Zhao Hai when observes O'Neal Clan, Xiao Bingya they in persuading these * the race person go to Foreign God Continent, before handling this matter, Xiao Bingya they had the mental preparation, they know that will encounter many difficulties, but they have not thought that this difficulty left their imagination. After these vassal types places hears the proposition of Xiao Bingya, immediately has exploded, even some temperament are not good, starts to suspect that Xiao Bingya they deceive them with false information intentionally, lets them and God Race gets angry, is making them work as the cannon fodder, with the God Race war. To be honest, in this case, these vassal races will have such idea, is not strange, these people have, simply is the God Race most faithful running dog, their pupils to oppose God Race with these many person together , because opposed God Race had too, their simply did not have the rebel ability, if their population occupied superiorly, they will possibly be helping God Race[ town] pressed this vassal race big rebellion. Before they do not dare to make noise, but now is different, now Xiao Bingya proposed that like this saw intent, in these vassal races most people will not agree that these person of immediately jumped came out to agitate, at once aspect some not by control. If not because Zhao Hai has not given them the grain now, these people possibly started to make Zhao Hai now instead. Xiao Bingya they had not expected completely attended the meeting is this aspect, their young, in different God Race, the status are also not too high, has not dealt with the experience of this scene completely, therefore at once, how they also real don’t know must handle. Xiao Bingya sits in the room, Ryder and Hertha also sits in there, three people somewhat look distressed, now outside these vassal races also in noisy, Xiao Bingya completely lost control ability to them, moreover under inciting of these people with high aspirations, some vassal races people, even proposed that must look for Zhao Hai the idea that wants the grain to go home. If before is not, Zhao Hai when copes is too strong, the people of these vassal races the God Race base displays, feared that already ran to hit Zhao Hai to want the grain. However Xiao Bingya also knows that this aspect feared could not only hold how long, because Xiao Bingya knows that now in these vassal races spread the one type of sound, he thinks that Zhao Hai will not begin to them, Zhao Hai does not dare to begin to them, because their population had about hundred million, will not slaughter about hundred million people of degree any person frantic to the one breath. This sound is very most from the beginning small, after all the Zhao Hai strength is placed in there, however the quick person had saying that at that time when attacked the God Race base, Zhao Hai just breaking through has not killed many people the God Race base, God Race person who finally these ran away, where also delivering to don’t know went with Space Divergent Technique by Zhao Hai, has not killed, this has given these person confidence, how therefore this Zhao Hai does not dare they voice, to make a sound more and more. Xiao Bingya also knows certainly that in these vassal races has this sound, moreover he also fully opposed the person who these vassal races looks Zhao Hai wants the grain because of Xiao Bingya very clear, Zhao Hai is not the kindhearted person, slaughters 100 million people, what matter regarding Zhao Hai is not, now the Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature quantity feared that was crosses 200 million, in hand had two hundred million Undead Creature people, will care is killing 100 million people? Do not be naive. However now the people of these vassal races, simply nobody listen his, therefore Xiao Bingya is means does not have, can only hide in the room to worry. Ryder look at Xiao Bingya appearance deep voice said : Bingya, with these fellow polite anything, I looked that tells mister mister to teach the jade well one this matter these fellows.” Xiao Bingya looked at Ryder one eyes, has smiled bitterly next step: I also want to tell mister however this matter am the matter that mister arranges us to handle, finally we have actually made into this appearance, how this makes me have a face to see mister.” As soon as Ryder listened to Xiao Bingya saying that also does not make noise, this matter they truly were the office have pounded, he also felt own present does not have the face to see Zhao Hai.

