Chaotic Sword God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1043
Hei Yu has grasped to have source energy Mountain Cleaving Blade to shoot up to the sky, is a blade cuts directly toward the sky by the potential of thunder. Sees only gorgeous blade glow to flash before, this blade seemed contains the strength of destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth, the blade glow from out of the blue, has made the space that this piece of formation formed start to shiver immediately fiercely, Mountain Cleaving Blade has not cut on formation, formation fiercely was affected, had the tendency of not being able to insist faintly. Was stranded one crowd of Saint King powerhouse looking at steadily in formation stares at Hei Yu, among look is revealing the burning hot and color of Greek wing, regarding Hei Yu hand in this having Highest Origin the powerful weapons, among them nobody not for it heart movement, but not having courage quantity dares to rob. He is willing to get rid finally on own initiative, in front of extraordinary strength that in this sufficiently and Saint Emperor powerhouse contends with, at present this trivial formation, how can surround us,” these know that on the Saint King powerhouse face of Hei Yu battle strength reveals the relaxed color, their nobody thinks that this formation can resist Hei Yu this blade, because the power and influence of this blade was really too big, felt from side merely, made them fearful and apprehensive. At the same time, in Bright Moon Temple most top layer, in that completely close secret room, in the body illusory female eyes blooms immediately bright Divine Light, shouted to clear the way lowly: Can eradicate by 9 moons imaginary day can it be that you of my Bright Moon arrangement personally, because although my strength limits, a 9 moons imaginary day might is far from displaying, even if is so, is far from Saint Emperor may break, even if the strength achieves Origin Realm powerhouse to break, must consume the tremendous strength, 9 moons unites,” illusory female both hands tie seal, in transformation that chest front keeps, immediately, in Bright Moon Temple that square dead center, another eight small moon of float in stone statue top of the head integrated in the middle of the first moon completely, the 9 moons thorough fusion is one. Stands in distant place these strength insufficient Saint King person foolishly is looking at front that in their eyes, completely lost all Saint King forms, can only see the place that these Saint King occupied, had been given to occupy by very giant photosphere, seems extremely likely is a round moon, the bright moonlight that sends out is casting light upon the entire palace. This round full moon evolves by formation, extremely mysterious, in formation is to say the space, all Saint King powerhouse were stranded in inside. In the formation space, in the Hei Yu hand that has source energy Mountain Cleaving Blade already cutting maliciously on the formation barrier, but the formation space at this moment 9 moons has united, the intensity considerably increases, far from formerly like that frail, therefore Hei Yu this is better than Saint Emperor strikes to cut on formation, but made this side formation space tremble slightly, has stabilized quickly then, not shatter. This is impossible,” At present this, lets have a mind the hopeful Saint King complexion simultaneously big change, immediately exudes the screams, the whole face is inconceivable look. Hei Yu also obvious stayed, looked down Mountain Cleaving Blade in own hand, in the vision completely was unbelievable look. This formation was increasing suddenly, at its present intensity, was Saint Emperor powerhouse is also unlikely hard to eradicate,” a low and deep sound conveyed from Jian Chen, sees only Hong Lian pair of phoenix to turn into the red, as if two groups of flame were beating, was observing this formation by divine ability secret skill. „It is not good, the suction in this formation was enhanced, my within the body energy in rapid passing,” screams is transmitting, sees only in the field in all Saint King body surfaces to cover piece of rich Saint Force, their within the body strength by compared with formerly was also wanting on quick dozens times of speed passing fast, in the strange suction by formation space pulling, then dissipates in this piece of space, they are no exception on Hei Yu and Hong Lian, nobody can prevent.

Jian Chen complexion also became ugly, Chaos Force that now this strange suction enhancement, his within the body just stabilized started restlessly, faint trace Chaos Force started to flow toward outside the body uncontrolled, speed that just passed was far from these Saint King powerhouse being so quick. Presented a faint trace weak ash-gray energy around the body of Jian Chen, sends out one to be full of the destruction nature the aura , compared with the Saint King powerhouse within the body energy, appears the unusual alternative. The Jian Chen Chaos Force nature had been detected by numerous Saint King powerhouse, but this moment all people are involuntary, nobody paid attention to this out of the ordinary Chaos Force. In the Jian Chen eye reveals an anxious color, the supplement of Chaos Force is difficult, if the Chaos Force consumption is too big, he cannot withstand. Suddenly, Jian Chen face upwards to exude one to drink greatly, in the eye Divine Light shining, is controlling Chaos Force with all might and main, under the full control of Jian Chen, his within the body Chaos Force has stopped the outflow immediately, scattered Chaos Force of family background outside the body also starts bit by bit toward his body approaches, finally slowly returned in his body. Strange, actually this is any strength, I can the clear feeling the great strength of this strength, but why I have not seen,” in the secret room of Bright Moon Temple most top layer, the body illusory female exudes in a low voice twittering the sound, the delicate eyebrows tight wrinkle, reveals the color of thinking. Suddenly, the female has as if thought of anything, eye immediately one bright, reveals look that cannot believe that said: Remembers that in the past I had heard from my father mouth Chaos Force that a named Chaos Force great power, why in the characteristics and my father mouth of this strength said is like that similar,...... This is Chaos Force ..... But at once the female on shaking the head of suddenly, said: Is impossible, how Chaos Force possibly appears in this World, this is not only then that place some people can practice the successful great power ..... But... Chaos Force that the characteristics of this strength, really and father said in the past is so similar, is it possible that it is ..... female is really surprised, but quick eye gradual has shone, during the eye of dew strange color, fell into has thought deeply. In the formation space, Jian Chen and Hei Yu several people already and all Saint King united, all people do not have displays own that the least bit retains formidable strike, makes final go all out to break barrier, besides, they have had no way out. Jian Chen has put out Emperor Armament once more, Hei Yu and Hong Lian has put out had the source energy weapon, all Saint King powerhouse have put out own Saint's Weapon, even also presented several handle King Armament. The terrifying pressure fills the air in the world, at this moment, all grasps Saint Tier battle skill Saint King powerhouse to display Saint Tier battle skill, simultaneously sends out vigorously with the people to stroke to the sky, maliciously bombardment on formation.

