Xiao Bingya they got these vassal races people to go down to the Taurus Continent deep place, in Taurus Continent big city city to settle down, Xiao Bingya has believed that Zhao Hai will certainly find their, therefore he did not worry. He does not worry, does not represent these vassal races people not to worry, the people of these vassal races now are worries, they did not worry, however after seeing Zhao Hai fighting strength, they worried, Zhao Hai fighting strength stems from the great strength that they anticipate, therefore they want to see Zhao Hai, with Zhao Hai well discussed that. These vassal races such worry to see Zhao Hai , because the present their in the clan is still making war with God Race, but they, may be Elite in their clan, they are not , the people in their clan will suffer a loss. Therefore after seeing the Zhao Hai strength, they asked Zhao Hai to find the way to deliver in the returned to clan them, helping person together in their clan cope with God Race. Zhao Hai and ideas of don’t know these vassal races, he almost does not have what relation with these vassal races, with these vassal race communicate matters, has given Xiao Bingya, therefore regarding these vassal races, Zhao Hai does not have to take a lot of care to pay attention. This is also the one type of performance of Zhao Hai decentralization, if he went all out contacts with these vassal races, will make Xiao Bingya they think that Zhao Hai wants to win over these vassal races, will not do well will possibly go wrong, therefore Zhao Hai has not contacted with these vassal races, the matter in this aspect, has given Xiao Bingya them. After Xiao , after sub their soot is good, Zhao Hai appears sky over their camp, Xiao Bingya their immediately has then put down on hand on matter, flies Yama Ship to see Zhao Hai. Actually Xiao Bingya their present matters are also not many, after all these vassal races with their cooperation relationship, directly do not turn over to their command(er). Xiao Bingya they arrived at Yama Ship to see Zhao Hai to stand on Yama Ship, the look at following camp, Xiao Bingya cannot help but at heart jumped, this twice saw Zhao Hai, has not been leading these vassal races peopleZhao Hai not because this now is mad at him? Thinks of here, Xiao Bingya somewhat cannot help but restless. The Xiao Bingya three people arrive at the Zhao Hai side, bows said : to see mister to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai turns the head the look at three people, shows a faint smile said :, good, good that you make, these people have not gone wrong, is very good, today I look for you, wants you to tell that a matter, God Race person nearest/recent will possibly resort to arms to your different God Race, you must remind person in your clan.” Xiao Bingya one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but onethen face changes, his look at Zhao Hai said : „, what mister said is really?” Zhao Hai nodded said : naturally real, God Race these Supreme Elder presently they do not have the means with me, therefore prepares to begin to different God Race, they had guessed correctly that I alliance got up with you, therefore they prepare to begin to you, making me pass with them fights a decisive battle, therefore you must remind the person in your clan, is careful these fellows. ”

Xiao Bingya face heavy nod said : of is, mister invited mister feel relieved, I will talk clearly with the clan, mister, did below these people, you prepare to process? Can't make them in here so dull? ” Zhao Hai knit the brows said : their many fighting strength not to estimate lightly, moreover now their clansman is making war with God Race, I think they also certainly very wants to go home, however at this time, wants to deliver to go home them, that is not realistic, I look at this, or you send, delivers to your different God Race three Continent to go these people, there also soon made war with God Race in any case, when the time comes they can make war ” should not to have anything with God Race to respond that after all that was from one side has also supported in their clan, I cannot the belt they, under one. The step I prepared to begin to God Race Continent, they attacked your different God Race, I attacked their dens, what to do look at them to be able. ” Xiao Bingya one hear of Zhao Hai said that a heart has put down finally, he fears the Zhao Hai misunderstanding, thinks that he does not want to make these vassal races contact with Zhao Hai, therefore he wants to probe the idea of Zhao Hai, if Zhao Hai has anything to be discontented to him in this aspect, certainly will say that this opportunity, must see the person who these vassal races, now Zhao Hai had not proposed that such request, showed that Zhao Hai simply