At this time leaf Hertha actually deep voice said : I think that we should tell mister this matter, if made these people look for mister, but mister to this matter don’t know, that mister will be very passive, we have made a mistake a time, cannot in the wrong second time.” Xiao Bingya one hear of leaf Hertha said that stares slightly, then his two eyes bright said : good, good that you said that this matter truly should make mister know that otherwise we were unfair to mister, walked, our immediately/on horseback saw mister.” Leaf Hertha one blocks Xiao Bingya said : now you unable to exit, as soon as you exited, these people with you, when the time comes their seize the opportunity will certainly see mister, Bingya, with Message Fish, told mister this information, how having a look at mister must process, we have managed to pound in any case, did not fear that was losing face.” Xiao Bingya look at leaf Hertha, his very clear, a Elf clan most is concerned about face-saving, but leaf Hertha can actually say such words to come today, it seems like she is convinced to Zhao Hai really very much, the complete start has considered for Zhao Hai. What Xiao Bingya has not said that but nodded, then has put out Message Fish, deep voice said :, mister, mister, you in?” Zhao Hai in research, how must deal with these multi- Scouts that O'Neal Clan suddenly sends out, these Scouts appears , expressed that the O'Neal Clan person quick present God Realm here Space rift, when the time comes the war will explode. Before Zhao Hai said that so long as he stationed the army to be OK in Space rift defense line there, but the matter was actually not that simple, the issue of most core, was three big races issues. Zhao Hai really wants to receive in own Space three big races, because he has fought with three big race together after all, Zhao Hai can affirm, if he leaves leave, no matter Underworld or Atlanta Continent, is not three big races can block, therefore Zhao Hai wants to receive in Space three big races, helping them cross with Demon Race, Ark Continent and Gnome same life, does not need to feel alarmed and anxious. However this is not obviously easy, in this world is most difficult to ponder over is the will of the people, Zhao Hai feared that own good intention, by three big race misunderstandings, that will not be been good. In this time, Zhao Hai was feeling that has Message Fish to call, he puts out Message Fish to look, is Xiao Bingya that Message Fish, Zhao Hai deep voice said : I in Bingya, your there preparation how?” Heard Zhao Hai saying that Xiao Bingya felt somewhat shamefully, his deep voice said : was unfair to mister I to manage to pound.” Zhao Hai stares, puzzled said : what's the matter?” Xiao Bingya not bears said to Zhao Hai the matter, he completely lost in any case now to these vassal races control abilities. After Zhao Hai hear Xiao Bingya words, face is somewhat ugly, he has not thought that the people of these vassal races, unexpectedly such being unappreciative, want to compel the palace unexpectedly.

Sat they also hears Xiao Bingya words their face somewhat to be also ugly in nearby Lizzy, before they have thought Zhao Hai when processing three big races relationship, some hauling was not refreshed, the worry were too many, they thought that simply did not need. The matter that however now these vassal races handle, why let Lizzy their understand Zhao Hai so many worries, these worries were not Zhao Hai imagination baseless, but may live. With these vassal races, their clansman is making war with God Race, moreover their actually simply don’t know is still God Race works oneself to death in there, what is most pitiful, God Race has wanted to use the grain deactivation they, when they completely lose fighting strength time, was giving to tidy up them. In this case Xiao Bingya is bringing grain appears in their front, that is their great kindness people, Xiao Bingya proposed absolutely makes them go to Foreign God Continent to be also good for them, but actually received such effect, this is Lizzy they have not thought. When Xiao Bingya said that Zhao Hai deep voice said : was good I to know, Bingya, this matter you did not need to manage when anything has not lived, protected you to be good.” Said that Zhao Hai received Message Fish. Lizzy face ugly said : these people did not know good from bad Elder Brother Hai, should we teach the jade well their?