Chaotic Sword God - Volume 1 - Chapter 89
Chapter 89 Silver Striped Golden Snake When Light Wind Sword in Jian Chen hand just punctured half, arrives at [gold/metal]' color', just likes the rattan shape thing also from the water fast' shooting', in Jian Chen assault toward midair. When Jian Chen Light Wind Sword with this [gold/metal]' color' just likes the rattan shape thing hits when the same place, the posture of Jian Chen that whereabouts stops, the entire body maintains is puncturing the posture of sword to hang upside down in airborne, but the Light Wind Sword sword is sharp, accurate arrives in this [gold/metal]' color' the head of rattan. So after has continued two breath, suddenly, by rill jungle place, is together [gold/metal]' color' the rattan broke through the hidden mark of weed to explode' shooting', pulled out toward Jian Chen by extremely quick speed. Jian Chen face' color' invariable, takes [gold/metal] that under Light Wind Sword supports' color' rattan to borrow point of force, the entire right arm catches up suddenly, the body prances immediately, flies high steady falling of revolving on small lake border, just fell on small lake border, Jian Chen immediately placing small lake border has put on by quickest clothes on speed. After the clothes put on, Jian Chen raise one's head sizes up is attacking own the [gold/metal]' color' rattan, sees only this [gold/metal]' color' the rattan is one only has the wrist|skill thick or thin snake unexpectedly, the entire body assumes gold' color', in the body also has several silver white' color' the line goes from the forehead toward the end spread by a straight line, body special long of golden snake, is only violent' dew' has 56 meters length outside part, when Jian Chen notes to this [gold/metal]' color' that faint trace silver white' color' when line, on face god.' Color' stares slightly, but as if remembered anything to resemble to result in afterward, face' color' suddenly big change, being able not help called out in alarm makes noise: Silver Striped Golden Snake!” Silver Striped Golden Snake, is these books of Jian Chen in reading the college library in saw that Silver Striped Golden Snake belongs to very rare variety in snake type, was known as that snake type emperor, takes a broad view at entire Tian Yuan Continent that millions of Demonic Beast, the Silver Striped Golden Snake quantity, is very difficult to achieve three figures. Precious of Silver Striped Golden Snake in quantity scarce degree, but lies in it, its pulp or blood' fluid', has the non- storehouse high value, violent poisonousness that especially Silver Striped Golden Snake itself contains, is the type of valuable non- city on Tian Yuan Continent. Because this type violently poisonous, if after special refinement, even can kill by poison Heaven Saint Master top Expert, to relieve this type of toxin, besides the Silver Striped Golden Snake essence and blood, has no other alternative, once the violent poisonousness of Silver Striped Golden Snake, Radiant Saint Master is element does not have the plan, although Radiant Saint Force in therapy in this aspect has the mysterious effect, other can relieving violently poisonously easily, but on other only Silver Striped Golden Snake as well as several quite special violent poisonousness is can only temporarily the suppression, but is unable thorough relieving. Moreover, the body of this Silver Striped Golden Snake is also entirely different from other snake type, body unusual long of Silver Striped Golden Snake, but actually very tiny, it is said that some strengths achieve 5-Step Demonic Beast Silver Striped Golden Snake, the body have hundred meters fully, but has less than one foot length thick or thin.

6-Step Silver Striped Golden Snake, energy *** the size of control own body, slightly can the body reduction of own to 1-2 meters length. 6-Step Silver Striped Golden Snake strength also very formidable, in the rumor the flying apsaras, gets down to enter, but that fierce incomparable toxin is overbearing incomparable, Heaven Saint Master extremely dreaded that does not dare to contaminate easily. In the books records, hundred years ago, in Holy Empire, a strength achieves 6-Step Silver Striped Golden Snake, merely time that used not to burn a joss stick, has slaughtered population more than ten million King City, an entire King City living witness, all people violently poisonously had not been killed by poison completely, the corpse by the violently poisonous complete putrefication, was remained, only then sent out is soaring to the heavens the odor the blood, sprinkled the entire city For this matter, Holy Empire set out more than ten Heaven Saint Master to go to strike to kill Silver Striped Golden Snake, but fought only continued for quite a while is the time, that more than ten Heaven Saint Master, on falls seven, remaining several were not seriously injured, was in the body violently poisonous, but in body violently poisonous that several Heaven Saint Master, after going back shortly, in abundance died. This matter guarding Holy Empire Saint Ruler powerhouse gave to alarm, finally Saint Ruler powerhouse got rid to have an earthshaking war with Silver Striped Golden Snake personally, this repelled Silver Striped Golden Snake, but also merely was repels, has not struck to massacre. Thus it can be seen, the Silver Striped Golden Snake strength is formidable. In the brain was recalling initially own in these that information in the Kargath Academy library saw about the Silver Striped Golden Snake, the Jian Chen vision was a little panic-stricken as well as unbelievable was sizing up front this golden yellow' color' tiny poisonous snake, but the heart, uncontrolled beat vigorously, how regardless of he has not thought that this was very difficult to see Silver Striped Golden Snake that on entire Tian Yuan Continent, own unexpectedly in such a far away area, and in the Demonic Beast Mountain Range surrounding meeting. Vision careful only has on the wrist|skill thick or thin golden snake to take a fast look around in front that repeatedly, finally Jian Chen has to acknowledge that own meets now, indeed is Silver Striped Golden Snake. Awful, has met this thing.” Jian Chen quickly tranquil, in the heart actually cannot bear cursed, regarding gold thread silver wire' color' ominous name, although he does not have personally to see, the material that but sees from the books, enough has made him understand that the material in this aspect, but by him the Great Saint strength, meets Silver Striped Golden Snake at present, without doubt is an unusual headache matter. Jian Chen vision dignified stared is being away from own more than ten meters far Silver Striped Golden Snake, in the vision has filled vigilantly, gripped the right hand of Light Wind Sword also tightened, he knows, Silver Striped Golden Snake that now own meets was not ordinary Demonic Beast, did not do well, perhaps his' nature' life today must confess here.

