Chaotic Sword God - Volume 10 - Chapter 936

In Raging Flame City, is headed by Raging Flame City vice- City Lord, is leading Raging Flames Mercenaries to do the high level to receive the honored guests from all parties personally. In these come to participate among the person of Raging Flame City ribbon cutting ceremony, must say happily, the most excited person belongs to the Gesun Kingdom king. Looks at Raging Flame City this imposing manner broad city wall, as well as many he listens not to hear from Tian Yuan Continent apex big influence, in the king heart has the excitement that is hard to conceal, the smiling face on face, has not interrupted. Because on Raging Flame City this Tian Yuan Continent in history first City Lord of most expensive city, is his daughter You Yue. Holds the post of Raging Flame City vice- City Lord by You Yue, this proposition obtained the unanimous approvals of Raging Flame City high and low all people, does not have one person to dare to oppose. Raging Flame City exists because of Jian Chen, but You Yue is the Jian Chen fiancee, is the person of Jian Chen most being intimate with . Moreover the You Yue managed capacity is outstanding, various aspect abilities are splendid, holds the post of Raging Flame City first City Lord by her, is appropriate. It can be said that big Mercenary Group, besides You Yue, was also nobody suits again takes on this position. Because of the Raging Flame City particularity as well as the value, was doomed this city cannot fall into bystander's hand in any event. Although Raging Flames Mercenaries Leader Jian Chen, because the Heavenly Winged Tiger God matter was implicated, unmanned knows his whereabouts to the present, but this cannot conceal the magnificence of Raging Flame City. Because this is on Tian Yuan Continent only one completely the Tungsten alloy casting by the city wall that becomes, its existence, endured compared with Tian Yuan Continent on has stood erect innumerable year of seven big Capital. Antiquity family Tian Mu Clan came to visit......” „The antiquity family Morgan Family came to visit......” As the waiter that vigorous and loud and clear voice remembers, the people of major influences in Raging Flame City collects are more and more. In Raging Flame City dead center place that huge Imperial Palace, this moment Changyang Zu Yun Kong just and Bi Hai they sit together raises one's wine cup the conversation, on the face is often brimming with the from the heart smiling face, the vision looks to the resplendent in gold and jade green palace of decoration, among look completely is gratified. Really has not thought that my great-grandson actually has the so huge breadth of spirit, has constructed a such big city by Tungsten alloy unexpectedly, is really inconceivable.” Changyang Zu Yun Kong exudes the sigh sound happily, the mood. hearing that, on the Bi Hai face also shows a gratified smiling face, said: „The Jian Chen this child's ability is indeed strong, especially his practice talent, is unprecedented, latter does not have the future, can then achieve the boundary of Saint Ruler in a short 20 years of time unexpectedly, his future achievement will be far from we can imagine.” Said here, Bi Hai has as if thought of anything, exuded one to sigh lightly, said: Was a pity that this child was involved in the Heavenly Winged Tiger God disturbance now, the entire Tian Yuan Continent people are searching high and low he, although he hid the overseas, but actually currently to encounter the danger, we do not know that I only hope this child can come back safely.”

Listened to this saying, joyful gradual disappearance on Changyang Zu Yun Kong face, frowns saying: This Heavenly Winged Tiger God matter, indeed is a trouble, the thing that it involves was really too many, if my great-grandson wants to return to Tian Yuan Continent, only if he had with the strength that ten big Guardian Clan contended with, otherwise, that also only then handed over Heavenly Winged Tiger God......” Bi Hai and Changyang Zu Yun Kong both sides already knew the status of opposite party, by the status and rank, they are Jian Chen Grandpa Zu, although their ages are different, because of Jian Chen this relations, making them also the parents of son or daughter-in-law. At this moment, in a garden in Raging Flame City Imperial Palace, Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, Little Fatty and Tie Ta several people of positive phases gathers together. Unknowingly, several years such passed, does not know what kind of that actually Jian Chen where, crosses now.” Ming Dong of white clothing muttered. These years closing up practice, not only made the Ming Dong strength promote, but also the makings of his whole person were also having the change, before present Ming Dong, compared, has been short of several points of impetuousness, were many several points of calm, looked like becomes steady, was maturer. Relax, he will not have the matter.” The icy sound conveys together, sees only the person of speech is natural grain arrogant Dugu Feng, before present Dugu Feng still and is without change, has not changed. Today is the big day that Raging Flame City is published, on historically first as Tian Yuan Continent with the city of Tungsten alloy casting, the Raging Flame City news early has spread over entire Tian Yuan Continent, Jian Chen must know that you said Jian Chen he can hurry back.” Little Fatty also started talking, in expression has filled with the anticipation. Now early could not see the least bit fat on the body of Little Fatty, past that obese body early vanished does not see, became more capable. The Little Fatty talent is very high, once was only because Uncle Xiu was not willing him to participate in the matter on Tian Yuan Continent, only wants to make him pass one lightly, therefore his talent was suppressed. Now once starts to practice attentively, that progress speed is amazingly quick, although was unable to place on a par with Tie Ta by far, but the unusual talent outstanding person can want to compare. And other Jian Chen came back, I must get one with him well, actually has a look is my strength, is Jian Chen strength.” Sits there just like saying of meat mountain-like Tie Ta jar sound jar air/Qi, in the eye is flashing excited rays of light. Now but Tie Ta in people strength strongest person, even if Ming Dong is not the Tie Ta match, especially his brute force, is unexpectedly more terrorist than Demonic Beast. Tie Ta, to fight with Jian Chen, you first diligently the strength promotion of own to the Saint Ruler boundary, although your strength is very strong, but between Saint Ruler and Heaven Saint Master have the hardata-titleo-pass gap.” The Ming Dong accent said with a smile.

