Laura they also follow in Zhao Hai, sees the situation on monitor, they cannot help but onethis situation, before had not lived, they somewhat flustered at once. Laura they have flustered, Zhao Hai actually not hurried, comes across this matter, he to was instead calmer, he tries to call said : Cai'er, Cai'er, you in?” Cai'er had not replied that this is also unprecedented, in the common situation, Cai'er can first respond to the summon of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai can feel, he and Cai'er beforehand relation also, but now probably by any thing blocking, having made them not have the means to relate at once. Zhao Hai face was uglier somehe walked out slowly from the cabin, looked at all around, the great scorpion still stops in Yama Ship side, but that Taurus constellation and Sagittarius constellation also often attack to Yama Ship, but Magic Cannon on Yama Ship, battering ram, the ocean waves, the chess pole also all moved, is having the great scorpion enemy also to take Zhao Hai not to have the means in nearby help in additionat once. However Zhao Hai notes quickly, by the left hand of Yama Ship, appears two constellations, one is to seem like one is lying before the mountain of ground, but another constellation seems like two dozens is entangled probably in the together fish. Two constellation forming slowly, ran out of one to grow two sharp horn goatsto run upon toward Yama Ship from that goat there immediately, in this side that two fish same constellationsalso ran out of two fish, hit toward Yama Ship on. Zhao Hai gawked, immediately/on horseback has ordered the two sides goats and Pisces of fire on Yama Ship to carries on attack, the water spray coordinates, but Taurus and Sagittarius attack gave the great scorpion and battering ram also has the chess pole. Zhao Hai has been able to affirm now that God Race this time copes with his Supreme Elder, minimum will have fourTaurusmale goat, Pisces and Sagittarius, full that very it seems like they preparehas also arranged Great Formation, this is the preparation consumes him in here. At this time Laura somewhat startled said :, Elder Brother Hai, what to do can we?”, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Laura one, showed a faint smile said : not to fluster is all right, their this was wants to tow us, but we did not fear him, words that must drag, who towed who was uncertain. ” Zhao Hai just said that sees by him huge meteorite suddenly hits toward Yama Ship on, Yama Ship had not responded for a whileone was hit that meteorite to hit on Yama Ship by this meteorite ”, on Yama Ship immediately has emitted a wall with flues for heating, that meteorite one changed into the flying ash, but Yama Ship hit shook shaking gently. At this time all around several meteorite hitZhao Hai face toward Yama Ship changes, he finally can affirm now, came attack his God Race Supreme Elder, not only certainly four, but was minimum has five, four are carrying on attack actually these meteorite to carry on attack in command(er) that four constellations to himin command(er) to him ”, but this Great Formation, might is God Race fifth elder arrange, otherwise his not command(er) was so smooth. Zhao Hai face is somewhat ugly, now he almost lost the contact with Space, even if wants in Space to come out to help him not be impossiblealthough on the ship has plenty Undead Creature, but these Undead Creature strengths, and are not enough to resist opposite party attack, even if goes to these Undead Creature release, is brings death.

Zhao Hai don’t know God Race these time makes what Great Formation is, but a little he can affirm the Great Formation that ” the opposite party makes, has regarding the God Race these Ultimate Weapon attack strength certainly strengthens, can say that this Continent can coordinate the use with God Race Ultimate Weapon, can make God Race Ultimate Weapon wield doing of even bigger to use, but can also coordinate attack, can say that the help of this Great Formation, God Race these Ultimate Weapon, the attack strength one under has promoted double incessantly. This is place that Zhao Hai most is careful, God Race these Ultimate Weapon he did not fear that can say was not worried, but God Race the Continent, he is actually very careful, he wants to get so far as this Great Formation. Reason that Zhao Hai such is careful to this Continent , because this Great Formation links relation between him and Space unexpectedly can cut, is really mysterious very much, is adding on him to be confident, sooner or later some day he will get so far as in hand to come God Race all Ultimate Weapon, if when the time comes cancoordinate God Race Ultimate Weapon to use with this Great Formation, that certainly formidable. If makes the God Race person know Zhao Hai now in thinking anythingwill certainly be mad to faintZhao Hai now also to be stranded by them in Continentactually started to have the ideas of their this Great Formation, on this that reasons things out. Zhao Hai looked at all around situation one, these meteorite also in keeping hitZhao Hai in hand Magic Staff to turn into a giant chain hammer toward Yama Ship, pounded toward these meteorite, so long as the chain hammer pounded on these meteorite, these meteorite immediately will be pounded crushes. Zhao Hai is pounding these meteorite at the same time, first successive is sizing up all around situation, he does not want to consume the too long time with God Race in here, if he certainly wants the means that this breaking. Zhao Hai is paying attention to these meteorite situations, these planet, Zhao Hai present, these planet are also moving, pushedthese planet volumes toward Yama Ship here compared with Yama Ship mostly, if made these planet push, that Yama Ship had troublesome. Zhao Hai paid attention to these planetto be quick he present a very strange phenomenon, this in the formation all planet, all meteorite, sole motionless had one, was these Sun, was the star. This presently makes Zhao Hai stare slightly, then he decides to brave one time also dangerously, thinks of here, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback command(er) Yama Ship, overran toward that also star there. Reason that Zhao Hai presently this star has the issue, because not only this star had not moved, because also this star is in entire Continent, only one by one star.

