Chaotic Sword God - Volume 1 - Chapter 9
The ninth chapter Strength violent' dew'( this chapter free) Qiu Er both eyes are full of the anger looks at Jian Chen, that vision wants to be a fierce wild animal, as if wants Jian Chen stiffly swallow down. Your this little bastard, I must teach you today well.” Qiu Er angry roared, two steps trod to approach Jian Chen, a fast leg kicked, turned toward the head of Jian Chen to kick directly, speed that this leg kicked was quick, if were kicked the head, will make the average person receive not the small injury absolutely, if kicked on an ordinary child, that will cause the fatal damage absolutely. Feels the strength of Qiu Er this leg, that formerly ridiculed that the 20-year-old youth face of Jian Chen' color' changes suddenly, became pale, loud shouted: Qiu Er brother, stop!” The Jian Chen good and evil is also Changyang Mansion fourth young master, the Changyang Mansion patriarch biological child, because although is one is unable to practice the Saint Force disabled person, but was not thought highly of by the family, but the status is placed there after all, ridiculed that 1-2 are all right, but once they begin to Changyang Mansion fourth young master, they will receive very severe punishment absolutely, even if some of their behind people support, but that is unable to change anything. Detected strength that Qiu Er this leg contains, the Jian Chen face' color' slightly changes, in the eye flashes through cold glow, immediately body slightly one side, relaxed shunts Qiu Er to kick a leg that simultaneously the Jian Chen body does not draw back instead enters, before body of speedy approach Qiu Er, with an arm card on thigh that in Qiu Er that has not received, another hand lifts Qiu Er the thigh place of another leg, then lowly drinks a sound, the sinking waist catches up, transfers within the body all Saint Force, finally unexpectedly with that vice- small and weak body, stiffly Qiu Er that. Fully more than hundred jin (0.5 kg) bodies lifting. Lifts the body of Qiu Er, Jian Chen is not giving the time of Qiu Er revolt, the both feet treads again and again, ran several steps in the ground, before the tendency of flushing, has thrown Qiu Er directly. The body of Qiu Er in airborne flew horizontally five meters distance, finally turns toward one to cut on the dish special-purpose big table to fall, skillful unfortunately, position that Qiu Er drops, gets down has a whole body uprightly is the steel thorns, just likes the hedgehog same strange tool. The body of Qiu Er happen to presses on strange tool that in this kitchen has used, that one inch long steel punctured pricked in his body easily, immediately, Qiu Er exuded one to kill the pig pitiful yell sound once more, the muscle of fierce ache pain his face twisted. In the kitchen all waiters became the delay of whole face, in the vision filled was incredible, a seven -year-old child, not only can anti- the body weight achieve more than hundred jin (0.5 kg) Qiu Er, but also having 3-layer Saint Force Qiu Er defeating, this saying, if said that perhaps in Changyang Mansion nobody believe. Jian Chen vision ice-cold looked at called out pitifully unceasingly Qiu Er as well as another that ridiculed that his youth, any words had not said that left the kitchen directly, the steamed bun has not taken. Arrives at outside, Jian Chen secret sighing, has not thought that solemn Changyang Mansion fourth young master, in the servants including kitchen was starting to bully him unexpectedly.

Abandons depressed sentiment in heart after the brain, Jian Chen is stepping the exquisite step in Changyang Mansion optional is strolling, in Changyang Mansion very big, at least for these years Jian Chen had not strolled Changyang Mansion, but scenery in palace also very good, has the pavilions everywhere, is only the lakelet has several, but in the garden, has planted many strange flowers and grass, fluttered' swinging' the light fragrance. Is Changyang Mansion fourth young master, Jian Chen can tour everywhere' in Changyang Mansion', all the way, Jian Chen discovers in palace some important paths as well as the buildings, has the skill not weak person to hide in inside, regarding these, Jian Chen had already been unalarmed by strange sights, after all, he also understands that for these years Changyang Mansion is Lore City one of the four respected families, in Lore City this First Class City, has the considerable high status. Walks is walking, unknowingly Jian Chen went to the middle of an excellent surroundings garden, but in a spacious position, Jian Chen had discovered unexpectedly in the Third Brother Changyang Ke hand of own is taking Wooden Axe to practice martial arts, but that Changyang Ke brandishes the appearance of axe, in Jian Chen this swordsmanship grandmaster eyes, as if in Hu' chaotic' dividing chop, does not have the least bit style. What although Jian Chen researches in thorough detail is Dao of Sword, but in previous life has also seen much with the Expert of various axes as well as types of weapons, therefore, regarding the styles of various types of weapons, Jian Chen also slightly is familiar with 12, but Changyang Ke this Hu' chaotic' chops the movement that chops, making Jian Chen feel that quite speechless, this where is practicing martial arts. When Jian Chen must turn around to leave, Changyang Ke suddenly discovered Jian Chen, the movement on hand stopped immediately, but the smiling face on face also' dew' harboring evil intentions. Fourth Brother, comes, the Third Brother gives you sugar to eat.” Changyang Ke looks to Jian Chen, shouts to him. Listened to Changyang Ke these words, a Jian Chen nearly somersault to carry on the ground, in the heart wants to say secretly: These words take away to abduct a three -year-old child also almost.” However, Jian Chen as if had not realized, if abandons the experience of previous life, present own compared with three -year-old child also at the worst many. Has not paid attention regarding Changyang Ke words Jian Chen, the footsteps keep, does not return walks toward elsewhere. Sees Jian Chen more to walk is farther, on the Changyang Ke face' dew' a scowl, discards that in hand Wooden Axe, immediately immediately pursued, the Jian Chen fence. „Did Fourth Brother, just I ask you you not to hear?” Changyang Ke blocks before the Jian Chen body, saying that the plug drum drum, a face is angry. Has the matter?” Tranquil looks at Changyang Ke, Jian Chen expression light asking, the expression is a little indifferent. Regarding own this Third Brother, Jian Chen absolutely does not have a favorable impression, in the two years, Changyang Ke can always do everything possible bullies Jian Chen, since Jian Chen is unable to practice the Saint Force matter passed on exited, the Changyang Ke procedure is more and more excessive, Jian Chen little went out, perhaps the Changyang Ke cunning and unreasonable Jian Chen number of times will be only more, but, Changyang Ke did not have one time to succeed, instead had been bullied in secret many times by Jian Chen actually, this made in the Changyang Ke heart take to heart, always wants to find the opportunity to retaliate.

