Ding Xin several people of face ugly look at this stretch of ruins, when Jie Yu their leave., The base is well, but the time of their leave base, in addition is about several hours. Several hours, an enmity God Rank soldier guards, once by them is thought is the impregnable base, had been given to destroy, in the base all people disappeared, saw on that Undead Creature that from just them, they can very clear awareness, the people in base go to there. This is their face ugly reason, their face are ugly, because not only their base is abandoned, a reason is, strength of Zhao Hai strength. This base here has about hundred million people of garrison troops, if were turned into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai, that Zhao Hai in hand undead army quantity in time increase, that Zhao Hai will be more formidabe. In this time, Jie Yu turning the head suddenly is looking at one, the vassal race military compound, the military compound of vassal planting and cultivation is also destroyed, but can look, that destruction is not serious, after that completely was the mountain but actually, the destruction of crushed stone, any has not fought trace. Ding Xin their several people have also thought issue that Jie Yu thinks, they also turned the head to look at a vassal race military compound, this looked that their face were uglier. said : that Jin Ben clenches jaws these fellows really knew we are making war with their clan, these days has been enduring, this base was destroyed, has certainly relationship with them.” Jie Yu actually shook the head said : I to look not necessarily, this base was destroyed, not necessarily has relationship with them, do not forget, nearest/recent our grain very anxious, gave their grain less, they many go hunting now, or killed some Mount to eat to the full . Moreover the base was our people have been constructing, their hand has not inserted can say that all they in base did not understand, in this case, they almost did not have busily was possible to add on Zhao Hai, moreover I think that ” by the Zhao Hai strength, not necessarily needs their help, Zhao Hai to take away them., Has the possibility very much, for. ” Ding Xin nodded said :, good, that Zhao Hai strength really good, our five people cannot be what kind of him, he fully can ruin the entire base, does not need these vassal races to help to be also same.”What Jin Ben has not spoken his also understand Jie Yu and Ding Xin says is right, he was just hated being mad the fainted head, did Jin Ben force itself calm getting downhe to turn the head look at Ding Xin and Jie Yu said : what to do two thinks then us should?”

Ding Xin two eyes flash of cold light said : this owes cannot eat without paying, wants to take our God Race advantage, not having that good matter, Zhao Hai to be unfamiliar with the people and place in God Realm here, he is impossible such quickly to make contact with relationship with these vassal races, reason that these vassal races meet cause disturbance , has certainly relationship with different God Race, I thought that we then can take an action when the time comes to understand encirclement of different God Race to different God Race, the Zhao Hai nature come out with looking for us on the little while, this compared with we were full the world looks for his much better. ” Jin Ben and Jie Yu they are two eyes one bright, although in these Supreme Elder, the Ding Xin age is not biggesteven can, his strength is not strongest, but a little several people actually very take his, Ding Xin is in these people, is wisest, is adding on his in hand Ultimate Weaponwith their Ultimate Weapon coordination to use, therefore Ding Xin is the center of people. Jin Ben two eyes cold light sparkles said : right, different God Race these bastards has done with us right, was the time should tidy up them onethis we to use this opportunity, tidied up them at one fell swoop. ” Jie Yu they have not spoken, the eye that but that cold light sparkles, actually went out has sold them, they already want to cope with different God Race, but wants to cope with different God Race is not that easy, different God Race these person of strengths were very strong, was adding on different God Race also three Ultimate Weapon, was not easy to cope, but also was their non- heart is a little uneven, the everyday critical moment, some people will always withdraw, therefore different God Race has supported these many years. However this time situation is different, before they at the attack side, have been able saying that to the fight of different God Race, they want to hit hit, does not want to hit does not hit, different God Race simply does not have the strength to hit back. But this time they at the attack side, a Continent God Race person were actually not given to extinguish, Supreme Elder has also been missing, now looks like is also more unfortunate than fortunate, can say God Race arrived at a very essential time, they should alliance get up. Before reason that they cannot true alliance get up, because of the reason of benefit, different God Race also settled on this point, therefore different God Race, when with God Race to the war, God Race, will often hit, hit that God Race to suffer heavy casualties, but other God Race did not have the matter, like this to maintain own strength, gained the even bigger benefit, that hit God Race often retreat, such alliance nature also on collapsing of itself. However these time is different, this time is relationship to the entire God Race destiny, if has not made contribution at this time, finally can only all be defeated by Zhao Hai, therefore Jin Ben this proposed nobody to refute, although Jin Ben rides brother one now, entire Taurus Continent already nobody, but Jin Ben in hand also Ultimate Weapon, this was he maximum capital. Ding Xin deep voice said : now we cannot keep Taurus Continent here, our returned to respective Continent comes up, the immediately/on horseback set military strength, talks clearly with the following person, but this time relationship to my God Race life and death, making them not want to consider only own small scheme.”

