Chaotic Sword God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1022

Long Ji Kingdom four Imperial Protector and Jian Chen several people are separated by hundred meters distance distantly to holding, complexion becomes very ugly, this moment Bloody Sword Sect person has killed to visit, but has not caught up unexpectedly as Luo Duo Imperial Protector that they take advantage of most greatly, this makes in they four people of hearts feel that is not wonderful. At present these eight people, although four people hid own aura, keeping us from realizing their strength, but they, since can achieve does not depend upon the world vitality on the void suspended situation, wants to come affirmative Saint Ruler powerhouse, entire eight Saint Ruler, our four people may absolutely not be their matches.” In the Long Ji Kingdom four Imperial Protector hearts calculates secretly, this moment enemy audiences I widowed, absolutely cannot is impulsive. „The Bloody Sword Sect person, this is my Long Ji Kingdom Imperial Palace heavy, here does not welcome you, please immediately draw back.” Sinking sound that Imperial Protector unemotionally said. Long Ji Kingdom Imperial Protector that indifferent manner makes the Jian Chen brow micro wrinkle, the vision sweep from the opposite four people, has not spoken, Spiritual Consciousness sends out immediately, but gives to cover Long Ji Kingdom trim Imperial Palace, quick found was hiding the whole body aura to hide Old Ghost Situ and Old Ghost Ma Teng two people in Imperial Palace. Jian Chen is holding the fist in the other hand to Long Ji Kingdom several Imperial Protector, said: Four, pursue the personal enemy to come below, this moment personal enemy is hiding in Imperial Palace, but also please four be accommodating.” Snort, personal enemy who in your Bloody Sword Sect mouth said that perhaps is others spends the goal that the large sum of money was called you to hunt and kill. Bloody Sword Sect, you were too wild, although my Long Ji Kingdom strength is inferior to you, but is not good to bully, to kill people in my Long Ji Kingdom Imperial Palace, gave up any idea.” The Long Ji Kingdom Imperial Protector expression is strong, they think what Jian Chen must kill is some important personage in Imperial Palace. hearing that, Jian Chen complexion sinks, said: If four insist on so, we have to offend.” In Long Ji Kingdom four Imperial Protector hearts one cold, knows the conflict to be unavoidable, immediately four soar to the heavens the imposing manner to send out from them, but in they four people of hands, reappears at the same time four Saint's Weapon, has completed the combat readiness. The Jian Chen corners of the mouth reappear to sneer, when will have an action to perform, suddenly at present the blood red remnant shade dodges to pass, sees only Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians simultaneously to arrive at the Jian Chen front, has blocked Long Ji Kingdom four Imperial Protector, but in they four people of hands, presented a blood red long thorn, rich cloudy evil energy send out from them. The war of both sides is ready to be set off! Ha Ha Ha Ha, has not thought of when millennium Bloody Sword Sect withdraws, appear again still have not abrasioned the past spirit, are still so extremely arrogant.” At this moment, the enormous and powerful transmission of big laughter of penetrating sound horizon from the world comes together, at once not far away space starts to twist fiercely, the space was torn rapidly, forms Space Gate. Sees only a look to be ordinary, age about 40 years old, but leaves leeway a middle-aged man of white long hair to stride from inside, before then arrives at the Long Ji Kingdom four Imperial Protector bodies instantaneously, at the same time, a vast and boundless imposing manner sends out from the middle-aged man, made the air nearly coagulate unexpectedly.

