Zhao Hai looks straight at has not looked at these person of one, he is only look at in hand wine glass, then in a soft voice said : „is What happened? everybody looks my?” The people of these vassal races presently Zhao Hai sound calm, his body probably does not have point imposing manner ”, but don’t know why, they still feel anxious, very anxious, especially before , that several people who has clamored, they are swallowing the saliva that keeps, could not say including the words at once. Zhao Hai gained ground to sweep their one eyes, turned the head on oneself in hand wine glasshe to hold up wine glass the vision gently, let wine glass to Sun, in wine glass the liquor fluid of that blood red appeared jiao is more colorful ”, but looked like in these vassal races, actually that strange. Finally, these vassal races could not bear, in which person has stood, look at Zhao Hai, said loudly: Mr. Zhao Hai, we want to discuss that with you.” Zhao Hai turned the head to look at that person of one, swept these to encircle vassal clansmansaid : nearby Yama Ship to discuss in a soft voice „? These many people want together to talk that to me? The way that your clan talked also was really very special.” That person of face one redthen he looked at behind person one eyesas if to have the energy to be commondeep voice to Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, first we must thank you to save us, if were not you, now we have possibly starved to death.” Zhao Hai has not made noise, but swung wine glass said : I not to think must save you, was Xiao Bingya said that you with them were the allies, what relationship asking me to save your me to have with you? However is not Xiao Bingya, why I must save you. ” That person one was given by Zhao Hai lived, he wants to first use courtesy and then use force, but now looks like, this ritual Zhao Hai does not receive, that has to dispatch troops directly. That face sinks, cold sound said : „, since mister said that we did not use in grateful mister, asked mister to give back to us our grain?” Zhao Hai was at heart more disappointed to these people, he looked at that person of one, puzzled said : grain? What grain? My does Zhao Hai owe you grain?”

That person of calm face said : do not install with us silly, was you have tribulation the God Race grain, now gives us these grain.” Zhao Hai look at that person of appearanceshowing a faint smile said : suddenly that I must confirm first, are you God Race? Even if you are God Race, I cannot give you grain, because God Race is my enemy, you had heard snatches itself the grain of enemy to give back to the enemy? If your recognize are not God Race, your also two status my ally, is not my ally, if you are my ally, I naturally will give you grain ancient measure of length, my ally must listen to my arrangement ”, if you are not my allies, that with I irregular person, with I irregular person, why I can give you grain? ” What Zhao Hai this saying said is flawlessthese people truly has no reason to manage Zhao Hai to want the grain, if their recognize are God Race, that was the Zhao Hai enemy, Zhao Hai was impossible to give them grain ”, if they were the Zhao Hai allies, Zhao Hai although has not stated clearly, but the meaning in that words also let their understand, had such gathers round the pledge air/Qi, the aggressive wanting grain? If they said that they are not allythat are passer-by armorpasser-by armor, why to manage Zhao Hai to want the grain? The people of these vassal racesfor a while the quilt a few words could not say in there ”, are in this time, a vassal race person, suddenly said loudly: Zhao Hai, I asked that you are our clansman simply have not made war with God Race, all these is a rumor that you compileyou want to deceive us to work oneself to death to you, is right? ” Zhao Hai look at that person, like looking at an idiot, some little time Zhao Hai deep voice said : „your? Said these many, what my don’t know you were saying, what advantage do I deceive you to have? Do you work oneself to death to me? I have no need, your lives did not have these grain to be valuable, my under the hand/subordinate Undead Creature army, does not need to eat the grain, goes all out for me in the same old way.” That person who just spoke, is Zhao Hai lets one that in vassal clansman Cai'er paid attention, he elected to mention this matter at this time, wanted ji to have these vassal races at heart to the hatred of Zhao Hai. Reply of Zhao Hai actually very interesting, the people of these vassal races, saw Zhao Hai with Undead Creature army, the person who God Race these escape from the base to the process that compelling to fall, Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature army, quantity, but are many, Zhao Hai said at this time, had indicatedI did not care about you to strive. One hear of Zhao Hai said that some vassal races people calm, they were instigated beforehas not thought of this point, now by a Zhao Hai such reminder, they suddenly has been remembered, Zhao Hai also has one, quantity extremely enormous Undead Creature army, moreover fighting strength probably not weak appearance. However many vassal races in the contempt meaning of by Zhao Hai words were actually given angrily, the scene clamoring, some vassal races started restless yu to move at once.

