Chaotic Sword God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1020
Long Ji Kingdom, is on Tian Yuan Continent one of the Eight Great Powerful Countries, is at the same position with Qin Country the strong country, has the several tens of thousands year historical inheritance, the strength does not allow to look down upon, but has Saint Ruler boundary recluse powerhouse to assume personal command in Imperial Palace. Today's Long Ji Kingdom Imperial Palace such as so was still peaceful in the past, broad and fills the King aggressive numerous palace to proliferate entire Imperial Palace, invisible is sending out a vast and great imposing manner floods in the world. In Imperial Palace has the soldier who teams of throw over helmet Dai Jia to be dignified a face, chins up and chests out, treads the uniform step to inspect in various places, protector Imperial Palace peace in silently. At this moment, the remnant shade that two naked eyes are hard to catch by extremely quick speed enters Imperial Palace, being quietly behind the electricity toward Imperial Palace shoots to go, finally entered in Imperial Palace that row to be unpopulated for a long time, left uncultivated in for a long time palace to vanish does not see. Their arrivals are quietly completely, has not alarmed anybody, Saint Ruler powerhouse that even if assumes in Imperial Palace had not realized that had unexpected visitor's arrival. In that leaves uncultivated in for a long time palace, two clothing are tattered, has hair dishevelled, the shape such as the old man of beggar lying cautiously is observing outside sound near the gate highly vigilantly, they have restrained the whole body aura, even has turned very quiet including the breath, seems like very anxious. Two old men observed the moment, discovered when not any sound, finally felt relieved that then leg one soft, simultaneously sits down exhausted the big mouth in the icy cold ground is panting for breath. Has not alarmed Saint Ruler powerhouse in Imperial Palace fortunately, Old Ghost Situ, method (Huan Zhen) really of this hideaway aura is good, then, we because of this can here calm and steady hid some date and time.” An old man passed on the tone channel, among look has filled exhaustedly. How the method of this hideaway aura is mysterious and useful, Bloody Sword Sect that Four Great Custodians was unable to find us in the same old way, flings cannot throw off.” Another old man also passes message said that here they especially careful, a wee bit sounds do not dare to send out, for fear that has alarmed Saint Ruler powerhouse in Imperial Palace. These two shapes such as Saint Ruler powerhouse Old Ghost Situ and Old Ghost Ma Teng of beggar, these years they have received chasing down of Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians, is passing the day of becoming a fugitive. Long Ji Kingdom attaches to of Felicity Empire Three Great Empires, thinks that Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians does not dare to come optional causing trouble here, we hide because of this are very here safe.” The Old Ghost Ma Teng thinking said. hearing that, nod of Old Ghost Situ approval, said \; Good, Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians will pursue quickly, they definitely know that we hide here, when their four people of close Imperial Palace, several Saint Ruler powerhouse in Imperial Palace will definitely come out to intercept, could not say that can also fight, when they fight, both of us seize the opportunity to get rid suddenly, copes with Custodian with joint forces, strives to strike to kill their.” Old Ghost Ma Teng eye one bright, passes on tone channel: This idea is good, their four people almost pursued us to give to run a circle entire Tian Yuan Continent, should let they paid some interest the time.”

Two days later, four wear the blood red long gown, a face callous middle-aged man imperial empties to come, entered in Long Ji Kingdom Imperial City directly. Their four people of whole bodies send out invisible cloudy evil energy, every four people of places visited, the surrounding temperature rapidly is dropping, just like turning into ice hole. They hide in this city. Old Sect Master has informed us by secret skill, once found them, temporarily first do not act rashly, waits for new Sect Master to arrive , after listening, his instruction, we go to the city to look for an inn to rest first.” Saying that Bloody Sword Sect Custodian unemotionally, then together entered in the city with another three people. You guess that actually our Bloody Sword Sect new Sect Master can be , what can affirm is he has some hostility with these two who we chase down inevitably. But our Bloody Sword Sect of hidden world millennium, I had not heard that which elder in Bloody Sword Sect and they have hostility.” Bloody Sword Sect Custodian said in a low voice, in the expression has been full of the doubts. Blood three, you shut up to me, the Sect Master matter is also not we can discuss.” Custodian complexion sinks, immediately is staring at that person of speech by the swift and fierce vision. Is called blood three that Custodian no longer speaks immediately. Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians walks on foot on the avenue, light cloudy evil energy that they four people of this exactly the same looks as well as send out immediately became on the avenue all people by the object who pay attention, all pedestrians and Mercenary all are in abundance yield the way for their four people along the way, vision sinister they saw these four people are not the people who good to provoke. Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians walks side-by-side, restored the callousness in ordinary day, to person a feeling of aloofing. At this moment, four hair are gray, the old man who the body puts on a white elder appears on the avenue, similarly stands shoulder to shoulder, has blocked the Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians way exactly, looked that touched the type as if here to wait there for some time. These four old men very ordinary, the whole body has not lent the tiny bit aura, just like a stodger, their four people, although standing swaggering on avenue, but is unremarkable. The way was blocked, Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians stopped immediately, vision coldly is staring at four old men, no one has spoken. At this time, an old man has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest, said: We are Long Ji Kingdom four big Imperial Protector, does not know that what Bloody Sword Sect four powerhouse come my Long Ji Kingdom behavior.” The expression of old man extremely light, is faint passes one to be indifferent and strong.

