That Space rift of look at not far away, that is incomparably huge Space rift, with Ark Continent is much bigger than before their Atlanta that Space rift of Continent. Before this Space rift is soon , his under the hand/subordinate Magic Armor pilot present, he did not have Jing aim to look in here has anything presently, has not actually thought that his under the hand/subordinate Magic Armor pilot unexpectedly present such incomparably huge Space rift. When sees this Space rift, he has been shocked, such big Space rift, he has not seen, but then he is actually some ji moves, because of this Space rift here and nobody. However is a very careful person, he looked at that Space rift one, turns the head to nearby him is standing that person of said : „, finds five people to come out, has a look to this crack, has a look in this crack is any situation.” That called immediately/on horseback to comply with one, turn around walkedbefore long five Magic Armor to open getting upto fly toward the crack. look at these Magic Armor that pays attention, also the stick wields own under the hand/subordinate, allowing them also to enter to own Magic Armor, prepares to aid that several Magic Armor at any time. In this time, suddenly that several Magic Armor by one type of very quick flew, stares, his immediately/on horseback makes behind that several Magic Armor alert, command(er) three War Chariot/Tank have aimed also at Space rift. However what makes his disappointed is, ” anything does not have in that Space rift, with has the enemy who he imagines to clash completely differently, that Space rift there very peaceful. This Gempek very puzzled, in, that five Magic Armor Mecha that just went in opened, that five people jumped down from Magic Armor, but they jump downsomewhat staggers, stares slightly, immediately/on horseback rushes to side, face somewhat was black he to look at said : quickly to solve poison. ” After has gawked one next, immediately runs up to War Chariot/Tank, solution poison that put out a jar jar is O'Neal Clan specially with compounding.

Has put out solution poison, has delivered to mouth, after that solution poison swallows down, this let out a long breaththen has closed the eye, some little time he opens the eye, let out a long breath said : my goodness was too dangerous. ” look at said : „? How did you just go on poisoned?” Has smiled bitterly next step: „ Was too dangerous, that said in Space rift, was a piece of dark red world there Sun is dark red , but I have not actually thought that the there air has toxin, Chick's toxin detector was starting, we were saying. Stares, immediately/on horseback feeds to understand poison to several other people in addition, after waiting for several people to restore to come, 27 or 28-year-old looked like to one person said : of very honest duty Chick, in that Space rift following Space real poisonous?”, Chick nodded, nodded said : is, according to the fresh convention, is entering to a strange place my toxin detector can open, these time is also same, has not thought just went, my toxin detector left the warning, we have not bumped any thing, the explanation of that sole was the there air abundantly includes toxin.”, Nodded to frown look at that to say Space rift, his impossible look at such big Space rift pays no attention, such words are not one appropriate scout. Reason that wants to be because he knows that in that Space has toxin not to represent in that person of Space not to have life formis such place, may more have some more formidable Magic Beast. In Atlanta Continent there, on the has plenty very special place, some places is also in Space includes toxin, but in these places, has the Magic Beast survival, in Magic Armor of there survival, their strength formidable, difficult will deal with. Now here appears such big Space rift ”, but behind Space rift, is one includes toxin Space, this to Huppe them absolutely is not good information, if they cannot the Space rift following world clarifying, that here forever will be a hidden danger. But what most Gempek is worried, in this Space rift not far away, the incomparably huge city, in this citycan survival several ten of millions, but this big city city although said that now was abandoned, but after underwent the careful observation, can look, this big city city has not strengthened completely, he looks like broken, is not because creates in disrepair after many years, but is because has not constructed well on giving up.

