Chaotic Sword God - Volume 10 - Chapter 928

Jian Chen several people stare, but responded at once, flushes away toward that gap by quickest speed, at this moment, their several people the speed display to peak. Nubisi has helping of secret skill, to the forefront, first left the formation space, after that is Mo Ji they, because Jian Chen is far from the gap, therefore runs finally. The strength of scarlet giant in this formation space transforms at least achieved the Saint King 5-layer boundary, the strength was far from they can contend, if continued only to have the dead end dull here, but now naturally became the goal that by a gap that Emperor Armament makes the people escaped, in all person hearts clear, this perhaps was their only means of livelihood. Therefore, in this moment, their several people showed peak speed. Emperor Armament, you give up any idea to run away, I can receive your first time, then can receive your second time.” The Jian Chen form changed into a remnant shade, turns toward the gap to graze like lightning. Emits Emperor Armament, Jian Chen is also but the action, currently perhaps only has Emperor Armament with the scarlet giant to contend on him, but the result makes him not expect, the scarlet giant indeed is not the Emperor Armament match, but was a pity that Emperor Armament was inferior radically he is willing to give the elimination the scarlet giant, but cut formation alone to run away. This moment Jian Chen full brain is the Emperor Armament shadow, now Emperor Armament runs away, making in his heart also worry, he knows before Emperor Armament perhaps leaves leeway its body, wisp of Spiritual Consciousness of master, is having some intelligence, after eating Saint Item one time has owed definitely has guarded, next time also wants to receive in the Saint Item space it, so was simple. Quick, the Mo Ji three people arrived at the gap border, but Jian Chen also arrived at their behind less than ten meters far distance, however in the Mo Ji three people will soon leave the formation space, in three people of eyes simultaneously flashes through cold glow, suddenly simultaneously turns around to make a palm to behind Jian Chen. Although three people the severe wound has not recovered, but the might of these three palms are similarly not be ignored, sees only three huge energies rushes less than ten meters Jian Chen toward behind. In this moment Jian Chen heart in worrying Emperor Armament, has not expected Mo Ji they to begin to own at this moment, when he responded, before three huge energy fallout that Mo Ji three people of making arrived at his body. Jian Chen complexion suddenly changes, in eye cold glow rises, when thousand armed forces send, King Armament in his hand chops like lightning, collides with that group formidable energy that three people hit together. The tendency that in the thundering bang, wild energy fallout impact one after another on Jian Chen, makes his, clashes stop suddenly before immediately, at once the body may not self-made attacked unceasing withdrawing, withdraws several hundred meters distance to stop. At this moment, by that crack that Emperor Armament chops already in to heal, by the crack, can clear seeing stand outside Mo Ji three people, directly at this moment their belt sneers is staring at Jian Chen in formation.

Jian Chen complexion gloomy, formidable killing intent fills the air from his hearts, cannot self-made sending out, making the surrounding temperature suddenly drop. Crack to heal speed is quick, ability that this moment Jian Chen had not run away. Mo Ji, my Jian Chen must kill you.” Jian Chen cold voice said that that as if passes from in the ice-cold words in god of death mouth clear spread to the Mo Ji three people of ears, the voice just fell, formation space that [say / way] by the crack that Emperor Armament divided then already completely to heal, sieged Jian Chen again in inside. Beyond the formation space, spacious place originally had been covered by a huge blood red cover, has only left behind very narrow and small passage, but Mo Ji three people with Nubisi at this moment in this very narrow and small passage. That Nubisi will have just watches, complexion in an instant became gloomy, the whole body sent out huge killing intent, direct impact Yunxiao. Your three people dare to begin to Jian Chen, my great Nubisi must tear to shreds you.” Nubisi is red a eye, a pair of golden palm turns toward the Mo Ji three people to grasp immediately. At this moment, the Mo Ji three people as if changed a person, although their several people experienced the great strength of Nubisi, but faced the attack of Nubisi, regarded unexpectedly completely, if did not have the thing, in the vision has been full of the color of disdaining. A vast strength divulges from their several people of within the body, swiftly condenses one set of armor in their three people, protects they several people of whole bodies. The hand claw of Nubisi grasps in their three people, is unable to eradicate their armor unexpectedly, this has repelled several steps their several people. This is the strength of Saint King, your within the body the strength of Saint King already did not exhaust, really also has.” Nubisi look one startled, immediately became somewhat dignified. hearing that, the Mo Ji three people have sneered immediately, one of them opens the mouth saying: Exhausts? He He, that is used to deceive your, Nubisi, we three people of strengths, although is not temple elder that first-level powerhouse stays behind, but also is 16 stars, you think that depending on your strength, you can break it?” Nubisi cold voice said: You think that this can obtain the inheritance of Ba Huang Great Emperor smoothly, do not forget here fierce person besides Jian Chen, Ti Si Naike, did not have Jian Chen, you cannot struggle Ti Si Naike with the strength of this Saint King.” Who said that we must compete for the inheritance of Ba Huang Great Emperor.” Mo Ji spoke, his face taunt looks at Nubisi, said: Our ultimate goals do not compete for the inheritance of Ba Huang Great Emperor, but to kill your three people. If not for the front person were too many, was worried that some people disseminate this matter, causing our family to be implicated, three of us already began. However is now just right, can kill Jian Chen with the aid of the formation strength, remaining our part of strengths, but our remaining strengths, sufficiently you, except that.”