That several people who Zhao Hai calm look at these people, he pay attention to specially, now look at Zhao Hai of standing of face proud in the crowd, probably how wants to have a look at Zhao Hai to deal with this scene. Zhao Hai both eyes like knife point same has swept these person of one, then he took up wine glassto drink red wine, then has put on wine glass the table gently, slowly has stood, looked at these vassal race one, deep voice said : you said that I was am deceiving you? Your clansman haven't simply fought with God Race? Do I want to let your clansman and God Race get angry? Good, I ask you, do I have this necessity? Now I have Taurus Continent God Race five big Supreme Elder alliance to get up, has not remained, seven Great Elder want to look for my trouble, finally also has to withdraw from Taurus Continent, do I need to use you? Did you too look at yourselves high? ”, These vassal race one hear of Zhao Hai said that has gawked, because in just them still in clamoring, the Zhao Hai sound clearly passed to their ears, seems like same in their ear speeches, person who this lets these vassal races, one great strength of Zhao Hai they some was also calm on understand ”. However had this time, a sound conveyed said : do not listen to his talk nonsense from the crowd, he was wants us to work oneself to death for him, but must draw in our clan, reason that God Race Supreme Elder will retreat, might very much because of us in here, now we need in the returned to clan, explained clearly to God Race, otherwise we must make war with God Race!” This saying looked like pours trough oil in fire is the same, making these vassal races just calm down the intelligence, once again was burnt fainted. Good, has many vassal races to want in making God Race instead, but wants in making God Race instead, must first pay attention to keep secret, will otherwise be realized by God Race, that will welcome God Race formidable[ town] pressure, therefore many people in these vassal racesactually and don’t know in their clan is any meaningbecause of the great strength of God Race, their hearts of hearts have fears God Race ”, therefore some present one hear of people said that in their subconscious on believing the words of this person, even they were basic have not paid attention saying that who the person of this saying was. When person clamoring of these vassal races, who don’t know is, among suddenly toward Zhao Hai Yama Ship on has projected a flying axe, although this flying axe directly by the Yama Ship following water spray whirling away ”, but this flying axe actually like is a signal, person who lets these vassal races, one[ is popular] has exerted, overran toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looks at the appearances of these people, vassal clansman that was actually two eyes one coldhis coldly snorted one, Yama Ship has increased instantaneouslythese before clashes, can see Zhao Hai, however in ” is not Zhao Hai that instantaneous they presently see ”, but was the ship's bottom of Yama Ship, Yama Ship ship's bottom that dark blue wave hua. Before they also experienced Yama Ship to increase change the small skills, at that time but left was very farthey unable to feel any shock, but now is different, they stood in Yama Ship following look at Yama Ship, in this case, they natural one felt Yama Ship that overbearing incomparable imposing manner, at once before these vassal clansman that flushed, in there, don’t know are this advancing or this retreat. They were shocked, Zhao Hai has not actually been shocked, Zhao Hai command(er) Yama Ship straight proceeds to flush away, this clashes very fast, these vassal races to reason with Zhao Hai, what station is the secret collection lineup, now attacks, lineup secret Ji, Zhao Hai this proceeds to clash, these people want to hide do not have the place to hide, Yama Ship broke through the edge runner of ant colony like one, the place visited, cannot be seeing one living vassal clansman. When the vassal race stares, Zhao Hai has harnessed Yama Ship to rush to outside vassal race Great Formationthen a Zhao Hai revolution of bowYama Ship again to aim at these vassal clansman.

These vassal clansman, looked at Yama Ship, looked at one that by the gap that Yama Ship clashes, cannot bear at heart coldly, they are clear seeing, just Yama Ship overranthat clashes minimum exterminate the more than 1 million person, this was too terrorist. Now looked that the Zhao Hai bow fell, these vassal clansman starts the braving cold air outward at heart, now they present, they in Zhao Hai front anything are not, person in many, in the Zhao Hai front is also dish, but also thinks that Zhao Hai will lookwill not begin to them in person many shares, now they presently, were too naive. At this time finally some people thought that Zhao Hai is Dark Magician, Commander hundred million Undead Creature army Dark Magician, could such person be a softhearted person? You are are not cracking a joke! At this time, Yama Ship in one time had the impact on them, sees this situation, these vassal clansman psychological defense lines collapsedsome people unable to bear throw down weapon finally to escape. In these vassal races is not the hero, ” alpha dog has occupied a large part very much obviously! a.