Megan look at screen said :...... Elder Brother Hai, Demon Realm there does open up a mine must summon in these Undead Creature and Iron Armor Beast that? If we do not summon, can by them present. ”

In Demon Realm there, various ore has plenty, now Zhao Hai mines with Iron Armor Beast and Undead Creature, but Demon Realm there various ores, some in surface good, these Iron Armor Beast and Undead Creature that therefore Zhao Hai sends out, although also digs out some ores to say now, but has plenty works in the surface, in this case, soon they will be given by present, therefore Megan such asked. Zhao Hai chuckle said : does not use, I to have a look, they after present these Undead Creature and Iron Armor Beast, what response will have, if really the incorrect words, we first got so far as in these Magic Armor and War Chariot/Tank Space.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura they know Zhao Hai these time took a walk killing intent, although their this ju O'Neal Clan Magic Armor and War Chariot/Tank extinguishing, will likely have caused the attention of O'Neal Clan, however at this time, destroyed completely O'Neal Clan the scout squad, was some advantage. Now the O'Neal Clan attention, should be passed to the attraction by Underworld there, if in here, by Zhao Hai they this scout squad destroying completely, that O'Neal Clan will possibly fluster, but they certainly not such willingly gives up Ark Continent, they certainly south a time sending out person will communicate comes scout, in that case, must use the several days time. Before Zhao Hai had not begun to O'Neal Clan, feared one, but they began to O'Neal Clan, the O'Neal Clan person running away in fear, he has also thought that multi- audiences O'Neal Clan in hand dug to an advantage, did not think now running away in fear O'Neal Clan. However now looks like, his worry was somewhat unnecessary, regarding the O'Neal Clan person, Ark Continent here attracted gravitational force is really too big, making them give up Ark Continent here, they really did not give up. But when Zhao Hai is paying attention to this only scout squad, O'Neal Clan Patriarch, in one time information that receives Lu Shiming they to pass on, making them know, Dark mist that in these Innate Yin Land producedslowly was still expanding own domain, this made O'Neal Clan at once somewhat in a dilemma. Before presently the Underworld there situation, they only think that there is the one type of performance of Innate Yin Land, so long as they did not annoy him, that Innate Yin Land there should not have anything to threaten, but now looked like is actually not that a matter, in here Innate Yin Land their Atlanta Continent there was different. O'Neal Clan Patriarch in one time called in these generals own study room, ” told them information that Lu Shiming came back.

These generals heard this information also to stare, then they were the face big changes, this regarding their O'Neal Clan, absolutely was not good information. Expansion that Underworld Dark mist keeps, then said on equal to, slowly will have seized entire Ark Continent, although said that now in their Clan has made the arrangement, went to Clan to adjust strong cannon to come, but these strong cannon whether to block the expansion of Dark mist, was actually an issue. In Atlanta Continent there, strong cannon can cope with Dark mist in Innate Yin Land ”, but Atlanta Continent there Innate Yin Land will not expand, Innate Yin Land that now this can expand, area so is big, strong cannon in their Clan, can play big doing with not to say. If strong cannon is accidentally useless, aspect that O'Neal Clan faces has troubled, Clan regarding the motion of this Ark Continent, the investment was too big, if really because of Dark mist, but gives up the Ark Continent here words, was too big regarding the attack of O'Neal Clan. O'Neal Clan Patriarch look at these peopledeep voice said : peaceful.” His sound is not high, but presented all people peaceful, this Patriarch in O'Neal Clan, the status was very high. Patriarch looked at these person, deep voice said : has flustered anything these Dark mist not to give to coat Ark Continent immediately, said it, these Dark mist protected is not quick, in adding on our Clan strong cannon immediately that opened must ship, when the time comes can perhaps cope with these Dark mist, what now is important was the southern scout work, we to few of too south Ark Continent understanding, we must do now, must awareness as soon as possible, Ark Continent here be able to give us to bring many big advantage, now on this place that we seize, considered the minerals on already presently. Dozens types, some are our O'Neal Clan need, can say that Ark Continent here regarding our O'Neal Clan, is a giant treasure house, we cannot give up, now how therefore we must have a look at the Ark Continent southern situation, if the Ark Continent southern situation is good, we can definitely unfold in the Ark Continent south, will expand the long Innate Yin place regarding that must keep off at the same time draws back at the same time, at the same time in slowly wants the means to cope with them, you do not want? That Innate Yin Land will expand, but that Space rift is appears , that is we do not come the side * Continent here, sooner or later one day, Dark mist of that crisp day yin place will also flutter to our O'Neal Clan domain, when the time comes we not passive? Now we most at least can on own initiative. ” As soon as the people listened to Patriarch saying that also in making noise, they also knows Innate Yin Land that right that Patriarch said that that can expand, after was not they to Ark Continent, appears , but before was, had, even if were they have not arrived at Ark Continent to come up, so long as when the time comes these Dark mist fluttered to Atlanta Continent goes, they same must deal with. Now was just ahead of time present danger, moreover besides the danger, they can also get so far as other ores and thing that they needed from Ark Continent here, this regarding them, is gains. One thinks, these people at heart is a loosen, actually any issue related both sides xing, you at the same time saw the fault, can think in turn, possibly sees was the different result.

