Chaotic Sword God - Volume 10 - Chapter 937

This time in order to took Raging Flame City at one fell swoop, King Bi Jian has made the preparation, he first convinced ten big Guardian Clan several other by the own father and relations of Yi Yuan Sect Supreme Elder, had the consistent support of ten big Guardian Clan. Then his own personally runs through entire Tian Yuan Continent, altogether convinced more than 20 top Mercenary Group, but these top Mercenary Group strengths endured compared with the recluse aristocratic family, has the millenniums and even several thousand years of inheritance history, background was deep, was powerful, not only had Saint Ruler powerhouse to assume personal command, but also the population in team at least also had over 100,000 people. Therefore, when more than 20 Mercenary Group people through the Bi Jian(side by side) father and Space Gate of Yi Yuan Sect Supreme Elder personally arrangement arrived here, has formed the present lineup, the total number of people have been several millions, everyone is the elite, the battle efficiency is not weak, the population is the Raging Flames Mercenaries several fold. powerhouse that because in this moment Raging Flame City collects are many, the powerhouse aura appears somewhat chaotic, therefore Bi Jian(side by side) their arrivals, had not been detected by Raging Flames Mercenaries powerhouse, until King Bi Jian and walks when more than 20 Saint Ruler powerhouse arrive at Raging Flame City in ten kilometers, was guarded the person in city wall to discover that at once immediately informs Commander of guarding city wall. Commander of guarding in Raging Flame City city wall is Heaven Saint Master, he wore completely became before the Tungsten alloy casting the armor that comes to arrive at the city wall, stares large quantities of troops who in the distant place horizon was approaching slowly. Snort, some these many people, look at the battle formation unexpectedly, the opposite party obvious future is bad, is not the good deed, is it possible that also wants to compete to belong to our Raging Flames Mercenaries Raging Flame City? They do not know that has the powerful family to support in our Raging Flames Mercenaries behind?” Commander of guarding city wall looks to sneer, in the eye completely is the color of taunt, at once turns around to say to one person: An Dao Defoe, you are defending here, I inform vice- City Lord.” Yes!” Commander of guarding city wall goes to situated in Raging Flame City most central that Imperial Palace rapidly, had the matter that to report vice- City Lord You Yue here. When You Yue receives the message, several millions that King Bi Jian summoned the army who comprised of the Mercenary team arrived at outside Raging Flame City five li (0.5km) to locate, under so near distance, made all powerhouse in Raging Flame City feel that immediately their arrival, many people have revealed the surprised uncertain color immediately. Now, who also has not to know that on Tian Yuan Continent the Raging Flames Mercenaries back has ten big Guardian Clan Changyang Mansion and Mercenary City is supporting, has so huge background Raging Flames Mercenaries, which big influence also has to dare to provoke on Tian Yuan Continent, otherwise, Raging Flames Mercenaries will not monopolize a piece of Tungsten alloy mineral lode for a long time, already by these recluse aristocratic families and Ancient Aristocratic Family carving up. Knew that after having the enemy invades one's territory, You Yue look immediately becomes dignified, in her heart already some not the good premonition, knew in the heart that the Raging Flame City ribbon cutting ceremony will not be tranquil, clear, Raging Flame City at this moment is the group dragon collects, person who dares to disturb at this moment, that decides however is not that simple, definitely has completed the sure card. You Yue takes seriously this matter especially, does not dare the general idea, after receiving the message, immediately informs Raging Flames Mercenaries does powerhouse, afterward in Changyang Zu Yun Kong, Bi Hai as well as under the accompaniment of Jiede Tai three Saint Ruler powerhouse arrived in the city wall with great speed. At this moment, several million Mercenary team static stopping in a Raging Flame City five inside and outside stretch of open area, take a broad view to look, can only see a dense number of people, sends out an imposing manner of soaring to the heavens.

But Bi Jian(side by side) and composes more than 20 strengths of this only Mercenary army to achieve Saint Ruler boundary old Leader to ride in 5-Step Demonic Beast carries on the back, stands in the front line of team. Although city gate Chia Tai big wide open of Raging Flame City, but Bi Jian(side by side) and the others have not worried to attack. Before attacking Raging Flame City, they must first collecting these powerhouse in Raging Flame City solve, block the Raging Flames Mercenaries backing, making them isolate. If help of Raging Flames Mercenaries not these recluse aristocratic family as well as Ancient Aristocratic Family, then by Raging Flames Mercenaries strength, is unable to defeat the King Bi Jian summons these army comprised of Mercenary. Standing that Raging Flame City vice- City Lord You Yue unemotionally in city wall, her delicate eyebrows have twisted one group, look is very dignified, she knows in the own heart that to exist did not have a premonition well that finally approached. But in the You Yue side, Changyang Zu Yun Kong, Bi Hai, Jiede Tai three Saint Ruler powerhouse is standing shoulder to shoulder, vision swift and fierce is staring at a front that dense piece of Mercenary team. Comes the person to report, why builds up these many people to come here at my Raging Flame City ribbon cutting ceremony, please explain your purposes in coming.” The Bi Hai sinking sound shouted to clear the way, that loud and clear sound just like stuffy thunder in sky crack, continuous reverberation in world, has spread over surrounding area dozens kilometers., Ha Ha Ha Ha, you can say that we for Anti-Flame Alliance, as for arrived here why so drags in lots of people, thought in your hearts to be clear, shortly afterward, on this Tian Yuan Continent first by the city of Tungsten alloy casting, will be the thing of our Anti-Flame Alliance again.” King Bi Jian laughs saying that in the eye completely is the crazy color. Snort, wants to seize our Raging Flame City, gave up any idea.” On a elegant face of You Yue causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman has covered entirely the scowl, the ten points anger, this Raging Flame City is Jian Chen just before leaving gives their duty, is the Jian Chen wealth. Now Raging Flame City just the casting finished, how she can make the person consume their several years heart's blood this city, city that constructs with great difficulty winning. King Bi Jian vision cloudy and cold is staring at You Yue, said with a smile evilly: Thinks that you are that any Gesun Kingdom Princess Ge Lan You Yue, is the Jian Chen nominal fiancee. Snort, this Jian Chen lucky in love great, can capture so the heart of beautiful appearance female unexpectedly, was a pity that from now henceforth, his fiancee is belongs to my King Bi Jian, he thing that wins from here, he takes to my injury as well as the shame, my King Bi Jian meets hundred times of thousand times of repayments to give him.” In the King Bi Jian expression has filled virulently, the sound was loud, has spread over entire Raging Flame City, but in the middle of this insulted the You Yue words, naturally was also given to hear by all people. In Raging Flame City became was in a tumult immediately, at this moment, honored guest who came to attend the Raging Flame City ribbon cutting ceremony, was the Raging Flames Mercenaries member, put down the matter in hand in the direction of city wall to hurry , the people of some strength Gao Qiang were even direct imperial are spatial and good. peng~! in Raging Flame City Imperial Palace, sits Ming Dong fist before a garden pavilion body stone table of makes into the smashing, is angry saying: Actually this bastard is, dares so to shame my brother the fiancee, my Ming Dong could not forgive him certainly.”

