Now only carves the next 40 million people in the God Race army, about hundred million armies, only remaining such selected the person, other people were buried in the mountain. Might that although God Race strength very formidable, a mountain pours, is still not they can contend, these were buried the God Race person under mountain, now was more unfortunate than fortunate. However Zhao Hai has not ordered to make these Undead Creature begin, he presently these people completely lost the will of resistance, in this case, kills them almost to be the same. Really like Zhao Hai thinks, these people saw them surrounding by these Undead Creature, besides the small number of people, other people was fearing of face. At this time Zhao Hai harnessed Yama Ship to arrive at the surrounding of these people, he looked at these person of one, deep voice said : has put down your weapon, I will send you to a place, gave you means of livelihood, otherwise, death!” As soon as these God Race people listened to Zhao Hai saying that has gawked, then they mutually looked at one, who don’t know was, first discarded in hand weapon, took the lead, had second, had second to have third, had third to have, before long these people almost discards their in hand weapon. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, the hand has wielded, huge Space rift appears in in midair, Zhao Hai deep voice said : all people went.” These God Race people in putting down weapon that moment, their pride, their dignity has put down, they do not have rebel, accepting fate has flown into Space rift. Naturally, there are minority wants rebel, but has not waited for their all motions, these Undead Creature have given to catch them, because of these rebel, in hand is taking weapon, wants to catch to be too easy them. Some quick God Race people entered in Space rift very much, Zhao Hai a Space rift pass/test, met to begin to wield, one group of huge black gas, directly the mountain peak that there that collapsed covering. black gas are getting more and more, are getting more and more, finally the entire mountain had been covered by black gas, after having completed these, ” Zhao Hai then turns the head look at not far away these vassal races armies that slowly builds up. Just the mountain peak when collapsed, the crushed stone flew randomly, was adding on that scene is really too terrifying, therefore these people dispersed to run away, when here has subsided completely, they slowly and built up. At this time Xiao Bingya they also arrived on Yama Ship, several people bowed said : to see mister to Zhao Hai.”

Zhao Hai look at several people of appearances, nodded said : well this time your work pretty good, he he, but you must say one to these people, lets these person leave here of as soon as possible, I believe soon, will have seven God Race Supreme Elder to come. ” Xiao Bingya one hear of Zhao Hai said that stares slightly, then face changes said : is, mister, invited mister feel relieved, our immediately/on horseback walked.” Said that flew toward these vassal race there. Zhao Hai turns the head to have a look at Laura one, showed a faint smile said : they to walk, we went to there staying a while.” Was saying Zhao Hai while has referred to that by the mountain peak that Dark mist covers. Laura shows a faint smile said : well, walks.” Zhao Hai command(er) Yama Ship was then entering in Dark mist, in has not come out. If makes other people see in Dark mist the present situation, will be very certainly surprised, in Dark mist the mountain peak of that collapse gets down, is having the each and every one God Race person to crawl from, but they could not be the person now, they turned into Undead Creature. Reason that Zhao Hai must these mountain peaks covering, must use Magic, was buried the God Race person these in mountain peak turns into Undead Creature, like his Undead Creature army, person who also will increase the non- pingpong. After Zhao Hai enters to Dark mist, immediately opened monitorto look at that several God Race Supreme Elder to do, that several God Race Supreme Elder soon arrived at Taurus Continent here their face very difficult to look now ”, because they know, they by Zhao Hai playing. Also two hours, that several God Race Supreme Elder, had arrived at Taurus Continent here, arrived at here they to see that by the mountain that Dark mist covered. Several people see this situation, face is an ugliness, some little time Ding Xin said : looked like we comes late.” look at that Jin Ben two eyes gets angry rolls Dark mist said : this is Black Magic, this Zhao Hai, virulence quite.” Ding Xin turned the head to look at several people of said : to walk, goes to have a look, having a look at this Zhao Hai to be up to mischief, everyone/Great Clan careful, do not divide was too loose, if Zhao Hai also in Dark mist, we if dispersed, possibly badly to his attack.”