Patriarch looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : has gotten down, immediately/on horseback sent several teams of scout squads, toward south scout, must within the shortest time, give me rub to be clear the Ark Continent southern situation, went.” The people have complied with one, turned the head, after they exited, Patriarch let out a long breath, to be honest, he now to the view of Ark Continent here, does not have to be so optimistic, now south Ark Continent that he said is any situation, but also don’t know, but the north here situation, actually was really less optimistic. Sighed, has rubbed own brow gently, now Ark Continent here is a mire, arrived at to complete falling in their O'Neal Clan, now was to want him leaves late, currently speaking, O'Neal Clan, only then two roads were good \; first, was given to embezzle by Ark Continent the mire, another rub from this mire left the a piece gold, take home who high happy was popular went. They now actually in don’t know Clan are any situations, they also careful is investigating in Demon Realm, but after looking at Demon Race several cities, they feel very strange. They and don’t know here is Demon Realm, but they can affirm that here certainly is not Ark Continent, that Space rift, already did not have, but the here situation is almost same as Ark Continent there, all people moved out, all cities emptied. Moreover from the here situation, the moving time of here person, wants in the evening some compared with Ark Continent there, what most important is, the here Magic Beast quantity, be much more than Ark Continent there. After looking at several cities, they have to draw back from Demon Realm, energy that their Magic Armor remain are not many, if one, but Magic Armor did not have energy, they must die in here without doubt. here is not Ark Continent, in Ark Continent there, even if were their Magic Armor did not have energy, so long as they left the signal, naturally some people will meet them, however in Demon Realm here, if their Magic Armor one, but did not have energy, considered these Magic Beast and here poisonous Space, fully can want their life. Zhao Hai looked that they withdrew from Demon Realm Space, cannot help but shows a faint smile, turns the head to show a faint smile said : to Laura according to current situation, O'Neal Clan wants the rub clear Demon Realm there situation, feared that is for a long time is good, it seems like we can cope with God Race relieved.” At this time Cai'er suddenly said : Young Master, O'Neal Clan had sent out several scout squads, came toward southern here, it seems like they want the rub clear Ark Continent southern situation as soon as possible.”

Zhao Hai stares, then transferred the screen, from Rosen Empire there, there are several scout squads from Rosen Empire toward the south, moreover was quick. Zhao Hai nodded said : looks like O'Neal Clan wants to make understand the Ark Continent southern situation , was making the next step arrangement, good, making them look up, so long as we Space rift there arranged some soldiers to defend, I to have a look, they also had any means.” Laura shows a faint smile said : Elder Brother Hai, how not to begin to O'Neal Clan, if we give to tidy up the people of O'Neill clan now, isn't it better? Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to worry, O'Neal Clan sooner or later must tidy up, but is not now, I think that now the quick point obtains God Race these Ultimate Weapon, if in coping with the O'Neal Clan process, my energy use are too many, finally has to ascend, but we also have not obtained the God Race Ultimate Weapon words, our losses may be big.” Laura their face change, Lizzy immediately/on horseback said : Elder Brother Hai? Now is the feeling of that repel stronger?” Zhao Hai is smiling bitterly nod, currently he every time uses time energy, felt that here Law of the Heaven and Earth, must drive away him like immediately, this feeling lets Zhao Hai very uncomfortable, but does not have any means that therefore he can only reduce itself to use the energy number of times. a.