We took a look in the past, is actually who to insult my sister-in-law, my Tie Ta must tear to shreds him.” Tall and powerfully built Tie Ta has also stood, on the face has covered entirely the scowl. Now Jian Chen is not, our brother several cannot look helplessly his fiancee was given to insult, walks, our brother several same places teach that person.” Wang Yifeng also face extremely angry saying, at once places the mouth to blow a resounding whistle the hand, immediately has five meters flight Demonic Beast to fly from the distant place, stops directly falls before the body of Wang Yifeng. Small black, flies quickly, goes to the direction of city wall, some people have stirred up trouble, we must select the color to have a look to them.” Wang Yifeng jumped up directly carrying on the back of flight Demonic Beast, flight Demonic Beast kicks the wing to rise the sky immediately, turned toward the direction of city wall to fly directly. After that Ming Dong several people also in abundance rush to the city wall. Grandpa Jun, Grandma Wang, this Raging Flames Mercenaries has as if met some troublesome, does not know that is actually whose such big courage, comes Raging Flames Mercenaries to stir up trouble unexpectedly at this moment.” Is making the nimble and resourceful sound in a female who in Imperial Palace rests, her sound is of pleasant to hear, listens the numb hemp in the person ear, has been full of the attraction. If knows in the heart not the firm person, even confusing will not be oneself by this together sound. This female Ancient Aristocratic Family Tian Mu Clan Tian Mu Ling. Now on Tian Yuan Continent who does not know that the Raging Flames Mercenaries backstage is strong, dares to come to stir up trouble in this crucial time, that came the person is not the fool has made the preparation, basic on fearless in the Raging Flames Mercenaries backstage, this matter perhaps was not that simple, we went to have a look.” Tian Mu Ling Grandpa Jun opens the mouth saying that then three people left Imperial Palace to rush to the city wall together. In Raging Flame City the crowd surges, all people in abundance turn toward the direction of city wall to hurry, on the avenue has been filled with the person's shadow, day after day Heaven Saint Master as well as Saint Ruler of powerhouse airborne imperial spatial flight is also the quantity is numerous. In the middle of these people, is almost comes to participate in the guest of Raging Flame City ribbon cutting ceremony. As countless people land in city wall, causes Raging Flame City that broad city wall in an instant is sea of people, dense and numerous was filled with a troop to wear the person of assorted clothing. Ming Dong several people surround in abundance side You Yue, complexion dignified is staring at five inside and outside several million Mercenary armies, opens the mouth to ask: Actually they are, wants to do.”

A You Yue elegant face been mad pallidness, said \; They say are Anti-Flame Alliance, wants to rob our Raging Flame City.” In the You Yue expression has the spunk that is hard to conceal. Anti-Flame Alliance, as the name suggests, is not wants to destroy completely my Raging Flames Mercenaries alliance, snort|hum, they clarified came to us, was really the big courage.” Ming Dong complexion becomes gloomy. Their lineup very powerful, stand in forefront that twenty individual me could not completely understand that should not be Saint Ruler powerhouse.” The Little Fatty sinking sound said. hearing that, Tie Ta eye one bright, the appearance that immediately displays being eager to try, in both eyes is burning soaring to the heavens fighting intent, saying of jar sound jar air/Qi: Saint Ruler powerhouse, really fiercely actually I pour want to take a look at them.” „The opposite party comes prepared obviously, we cannot be negligent.” Bi Hai stern-faced, brow tight wrinkle. Changyang Zu Yun Kong complexion ice-cold, vision swiftly and fiercely, sinking sound track: This Raging Flame City is all of my great-grandson, snort|hum, my Changyang Mansion thing is not the people of Amao flatter dog can take casually.” Saw major influences from Tian Yuan Continent to represent all arrived in the city wall, the sinister smile on King Bi Jian face was thicker, has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to the people, said: Everybody, you important member of illustrious respected family big influence from Tian Yuan Continent, today, how my King Bi Jian makes everybody has a look at our Anti-Flame Alliance to capture in this history first by the city of Tungsten alloy casting. Now also asks everybody to sit is looking at a good play at the same time, after finishing up, this Raging Flame City will be changed to Exterminated Flame City, at the appointed time, the ribbon cutting ceremony of city carries on as usual, making our Exterminated Flame City appear on Tian Yuan Continent, becomes with seven big Capital same level existences.”