In thundering bang, formation space after withstanding vigorously of all people have struck still not shatter, but rocked two, then restores such as beginning. It seems like we, only then waited for death, this formation was too formidable, perhaps Saint Emperor powerhouse kisses, is unable to break,” many person surface, if the dying embers, in the vision reveal the desperate color, sat down exhausted on the ground prepares to wait for death. Jian Chen has taken back Emperor Armament, sits cross-legged to sit on the ground controls within the body Chaos Force diligently dignifiedly, look the world that stares at this piece of formation to evolve. Actually this Bright Moon Fairy Maiden is what kind of person, actually grasps so formidable and mysterious formation, about this formation information, in my inheritance memory actually does not have the least bit to record,” Hong Lian sinking sound said that is also sits cross-legged to sit on the ground controls the within the body energy, although is unable to prevent the within the body energy to drain, but can actually delay some time. Energy drained did not matter, our boundaries will not back up in any case, so long as, on the flower some time have been able to restore, truly those who made me be worried, how long we must be stranded here, can forever be stranded here, to the predestined time of death,” sitting down exhausted that Saint King powerhouse was absentminded will mutter on the ground said. Listened to this saying, many people were silent, a mood heaviness, before, they indeed underestimated Bright Moon Temple, underestimated Bright Moon Fairy Maiden. Beyond the formation space, You Yue and Kala Liwei all are stare at front that a face worries to transform by formation, almost occupied the entire space giant full moon, but Saint Item transformed is small tower suspended of palm of the hand size in top of the head turning round revolving of You Yue, it is being controlled by Item Spirit in secret, does not need You Yue to control personally. The float naturally attracted the attention of many person in Saint Item of You Yue top of the head, many people looked that has filled thick greedy to the Saint Item vision, but actually nobody dares to rob. Liwei barrier, Jian Chen they went were so long, you said that they can have the matter,” You Yue was saying to Kala Liwei, unusual worry. Kala Liwei shows a faint smile, said: Sister You Yue you felt relieved that their many people go, moreover is Saint King boundary unparalleled powerhouse, how to have the matter, quick will come out,” It is not all people stands was waiting for here Jian Chen their appearance, the surroundings some Saint Ruler powerhouse left here , to continue to go forward toward the palace deep place, after formerly accident, the people knew hides the danger in Bright Moon Temple aims at Saint King powerhouse, will not be disadvantageous to them. At this time, a white light dodged to pass, the white tiger that saw only a cat size suddenly appears nearby You Yue.

Little Bai, how you came out,” sees this small white tiger, You Yue to make the surprised sound immediately, this small white tiger stays Heavenly Winged Tiger God in Saint Item space. Little Bai as if realized that Jian Chen was bogged down in difficulties, just a appearance, a small eye on tight is staring at front that formation, does not pay attention to You Yue, direct Zong Yuejin entered in formation to disappear does not see. In the formation space, Jian Chen is sitting cross-legged to sit on the ground, a spoken parts shade dodges to pass suddenly, sees only the on the back grows a pair of wings small white tiger to appear in the Jian Chen side. Little Bai, how you have come,” sees small white tiger, Jian Chen very surprised, but the surrounding these Saint King powerhouse vision immediately fall on small white tiger. Little Bai vision took a fast look around eye space dignifiedly, then lowers to Jian Chen roars, holds carrying on the back of own Jian Chen, immediately turns toward side to leap. Sees only vanishes does not see, left the formation space that the form of small white tiger is quietly, but Jian Chen felt that own has as if hit on an invisible wall, immediately carries on the back to fall from small white tiger, had not been taken away by small white tiger, still was also stranded in the formation space. Left the formation space small white tiger to turn head to look at the back of own, exuded an anxious howling, then changed into a spoken parts shade like lightning to leap toward You Yue by speed, opened the small mouth to nip in Saint Item of You Yue top of the head suspended in the mouth, then continued to enter the formation space. Small white tiger slightly unimpeded has gone in the formation space, but Saint Item was actually prevented by the formation space outside,