but if we such retreat, the loss of that Clan was too big, therefore we should now, as soon as possible looks for Ark Continent here various mineral resource, mines, lets fund re-steaming of Clan as soon as possible.” Several generals also nodded, to be honest, they attack Ark Continent, for is the commodity and minerals, if they to clarify Ark Continent here lived any matter, but does not prospect to produce, that put the cart before the horse. Even if were Ark Continent here lived any danger, they have to retreat, must mine some minerals as far as possible, fell to lowly the loss of Clan. Patriarch looked that they agreed that this nodded said : to pass on me to order, Hundred Victories Ship, Glorious Ship, immediately/on horseback returns to Clan, adjusts 1000 strong cannon anxiously, comes Ark Continent here with 10,000 project Magic Armor . Moreover, lets the tyrant number, carries thousand Magic Armor, 50 War Chariot/Tank support hunt for the lion squad.” Several people stand, however takes orders strictly, has arranged, after several people walk, Patriarch then lightly frowns said : interestingly, really has a piece Innate Yin Land, I to was getting better and better was wonderful to Ark Continent, don’t know here will have anything.” But now Zhao Hai look at Patriarch their dialogs in Space, has been waiting for these person of leave, Zhao Hai then turns the head to show a faint smile said : to Laura looks like this O'Neal Clan also very arrives to be careful that but their this investigates toward south, feared that will be quick will find Demon Realm that Space rift and God Realm the Space rift, real don’t know saw these two Space rift time, what response they will have.”

Laura shows a faint smile said : „, if I am O'Neal Clan am long, I at the same time will send for look at Underworld there, looked that sends for mining the minerals on Ark Continent, enters the Demon Realm investigation, carries on the attack of probe domestic animal to us.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile „the matter that said : must handle to be many, is don’t know they have enough many latter strength.” Laura smiles said : they certainly to have many enough military strength, you just did not hear, they are used to mine the ore, is not this being used fight Magic Armor, mines on Ark Continent, may not have what danger, but goes to the Magic Armor there investigation, does not need too many people, their main military strength were only divided into two parts to be OK, part was used to monitor Underworld there, part was used to carry on to probe xing attack to the Space rift defense line that city, this military strength should they be able to pull out come out?” Zhao Hai nodded said : they not to be certainly fierce to our attack, the military strength should be enough, we must do, did not allow them to enter God Realm to be good, Ark Continent there made them toss about, after they mined the ore, we have snatched directly, isn't it better? Laura they threw one to smile, Lizzy was said : I presently Elder Brother Hai more comes to look like a robber now, anything said snatches, Elder Brother Hai, later you, if saw that miss, wanted to snatch.” Zhao Hai pretends to lower the head the appearance of ponder, some little time nodded said : „, said is reasonable, I have not tried to snatch affectionate, it seems like has opportunity to try to be good.” Said that turn around runs. Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that immediately/on horseback threw, drove off Zhao Hai, they know certainly that Zhao Hai was cracking a joke, this was among their husbands and wives is playing the hua spear|gun. Has made some little time, Zhao Hai stopped, at this time Zhao Hai had Message Fish to call, Zhao Hai put out that Message Fish to look, was Xiao Bingya that Message Fish, Zhao Hai turns the head to look at Laura their one eyes, showed a faint smile said : looks like we have must do exactly.” Said that he to Message Fish deep voice said : „I am being Zhao Hai, Bingya you speaks!” a.