Sees this middle-aged man, Long Ji Kingdom four Imperial Protector big relaxing, among look to reveal the excited color immediately: Luo Duo Imperial Protector, you came finally, if you come late one, perhaps our four people on tragic death in the hand of Bloody Sword Sect.” hearing that, Luo Duo complexion sinks, looked that has not mincing matter killing intent to the Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians vision, cold voice said: „The courage of your Bloody Sword Sect was really bigger and bigger, unexpectedly again and again came my Long Ji Kingdom to cause trouble. However was a pity that present Long Ji Kingdom is not millennium ago Long Ji Kingdom, now **, since came, that did not use, gave me forever to stay here.” Luo Duo speech extremely haughty, he has concluded Bloody Sword Sect Sect Master Xiu Si Dun already the predestined time of death, even if own has killed their Bloody Sword Sect several powerhouse, that Xiu Si Dun does not dare to take the huge risk to offend Felicity Empire, thus brings the calamity of extermination to Bloody Sword Sect. Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians look became dignified, from Luo Duo sending out in the imposing manner, their four people know that the present person is Saint King boundary unparalleled powerhouse, so powerhouse was far from the strength only in they of Saint Ruler 5-layer boundary can cope, even if had cloudy evil energy to be also hard to protect oneself, after all the strength differed is really too big. Is listening to Luo Duo this haughty words, stands smiles in the Bloody Sword Sect Four Great Custodians rear Jian Chen anger extremely, sinking sound track \; Must say extremely arrogantly, perhaps in the field the person can compare favorably with your excellency on nobody, your excellency does not think over before the speech the first own weight, has a look at own whether has enough strength to say so the words.” Luo Duo that swift and fierce vision falls on Jian Chen immediately, their three people have swept in Jian Chen behind Rui Jin rapidly, but actually cannot see they several people of strengths, but does not have the half minute to dread the color in his heart, because also has Felicity Empire to support in his behind. Boy, who you are, but dares to report to become famous.” Luo Duo to Jian Chen sinking sound track. Dissolute, this is my Bloody Sword Sect new Sect Master, can not be impolite to my Bloody Sword Sect Sect Master.” Does not wait for Jian Chen to speak, Bloody Sword Sect Custodian lowers shouts to clear the way. One hear of Jian Chen are Bloody Sword Sect Sect Master, in the Luo Duo eye flashes through together the surprised color unexpectedly immediately, cannot help but carefully has sized up under Jian Chen, said with a smile lightly: Has not thought that your excellency unexpectedly is Bloody Sword Sect new Sect Master, really makes the person be surprised, does not know that Xiu Si Dun rests the old seniors to be whether well.” „The Xiu Si Dun senior is the what kind status, his news can it be that you can inquire that but your excellency formerly said that must forever keep here our Bloody Sword Sect person, then lets in ask for advice your excellency good idea, has a look at your excellency whether has this ability.” Saying that Jian Chen unemotionally, then the void situation crosses Bloody Sword Sect four Custodian arrive at the front line closely, the vision is staring at Luo Duo. The Luo Duo corners of the mouth reveal one to sneer, the eyeground deep place has intense killing intent to glitter, sinking sound track: Good, since Bloody Sword Sect new Sect Master wants to ask for advice, I then help you.” Along with the voice, the Luo Duo palm grasps void, invisible does not have condition the strength of world immediately comes toward the palm collection of Luo Duo, then turns toward Jian Chen to pat like lightning. This palm, Luo Duo has not kept the hand, a palm promotes, immediately has the potential of moving mountains, the terrifying fluctuation of energy lets the surrounding space in violent trembling.

