This situation Zhao Hai has not met, he lets Dao Lotus attack, but Dao Lotus had own consciousness to be ordinary probably, automatic started such attack, this made Zhao Hai very puzzled. In this time, the air/Qi of that Primal Chaos, the fierce violent, is listening to the bang to one, that star one vanished, vanishes with that star together, entire starry sky. The Zhao Hai front in one time turned into the blue sky blue sea, the God Race grain ship in surface not far away, but five God Race people are surrounding in which them, in which God Race face very difficult looks, in his top of the head, round, thing of plate sample is rotating slowly, but other four people, are actually full body armor, Zhao Hai recognize [gold/metal] Ox Clan Supreme Elder, other's three people actually do not recognize, this does not interrupt Zhao Hai to guess under one. On that hard helmet has the people of two siliques, should be Capricorn Continent Supreme Elder, behind that has a big wing, in hand is taking bow and arrow, should be Sagittarius Continent Supreme Elder, but on that elbow has the fish fin same thing person, should be his Pisces Continent Supreme Elder. These people of years imaginary look like are not small, oldest that should be Taurus Continent Supreme Elder, several other people, look like him also want to be younger. However Zhao Hai does not have the time with managing them now, he and is calling Cai'er, Zhao Hai just ear Cai'er, one that Cai'er shouted on appears in Zhao Hai, then grasped his neck, was crying said : Young Master, you went to there, just Cai'er could not find you, Cai'er was good to be afraid.” Zhao Hai light rub Cai'er head said : Cai'er is clever, did not fear that Zhao Hai will not pay no attention to Cai'er, can never, Cai'er be clever.” Zhao Hai roared for quite a while, Cai'er then stopped, Laura they had also arrived at side Zhao Hai at this time, look at Zhao Hai that face ji moved, they know, this time crisis in one time by Zhao Hai melting. Zhao Hai look at that God Race person said : how many are God Race Supreme Elder? The [gold/metal] Ox Clan elder we are the old friends, did not need to introduce, making me guess these status? This should be Capricorn Continent Supreme Elder? Right should you call?” Snort one, is replied Zhao Haialthough he is still an arrogant appearance of face, however in his eye actually full dreads . Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, turns the head and looks at that to take is drawing a bow, Combat Suit did behind have person said : of big wing this to be Sagittarius Continent Supreme Elder? Please excuse me, below also don’t know your name.” That Supreme Elder to is calm of face, said to Zhao Hai ritual said : slightly, below Yari master too to subdue|grams.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head on look at that full body armor to have fish fin same long Old Daoist: This should be Pisces Continent Supreme Elder? Excuses me below also don’t know your name. ” This fish Continent Supreme Elder slightly said : wise Sier has seen Mr. Zhao Hai!” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head look at that head to flutter a plate sample person, shows a faint smile said : „the status of this elder to be not quite good to guess, if I have not guessed that wrong, just that Formation was you make, but reason that you can cause that Formation, used was that tray of your head, but that Formation, can coordinate to use with various Continent Ultimate Weapon probably, your status to was not then difficult to guess. ”

That Supreme Elder face calm look at Zhao Haihas not said that Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, then said : God Realm ten three Continent, each Continent Ultimate Weapon, but in which 12 Continent use is the name of constellation orders, only then Central Continent is not, but from Ultimate Weapon of several Supreme Elder uses, in God Realm name of that 12 on constellation by Continent that names, weapon that uses, is this Combat Suitis Combat Suit that and their constellations correspond, only then Central Continent is not, that Central Continent level weapon finallyPossibly is not Combat Suit. ” The Central Continent that Supreme Elder look often shrinks, Zhao