Is this, Zhao Hai more does not feel right, therefore he specially will cope with this star, Yama Ship very fast, only skill of a twinkling, he rushed to star there, Yama Ship outside water spray immediately Yama Ship wrapping up, wall with flues for heating getting up ”, but Zhao Hai can feel the quantity of heat on that star dispersing. Zhao Hai has not actually managed these many, straight overran, that toward the star in shouted, his Bei Jin the inside of star, but made Zhao Hai feel what was strange wasonly among in the blink of an eye he passed through from the star, but this Great Formation was a matter does not have. Zhao Hai face changes, dark said : „did I guess mistakenly? Is impossible, this big in the formation surface, all photostars can be used for the attack enemy, only then this star has not moved, the break the formation key should be this is right, can be why useless?” Laura they, when just Zhao Hai overran toward star was shocked, their understand why Zhao Hai such do not do ”, but they actually decide trust Zhao Hai wholeheartedly, therefore nobody moves, all people stand in on the ship, is waiting for the result. Looks to clash not to have the matter from the star, Laura their then feel relieved, but similarly, their current aspects have not obtained any change. Around Zhao Hai calm face look at these photostars, these photostars are still pushing toward him, attack of four constellations have not broken, all these think with Zhao Hai is not quite same. Zhao Hai look at that star, that star there still does not have any change, but Zhao Hai actually believes that ” there certainly is the break the formation key, not for otherbecause his ship puts on ” a matter not to have from star there, if star there is not the break the formation key, he harnesses the ship to overrun, certainly will receive compared with that high-temperature more fearful attack, but the result does not have, this is really the flaw of opposite party, can say that the opposite party was a wise man can be ruined by his own wisdom. However such obvious attack, has not used to that star any doing obviously, what means can try to find another way line ” to with cope with that star? Is thinking these, Zhao Hai while waves Magic Staff to crush these meteorite, Zhao Hai suddenly has thought before , has looked at content on a book, actually not only in a book has such content, a person in arrange Great Formation, that certainly will have formation core, but place that formation core is, they can protect, for example in formation core there, in arranging smaller Formation protects formation core. However Zhao Hai regarding Formation is really very small Bai, making him break that Formation is almost impossible, what to do can that?

Zhao Hai frowns, intention phonographFormation, he remembers that initially break Dao Lotus time not such difficult that is because initially Dao Lotus is nobody command(er) reason? Thinks of here, Zhao Hai two eyes suddenly one bright, he has thought of same thing, because does not have the means and Space relates, Zhao Hai now available thing is not many, Magic Staff, Yama Ship, great scorpionalso has Undead Creature, thing these types that he can use, but Zhao Hai has actually forgotten very important thing, Dao Lotus! Dao Lotus has him[ body], not in Space ”, therefore he can definitely take the use Dao Lotus, thinks of here, the Zhao Hai intention moves, Dao Lotus immediately flew from his dantian, but Zhao Hai has not come to defend for oneself with Dao Lotus, but was attacks with Dao Lotus directly to that star! By the broken filament! Zhao Hai suddenly has thought these wordsalthough these words walk appears in the novel, is not necessarily effective, however this time, whether or is not effective, must take to try to be good, therefore Zhao Hai attacks toward star there Dao Lotus let out ”. After release Dao Lotus, Zhao Hai enters to pay attention to the Dao Lotus there situation, Dao Lotus simply has not met any impediment, has flown directly into the star, looked like probably swallowing was the same by the star, but the Zhao Hai actually clear feeling, Dao Lotus wrote his relation not to break, moreover Dao Lotus was revolving, probably revolution ting was also normal! Zhao Hai control Dao Lotus is carrying on attack to the star, saw on Dao Lotus suddenly appears eight phantom, these eight phantom days, wind, thunder, water, fire, mountain, Ze and other Eight Trigrams trigram-shape, then Dao Lotus rotation fast, these eight trigram-shape also rotated, finally almost could not see anything is anything, all changed into piece of Primal Chaos! a.