The Xiao Bingya sound conveys said : 1, mister, my here matter has handled, mister can move at any time. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : your there first do not move, when the motion and other notice, remembers God Race presently your movement, must give them to come time suddenly attack. ” Xiao Bingya deep voice said : is, mister invited feel relieved, now God Race these vassal races armies centralized in together, they are presently.”, Did Zhao Hai nod said : how this several days God Race there grain to solve?” Xiao Bingya shows a faint smile said : this several days God Race there already putting of very strict control grain, moreover sends out massive armieson Continent in all directions hunts and kills Magic Beast, the grain that the vassal race obtains are less, but the God Race person they do not go hunting to control. ” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said :, God Race does not want to cause the suspicions of these vassal races, you must tell these vassal races, first do not worry, do not display any hostility to come to wait till my here order to these God Race, you can tidy up these God Race well. ”, Xiao Bingya complied with one, Zhao Hai has shown a faint smileto receive that Message Fish, turned the head their said : looks like to Laura is our make a move time.”, Does Laura show a faint smile said : to start to their grain ship? Believes that their grain ships also soon come, God Race there feared that was really must starve. ” Zhao Hai knows said : slightly „, not only, this they not only as soon as possible sends the grain, moreover in addition will certainly send the grain the manpower, perhaps will come several to use Ultimate Weapon Supreme Elder, they should know that ” Demon Scorpion Clan Supreme Elder now was more unfortunate than fortunate. ”, Laura noddedthen frowns look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, can we also move? Might as well cope with their bases directly? Now you cannot full make a move, not suffer a loss.”, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have relationship, has a look not to be really good we to turn back to tidy up their bases, they are in any case impossible to overtake us. ” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that also has not prevented, she knows that before Zhao Hai knows in heart Zhao Hai immediately to make Cai'er monitor them, several days has seen that piece of sea surface, one, but presently the God Race grain ship, their immediately tribulations. Cai'er complied with oneher simply not to need to monitor specially, so long as paid attention to be OK, Zhao Hai has put O'Neal Clan there the attention now. O'Neal Clan there not only has sent out the scout team toward Ark Continent north, has also sent out the scout team toward the Ark Continent south, but that scout team has not arrived at Buddha Empire there not to be naturally impossible now presently Demon Realm these Space rift, but theysoon arrived at the Accra Mountain defense line toward that scout team of south. Also kept some Undead Creature in Ark Continent here Zhao Hai in the mining ore, but the quantity was few, majority of Iron Armor Beast and Undead Creature, the extension called that Demon Realm there mines the ore, Taurus Continent here also has. After Zhao Hai and Xiao Bingya relate third day, Cai'er told Zhao Hai, the God Race even/including Liang team comes, this God Race transporting grain team very had the characteristics besides the grain ship, but also brought many warships, moreover could look, the quantity of their grain ship has been short.

Zhao Hai saw that this situation cannot help but shows a faint smile said : looks like God Race is in the short time does not have the means to collect too many ships, Space Equipment c that but this time they bring evidently decides much.” Laura look at these grain ship said : how does Elder Brother Hai move?” Zhao Hai nodded said : naturally to move, walks, we go to be able the God Race person, had a look their these time to send who to usurp the salary of a dead soldier.”, Just a saying ended, Zhao Hai Yama Ship vanished, was not far from the God Race grain ship in appears , Zhao Hai slowly increases the Yama Ship volume, has pressed to the fleet toward God Race. God Race these people already know obviously Yama Ship saw Yama Ship to press, they almost in made instantaneously responded that these warships quickly encircling getting upsimultaneously large quantities of Demon Race and fought on the ship to fly from the grain ship these grain ships. But those who make Zhao Hai somewhat accidental is, he actually does not have presently God Race these to use Ultimate Weapon Supreme Elder, this makes Zhao Hai very puzzled, God Race these people should know that besides these Supreme Elder, other people does not have a point threat regarding him, why this hasn't God Race sent out Supreme Elder? In Zhao Hai puzzled time, suddenly he feels sky one black, when Zhao Hai stares, he presently went to another place, here is starry skies, all around is drifting every large or small meteorite, all kinds of planet, even in not far away, a star are dispersing the astonishing quantity of heat. Zhao Hai and Laura they dull look at this situation, their heads somewhat cannot make a turn at once, especially Laura they, what Laura their simply don’t know outer space is, is naturally impossible to know where here is. Zhao Hai is actually around somewhat curious look at, although here made that imagines the outer space to look like with him very much, but Zhao Hai can affirm that here absolutely is not in an outer space, outer space any gravitational force, the person has not arrived greatly airborne to flutter, moreover does not have the air, but these situations have not lived in here, Zhao Hai can affirm that this certainly is a place that the God Race person makes. Formation! Zhao Hai first thinks of this word, Zhao Hai has almost been able agree secure now they certainly in God Race Formation, but arrived at the bottom is any Formation his actually don’t know. He has not thought that God Race really has one type of weapon, can turn into this appearance all around situation, this stemmed from his anticipation.