Third Brother, accompanies your Third Brother to practice to practice martial arts together.” Saying, Changyang Ke was not waiting for Jian Chen to agree that held on the arm of Jian Chen forcefully to draw toward the place that before he practiced martial arts. But in the heart, Changyang Ke is excited, he cannot fight Jian Chen in the intelligence, but he does not believe own in the military force is not the Jian Chen match, after all, this Fourth Brother is a military study disabled person, is impossible to practice Saint Force, therefore in his opinion this not concentrates bullies a Jian Chen good opportunity. Quick, Jian Chen forcefully was drawn by Changyang Ke to that place that before he practiced martial arts, Changyang Ke picks up that to be thrown by him from the ground in the lignin axe at the same time, a face badly smiled looks at Jian Chen, said: Fourth Brother, prepared, the Third Brother must start to attack.” God who looks on the Changyang Ke face that outwardly submissive but inwardly evil-hearted smiling face, in the Jian Chen eye' dew' teasing' color', has spread both hands, said: Third Brother, in your hand has the weapon, can you make me begin with you to hit spatially?” Listened to this saying, Changyang Ke to stare staring, looked by own in hand in this lignin axe, slightly hesitant meeting, immediately the hand threw, threw the axe to Jian Chen, said: „The Fourth Brother you are taking axe, the Third Brother empty-handed fights with you.” This axe, although is the lignin, but its weight also ten jin (0.5 kg), a year only less than ten -year-old ordinary child, to raise (Huan Zhen) really to be a little difficult, Changyang Ke has seen this point, throws to Jian Chen the axe, wants to visit him to make a boner sincerely. Jian Chen put out a hand to receive the wooden axe, with looked in the hand, this work of axe very rough, only then a shape of axe, but the axe blade edge has not held the front, even if chopped on the body, will not cause the damage, at most was a little ache. Sees Jian Chen easily drew support to have ten jin (0.5 kg) axes fully, in the Changyang Ke eye' dew' a surprised god' color', this situation stemmed from him to anticipate. The Jian Chen vision looks to Changyang Ke, on face' dew' a light happy expression, said: Third Brother, this is you uses the axe.” Saying, Jian Chen threw axe to Changyang Ke. The axe that catches Jian Chen to throw, Changyang Ke doubts' being puzzled' asking: Fourth Brother, you do not need the weapon to want with me to fight.” Jian Chen chuckle, shook the head, then arrives by a young tree, the branch that breaks off one meter about, removes the above branches and leaves completely, only leaves behind bare trunk and branches to return to the original position. This is my weapon!” Raised hand the branch, saying of Jian Chen chuckle. The branch of Changyang Ke vision that tiny such as in Jian Chen hand on chopsticks looked at one, not only has not been angry, instead' dew' the happy smiling face, in his opinion, defeats Jian Chen today is more and more relaxed, thinks that finally can bully this to make own eat many invisible losses Fourth Brother fruitfully, in the Changyang Ke heart is an excitement.

Changyang Ke grasps the axe in pairs slowly, said: Fourth Brother, you have been careful, the Third Brother attacked.” Saying, before the Changyang Ke body immediately clashes, before running up to the body of Jian Chen, both hands tight gripping axe, maliciously strikes off toward the body of Jian Chen. This chops Undead Wooden Axe radically, therefore Changyang Ke has not kept the hand, starts heavily. Jian Chen footsteps interlocks, has evaded the Changyang Ke axe easily, then the fast thorn got rid the branch, in that flash that the branch punctures, the Jian Chen imposing manner also suddenly changes, just likes sharp sword sharp, but the branch that in the hand punctures, is having an unprecedented tendency, at this moment, this ordinary branch in the hand of Jian Chen, as if changes the body becomes one genuine sharp sword. speed that the branch in Jian Chen hand punctures very quick, has not detected quickly to Changyang Ke that branch already steady stopping before the throat of Changyang Ke. Third Brother, you lost!” A face teased looks that has not taken back Changyang Ke of axe with enough time, Jian Chen saying in a soft voice. Changyang Ke foolishly looks parks the branch steadily before own throat, god who in the eye completely cannot believe' color', he had not noticed how this branch punctures, he only felt that at present a flower, this branch appeared before the own throat. After staring dull has met, Changyang Ke suddenly recovers, puts out a hand stopping before own throat the branch exchanges two, the whole face is not convinced said loudly: Does not calculate that this does not calculate, the Fourth Brother, you plays the brazen.” A Jian Chen face funny looks Changyang Ke that face' color' blushes slightly, said with the strange expression: Third Brother, does not know where I acted shamelessly.” This .... This .... Listened to this saying, Changyang Ke to touch own ears and cheeks, making excuses could not speak, finally was not convinced snort|hum, said: Just that time did not keep a promise in any case, we come one time again.” Jian Chen reorganizes the branch that under that velamen Changyang Ke has broken off, said with a smile pale: Good, we again come one time.” Saying, Jian Chen withdrawing slowly to five meters beyond.