Since this time, has been he steps into Demonic Beast Mountain Range absolutely, most dangerous one time, dangerous makes Jian Chen not grasp whether to be living exiting. If meets other powerful Demonic Beast, Jian Chen cannot hit, opportunity of escaping, since he recognizes Silver Striped Golden Snake to that moment since, he gave up the thoughts of escaping, although his speed is quick, quick only with the Saint strength, can strong the strength achieve Saint Master also to have the wind is' nature' the person, but faces Silver Striped Golden Snake, in Jian Chen heart actually clear, own the speed, perhaps links to others pulls on shoes insufficiently. Because the Silver Striped Golden Snake straight line runs speed speed very quickly, although is not in all Demonic Beast speed quickest that however in all Demonic Beast types of land crawling, the Silver Striped Golden Snake straight line runs speed to stand in line absolutely first three, in the middle of humanity, only if has the wind is' nature' Saint Force, and several stages of strength on compared with Silver Striped Golden Snake also stronger, this may overtake the straight line to run Silver Striped Golden Snake. Meets Silver Striped Golden Snake is the absolutely cannot straight line runs, otherwise, has the dead end, does not know that this only Silver Striped Golden Snake is Demonic Beast of any strength, if first-order Demonic Beast, will then be smaller to my threat, perhaps can also kill it striking, if 2-Step Demonic Beast, although has certain threat to me, but I must run away from its hand, perhaps should not any issue.” In the Jian Chen heart is considering secretly, now, he only hopes that at present this only Silver Striped Golden Snake strength should not be too strong, otherwise, he will be very perhaps difficult to live is leaving here. Is a long story, Jian Chen pondered that only time that used one not to breathe, at this time, Silver Striped Golden Snake opened the mouth suddenly, one group of ashes' color' the gas cloud spouted from its mouth, fast fluttered toward Jian Chen, but in the gas cloud just appeared, the plants within surrounding ten meters withered immediately, some thick branches, were changing in according to naked eye obvious speed, the vitality was draining fast. In ash' color' when the gas just appeared, the brain of Jian Chen transmits a feeling of dizziness unexpectedly, at the same time, the body of Jian Chen also felt that feels weak. Had detected the change of own body, in the Jian Chen eye flashes through one with amazement' color', the gas cloud of Silver Striped Golden Snake blowout can disseminate in the air unexpectedly, the direct air pollution, now, Jian Chen finally realized that the Silver Striped Golden Snake within the body violently poisonous fearfulness, no wonder this type of toxin can kill by poison Heaven Saint Master powerhouse easily. Jian Chen not slightly hesitant, the tooth bites the tip of tongue immediately, on the tip of tongue transmitted the web ache of finally causes his dizziness to be clear-headed, immediately the footsteps fast were retroceding, Saint Force full play of within the body, so, weakness feeling then gradual retreating in body. After being calm, the face of Jian Chen' color' became heavy, although has not fought with Silver Striped Golden Snake, but from the poison of Silver Striped Golden Snake blowout, he has inferred, this Silver Striped Golden Snake strength at least has only achieved 2-Step. Saw gas cloud in fast floats toward own, Jian Chen has not hesitated, immediately turns very quiet, the tip of the toe light point ground, the body lithe toward distant place fast plunders.

When Jian Chen just moved, the Silver Striped Golden Snake form also moved, changes into together [gold/metal]' color' rays of light, by also wanted on the quick several fold speed to pursue compared with Jian Chen. Although the Silver Striped Golden Snake body only then the wrist|skill is thick or thin, however its speed is quick, suddenly then overtook Jian Chen, gigantic mouth that opens greatly turns toward the neck of Jian Chen to nip immediately. Saw that the big mouth of Silver Striped Golden Snake must bite the neck of Jian Chen, in this crucial time, body of Jian Chen suddenly one short, danger dangerous has hidden, turns round, silver white in right hand' color' Light Wind Sword changes into a lightning, punctures toward a Silver Striped Golden Snake seven cuns (2.5cm) place by extremely quick speed, on sword blade, regarding dim white' color' sword glow, but is sharp in the sword, fills sharp sword qi to collect massively in together, has formed dazzling white glow, this sword, is Jian Chen acts fully. Light Wind Sword is unimpeded, very smooth thorn in a Silver Striped Golden Snake seven cuns (2.5cm) place, however on the face of Jian Chen, not only does not have' dew' slightly happy god' color', instead became very ugly, because of this sword, has not punctured the Silver Striped Golden Snake skin, even linked a trace not to stay behind. very powerful defense.” Jian Chen holds breath cold air, but face' color' became pale several points, because cultivates *** special reason, his striking power was formidable, although he only has the Great Saint strength, but its striking power actually not compared with on powerhouse weak many of Saint Master rank, but his full sword, has not left the least bit trace in the Silver Striped Golden Snake critical place unexpectedly, now, Jian Chen had realized that present this only Silver Striped Golden Snake, at least is also 3-Step Demonic Beast, even is 4-Step, is not own can the enemy. If common 3-Step Demonic Beast, Jian Chen so long as a fee strength can kill it striking, but Silver Striped Golden Snake this different races actually cannot weigh with ordinary Demonic Beast.