Although Bloody Sword Sect the noise elimination on Tian Yuan Continent has covered up the traces of millennium, but the good and evil is also Tian Yuan Continent one on three big top killer impediments, at the same time arrivals of their four Saint Ruler powerhouse, keeping any formidable kingdom from neglecting, therefore, Long Ji Kingdom immediately set out four Saint Ruler powerhouse to come to stop. Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians, presents the life of Sect Master to chase down the Human Race rebel.” Saying that Bloody Sword Sect Custodian unemotionally. Here is my Long Ji Kingdom Imperial City, the so-called rebel, please four people fast have not retreated.” Imperial Protector harsh saying, does not fear Bloody Sword Sect that the prestige broadcasts. My Bloody Sword Sect works, never wants others to gesticulate.” Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians unemotionally, that is full in the indifferent look, faint trace stern murderous aura has sent out, but from their four people transmits, but cloudy evil energy was also richer several points, looks to touch the type, has clearly made momentarily the condition of fight. Long Ji Kingdom four Imperial Protector are very indeed strong, but Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians strong. Long Ji Kingdom four Imperial Protector see the Bloody Sword Sect Custodian manner to be so strong, in the heart Yinsheng draws back intent immediately, they know own several people , if not make the concession, that and Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians fights is unavoidable. Here is our Long Ji Kingdom, is not your Bloody Sword Sect domain, if you insist so, we wait and see.” cloudy evil energy being well-known entire mainland that Bloody Sword Sect is in sole possession, nobody did not dread that Long Ji Kingdom four Imperial Protector do not dare to have the conflict with them, after abandoning ruthless words, immediately retreats. Looks the back that Long Ji Kingdom four Imperial Protector vanish, Bloody Sword Sect Custodian muttered in a low voice said: They harbor very deep hostility to us.” „More than 1000 years ago one time hunts and kills the motion, the Long Ji Kingdom kings and two Imperial Protector dies in the hand of our Bloody Sword Sect, they have certainly the hostility regarding us.” Stands unemotionally in that Custodian of his side answered. In Long Ji Kingdom Imperial Palace, four Imperial Protector simultaneously gather together, complexion are serious. Has not thought that the Bloody Sword Sect person appeared in my Long Ji Kingdom again, more than thousand years ago, Bloody Sword Sect has killed our Long Ji Kingdom two Imperial Protector, this enmity must report.” „More than 300 years ago, the Luo Duo Imperial Protector smooth breakthrough to the Saint King boundary, holds the post of Imperial Protector in Felicity Empire at present, in the past by that two Imperial Protector that in the middle of Bloody Sword Sect killed, one of them was the Luo Duo Imperial Protector blood brother, we informed Luo Duo Imperial Protector immediately, making Luo Duo Imperial Protector decide.”

Long Ji Kingdom four Imperial Protector immediately send out one person to go to Felicity Empire through Space Gate, has the matter that to convey here to Luo Duo Imperial Protector. But Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians looked for an inn to live in Long Ji Kingdom, henceforth stayed at home, all day sat in meditation in the room, induced Old Ghost Situ closely their position, awaited calmly new Sect Master to come. In Felicity Empire Imperial Palace, in resplendent in gold and jade green palace that in decorates, wears the middle-aged man of white long gown to sit cross-legged to sit on the bed, middle-aged male Zichang a populace face, complexion is resolute, to the person a calm feeling, his head is long with his age quite incompatible gray white hair, so matching, appears distinctive. This middle-aged man Luo Duo, is Saint King boundary unparalleled powerhouse, presently is Felicity Empire Imperial Protector. But in the Luo Duo front, a crane sends old man respectful standing of young face there, this old man Imperial Protector that catches up with from Long Ji Kingdom, Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians reappears the Long Ji Kingdom matter truthfully to Luo Duo is reporting. Bloody Sword Sect!” Luo Duo that micro close eye opening slowly, has severe light together to glitter in the eye immediately, mixes in also has the hatred of soaring to the heavens. Luo Duo Imperial Protector, this Bloody Sword Sect person arrives at my Long Ji Kingdom again, does not know how we must handle affairs, but also invited the Luo Duo Imperial Protector clear instructions.” Long Ji Kingdom Imperial Protector arches, bends the waist, respectful saying. How can also, naturally kill, revenges for my younger brother.” Luo Duo saying without hesitation. But Bloody Sword Sect Sect Master......” Long Ji Kingdom Imperial Protector starts to speak but hesitates, in the vision has deeply very deep dreading. Luo Duo got out of bed, cold voice said: In the Felicity kingdom, I have glanced through the Bloody Sword Sect Sect Master material specially, as far as I know, the Xiu Si Dun present life span did not grow, is not necessary to care. Moreover in Bloody Sword Sect, besides Xiu Si Dun one person, again has not been worth powerhouse that makes our Felicity Empire attach great importance, if Xiu Si Dun must get rid, some of my Felicity Empire naturally people block him.” Bloody Sword Sect millenniums magnificent is Xiu Si Dun one person brings, now he will soon depart, magnificence of that Bloody Sword Sect, will become the history.”