Chaotic Sword God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1023

After the jade in hand pinches the smashing, on the face of Luo Duo obviously has shown a relaxed smiling face, although this moment own experiences personally the heavy losses, but he was actually not worried about the own danger. Because before returning to Long Ji Kingdom, Luo Duo has thought all matter that may have, and has prepared sufficient, that seeks Felicity Empire several other Imperial Protector, making them lend a hand to assist at crucial moments, but he just the jade of crumb, informed other Felicity Imperial Protector ways. Although Long Ji Kingdom is away from Felicity Empire to be remote, but this from front of unparalleled powerhouse of any Saint King boundary is a piece of cake, only need tear space build Space Gate to come here conveniently together. The body of Luo Duo was flying upside down several kilometers far distance to stabilize, immediately was a blowout blood that could not bear, the power and influence of Jian Chen that fist endures compared with Saint King 3-layer boundary powerhouse strikes fully, although might Luo Duo of this fist only withstood one less than half, but still made him experience personally the heavy losses. Sees Luo Imperial Protector unexpectedly to put in an appearance in short several causes heavy losses by experiencing personally that Jian Chen hits, this lets four Imperial Protector complexion grieved big changes of Long Ji Kingdom, moods become extremely ugly. Luo Duo is Long Ji Kingdom biggest taking advantage, is Long Ji Kingdom is at proud, if Luo Duo is not the match of opposite party, that Long Ji Kingdom will not have the least bit strength to dare the Bloody Sword Sect person to fight again. Vision coldly of Jian Chen suspended in upper air looks at Luo Duo, cold voice was saying: Your excellency, if you perhaps, only then this strength, is unable forever to keep here our Bloody Sword Sect person today.” Although Luo Duo shocks the Jian Chen strength in the heart, but on the face is actually one piece sneers, said: Bloody Sword Sect Sect Master, your strength is very indeed strong, Luo is not your match, but true good play also in behind.” The Luo Duo voice just fell, the space before his body on the distortion of distance, has rapidly formed Space Gate, immediately, two send out from Space Gate compared with the Luo Duo also stronger big huge imposing manners, just likes two angry dragons, unscrupulous tumbling in world, gives to cover the trim void. In the face of these two powerful imposing manners, the air stopped flowing, the world vitality fell into static, that invisible did not have condition the strength of world became peaceful. Sees only in Space Gate, two wear the white long to fear that the crane sends the old man of young face to go out shoulder to shoulder, is blazing with anger, is bringing several points of severe light from Jian Chen several people have swept, finally stays on Luo Duo. However when sees Luo Duo that distressed touching type, complexion of two old men simultaneously change, the footsteps step void, the personal appearance immediately is similar to front of arriving Luo Duo that the ghosts and demons are quietly, one of them sinking sound track: Luo Duo, you are all right, is who injured this you.”

Fang Yan Imperial Protector, Ta Ji Imperial Protector, injures my person is Bloody Sword Sect new Sect Master, my Luo Duo is not his match, but also looks at two Imperial Protector to retrieve the face countenance for me.” The Luo Duo expression is very low and deep. Fang Yan Imperial Protector has patted the shoulder of Luo Duo, said: Is one of us, so is why polite, relax, we will vent anger for you.” Saying, the Fang Yan Imperial Protector vision looks to Jian Chen several people, said: Does not know that which is Bloody Sword Sect new Sect Master.” Be that as it may, but the Fang Yan vision actually frames on Jian Chen, stands the position that to come up the analysis from Jian Chen, he had concluded that Luo was injured by Jian Chen. Jian Chen look has not fluctuated, has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest indifferently freely, said \; „Below is Bloody Sword Sect new Sect Master, does not know that your excellency has what advice.” Jian Chen saw two Saint King powerhouse strengths that gives support separately in Saint King 5-layer and 6-layer, such person could not pose the threat to him. Fang Yan complexion sinks slightly, said \; Advises is not at all actually, but Sect Master not only steps into my Felicity Empire domain arbitrarily, but also injures my Felicity Empire Imperial Protector, if this matter Sect Master does not give a confession, which that makes my Felicity Empire honor toward put.” One hear the person unexpectedly is Felicity Empire powerhouse, the eye of Jian Chen immediately one bright, said: You unexpectedly are the Felicity Empire people, comes just right, does not know that King Bi Jian is your Felicity Empire person.” Good, my Felicity Empire happen to have this character, does not know that what you and Bi Jian(side by side) are relate?” Fang Yan Imperial Protector vision tight is staring at Jian Chen. Personal enemy, must kill person!” The Jian Chen expression is low and deep, along with voice, intense killing intent sends out from him. Listened to Jian Chen this saying, Fang Yan Imperial Protector and Ta Ji Imperial Protector their complexion all change, Ta Ji treadons void, having an incomparably swift and fierce imposing manner to go forward hundred meters, the sinking sound track: Bloody Sword Sect Sect Master, it seems like you are sincerely must with our Felicity Empire for the enemy, such being the case, that first makes my Ta Ji experience the Bloody Sword Sect Sect Master strength, actually having a look at you to have a Xiu Si Dun several points of ability, so is unexpectedly haughty.” Ta Ji puts out a hand a finger, in the world becomes peaceful the strength of world became exceptionally has enlivened immediately, to be about much speed to come toward the fingertip collection of Ta Ji, in an instant then condensed together incomparably formidable referred to propelling powerfully to Jian Chen. The Ta Ji strength has achieved the Saint King 6-layer boundary, returns stronger compared with Fang Yan, facing so the attack of powerhouse, Jian Chen was unable to achieve to cope with Luo Duo to be like that relaxed, immediately puts out Emperor Armament from Space Ring, the direct sword punctures like lightning. Sees only ash-gray rays of light to be together sharp to jump from the Emperor Armament sword to shoot, having a aura of destruction nature to tear the space, by if quickly lightning speed shot toward Ta Ji. Grey sword qi advance with irresistible force, penetrates the referring to vigor that the strength of Ta Ji condensation world has projected , to continue remaining power not to reduce in the slightest to shoot toward rear Ta Ji.

