Chaotic Sword God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1046
More than 20 sword qi that is wielded by Saint Ruler powerhouse brings the formidable fluctuation of energy is flying general toward small white tiger to shoot, to prevent small white tiger approaches the throne, these Saint Ruler powerhouse nobody of getting rid keep the hand. A small white tiger eye is only tight is staring at the scepter, looked that does not look at sword qi that behind shoots, however in sword qi will soon hit it, its body enlarges suddenly, in an instant turns into one to have ten meters white great tiger fully, back that pair of huge white wing big is opening, is faint the formidable energies to ferment in secret. Shouted!” As a violent rumor transmits, sees only small white tiger that huge white wing suddenly backward one leaf, immediately two giant hurricane formations, fast shoots sword qi that to hit toward behind. But small white tiger that turns into ten meters body is speed rises suddenly, just liked by compared with formerly also wanted on the quick several fold speed to fly toward the scepter to the arrow of string. Two hurricanes that formidable sword qi and small white tiger that more than 20 Saint Ruler powerhouse project send out bump into the same place, exudes an intermittent sad explosive sound, was torn the smashing by the hurricane of that violent revolving, but the hurricane after the low gear lived in more than 20 Dao of Sword Qi, is the strength uses up to dissipate. More than 20 Saint Ruler powerhouse that the behind pursuit comes by this hindrance, being made small white tiger approach suspended smoothly in the airborne giant throne, the throne has not set up any protective measure, small white tiger slightly unimpeded jumped up on the throne, then bites to place the above scepter, immediately turns back to return, the body changes into the light remnant shade to leap together in the You Yue direction. Scepter had been attained by Heavenly Winged Tiger God, snatches quickly...” „The Bright Moon Fairy Maiden treasure at present, quickly blocks Heavenly Winged Tiger God, who has attained the scepter, who can obtain the greatest opportunity .... The scepter was seized, the collection all people here have burst immediately with joy, some person not willingly scepter this helplessly was seized, therefore stands in the crowd loud the instigation.

All people were red the eye, at this moment, collected all Saint Ruler in main hall all moved, very had the tacit understanding sieged toward small white tiger, from surrounded small white tiger in all directions all round in inside, several Saint's Weapon had the formidable fluctuation of energy to cut the expansive sky, cut toward small white tiger that giant tiger body by the potential of thunder, followed in also had more than 20 swift and fierce sword qi. These attacks interweave invisible big in the midair, the surrounding the heavens seal place, has closed off all escape routes of small white tiger. Small white tiger that powerful tiger body stops in the midair, the tiger ominous light four shoots, at once first one supine, containing the scepter in mouth flings in the upper air, opens gigantic mouth to exude a shocking tiger's roar sound, immediately, naked eye obvious sound wave is centered on small white tiger fast toward spreads in all directions. sound wave contains to the striking power that being hard to imagine formidable, when sword qi that Saint's Weapon when this fist sound wave chops with these Saint Ruler and shoots bumps into, sword qi is defeated and dispersed in abundance, but these were grasped Saint's Weapon in hand fiercely to shiver by Saint Ruler powerhouse, seems has an invisible strength to prevent the advance of Saint's Weapon, not only makes these cut to Saint's Weapon of small white tiger is hard advance in the slightest, but also was pushed the unceasing backlash. sound wave proliferation speed very quick, quick spreads to the entire main hall, has swept from all people, immediately makes the clothes of all people are total wreck, shape like beggar. Pitiful pitiful yell sound has spread over the entire main hall, small white tiger this tiger's roar contains the divine beast pressure, has the penetrability, can the offending somebody soul, all soul frail Heaven Saint Master grip the head to send out the pitiful yell of pain with both hands, only has these Saint Ruler powerhouse to withstand, but also looks the color of pain, Primordial Spirit greatly was still affected. Although the strength of small white tiger has not arrived at the 7-Step peak, but its main body after all was antiquity divine beast Heavenly Winged Tiger God, had the inheritance to remember that grasped formidable divine ability, battle strength was startled is a beauty, merely was prestige of the roar, can frighten many Saint Ruler 9-layer powerhouse. Dozens Saint Ruler powerhouse collaborate to strike under the roar of this divine beast disintegrates, small white tiger has not continued to pester with them, scepter that falls from the sky including in mouth, jumps to leap to You Yue.

Leaves behind the scepter, otherwise gave up any idea of that departs!” These Saint Ruler powerhouse quickly restored, fierce does not fear flushes away toward small white tiger, faced with this day big enticement, all of them lost calmly, in brain only holds to read attains the scepter. Suddenly, small white tiger became the public enemies of here all people, all Saint Ruler powerhouse joined has surrounded during the motion of small white tiger, all was being outspoken got rid to kill fully to small white tiger, distant place several grasps Saint Tier battle skill Saint Ruler powerhouse to start to ferment Saint Tier battle skill. Small white tiger as if was also enraged, exudes a low and deep roaring sound, in tiger that pair of ominous light four shoot stern killing intent send out, threatening fires into blocks several Saint Ruler of his way, a back pair of god wing violent instigation, sends out the formidable wind blade edge to fly to keeping off in front several Saint Ruler powerhouse. In that several Saint Ruler powerhouse hearts knows that the great strength of Heavenly Winged Tiger God, is critical situation, doing utmost wields gets rid Saint's Weapon to cut the windward blade edge. Bang!” With a thundering bang sound, the wind blade edge and Saint's Weapon bump into, immediately erupts formidable energy fallout, the wind blade edge dissipates baseless, but that several Saint Ruler also transmits from the weapon the strength of counter- shaking gives the impact by formidable energy fallout as well as flying upside down backward. But several Saint Ruler powerhouse that at this time, several directions flushed from one side also approached small white tiger, several Saint's Weapon sent out dazzling rays of light to cut broken void, divided by quick such as lightning speed to small white tiger. The hair of small white tiger whole body sends out a dim white brilliance, blocks several Saint Ruler powerhouse by a back pair of god wing strikes fully. When that several Saint Ruler Saint's Weapon chops on that pair of god wing of small white tiger, all people felt that own this thunder struck seemingly to hit on one group of soft cotton, contained rushing Saint Force on Saint's Weapon in the cleanness that then vanished in an instant.

„It is not good, the energy on our Saint's Weapon by the wing of Heavenly Winged Tiger God absorbing.” Saint Ruler powerhouse exudes the screams, the whole face is unbelievable look. A pair of god wing of small white tiger after absorbing the strengths on several handle Saint's Weapon, the color became no longer that white, but also were many other colors. However the next quarter, a pair of god wing of small white tiger suddenly shakes, the flood eruption that it absorbs the energy of comes such as to divulge immediately from several handle Saint's Weapon, all approaches the backlash that its Saint Ruler powerhouse attacks completely. At this moment, seemingly came from in the pressure in world appears suddenly, closely has locked the body of small white tiger, the small white tiger surrounding space that made became mounts to stick. Saint Tier battle skill, the dodge opens!” Feels this pressure that made the will of the people live to tremble, all Saint Ruler complexion were one side, immediately was far away from small white tiger. Small white tiger slowly has turned around, a pair of tiger eyes tight stares at the distant place to display Saint Tier battle skill three Saint Ruler powerhouse, everything by Saint Tier battle skill locking, that will be evaded not to be possible to evade, runs away not to be possible to run away, only has hard resisting.