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, cold sound said : does not worry, must teach the jade them, must make them find an excuse to us to be good, he he, I to let their quick cause disturbance .” Regarding Laura of Zhao Hai understanding they, listened to killing intent of faint trace from the Zhao Hai words, their very clear, this Zhao Hai lost one's temper , it seems like that the armies of these vassal races must have bad luck. However they have not thought must urge Zhao Hai, the procedures of these vassal races, ji has gotten angry them, if were not Zhao Hai said that did not worry, Lizzy now command(er) Undead Creature army, has tidied up these vassal races. Xiao Bingya received Message Fish, turned the head to look at Ryder and Hertha, deep voice said : you sees the response of mister? What method will mister with cope with them?” Ryder sneers said : mister is not the heart kind tenderhearted person, these people must have bad luck, but this is also good, these did not have thing of conscience, initially we, they already to starve to death, now just ate to sate the appetite gets angry does not recognize people.” Leaf Hertha shows a faint smile said :to consider as finished, making them know mister fierce also good, like this, they do not dare to do against with mister, mister command(er) they, will facilitate. Three people were saying time, these vassal races have also prepared to go to Zhao Hai there to compel the palace, now Yama Ship stops in leaving their camp not far away sky, they can definitely look for Zhao Hai, simply do not need Xiao Bingya they to guide. Now these people already agitated lost the reason, they already forgets themselves soon to starve to death, is Zhao Hai makes Xiao Bingya bring the grain to save them, in their opinion, Zhao Hai must regard the cannon fodder to cause them now, they must make Zhao Hai know their fierce. Quick, under the agitations of several people, about hundred million vassal race army flew, slowly flies toward Zhao Hai Yama Ship, encircled Yama Ship in the middle.

But Zhao Hai is sitting in Space now, the sounds of look at these people, looked that these people have encircled, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : really not to have patience, such quickly flushed, a meaning did not have, Meg, displayed the table outside, I to was want to take a look, these people can cause any hua type, Cai'er, has remembered that several take the lead, do not make them run.” Meg and Cai'er have complied with one, has prepared, Zhao Hai turns the head their said : how to bow us also to Laura to exit, I to have a look, these fellows will compel me to give them with any method the grain.” Laura their several are also face cold frost has stood, walks outward, outside Meg has set out the table, on the table was putting several types of small desserts, several glasses of red wines, the liquor of blood red , looked like the blood is the same. Zhao Hai sat on the seat of honor, Laura they also sat his side, several people sat in there, vassal clansman that static look at these encircled. To be honest, by 100 million people the feeling that what surrounds to be wants? Believes no matter in Ark Continent there, is in Earth, nobody can reply, if you must ask Zhao Hai now, what is felt by 100 million people of surrounding? Zhao Hai will possibly reply you, had not felt. The people of Zhao Hai look at these vassal races, calm, does not have a fear or frightened at heart, an earthman saw that 100 million ants are calmer, if an earthman sees 100 million ants, perhaps he will be scared to death, because these ants can truncate his swallow alive exactly. However these vassal races people, in the Zhao Hai eye, Gong Bu but who also 100 million ants have not come , the ant is very small and weak, is when they gather, the strength is very fearful, but these people are different, their present although gathered, so long as encounters the difficulty, they will launch, simply is nothing to speak. Slowly, the people of these vassal races, to Zhao Hai getting closer and closer, Zhao Hai calm look at they, his in hand were taking wine glass, gently is swinging, in the cup the liquid of that blood red , spins in the transparent cup, looks like a blood whirlpool, Laura their simply has not actually looked at these people, sitting of their each and every one calm in there, is drinking the in hand red wine. Before met this scene time, Laura they will not have such performance, since Zhao Hai has made such expression, Laura they presently, such do are really very good, had the demeanor very much, therefore their each and every one was also studying the Zhao Hai appearance, sitting of calm in there, to all around fresh matter, point also don’t know was probably same. The people of these vassal races, Yama Ship sphering, Yama Ship have not increased now, during these 100 million people of surrounding, probably must be been same by the small boat that the whirlpool swallows. However is so, these vassal races people, nobody dares to embark, they encircle in Yama Ship outside, look at sit in bow there, is drinking red wine Zhao Hai, look at Zhao Hai that graceful movement, they cannot bear swallow the saliva, somewhat are presently anxious. a.