Hai noted this detailhe to show a faint smile said : Central Continent level weapon finally, should be that tray of your head, that tray can arrange very unusual Formation, finally used with other ten two Continent the level weapon coordination, therefore your status did not say to be bright, you were Central Continent Supreme Elder, please excuse me, my also don’t know your name!” That Supreme Elder look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : Mr. Zhao Hai was really too polite, mister has not guessed wrong, I was God Realm Central Continent Supreme Elder, my known as Ding Xin, has not thought that this time we have made the arrangement ahead of time, was five people jointly attacks mister, finally made mister break my Formation, mister strength, was really the Ding Xin entire life has not seen.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : handsome fortunately already, decided Mr. Xing to be too polite, it seems like how many today's together appears to strike to kill my? I said can be right?” Ding Xin look at Zhao Hai, sighed said : to speak the truth lightly, I do not want with mister for the enemy, because of mister strength, to stem from my anticipation, however the mister strength was too strong, was strong threatened my God Realm existed, I have to cope with mister.” Zhao Hai laughs said : good to decide Mr. Xing, mister this opens mouth really will say, doesn't want with me for the enemy? God Realm and Ark Continent Space rift is my Zhao Hai opens? With my Ark Continent country hundreds of millions population, does not divide Blood Sacrifice of old and young, is my Zhao Hai? All these are your God Race bring upon oneself, you too thought that thinks really one were God Race, can rein ten-thousand realms, you also fall far short, you were others in hand chess piece, did a dog that others directed, threaten your God Race to exist? Good, your God Race should not exist!” A Zhao Hai saying, Ding Xin several people of face one became very difficult thinks so, Ding Xin coldly snorted said : Zhao Hai, do not think that I praised your a few words, what your don’t know were surnamed, you think that under besieging of our five people, can you be able to be inescapable?” Does Zhao Hai laugh said : to run? Why can I run? I also want to receive in hand your Ultimate Weapon, is adopted by us, do I use look at to run? You delay time by the lord in here, can make your grain ships run away? Do not have a dream, the truth spoke to you, I was waiting in here, now here has your five Supreme Elder, four did not have appears , I think that your minimum must leave behind two guards your Continent, that also two can appears besiege my them soon to come in here? ” A Zhao Hai saying ended, God Race that several face changed, at this moment, suddenly following in the sea appears a incomparably huge whirlpoolentire has transported the grain the fleet to give to curl inside God Race, these grain ship were involved in the whirlpool, besides God Race that these can fly big, anything did not have remaining. When these grain ships all vanished, a small blister, suddenly has braved from in the sea, has flown on Yama Ship swayingly, fell the head of Zhao Hai. This small blister Bubble in this in the sea, is Bubble world, he was source of control these sea water Myriad Water was too relaxed, therefore after the Zhao Hai person broke Continent, immediately has admitted in the sea Bubble, letting him God Race and grain ship plundering, he was holding God Race in here. To be honest, if Zhao Hai simultaneously copes with these five God Race Supreme Elder, Ok, is not cannot however in that case, he must use the true strength, is so same, Space strength of even bigger repel, will not do well him ascend, therefore Zhao Hai does not prepare dead to knock with these five Supreme Elder, reason that he said that many idle talk, must make Bubble have the time preparation, within the shortest time, gives to tidy up the God Race grain ship. Moreover the words that just Zhao Hai spoke all are not the idle talk, guards their base Supreme Elder of that two God Race in Taurus Continent there, truly is catching up with one toward here is Supreme Elder of Cancer clan, one is Supreme Elder of Leo clan.