Several people nodded, regarding the Zhao Hai strength, now they really dreading, therefore several people have not separated, but entered in Dark mist. They are Expert in God Race, Divine Sense incomparably powerful, place that but they presently, in this piece of Dark mist, their Divine Sense can control, is really very limited. This actually also no wonder they, these Dark mist most from the beginning most common Dark mist, but after afterward Zhao Hai received Space Underworld Dark mist * some, these Dark mist on variation, Underworld that this Dark mist, had to block doing of Divine Sense to use, these Dark mist currently also had that function. But these God Race Supreme Elder, are actually first time comes across such matter, can block Divine Sense thing they also to see, like Domain Weapon, can block God Race, some Magic Formation, but this Dark mist can block Divine Sense likely, their first meeting. This base is Jin Ben their look at constructs, to this base in all they very familiar , because of this, therefore they meet the feel relieved leave base to cope with Zhao Hai, wants to come in them, this base constructs is so good, even when used Ultimate Weapon by several comes the person to attack, must spend turns trick/hand and foot, they have enough time hurries back the support. However they have not actually thought that Zhao Hai will come to the attack base with this mindless barbaric way unexpectedly, therefore the base one was destroyed by him. Jin Ben they fly into Dark mist not often the time, saw the base, in fact there could not be called a base, because there is only stretch of ruins, but actually mountain peak. Jin Ben they dull look at destroyed base, to be honest, they, when sees that Dark mist, knew Dao Foundation to be destroyed, but they have not actually thought that unexpectedly the base collapses is so fierce, already thorough discarding. In this time, Jin Ben their front a piece Stone are moving two, Jin Ben they have gawked, thinks that own eye hua, however under Jin Ben their gazes, that fully had thousand jin (0.5 kg) giant stone, one turned one side, a person slowly crawled from Stone below. Sees this person, Jin Ben they cannot help but stares, to did not say that this person they knew, but is the appearance of this person, what this person puts on is God Race does to fight with full body armor, obvious, he is a God Race soldier, but these do not attract Jin Ben their reason, those who attract Jin Ben their vision is, on this person that two weapon. The soldier body of this God Race is inserting two weapon, inserts from his former xiong, uses both hands sword that comes sharp from dorsal 1 u, this is God Race standard weapon, but another is actually long spear, this long spear inserts from the scapula place of this person, several locate long spear that from the lower abdomen 1 u leaves comes sharp, can say that these two are the mortal wounds, but now this person crawled coming out.

When Jin Ben their dull look at that person, that person also turned the head to look at Jin Ben their eyes, on his face did not have an expression, two eyes were similar to the dead fish are common. Then that person extends make a move to come, before has drawn out own xiong, slowly is inserting both hands sword, long spear also has then pulled out on the scapula was inserting, when the giving people a hard time process, Jin Ben they even can hear the sword spear|gun and Bone friction squeak, sounded to make people feel the terror. After these take two weapon, he looked at Jin Ben their eyes, then turn around flew in Dark mist to disappear, entire process, that person did not have a point voice, but Jin Ben they, because extremely in shocking, even has not made any response. Has waited for that person to fly away, Jin Ben they let out a long breath, but following several people of face actually immediately/on horseback become very difficult looks, their very clear, that person of simply is not living person, that is Undead Creature. Ding Xin coldly snorted said : good Zhao Hai, to be turning into Undead Creature my God Race soldiers unexpectedly, is unforgivable, really the non- ear forgives!” Jin Ben has actually smiled bitterly, he is in several people fights with Zhao Hai first, moreover Zhao Hai and Taurus Continent did to fight is not a day or two, Jin Ben regarding Zhao Hai strength very clear, the Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate strongest branch of the services, was these Undead Creature army, but in his Undead Creature army, now main fighting strength, God Race Undead Creature, therefore Zhao Hai made such matter to come, Jin Ben was not strange. At this time nearby Jie Yu deep voice said : just that Undead Creature went in that direction, perhaps Zhao Hai in there, we pursued to have a look.” Ding Xin looked at several other elder one eyes, shook the head said : present here to be covered by this strange Dark mist, does to fight to us very disadvantageously, in my opinion we should exit from this Dark mist first, then outside with Light Element Magic bit by bit scatters this Dark mist, is not when the time comes late in early Zhao Hai, otherwise in this Dark mist, our Divine Sense was limited, Zhao Hai meets Space Divergent Technique, we almost do not have any stratagem which ensures success.” One hear of he said that several people nodded, the flashes body departed the Dark mist range. One to Dark mist outside, several people of immediately/on horseback has put forth Light Element Magic to Dark mist. But makes them be that surprised matter lived, their Light Element Magic just, that Dark mist looked like met the snow of fire to be the same, slowly melted, before long, that mountain peak left his true colors on 1 u, there, only then a destroyed base, did not have Yama Ship, did not have Undead Creature, did not have living person! a.