What, do you come here goal are to kill us?” In Nubisi heart one startled, this result stems from them to anticipate completely. Good, you offended Flood Dragon Temple, is it possible that thinks really hid Sea Temple to come to have no more worries?” Mo Ji said. „, You are the Flood Dragon Temple people.” Nubisi is suddenly enlighted. We are not the Flood Dragon Temple people, but received the request of Flood Dragon Temple. Nubisi, now you, since anything knew, we should also deliver you to start off.” In the Mo Ji three people of eyes emits ice-cold killing intent, at once the strength of vast Saint King divulges from their within the body, forms the touching types of three sea beasts send out to get angry the howling sound, threatening toward Nubisi flushes away. This is not Mo Ji their own strengths, but is a strength at least is Saint King 5-layer boundary 16 stars powerhouse keeps their within the body the strength of Saint King, might very huge. Nubisi look is dignified, turns around to turn toward behind to run away. Although he is proud, but he actually does not think that own is capable of resisting such formidable attack. 16 stars powerhouse strikes conveniently can make him cause heavy losses, if withstood collaborations of three 16 stars powerhouse to strike, even if he did not die also can only remaining half assign. Moreover what is most important, he has not known that actually leaves behind powerhouse of strength of Saint King to be in what boundary in Mo Ji three people of within the body, is Saint King 5-layer or Saint King 8-layer? Even is Saint King 9-layer? How however Nubisi escapes the pursuit of strength of Saint King, quick was overtaken. Saw with own eyes unable to escape, Nubisi has also been ready for any sacrifice, face upwarded to exude one to roar, sees only money two color rays of light to emit from his within the body, immediately condensed a piece of close scale to cover his whole body each corner, on the scales has money two color flame to burn, the flame fever was more prosperous, but under this flame calcine, his scales started to inflate by inconceivable speed unexpectedly. On the Nubisi face reveals the color of pain, clenches teeth to shout to clear the way loudly: Inherits secret skill, money phosphorus explodes.” Money phosphorus explodes is forms of defensive action of autonomy, inspires the whole body scales explosive injury and surrounding person by secret skill, not only might very big, but also the supplementary is violently poisonous. However displayed this secret skill price to be too big, not only met the vitality to damage severely, will also lose the scales of whole body, must endure for dozens years even is several hundred years of painful restoration vitalities slowly, then carried on the ecdysis again growth scale. Nubisi, has me, stops quickly.” At this moment, the Jian Chen sound spread to the ear of Nubisi.

Nubisi eye one bright, displayed inheritance secret skill to stop subconsciously, at once he golden light rises, sees only a golden pagoda across the sky to fly at present, kept off in his front directly. This golden pagoda has ten meters high fully, two meters diameter, its numerous falling on the ground, making the entire ground slight trembles, raises Nubisi to block the attacks of strength of three Saint King. Bang!” Strength of direct hits three Saint King in golden pagoda, but the golden pagoda is entirely still unexpectedly, stands Nubisi behind pagoda is injured tiny bit. A huge tiger's roar sound transmits, sees only a spoken parts shade to dodge to pass, but in Mo Ji three people of behind, presented a powerful white tiger. White tiger has three meters fully, on the back grows a pair of wings, it stands there, immediately the pressure fills the air from it, seems the King who rules the world, the imposing manner of that looking disdainfully world, actually also wants the rich several points compared with powerhouse of Saint Emperor boundary. But in carrying on the back of white tiger, sits together the person's shadow, that feels relaxed is Jian Chen! The Mo Ji three people see behind Jian Chen, stared in a big way the eye immediately, look that the whole face cannot believe. Jian Chen, you ran away unexpectedly, this how possible......” You from formation, you broke this formation unexpectedly......” Is impossible, by crack that Emperor Armament chops already to heal, you are how possible comes ..... The Mo Ji three people exude the screams, complexion become very ugly.