Zhao Hai turns the head to Laura their said :, careful, we certainly were fall into God Race Formation now, believes that soon God Race will carry on attack to us. ” Laura selected, but they too had not worried that ” key was Zhao Hai gives their impression is really fantastic, was almost in the invincible situation, therefore they have the absolute confidence to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai has not actually managed these many, his command(er) on the ship Magic Cannon, around toward him on several planet is hitting, energy light beam that on Magic Cannon shoots, quick has projected in these planet, several small meteorite were destroyed directly, but on these big planet, was made the big hole, all look like are just the same as the real outer space. The Zhao Hai cannot help but knitting the brows head of gently, to be honest, he understanding Formation is too few, but God Race the Formation is really very mysterious, regarding this Formation absolute beginners, wants to be stranded him in Formation, is not the difficult matter. In this time, among several planet of Zhao Hai present distant place suddenly by together white line linking, but these by planet that the white line links, has composed a cow same design, this design just composed, huge Taurus Yama Ship was flushing on the direct impact. Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently, these by planet that the white line links, reminding him of the Taurus place ”, but this attack, looked like is also [gold/metal] Ox Clan attack style of that Supreme Elder when using Taurus Combat Suit. Zhao Hai has not moved, but waved, these Magic Cannon has shot energy light beam to Taurus that only flushed, 100 energy light beam sets have become huge energy light beam, straight striking on that only Taurus, but went out of the matter of Zhao Hai anticipation to livethat only Taurus suddenly is only golden light gloomy a point, has not actually vanished, then overran toward Yama Ship. At this time Zhao Hai wants to hide also without enough time, but that Taurus, when soon approached Yama Ship, the Yama Ship following water spray direct several wave have hit, that Taurus was slower, golden light was also gloomier, but still has not actually vanished. That Taurus went against the water spray to rush to nearby Yama Ship, hit on Yama Ship, listened to with a bang sound, Yama Ship first time to rock gently. This rocking is almost micro cannot look up, but the Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, he presently this only Taurus attack, has actually striven to excel compared with [gold/metal] Ox Clan that Supreme Elder attack.

At this moment, Zhao Hai felt after the ship, had thing to clash, Zhao Hai turned the head to look atin him behind not far away, the white line by one time has linked several stars, has formed a troops Sagittarius appearance, a that troops Sagittarius forming, a ray of light arrow has shot toward Yama Ship. The Zhao Hai intention movesYama Ship immediately shrink, then fast dodges toward side, what makes Zhao Hai not think, that ray of light had the eye to be the same probably, made a turn, still attacked toward Yama Ship. The appearance of Zhao Hai look at that ray of light arrowstares, but he is command(er) on the ship Magic Cannon is leaving energy light beam, attacks toward that ray of light arrow, but the result with that Taurus almostalthough Magic Cannon light beam, making the light arrow gloomy a little ”, but the light arrow still has actually shot toward Yama Ship. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but coldly snorted, the hand wields, a giant scorpion of blood red flew exiting to move forward to meet somebody toward that ray of light arrow from in his hand ”, the scorpion when immediately and light arrow ran upon, a scorpion tail pendulum suddenly, punctured on the light arrow, with a bang soundthat light arrow by scorpion tail one puncturing vanish from sight. Was calling this opportunity, Zhao Hai flashes body returned to in cabin, then immediately opens Space monitorprevious time they in the mi team that can form from Dao Lotus to run away, had been lucky Space monitor, Zhao Hai these time also wants to make this monitor help. However Zhao Hai these time was disappointed, on Space monitor a confusion, simply cannot see any useful thing, Zhao Hai saw that this situationcannot help but face changes, his understand, the Space surveillance was not it seems like multipurpose, the Formation of this God Race use certainly very formidable, Space monitor has not used. This equal to can break Zhao Hai in hand most important thing, if Space monitor is really useless, they really possibly by in dire straits in here. At once, Zhao Hai beset with a crisis in unprecedented! a.