has not thought that he also on feel relieved. After Xiao Bingya the heart puts down, immediately starts to think that Zhao Hai this proposition possible, Xiao Bingya is also a smart person, the these days these vassal races mood he is also knows that he knows the person who these vassal races wants to go home, however speaks the truth, now wants to deliver to go home these vassal races, that is impossible, delivered them also to bring death in the past, therefore he had not raised this matter. Now a Zhao Hai such saying, to had pointed out to them another road, they can deliver to Foreign God Continent to come up these vassal races, helping them cope with God Race? This truly was from one side has also supported these vassal race and God Race war, if just wants to make these vassal races comply with this to go to Foreign God Continent, was some difficulties. Leaf Hertha and Ryder have not spoken, they before seeing Zhao Hai, own opinion series one by one, for not before Zhao sea surface your mouth my mouth, such words will make Zhao Hai think bothersome. Zhao Hai looked that Xiao Bingya quite a while has not spoken, he also knows that wish makes Xiao Bingya make this matter, there is a certain difficulty, these vassal races impossible complete listens to Xiao Bingya, especially this relationship to their clan future matter, the matter that these vassal races must consider are certainly more, therefore this matter can become finally, must look at Xiao Bingya they. Zhao Hai Xiao Bingya said : this 1 or 2 time attacks, I obtained many provisions to have some military commodities from God Race there, this, they, if wanted your different God Race there help, I gave you grain, if they wanted their race, I did not block to close them, to their some grain, but only sufficed to eat to them, were many.” Xiao Bingya one hear of Zhao Hai said that is actually two eyes one bright, Zhao Hai this saying to reminded to him, they can do to make an issue at provisions this matter. Xiao Bingya bows to Zhao Hai said : is mister, I will handle this matter, invited mister feel relieved.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be good, you handle these matters, has remembered, lets your clansman carefully, the God Race person will have the possibility to attack very much in the near future, moreover they will certainly send out several Supreme Elder. ” Xiao Bingya has complied with one, has gotten down Yama Ship with Ryder and Hertha turn around, when they walk, Zhao Hai immediately entered Yama Ship, opened monitor, now on monitor showed that a O'Neal Clan scout squad they are also three car(riage)s, 50 Magic Armor „, but their present positions, are outside Demon Realm that Space rift.

Must mention O'Neal Clan these Magic Armor Scouts to come, but also is the ting powerful these fellows is driving Magic Armor, scout range very broad, is adding on Magic Armor fighting strength good this to enable many places they to go, therefore Demon Realm that Space rift, is not presently strange. In fact these people compared with must early several days that Zhao Hai expected present Demon Race there that Space rift, Zhao Hai think that they in the Accra Mountain again line there stay some time, after all a that long defense line, are rarely seen, moreover cultivated so was good, there had has fought the trace O'Neal Clan person, should keep several days to be right in there. However Zhao Hai somewhat has actually misjudged, these O'Neal Clan scout Magic Armor, although has carried on scout to Accra Mountain defense line there, but has not actually imagined long time these scout Magic Armor with Zhao Hai that is quick, in adding on Accra Mountain defense line there has left uncultivated, on the mountain is links Magic Beast not to have, therefore these people have not stopped in Accra Mountain defense line here, expunges toward Buddha Empire. The Buddha Empire there situation say nothing, many cities had has fought trace this to arrive lost these scout Magic Armor several days time, but they are also quick presently Demon Realm Space rift. Demon Realm that Space rift is very big, to can see very much, therefore these O'Neal Clan people presently do not have what quite strangely. However is good because of O'Neal Clan Scouts that sends out toward the south is not many, otherwise possibly links God Realm the Space rift also to be able by them presently. Now when Zhao Hai to is somewhat hesitant his don’t know has worked as these O'Neal Clan people presently God Realm the Space rift, he should resist, should put the O'Neal Clan person to come. Words that resists, under they want makes the war with the O'Neal Clan person, can earlier obtains Magic Armor, moreover can turn into their rear Taurus Continent, when makes the war with God Race, they