Jian Chen look is self-poise, copes with Luo Duo trivial Saint King 2-layer boundary Expert, he disdains in radically moving the sword, turnover of Chaos Force from Inner Core, condenses in the right hand instantaneously, the direct fist rumbles. Jian Chen this fist is unadorned, the power and influence of but among containing actually does not allow to look down upon, the fist from out of the blue, the space was hit the crack, had a tiny space crack. Bang!” In the bang sound, Jian Chen this fist brings the unprecedented tendency the invisible palm of the hand that condenses by the strength of world becomes to scatter Luo Duo loudly, formidable energy fallout vibrates in the world, lets the space within surrounding area kilometer in the fierce distortion, a line of sight fuzziness. How possible, he unexpectedly so easily broke my palm.” In the Luo Duo heart panic-stricken, this new Bloody Sword Sect Sect Master the great strength of strength, has stemmed from him to expect by far. Luo Duo, I then make you for now just pays the price extremely arrogantly.” Jian Chen cold voice said that under foot void steps, arrive in front of Luo Duo instantaneously, a same fist has the boundless imposing manner to hit loudly to the chest of Luo Duo. Luo Duo complexion became has enforced suddenly, after the experience to the Jian Chen strength, he does not dare to pull rank like before, incomparably formidable Saint Force from his within the body crazy emergence, then condensed a handle to have the palm of the hand wide fiery red great sword in the right hand in an instant fully, then turned toward the fist of Jian Chen to puncture like lightning. The Jian Chen corners of the mouth reveal one to sneer, the fist path is invariable, turns toward the great sword sword that Luo Duo punctures to hit unexpectedly directly sharp, actually wants by the Saint's Weapon attack of flesh and blood hard anti- Saint King 2-layer powerhouse. Was insane, this Bloody Sword Sect Sect Master certainly was insane, is it possible that he thinks that his fist can compete with my Saint's Weapon, snort|hum, since you were so self-confident, that made me abandon your right arm.” In the Luo Duo heart sneers, the power and influence of this sword adds three points unexpectedly. peng~! the fist and Luo Duo of Jian Chen great sword touches, exudes a sad dull thumping sound sound unexpectedly, terrifying strength from fist and great sword the bumping place erupts, toward spreads to go in all directions, four Imperial Protector and Bloody Sword Sect that Four Great Custodians in the surroundings observes gives body one of the impact on sway, is hard automatic control draws back backward flies to draw back to go. The fist of Jian Chen such as in the Luo Duo heart does not want to pierce to a sword, instead is perfect, had not been injured, a Luo Duo this sword on a skin including Jian Chen fist has not cut fully unexpectedly. Jian Chen Chaos Body 3-layer, not only made his strength achieve Saint King 3-layer, the flesh body defense strength is also so, now, he can by flesh body the attack of defense strength hard anti- Saint King 3-layer, but did not injure, only had Saint King 3-layer above powerhouse to him to pose the threat, by the Luo Duo Saint King 2-layer strength, only if displays Saint Tier battle skill, otherwise, he including injuring the qualifications of Jian Chen did not have.

How possible, this is how possible, your fist possibly so is how hard.” Luo Duo chest cavity being dumbfounded is staring at Jian Chen that perfect fist, the whole face is unbelievable look. Jian Chen did not speak, bullied body once more on , was the same fought with the fists to Luo Duo, on the fist has corvinus Chaos Force to jump to shoot faintly, was full of the destruction nature the aura to wreak havoc immediately in the world, making all people be startled for it heart. The power and influence of this fist, was formerly bigger than two fist stronger. Stands in the Hong Lian eye that in the rear area observes the fine glow dodges, said in a low voice: What strength is the outcome of this Jian Chen use? Why I see what one never saw before, hear something never heard of before, I inherit in the memory not the least bit record about this strength.” Rui Jin and Hei Yu they also shook the head, the Rui Jin vision does flicker is staring at Jian Chen, said: I do not know, but he can feel the strength that he uses is very strong, as if now is not mature, has big rise space.” Feels the power and influence of Jian Chen this fist, Luo Duo complexion suddenly big change, immediately great sword cross piece before the body. Clang!” Jian Chen this fist is rudely, fist hits on Saint's Weapon, erupts a startled day bang sound, the strength of that terror somewhat was unexpectedly curving, strength of the intense counter- shaking the Luo Duo great sword hit transmitted to come from the great sword, held the right hand arm of sword to give to shake one Luo Duo to tingle with numbness, at once arm one soft, originally great sword of cross piece before body pressing of the maliciously under formidable strength hit on his chest, gave to shake the skeleton of his chest front broke the number with. Luo Duo opens mouth to put out a blood, the body flies upside down to go immediately, his complexion becomes a paleness, experienced personally the heavy losses. But in flying upside down on the way, in the hand of Luo Duo presented a pure white jade, his without hesitation pinches the smashing the jade. ps: Recommends a book to everybody, the profound imaginary work that «Primordial chaos Saint Ruler» Yun Leitian rain big nausea Qi Xue builds.