Now they soon arrived at Zhao Hai here, but this is Zhao Hai most is also desired. Since that several God Race Supreme Elder dumbfounded facial expressions, Zhao Hai has face upwarded to laugh long smiles said : today is my Zhao Hai makes a debut, has come across the most difficult war, several, have accompanied only a moment, has opportunity we to be intimate.” Said that his whole person and entire Yama Ship vanished in in midair. Looks at Zhao Hai to vanish, that several God Race elder is face changes, Jin Ben face changes said : is not good, Zhao Hai knows that Taurus Continent base there nobody assumes personal command, can go to attack there?” A Jin Ben such saying, several people of face changed, Ding Xin immediately/on horseback said : quick, everyone/Great Clan quickly support base there, absolutely cannot make Zhao Hai destroying the base!” Said that flies toward Taurus Continent there, what a pity, in their here person, actually nobody meets Space Magic or Space Divergent Technique, they were doomed to be defeated! Yama Ship vanishes from the sea, the next quarter not far away of appears outside Taurus Continent God Race base, Yama Ship appears , Zhao Hai immediately has put out Message Fish, to Message Fish said : Bingya, Bingya, you in?” The Xiao Bingya sound conveys said : mister, I in!” Zhao Hai nod said : good, in good, listened to me, the person who let these vassal races prepared, our immediately coped with the God Race base, now their in the base did not have Supreme Elder to assume personal command, tidied up their good times.” Xiao Bingya[ is popular] exerts has complied with one, received Message Fish immediately to arrange, the God Race base of Zhao Hai look at not far away, coldly snorted said : should tidy up your time.” Said that harnesses Yama Ship to overrun. In the process of overrunning, increasing that Yama Ship keeps, increasing, finally became such as a hill general size, simultaneously Zhao Hai also release great scorpion, Bubble also let out, stole in the sea. God Race these bases, are not far from sea, for can quicker receive commodity, this also give opportunity of Bubble prestige. Zhao Hai their ten points, Magic Cannon on Yama Ship, often energy light beam, attacks toward the God Race base , the great scorpion are more direct overrunning, but Bubble enters in the sea, immediately starts set winds blowing and wave rolling, attacks toward the God Race base that in the ocean waves surge wave upon wave, hit God Race one to be caught off guard. Zhao Hai also release large quantities of Undead Creature, had overrun simultaneously toward the God Race base, God Race base there, although continuously counterattacks with the netg steed and Magic Cannon, but the effect is not good. Departed 20 Domain Weapon from the God Race base, but actually in flash by Yama Ship extinguishing, now Yama Ship fire attack was fiercer, because in their fires includes Innate Yin Fire, this type of flame is very sinister, the attack strength is very formidable. although said that present daytime, too sunlight copes with Innate Yin Fire best weapon, but that refers to general mister Yin Fire, Zhao Hai the Innate Yin Fire naturally not in this row. However God Race the base constructs is really good, defends Magic Formation is one layer meets to make one layer, on the wall of base, has engraved Magic Formation, this also gave the attack of Zhao Hai to increase many troubles.

Zhao Hai knows, now in God Race base also about hundred million God Race soldiers, if cannot tidy up them as soon as possible, when God Race these Supreme Elder have supported, that has troubled, therefore Zhao Hai no matter also that many, directly ride Yama Ship has hit toward the God Race base on. The God Race base constructs in a mountain, the mid-hill of entire mountain was given to hollow out by them, therefore Zhao Hai these time harnesses Yama Ship to hit toward the God Race base on, harnesses Yama Ship to hit the mountain on equal to. Outside the base, is preparing to coordinate the Zhao Hai attack Xiao Bingya and these vassal races, the item stares. Dull look at Zhao Hai is harnessing Yama Ship, was similar to suicide same collision has approached that huge mountain. In listens to with a bang sound, Yama Ship to hit to walk into the mountain, moreover from mountain the hits, from that flushed, entire mountain peak was hit to putting on by Yama Ship unexpectedly! The entire mountain peak cannot withstand such hit, collapsed loudly, gradually has all over the sky dust, the giant stone flies randomly, some direct impacts camp of vassal race was coming unexpectedly. Xiao Bingya sees this situation, is surprised, immediately/on horseback said loudly: Hides quickly!” The people of these vassal races are not the fools, will not stand in there waits for death, whish, scatters in all directions to run away, Zhao Hai this hit, gave their shock is really too big. But these God Race people in base, has plenty simply has not run, was buried alive directly in inside, remaining part of although ran, but each and every one also probably lost soul same standing in there, the base that under look at has destroyed, escaped at once unexpectedly continually forgets. God Race conceived many Zhao Hai to break through the method of base, even has also made all sorts of preparations, but they have not thought that Zhao Hai will attack the base with such way of violence unexpectedly, moreover one base destroying, these God Race people, completely silly fell now, any confidence, proud, all did not have, some, only then deep fear! However Zhao Hai has not actually prepared to let off them, Undead Creature army, has encircled these God Race people, so long as he issues an order, these God Race person immediately by Undead Creature Continent thorough exterminate!( To be continued. a.