Can live in the big city city of several ten of millions person, no matter that Continent, is a very enormous project, is ”, but now is actually given up, this that nobody will give easily up too did not gather the common sense, this situation, only then one type of explained that they met extraordinarily do not give up the accident of this city! Thinks of here, cannot help but knit the browsthis urban and architectural styles of other Ark Continent cities has some not to be different ” the place that moreover this city establishes with this Space rift appears place was really the big coincidence, what most important was, after carefully observed this city, obtained a knot wheel, establishment of this city, prepared for this Space rift completely, in other words, this place city was very likely behind Space rift to come out the person to establish. At this time had arrived at side, deep voice to said : Penit, now what to do?” Looked at that to say Space rift one, deep voice said : what, no matter that crack following Space were, we must look, like this, made big to start protective shield, took solves poison, in scout.”, Complied with oneturn around to be straight, he also knows decision was correct ”, but he was extremely worried, Magic Armor opened protective shield, truly can filter it many toxin ”, but conversely, increased regarding the consumption of energy, such as wanted originally not to open protective shield Magic Armor, can the flight hundred thousand meter, that open protective shield Magic Armor, most can only fly six to 70,000 meters. protective shield regarding the consumption of energy is very big, but he very supports decision, if cannot clarify behind Space rift to have anything, they will not feel at ease. Zhao Hai sits in Space, look at their movements, one hear of said that must open protective shield to enter to Space rift, cannot help but nod of gently, turns the head to Laura said :, this fellow also is really good, it seems like that the O'Neal Clan strength is not ordinary, their Clan inside room has these many experienced veterans, is not good to deal with.”, Laura nodded, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, if O'Neal Clan come these person of rub to God Realm here, what to do we can? Puts them to come in? Doesn't put them to come in?” Zhao Hai knit the brows said : to speak the truth, I somewhat cannot make up mind now, put the advantage that they enter to put, does not put the advantage that does not put, how I really am don’t know must decide to be good.” Laura look at Zhao Hai said : that Elder Brother Hai your meaning?”, Zhao Hai forced smile said :, my meaning is, wants they to get so far as in Space Thunder Clan, but obviously, this is not that easy, that the temperament of three putting is not quite good, if makes them presently we plan them, they possibly would rather die than to enter Space.” Did Laura nod, turns the head look at Lizzy their said : what great idea you to have?”, Lizzy knit the brows said : Elder Brother Hai, when really the incorrect words, we pressed previously to cope with the God Race office to deal with according to law to make Thunder Clan their three clans also participate in the defense of Space rift cominghow difficult to make them see with one's own eyes O'Neal Clan are deal with, when the time comes we were allowing them to enter Space, do I want people should not be difficult like this? ”

Zhao Hai noddedthis idea is also not the best idea, but currently speaking, this idea to is good. Megan also in a soft voice said : Elder Brother Hai, we can also make Thunder Clan they know, perhaps now the Taurus Continent here situation, can a little use.”, Zhao Hai nodded said : „the present looks like , can only be first like this, later after having anything changed, was saying that if really incorrect words, we also only then gave up Thunder Clan their three clans, no matter whatwe cannot like treating God Race force they. ” Laura nodded, butthey entered in own Magic Armor at this time, opened Magic Armor protective shield, brought well Detoxification Potion, second time entered in Space rift. look at of Zhao Hai on the screen they, shows a faint smile said :Magic Armor of these fellows also is really very good, brings the protective shield function unexpectedly, it seems like, our ear by province many vigor. Laura shows a faint smile said : Elder Brother Hai actually I to is sinks, these Magic Armor regarding us, the use are not very big, you think ” the person in present Space, lowest arrived at 9th level, making them grow slowly, after will become God Rank Expertto God Rank, we can make them use God Race the Combat Suit person, these didn't Magic Armor regarding us, have the too big use probably? ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : present looks like these Magic Armor regarding us, the use is not big, but we must see these Magic Armor future, these Magic Armor can strength that bad to have the God Rank Expert strength, if we will cause better Magic Armor in the future, can let the God Rank Expert strength, obtains ten times, even hundred times of promotion, then regarding us, isn't more useful? Most said that these Magic Armor cannot have too big help also to meet the has plenty help to our fighting strengthregarding our life ”, not? ” One hear of Zhao Hai said that in thinks that ” Laura of these special Magic Armor when constructing huge ship the performance also cannot help but nodded, these special Magic Armor, are constructing the performance of huge ship time, was really too perfect ”, if they had such Magic Armor, will save many strengths. a.