Chaotic Sword God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1021

Heard Luo Duo so saying that Long Ji Kingdom Imperial Protector the complexion great happiness, cuped one hand in the other across the chest to say immediately hastily: Luo Duo Imperial Protector, since Bloody Sword Sect did not have fearing, we simply for a penny and for a pound, directly raise to even/including Genba Bloody Sword Sect, reported the millennium ago hatreds.” The Luo Duo eye had the cold glow to glitter immediately, lowers the head to hesitate the meeting, said: Now Bloody Sword Sect Sect Master Xiu Si Dun has not died, we have not been able to compel in the dead end them, perhaps otherwise, we will encounter Xiu Si Dun not to attend to full counter-attack of life and death. If powerhouse of Saint King complete boundary abandoned the life and death to retaliate us fully, that Felicity Empire will bring the destruction nature to us the disaster. However, if kills their Bloody Sword Sect several to intrude Long Ji Kingdom Saint Ruler powerhouse, that is.” The Luo Duo whole person imposing manner suddenly changes, broadminded turning around flashing eyes stares is standing there Long Ji Kingdom Imperial Protector respectfully, said: You immediately return to Long Ji Kingdom to monitor the Bloody Sword Sect that several powerhouse sound now closely, to provide against contingencies, I before getting rid to cope with Bloody Sword Sect, but must see in Imperial Palace several other Imperial Protector.” Yes!” Long Ji Kingdom Imperial Protector in Space Gate through Felicity Empire Imperial Palace returns immediately, but Luo Duo has not stayed, immediately turns toward the restricted area of Imperial Palace deep place to walk, in vision often twinkle stern killing intent: Younger brother, more than 1000 years ago, you died a tragic death in the powerhouse hand of Bloody Sword Sect, at that time elder brother did not have the ability to revenge for you, but the opportunity came now, the elder brother promised you that waited for Bloody Sword Sect Sect Master Xiu Si Dun dead, the elder brother immediately borrowed the Felicity Empire strength to eradicate Bloody Sword Sect, avenged a grievance for you.” In the past, when Luo Duo can continue to keep Long Ji Kingdom in the breakthrough to the Saint King boundary, making the Long Ji Kingdom status increase, but he did not have to arrive at Felicity Empire to hold the post of Imperial Protector slightly hesitant, these main reason because of Bloody Sword Sect, because he has wanted to eradicate Bloody Sword Sect with the aid of the Felicity Empire strength. In Long Ji Kingdom Imperial City, that Imperial Protector that returned to from Felicity brings the order of Luo Duo, therefore, these period of time their four people have not continued to look for the trouble of Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians, but was aura of guarding close induction Four Great Custodians in Imperial Palace, constantly was not paying attention to their sound. Their four people no one had realized that in present Long Ji Kingdom Imperial Palace, had two unexpected visitors, hiding quietly in a remote place. In an instant, two days of then passed by, over the two days unusual are tranquil, Long Ji Kingdom Imperial City such as was still same in the past is operating as usual, the lively avenue all day long is crowded, sounds of people bubbling like a caldron, is very lively. At this moment, the several sound resounds from out of the blue suddenly, sees only several person's shadows from far to near, erect quick is approaching toward Long Ji Kingdom Imperial City, their speed are quick, previous quarter also in remote world end, but next second already suspended sky over Imperial City.

They in this city.” In the middle of several people, stands in forefront one wears the black vigor attire, the age about 20 years old, is long in handsome youth hand to take blood red token light saying, that binocular light just liked one already left the sharp sword of sheath to be like that sharp, slowly has swept in the city of under foot. These people of Jian Chen, Rui Jin, Hei Yu and Hong Lian, after these day hurrying along, their four people almost surmounted less than half Tian Yuan Continent, deferred to the direction of blood red token to find here. Although their several people hurry along in the way of imperial spatial flight, but among them besides Jian Chen, another three people of strengths has achieved the Saint King complete boundary, has achieved the boundary of reaching the pinnacle to the space mysterious comprehension, hurries along by their ability control space, although speed was well below that Space Gate that step then can surmount surely in the remote exaggeration, but also is much quicker. Therefore, Jian Chen in Rui Jin is having in the situation of hurrying along, cost the extremely short time then to surmount merely surely , arrived here from Mercenary City. In Jian Chen several people just arrived at the city sky, but also sat in meditation practice Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians simultaneously to open the eye in the guest room, at once a person of sinking sound track \; I induced to the aura that the blood sword made, new Sect Master arrived, your three people fast exited to greet along with me.” Sees only four to arrive at red remnant shade to dodge to pass, Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians flew from the window place in abundance, the body is similar to the ghosts and demons appears in the upper air, happen to stands in the Jian Chen opposite. Four people of vision first are centralized , was grasped by Jian Chen on blood red token in hand, then from token migration slowly to Jian Chen on, when they see clearly the Jian Chen appearance, look all stares, the vision became some delay, look that the whole face cannot believe. Their four people have not thought in any event that Bloody Sword Sect new Sect Master unexpectedly is not the senior statesman in gate, but is young Jian Chen. Jian Chen complexion is usual, the 11 of vision from four Custodian faces has swept, then has been arching cuping one hand in the other across the chest to four people, said: „Below Jian Chen, four Custodian was courteous!”

