Chaotic Sword God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1017

Good, the Jian Chen little brother, was inferior that you lead us to go to Mercenary City place bottom deep place to have a look at this seal, is good to confirm that this matter actually real, otherwise, we are very indeed difficult to believe these words that you spoke.” What speech is a bearing uncommon middle-aged man, he is not ten big Guardian Clan people, but is actually Ancient Aristocratic Family first ancestor, the strength is greatly strengthened, even if his reputation in Guardian Clan is also illustrious. Jian Chen look tranquil standing side Tian Jian, regarding the question sound of people he had not felt that has the slight accident, because of this completely in his expected. The Abandoned Saint World matter indeed was extremely shocking, moreover on Tian Yuan Continent, has never spread any news about Abandoned Saint World, no matter what who were hearing the matter about Abandoned Saint World suddenly, will feel unbelievable. If told him in the past the Abandoned Saint World news person is not Human Race first powerhouse Mo Tianyun, but is an age was inferior that the own child, that Jian Chen does not believe this matter real, will only regard all these is a joke jokes it away. On the Jian Chen vision tranquil following the crowd face 11 have swept, after learning of the Abandoned Saint World news, Jian Chen has not actually seen slightly dignified look on their faces, instead adopts the stance of being indifferent, even also some person corners of the mouth reveal a ridicule, nobody cares the Abandoned Saint World matter unexpectedly. In the Jian Chen heart cannot bear exude one to sigh lightly, shook the head, said: Sorry, I am unable to lead you to go to the bottom deep place to watch the seal, in brief matter about Abandoned Saint World I already leakproof told you, believed by you.” The Mercenary City place bottom deep place is the Little Spirit domain, only if after permission of Little Spirit, otherwise, even if Saint Emperor boundary top powerhouse is unable to go, as for calling Little Spirit leads them to go to the bottom deep place to watch the seal, Jian Chen does not need to know that this is absolutely the impossible matter. Snort, the Abandoned Saint World matter, is really the utter nonsense, Jian Chen, you compile such story of exaggeration to come out to try carelessly to deceive us, is actually what mind.” A Yi Yuan Sect Supreme Elder sinking sound said that the expression is somewhat aggressive. Jian Chen and Yi Yuan Sect some hostility, naturally cannot be polite regarding the Yi Yuan Sect person, immediately vision coldly stares at that Yi Yuan Sect elder of speech, cold voice was saying: Actually is the Abandoned Saint World matter my Jian Chen compiles carelessly, in the future you naturally can know.” The conference diverged quickly, ten big Guardian Clan people left Mercenary City to return to the respective family in abundance. They were attracted by the Beast Clan Saint Emperor war, the accident that but Mercenary City has afterward, making them not have the thoughts to pay attention to the Beast Clan Saint Emperor matter, especially finally just likes the fantasy story story about Abandoned Saint World this that knew from the Jian Chen mouth, has harassed their train of thought. Although all of them do not believe existence of Abandoned Saint World, but Abandoned Saint World these three characters by them in the heart, especially Abandoned Saint World had more than 20 to surmount Saint Emperor boundary powerhouse in the antiquity time firmly, is makes in their hearts feel an exclamation.

Although they know that all these may be are false, but enough more than 20 surmount existence of Saint Emperor, is in itself one huge deterrent force. Jian Chen therapy in a secret room by the Tian Jian arrangement, but Tian Jian and Mercenary City several Saint King powerhouse actually simultaneously collect in the hanging temple. Great Elder, you believe words that really Jian Chen spoke? In our Mercenary City place bottom deep place, hides really has a giant seal?” If Abandoned Saint World exists, and also by the seal in my Mercenary City place bottom deep place, reasonably was mentioned, Sir City Lord also because of should leave behind the news to be right, quite makes descendant guard at times, why may probably conceal this matter.” Mercenary City several elders exude the doubts sound, regarding the Abandoned Saint World matter, they is also very difficult to believe. Tian Jian holds the both arms to stand in center of main hall, brow tight twisting in the same place, hesitates to say \; „A such serious matter comes so suddenly, indeed is makes people feel to be hard to accept, but matter , if not this, how because the sudden vibration of my Mercenary City should explain?” Moreover Jian Chen is not a person of lying, is adding on the relations of spirit of him and barrier is such good, therefore, I think the Abandoned Saint World matter mostly real.” Listened to the analysis of Tian Jian, complexion of Mercenary City several elders immediately became dignified, one of them sinking sound track \; If this matter real, our Tian Yuan Continent also takes any strength to resist the invasion of Abandoned Saint World, according to Jian Chen to the strength description of Abandoned Saint World, perhaps we Tian Yuan Continent, Beast God Continent as well as Sea Clan and Hundred Clans joins up completely, absolutely is not the Abandoned Saint World match. After all now was not the antiquity time, we four big have not surmounted Saint Emperor peerless powerhouse and many Saint Emperor powerhouse.” If Abandoned Saint World attacks, perhaps our Tian Yuan Continent absolutely does not have the strength of slight resisting.” Also was an elder spoke, complexion was very ugly. A ponder of Tian Jian face, the entrance place of step arriving main hall slowly, raise one's head looks up to void, muttered \; Antiquity time Hundred Clans War God reappeared Tian Yuan Continent, god of Heavenly Winged Tiger God Beast Clan also once more grew, Sea God was still in good health, but my Tian Yuan Continent, presented a Jian Chen such having god-given wisdom rare talent, they should tribulation to live? Specially to resist existence of Abandoned Saint World at the same time is growing?”

