Chaotic Sword God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1053

Huang Gu Clan Old Ancestor left here, along with heavy secret room front door closing slowly, in gloomy secret room only remaining Huang Luan people. Although blood slave seal, but actually could not see on the face of Huang Luan is slightly startled as well as fear look, very tranquil, in her mind already sprouted the idea of being unafraid of death, does not care about the own life is the control in others' hand. Huang Luan arrives at center of secret room to sit cross-legged to sit, facial expression absent-minded, in the vision reveals the color of recalling, twittering said in a low voice: Jian Chen, does not know you now where, these years what kind, does not know in your mind has to remember me, has missed me......” Jian Chen, we once in the together time, the tips that as well as had, met such as brand mark general deep seal in my brain, my Huang Luan will never forget you, only blames body this life we not to have the fate now, cannot with you for ever and ever, later, we again not have the date of meeting ..... Has not thought that many years previous leaves, is actually I sees your finally at the same time ..... The Huang Luan expression suddenly became sorrowful, two lines of limpid tears uncontrolled flowed copiously from her eyes from her, left behind two cleans the tear stains to drop on her beautiful cheek on secret room that hard floor, fell crushes. A sadness floods in the secret room, that falls the teardrops of smashing, seems the heart of Huang Luan, has broken to pieces completely, is split up. ...... In an instant, the time passed by for half a month, in void of beyond the heavens, Saint King powerhouse and numerous Saint Ruler powerhouse from ten big Guardian Clan as well as numerous Ancient Aristocratic Family spread in void, regarding around Bright Moon Temple.

During the time of half a month, they have waited for nobody to leave here, but ten big Guardian Clan people and Mercenary City rescue own to be stranded in the first means in inside person, other these Saint Ruler powerhouse, the mentality stay that is holding watching the fun here, wants to know the final ownership of Bright Moon Temple. In this period, ten big Guardian Clan people have thought the innumerable methods, has carried on the innumerable attempts, but ended in failure, the Bright Moon Temple firm unusual temple can compare, all of them did utmost are unable to open the front door of temple, even left a trace is very difficult to accomplish on Bright Moon Temple continually. Passed these many days, they have not come out, moreover You Yue does not have the least bit news, actually also does not know the situation in temple how, if the time continues to tow, I feared that to be stranded the person in temple even more disadvantageous.” The Guardian Clan Shen Xiao Sect Supreme Elder sinking sound said that look very dignified. We called these many days outside, moreover has launched the attack to Bright Moon Temple, but Bright Moon Temple is a sound does not have, has floated buys in the strength of moonlight here, I looked that Bright Moon Fairy Maiden died mostly. If we continue to wait for that inside person definitely will encounter the danger, therefore I suggested that our ten big Guardian Clan might as well use treasure Emperor Armament, breaks the temple front door to clash to rescue at one fell swoop inside person.” Tall and powerfully built, wore the middle-aged robust man who black vigor installed also to speak, he was Guardian Clan Extreme Sun Sect Supreme Elder. Hears use treasure Emperor Armament, Guardian Clan all Supreme Elder complexion change, reveals indecisive look, Guardian Clan Emperor Armament is not ordinary Emperor Armament, their Emperor Armament have consumed the innumerable years, takes dozens even is over a hundred Emperor Armament takes the special secret skill fusion as one, collected numerous Emperor Armament strengths, the might is enormous, once uses, they by backlash, will be damaged enormously inevitably. In the formation space in Bright Moon Temple, was stranded dozens Saint King powerhouse in the middle of here besides Jian Chen safe and sound, including Hei Yu and Hong Lian two people, all people lost the complete strength weak on the ground, if many person surface the dying embers, in the heart have filled desperately, has not had any hope, has completed has been stranded idea for a lifetime. At this moment, the formation space suddenly started to shake fiercely, inside all sceneries fast were transforming, twisting, picture gradual became must blur. The fusion in formation space alarmed all lost strength Saint King, immediately diligently sat from the ground, surprised uncertain looks at this piece of space.

What happened, formation starts to evolve, can present the true killing tribulation to kill us here?” Saint King powerhouse expression weak saying, complexion very ugly. Listened to this saying, complexion of other people sink immediately, complexion similarly becomes very ugly, but an eye still tight stares in the formation space to transform the scenery that unceasingly. Quick, without a trace that evolves that stretch of desolated earth that vanishes by formation, all person present lines of sight of became somewhat gloomy, when they saw clearly the surrounding scenery, discovered that own returned to Bright Moon Temple that main hall unexpectedly, but Bright Moon Fairy Maiden stone statue was standing erect in their not far away. formation vanished, formation vanished, we returned the original place .... formation definitely is because the energy exhausts to dissipate, we have gotten out of trouble finally, we came out from that damn formation space finally ..... Discovered that own got rid of imprisoning of formation to be sleepy, all Saint King become very excited, is hard automatic control exudes the joyful screams, especially in these hearts already produced desperate Saint King, is excited is elinguid. Gives time that you three attract, immediately leaves Bright Moon Temple, otherwise, this life this life do not want to leave here.” At this moment, the indifferent female student transmits together suddenly, sees only on square central that stone statue, Bright Moon Fairy Maiden that illusory body is floating there, the white clothing wins the snow, the dust does not moisten, unusual refined, as if is really Fairy of space. Is Bright Moon Fairy Maiden!” Bright Moon Fairy Maiden that on stone statue all Saint King see, exudes the screams immediately, the whole face is unbelievable look.

„It is not right, is Primordial Spirit, is Bright Moon Fairy Maiden Primordial Spirit, Bright Moon Fairy Maiden Primordial Spirit actually still has ..... these Saint King powerhouse is the eyesight is still extraordinary, one crowd of Saint Ruler powerhouse cannot compare, what saw clearly appeared only Bright Moon Fairy Maiden Primordial Spirit, even if so, made them shock. Saint Emperor only then ten thousand years of life span, ten thousand years arrives, flesh body then destroys, Primordial Spirit dissipates, radically impossible long-time survival, but Bright Moon Fairy Maiden was the several tens of thousands year ago character, since her Primordial Spirit actually also survived, this for them simply was a huge fantastic story. Time passed by a breath, you have two breaths time.” The Bright Moon Fairy Maiden sound conveys, pair of beautiful pupil coldly is staring at the people. hearing that, the people could not attend to discussing the Bright Moon Fairy Maiden matter again, they did not doubt Bright Moon Fairy Maiden to have in dire straits their ability, after all formerly formation is best to prove, immediately immediately ran toward outside by quickest speed, because lost all strengths, they have not been able imperial to fly spatially, only then studied the touching type of average person to run.