I did not fear that I felt I have been able to defeat general Saint Ruler now, when Jian Chen came back, I must compare notes with him, actually have a look at some of my Tie Ta and he also big disparities. Before I and Jian Chen in Kargath Academy, our strengths differed, but so is not big, my Tie Ta does not hope that was drawn by Jian Chen was too far.” Tie Ta has filled self-confidently, but the recollection that in brain can actually not help the past years and Jian Chen in that period of time of Kargath Academy life, on that simple and honest face, have revealed gruff laughing foolishly. ...... Has cost the half-day time, was busy receiving vice- City Lord You Yue of eight side guests finally to have some time of rest. At this moment, wears You Yue tired lying down of purple long gown to rub the temples on the chair, as Raging Flame City vice- City Lord, many recluse aristocratic families even is the Ancient Aristocratic Family person comes to congratulate, she must exit to greet personally, therefore, this may give to be exhausted her. Years later, You Yue is also having very big change, before present she compares, was maturer, her appearance as before is like that beautiful, the beauty causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman, making countless men probably for it heart movement, moreover from her body, is indistinct also to feel one to belong to the unique makings of superior. These years manage Raging Flames Mercenaries, cause to live the top digit the You Yue makings also in quietly to have the change. Sister You Yue, Lian'er really quite happy, our Raging Flame City stood erect the Tian Yuan Continent day to approach finally, on this day we have hoped enough several years, eventually realizes now.” The gentle sound conveys together, sees only wears magnificent and expensive long skirt the excitement of Bi Lian face, running over of jumping. You Yue sitting slowly body, said straight: Person who these time comes has gone beyond my expectation by far, but......” You Yue starts to speak but hesitates, brow slight wrinkled. „Is Sister You Yue, what only?” A Bi Lian bright big eye winks winks, curious asking. Why does not know, the feelings of some of my suddenly restlessing, as if have any not good matter to occur.” You Yue said. hearing that, Bi Lian look was startled, frowns to think deeply about the meeting, said: Sister You Yue, I thinks that your worry is unnecessary, now on Tian Yuan Continent who has not known behind our Raging Flames Mercenaries to have Guardian Clan to support, I want to dare to ask us to trouble because of this nobody.” Said is also, is my this at heart, why is unable to be peaceful.” You Yue twittering, reveals the color of thinking in a low voice.

Bi Lian turns one's eyes, hee hee said with a smile: Sister You Yue, you should not be will think of my brother.” You Yue elegant face micro red, feigns to get angry: Your this ghost girl little talked nonsense......” At this moment, in Raging Flame City 20 inside and outside, suddenly presented large quantities of troops, the population, dense and numerous does not look to the end, at least also several millions, is assuming the fan-shaped camp rapid to advance in the Raging Flame City direction, threatens, the future is bad. But in the forefront of team, the person who the twenty ages vary rides build big 5-Step Demonic Beast to approach toward Raging Flame City, everyone seems very ordinary, beyond the tiny bit energy has not dispersed, seems the average person who will not practice. But if carefully looks, is not difficult to see the places of their uncommonness, among them any person, contains one type the world highest good that is hard to state clearly, as if can inspire the strength between world. These people at least achieve Saint Ruler boundary recluse powerhouse. But in most, is age about 20-year-old youth, youth vision cloudy and cold, the corners of the mouth are hanging sneering, intense killing intent not mince matter sends out from him. This person Bi Jian(side by side). powerhouse that King Bi Jian, in this time Raging Flame City collects has numerous number, you believe firmly that we get rid at this moment, these won't powerhouse assist Raging Flames Mercenaries to cope with us?” Walks an old man sinking sound side Bi Jian(side by side) saying that look is dignified. You felt relieved freely that I have ten big Guardian Clan association master edicts, only if these recluse aristocratic family Ancient Aristocratic Family do not want to stay on Tian Yuan Continent, otherwise, I thought that who they dare not to comply with the orders of ten big Guardian Clan.” King Bi Jian sneers saying that but the vision throughout has not actually put aside from front that imposing manner broad Raging Flame City, is full of the resentment of hatred to read. Raging Flame City, on Tian Yuan Continent in history first completely with the city of Tungsten alloy casting, is really the big arm. Jian Chen, my Bi Jian(side by side) must be in front of mainland person, wins your Raging Flames Mercenaries expenditure for several years the time, consumes the Tungsten alloy city that a huge amount of manpower and resources have constructed, this, is you claim me to loving the fate.” killing intent and spunk in King Bi Jian heart inflated the extreme, a pair of fist tight pinches, nail already deep pricked in the meat.