can use are more, more flexible tactic, this regarding Zhao Hai them, has the advantage. If admits Taurus Continent to come the O'Neal Clan person, has certain advantage, this advantage is, they can threaten Thunder Clan using O'Neal Clan, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, now these three clans already injured the strength, if in letting them knows, there is such a formidable enemy to attack, they feared that must consider the escape route, when the time comes Zhao Hai was trying harder, can perhaps receive in Space them, this Zhao Hai point. However Zhao Hai feared that he such does, will play the counter-effect, Thunder Clan, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, was yearning[ from] by race, they, for was not ruled by God Race, has prepared these many years, even dares to plan God Race, when has not prepared, dares God Race to make war, this is not the general race can have the courage that. If Zhao Hai does not resist O'Neal Clan, puts Taurus Continent to come them, the O'Neal Clan person with three big will certainly spring up in a throng the conflict, but the people of three large clans, regarding Zhao Hai fighting strength completely understand, when the time comes they possibly think that Zhao Hai is deliberately admits Taurus Continent O'Neal Clan, at the appointed time Zhao Hai in proposing wants their several large clans to enter the Space matter, may make several large clans think him in planning them, possibly before and fight of Taurus God Race, is thought toward the badness by them, in that case, these three clans are impossible to enter to Zhao Hai Space. Is going out in such consideration, therefore under Zhao Hai did not have to decide the decision, his don’t know should resist now, puts O'Neal Clan. Zhao Hai will never regard fool others, he rather intelligent, such words that others think he can also little make many mistakes.

Moreover Zhao Hai regarding Thunder Clan their three clan also completely understand, he knows that these three clans are not the fools, they just wholeheartedly wanted before[ from] by, can therefore cooperate with Zhao Hai, but before and Taurus God Race war, made them calm, therefore thinks that was planning them, was almost impossible. Exactly said that Zhao Hai does not want to plan them, after all Zhao Hai is not one cruelly the person who is good to kill, his although wants to make Space to come three clans, but actually does not want who three clans die too many, the loss of top three clan so will be heavy, is not Zhao Hai wants to weaken the strengths of three clans, he at that time was for the unity of alliance considered. A Zhao Hai very clear truth, help a man once gains grace, help the man too much gains hatred, Zhao Hai has helped three large clans, three large clans meet grateful he, but if Zhao Hai coping with the Taurus Continent entire process, embraced own bosom, his graciousness to three large clans was too big, big will dread him to the people of three large clans, that was not Zhao Hai wants to see. Therefore now Zhao Hai wants to look for means of satisfying both sides, the person who must let three large clans, will not suspect him, is willing entry of little darling to Space, this means may not be that easy. However this matter can also drag to drag now in the future, now he pays attention was O'Neal Clan that only present the Demon Realm Space rift scout squad, he wants to have a look, this scout squad, what performance will only have. To be honest, Tai Wu their O'Neal Clan the performance of scout squad, let Zhao Hai accident, their performance are really remarkable, very good, the performance of don’t know this squad will be what kind. If this squad displays also and Tai Wu their squads are equally good, that Zhao Hai has to O'Neal Clan fighting strength again carried on to estimate. Has not gotten up the battlefield soldier, they in scout, are good, that will often not do feared that is training very strict standard that they receive, is not they are not outstanding, but is the genuine battlefield, has very big difference with the trainings, is only the atmosphere in battlefield, on and trains completely different. Good that very if the O'Neal Clan two scout squads both display, that explained that O'Neal Clan these years have not gone little to war, they have the a batch well-trained veteran, such person is very dangerous, the O'Neal Clan strength, must upward propose two. Actually in battlefield, strength phase difference between recruit and veteran, minimum in three layers above, but considered what O'Neal Clan uses is Magic Armor, therefore Zhao Hai has drawn such conclusion, O'Neal Clan will be the Zhao Hai enemy, Zhao Hai never will despise any enemy now, he to seeking some enemy attach great importance to! a.