Several people nodded, their although is each every Continent Supreme Elder, calculation that but each every Continent truly said Patriarch of various clans, their these Supreme Elder, cannot with no reason at all feels embarrassed Patriarch of various clans, otherwise, these people possibly rebellion, therefore is Supreme Elder must handle any matter, must talk clearly with these Patriarch. Naturally, Supreme Elder also has very high status in God Race, moreover they generally are the people who in major God Race Imperial Clan comes out, naturally cannot oppose decision that own Clan makes, therefore their matters of these Supreme Elder decisions, almost could be said as really decide, but this matter if also and Patriarch communicate of various clans good to be good. Ding Xin turned the head to look at Jin Ben one, deep voice said : „the Jin Ben elder, you returned to the Central arrow with me first 6, I thought you to have the wound in the body, after waiting, I gave you to cure the wound, at this time, we, must maintain the optimum condition, can defeat Zhao Hai.” Several people nodded, Ding Xin looked at Taurus Continent, deep voice said : sooner or later one day, we will snatch here, not only need snatch here, but must also receive in the pouch Ark Continent.” Said that his turn around walks, without recall, several other people also follows in his, instantaneously on leave Taurus Continent, but they responded like this that actually really went out of the anticipation of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai continuously with monitor look at they, Ding Xin they because of continuously flying in the sky, has not used protective shield, the words that therefore they spoke, Zhao Hai hears clear, Zhao Hai has not really thought that this Ding Xin unexpectedly so decisive, retreated directly, this goes out of his anticipation. Zhao Hai calm look at Ding Xin their leave, has not stopped, Laura stands in Zhao Hai nearby said : Elder Brother Hai, it seems like that this fellow is not good to cope, he is different from these God Race, these God Race how many some extremely arrogant, but he actually before long, completely calms down God Race is very fearful, moreover can they target image rotation different God Race, we should remind Xiao Bingya now their?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, this fellow is really not good to cope, especially his in hand that Ultimate Weapon, if we can obtain that Ultimate Weapon, unifies with these Combat Suit that Ultimate Weapon, our fighting strength certainly formidable, that Ultimate Weapon we must take, then has a look whether to unify with Yama Ship, if, that fantastic.” Laura smiles said : certainly, so long as there is Universal Machine, definitely, Elder Brother Hai, now we are not short of money, you looked that also has improved these Domain Weapon that we received, then gave Stone them, these fellows daily are all right now can only be tired of him in my father there, their several regarding research Magic Formation, really did not have what talent, the air/Qi resulted in my father is a day three scolds to them is also useless, I looked at weapon to them, then made them follow in your side to consider as finished, has them, a lot you did not need to process personally, like this isn't it better? Zhao Hai thinks that said : is reasonable, can try, but now is also not the time, after a batch Combat Suit in that Space produces, gave them one to be good.”

Laura smiled said : well, Elder Brother Hai, let's go, told Xiao Bingya them this information, making different God Race also prepare, cannot make them lose is too big, such words different God Race will possibly hate our.” Did Zhao Hai nod, turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, how O'Neal Clan there?” Cai'er shows a faint smile said : Young Master feel relieved, O'Neal Clan there did not have what sound, O'Neal Clan there to send out a battleship to support Aksu Empire there temporarily, but they toward that squad of south, soon presently Demon Realm that Space rift, Young Master, if they present that Space rift, must go in the investigation, that what to do?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : they to look that made them favor, Demon Realm there was different from other landlord, do not forget, Demon Realm there was the belt is poisonous including the air, I to have a look, their were Magic Armor, can anti-poison, if that Magic Armor can also anti-poison, that was better.” Zhao Hai regarded to make own it's in the bag these Magic Armor now, therefore these Magic Armor abilities are formidable he are happy. a.