Ta Ji complexion changes, he has not thought that at present this new Bloody Sword Sect Sect Master strength such, in the heart increases immediately vigilantly, at the same time, incomparably formidable Saint Force from his within the body crazy divulging, swiftly condense a handle middle finger wide long sword in his right hand, then by if quickly lightning speed chops a sword, sends out grey sword qi that together formidable and swift and fierce sword qi and Jian Chen project to bump into. Bang!” Two Dao of Sword Qi bump into, erupts a thundering bang sound in void, formidable energy fallout shivering that the surrounding space gives keeping of impact. sword qi that Ta Ji chops dissipates in midair, changes into the most primitive energy diffusion in the world, but is formed sword qi that by Chaos Force actually still completely , to continue to shoot toward Ta Ji, suddenly then arrives in front of Ta Ji. Ta Ji complexion suddenly big change, moved aside at this moment already without enough time, only then in long sword one hand horizontal, kept off before the own body. The sword qi hit that is formed by Chaos Force, in Ta Ji keeps off on Saint's Weapon before body, immediately erupts a thundering bang sound. The body of Ta Ji cannot self-made flying upside down fast, fly to draw back several kilometers distance to stabilize backward, in heart panic-stricken. He completely by the Bloody Sword Sect this new Sect Master strength shaking, has resisted latter Dao of Sword Qi so to be strenuous by his Saint King 6-layer strength unexpectedly continually, this makes him feel that is very difficult to believe that this Bloody Sword Sect new Sect Master strength was really too strong. Ta Ji Imperial Protector was repelled by a Bloody Sword Sect new Sect Master sword unexpectedly, this... How possible, I cannot vertigo, Ta Ji Imperial Protector be Saint King 6-layer boundary powerhouse.” Luo Duo stared in a big way an eye whole face inconceivable was staring at repelled Ta Ji Imperial Protector, in the heart turns startled Tao great lang. Emperor Armament, this unexpectedly is Emperor Armament!” The screams spread from the Fang Yan Imperial Protector mouth together, see only stare at Emperor Armament that in Jian Chen hand Fang Yan looks at steadily, among look are having envying and being startled. The Ta Ji right hand holds the sword, the body and space combines, direct one step surmounted several kilometers far distance to arrive at side Fang Yan, flashing eyes was staring at Emperor Armament in Jian Chen hand, the good moment, to exclaim \; Really is Emperor Armament, this Emperor Armament might is really powerful, Bloody Sword Sect Sect Master can a sword compel to draw back me, all are the Emperor Armament merit, if no this Emperor Armament, you, absolutely are not my match.” Fang Yan Imperial Protector vision one cold, said \; Ta Ji, since our independent one person is not the Bloody Sword Sect new Sect Master match, we then join up, in any event, cannot weak our Felicity Empire prestige.” So good!” Ta Ji without hesitation agreed that at once soars to the heavens the imposing manner to send out from him, they collaborates to turn toward Jian Chen to flush away with Fang Yan together.

Jian Chen vision one cold, said \; Formerly a sword I had shown mercy, since you do not know good from bad, that do not blame me not being impolite.” The voice just fell, the imposing manner of Jian Chen whole person suddenly changes, at this moment, he as if turned into handle peerless Divine Sword, sends out incomparably swift and fierce sword qi from top to bottom, at once in the hand Emperor Armament shakes suddenly, being outspoken chops a sword, changed into incomparably intense sword qi to pierce together void, shot at Fang Yan directly. The power and influence of this sword endures compared with Saint King 7-layer boundary powerhouse strikes fully, the sword qi place visited, the space was separated, looks from afar that is black ray hangs on seemingly in void horizontally. At once, Jian Chen holds the sword on, continues to fire into strength strongest Ta Ji, the Emperor Armament black glow in hand soars to the heavens, having one to be full of the destruction nature the aura to puncture three swords like lightning. The thorns of Jian Chen these three swords the speed rapidness, each sword punctures from the sky to leave behind the remnant shade, seems is three swords punctures at the same time on seemingly. The Fang Yan strength only then Saint King 5-layer, how has Saint King 7-layer power and influence sword qi to be able facing Jian Chen this enemy, was given the heavy losses by this Dao of Sword Qi directly, puts from his chest, leaves behind together the transparent hole. Facing three swords that Jian Chen punctures, Ta Ji look becomes the incomparable dignity, that belonged to the Saint King 6-layer strength be outspoken to be displayed by him, doing utmost resisted Jian Chen to puncture three swords that but because the both sides strength disparity arrived at the factor, Ta Ji has will blocked two swords, was pierced the heart by the third sword, the entire body was passed through by a Emperor Armament sword. Bang!” Jian Chen takes advantage of opportunity a foot to kick on the chest of Ta Ji, has kicked the body of Ta Ji by far, in the mouth the blood spurts crazily. In an instant, catches up with support Imperial Protector to cause heavy losses on simultaneously by Jian Chen from Felicity Empire. No, is impossible!” Sees this, Luo Duo and Long Ji Kingdom four Imperial Protector complexion became pale, an alarmed and afraid mood in the spread that their moral nature started.