Abandoned Saint World matter in the past only then Sir City Lord knew, Sir City Lord established the laws in my Mercenary City elder statute book, if in the future meets Heavenly Winged Tiger God, has not grown the current affairs necessity to help its helping hand in Heavenly Winged Tiger God, but was actually not worried that Heavenly Winged Tiger God will make to harm the Tian Yuan Continent matter. Is it possible when Sir City Lord planned in the past future Heavenly Winged Tiger God appears, is Abandoned Saint World eradicates the seal the time.” If is really this that I think, Sir City Lord past divine ability, perhaps early went to the Heaven Defying situation, far exceeds range that I and others can understand.” Suddenly, Tian Jian turns the head to look to behind several elders, said: Abandoned Saint World matter, no matter is really false, do not reveal, perhaps otherwise, will cause a huge panic on Tian Yuan Continent.” ...... In silent and fills with the icy cold aura in the secret room, snow white that piece of ru white rays of light the gloomy secret room will shine, sees only Jian Chen to sit cross-legged to sit in center of secret room, by Radiant Saint Force as for own injury. Although Jian Chen in formerly that fights very heavy injury of receiving, but under the Chaos Body strong self-recovery the dual treatments of ability as well as Radiant Saint Force, cost the extremely short time to restore merely such as beginning. The injury restores such as beginning, eye also opening that slowly Jian Chen that shuts tightly, immediately puts out Ba Huang Temple from Space Ring. Present Ba Huang Temple changed a turns into a fist size, but filled the broad temple early became total wreck, lost the past dignity. A Jian Chen face anxiety is staring in the hand this badly-damaged Ba Huang Temple, although he obtains the Ba Huang Temple date and time not to be long, but Ba Huang Temple has actually brought very big help to him , because has existence of Ba Huang Temple, he dares to show disdain for ten big Guardian Clan on Tian Yuan Continent. „The supernatural power in Ba Huang Temple has not dissipated, now it in the automatic repair, repair speed is very unexpectedly slow, gets down according to this speed, not dozens years of even over a hundred years do not want to restore completely.” Jian Chen stares at Ba Huang Temple to mutter, then returns in Ba Huang Temple Space Ring. He knows that in future a long time, he is unable to use Ba Huang Temple. Afterward, Jian Chen took Saint Item, Saint Item after withstanding king several attacks, although had not been destroyed, however has actually left the clear trace above, the damage degree and Ba Huang Temple compares, can ignore simply, moreover Saint Item also has the ability of automatic repair, how long will unable to want once more to restore to the perfect condition.

This Saint Item really be harder than Ba Huang Temple, if Saint Emperor powerhouse to ruin Saint Item, that must consume a big strength to be good, like Ba Huang Temple, several did not beat. However this Saint Item only minor defect in something otherwise perfect was the attack was too weak, if met Saint Emperor powerhouse, I cannot enter in Saint Item, otherwise, that simply and brought death different.” Jian Chen muttered said that although Saint Item the defense strength was astonishing, but it after all was a utensil, did not have the abilities of a wee bit escaping in front of Saint Emperor powerhouse, if Saint Item fell into the hand of Saint Emperor powerhouse, that had by destruction one day eventually. Jian Chen drags to be lost in thought in the hand Saint Item, mutters: „The Abandoned Saint World news I told ten big Guardian Clan, but they actually do not believe that existence of Abandoned Saint World, thinks that is I am lying, a story that compiles carelessly is deceiving them, oh, if it seems like at present wants to make them believe the matter that Abandoned Saint World has really is almost a impossible matter.” They have believed really Abandoned Saint World exists how can, Abandoned Saint World grow the strength strongly in Little Spirit super powerhouse, moreover definitely also has Origin Receiving Realm super powerhouse, the estimate of Saint Emperor also has many, is not this side world can resist, the person strength of this side world was too weak.” Urgent matter is enhances this side world the overall strength, but if wants to make their strengths have the remarkable enhancement in a short time, the only method builds up Yin-Yang Saint Stone. Because of existence of Yin-Yang Saint Stone, caused now all person strength breakthroughs more difficult than before, said according to the Mo Tianyun senior in the past, if Yin-Yang Saint Stone vanished, the order and rule between this piece of world restored to the antiquity time once more, that present all achieves Saint King 9-layer as well as complete boundary unparalleled powerhouse, can in a short time enter into the Saint Emperor boundary, moreover Saint Ruler, powerhouse of Saint King boundary newly will grow many.” Was a pity that the Yin-Yang Saint Stone energy was too formidable, was unable to absorb by my present strength, said according to Purple Azure Sword Spirits, must wait for my Chaos Body to achieve 5-layer, the coordination of sur- Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress can absorb the Yin-Yang Saint Stone energy.” Thought of Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress, in the brain of Jian Chen could not help that romantic that reappears initially and Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress that has, the facial expression immediately became complex. Must want to absorb the Yin-Yang Saint Stone energy smoothly is uses, he must double cultivate with Saintess of The Zither Heavenly Enchantress, so, only then neutralizes Yin-Yang Qi to be extremely cloudy and extremely positive two energies is uses. Chaos Body 5-layer, Chaos Body 5-layer, I am in the 3-layer boundary now, how I because of should achieve the 5-layer boundary in a short time. When my Chaos Body achieves the 5-layer boundary, I can absorb the Yin-Yang Saint Stone energy, according to the analysis of Purple Azure Sword Spirits, when I attract the energy in Yin-Yang Saint Stone, Chaos Body at least can achieve 8-layer, even is the 9-layer boundary, by that time, I because of this can with surmounting Origin Returning above Saint Emperor, even is a Highest Origin powerhouse war!” Jian Chen has stood from the ground, in the vision filled had yearned.