In the heart of Jian Chen, still still has the sense of gratitude regarding Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians, he will never forget for several years ago when Changyang Mansion suffers the disaster, because prompt rushing of these four Custodian, make Changyang Mansion not present the too big damage, otherwise, entire Changyang Mansion will perhaps be given to raze by Old Ghost Situ several people, person who by that time, receives the injury, by far incessantly Changyang Ba and Bi Yun Tian they. Four Custodian have gotten quickly back one's composure, sees new Sect Master unexpectedly to the own four people so polite, this makes their four people have the feeling of feeling extremely flattered immediately, at once has not hesitated, four people act uniform on one knee to kneel in void, shouts greatly: Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians see Sect Master!” What, Sect Master?” Listens to Four Great Custodians to the name of own, Jian Chen also to stare, but quick understood, perhaps in this Bloody Sword Sect has one type to see to make such as to see the Sect Master custom, but own is taking Bloody Sword Sect token at this moment, naturally by Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians misunderstanding Sect Master. Four Custodian do not misunderstand, my Jian Chen is not your Bloody Sword Sect Sect Master, in my hand this token is only Uncle Xiu lends my, its goal was to let me found your four people through this token.” Jian Chen hurries to answer, but in the heart is actually a whisper: Originally Xiu Si Dun is the Uncle Xiu given name, reason that his surname will have the change, it is estimated that is the millenniums ago the matter after retiring mainland, after all millennium ago the attack of matters to Uncle Xiu was really too big.” Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians has still not set out, a person lowers the head saying: Opens reports Sect Master, old Sect Master several had informed us by secret skill other day, informs our him to pass on the position to exit, in the future will grasp token to find our people, is our Bloody Sword Sect new Sect Master, every my Bloody Sword Sect is respective, all people must always do as one is told by new Sect Master.” What you said that did Uncle Xiu pass on the position of Bloody Sword Sect Sect Master?” This time, was one's turn Jian Chen to be surprised. Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians was so clear, Jian Chen that the words said how was again is muddled, understood Uncle Xiu has taught Bloody Sword Sect the position of Sect Master to own. This news came suddenly, suddenly made Jian Chen somewhat be hard to accept, how regardless of he does not think, since own received token in the Uncle Xiu hand at that moment, the own status again had the huge change, bewildered became Bloody Sword Sect Sect Master. Bloody Sword Sect, this is shakes one of the Tian Yuan Continent Three Great Killers Organizations, the strength does not allow to look down upon, although was unable to place on a par with Guardian Clan by far, but has is not weak in the Ancient Aristocratic Family strength. Four Custodian present the life of old Sect Master to wait for Sect Master to arrive here, simultaneously monitors that two Human Race rebels closely, how our four people next step because of should move, asking Sect Master to instruct.” Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians saying with one voice, the seemingly heart has the cleverness.

Jian Chen has hesitated the meeting, personal enemy who now kills the own parents here, this makes him not have the thoughts to continue at the Sect Master incident hard to solve, immediately temporarily has put down the Bloody Sword Sect Sect Master incident, said: Does not know where that two Human Race rebels, your four people have chased down their several years now, has not cut to kill them.” Opens reports Sect Master, they in Imperial Palace. Because several years ago old Sect Master has the command, making our four people pursue not to kill to that two Human Race rebels, the wound does not seize, therefore makes them live today.” Custodian said. So that's how it is.” In the Jian Chen heart suddenly, then vision looks to distant place that piece of Imperial Palace with overpowering momentum, said: Walks, goes to Imperial Palace along with me.” Saying, Jian Chen, when turns toward Imperial Palace to fly first, but Rui Jin they closely follow side Jian Chen, Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians walks shoulder to shoulder finally. Jian Chen several people quick arrived at outside Long Ji Kingdom Imperial Palace, then swaggering flew from the Imperial Palace sky directly, when until arriving at Imperial Palace center stopped, suspended overlooks below resplendent in gold and jade green numerous palace in several hundred meters upper air. Bloody Sword Sect, you went too far, the daring foot steps on the Imperial Palace fontanel of our Long Ji Kingdom, is it possible that thinks really my Long Ji Kingdom nobody is inadequate.” Mixes with together is soaring to the heavens the anger angry loudly shout to transmit from, although the sound is old, but the air/Qi is full, that vast sound overlapped reverberates in the world, gives to shake the powder the above cloud layer. Along with the voice, four cranes sent the old man of young face to fly from Imperial Palace, having the huge imposing manner to rush to the upper air like lightning, was separated by hundred meters distance distantly to holding with Jian Chen several people. Long Ji Kingdom Imperial Protector the drinks greatly, immediately broke the peace in Imperial Palace, entire Imperial Palace in an instant was becoming chaotic, saw only large quantities of guards like surging tides to gush out from various Imperial Palace places, but when they discovered when enemy suspended unexpectedly in upper air, was immediately scared, only then eager was looking.