Chaotic Sword God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1058

Raging Flame City several Saint Ruler powerhouse exploded loudly shout almost to spread over the entire city, making entire city all people hear the Leader statue by the matter of destroying, immediately made all people seethe with excitement, some massive respective Raging Flames Mercenaries Mercenary flew up to the eaves and walls in abundance, fast grazed to go in the cities. The Raging Flames Mercenaries headquarters in Raging Flame City rear area, are one piece constructed is similar to the Imperial Palace luxurious palace, here is the Raging Flames Mercenaries power core, is the Raging Flames Mercenaries leader, the place of supervisor housing. At this moment in Imperial Palace, wears Bi Lian of one set of green long skirt just and Raging Flames Mercenaries several high levels gathers together, was discussing the Raging Flames Mercenaries development matters concerned serious. Suddenly, sonic boom loudly shout penetrated layer on layer to hinder from outside clearly to pass on, Bi Lian and the others who has broken meet. Hears the own elder brother Jian Chen statue to be ruined unexpectedly, Bi Lian complexion immediately became ugly, in pair of beautiful eyes jumped projects two frightening cold glow. Snort, dares to destroy my brother's statue, who I must have a look at this person but actually am, so is unexpectedly bold, I will not forgive him easily.” The Bi Lian anger cannot say, pounds the table, could not attend to meeting, the calm face went out on the stride outward, in her behind, the Raging Flames Mercenaries high level also one after another went out, tight following in Bi Lian behind. The Raging Flame City city center, Jian Chen suspended in several hundred meters upper air, hugs the both arms air/Qi is calming down idly is looking toward own close several Saint Ruler powerhouse. In the Jian Chen side, suspended that Rui Jin unemotionally there, often took a fast look around under turned into the powder the statue, among look also passes for several points to have doubts. Raging Flame City several Saint Ruler powerhouse imposing manners soar to the heavens, offered a sacrifice to own Saint's Weapon sieges Jian Chen and Rui Jin two people, the energy of rushing was fluctuating around their bodies crazily, shook the surrounding space in distortion slightly, has made momentarily the preparation of fight. Who you are, why must destroy the Jian Chen Leader statue , not quick......” a Saint Ruler powerhouse vision swift and fierce stares at Jian Chen to shout a question loudly, however when his words have not said that look immediately one startled, vision is staring at the Jian Chen appearance, the whole face is unbelievable look. That Saint Ruler powerhouse stared at Jian Chen to gawk good long while, with being full of the shocking expression trembling sound track: You... You... Are you Jian Chen Leader?”

Anything, Jian Chen Leader .... Hears this words, another four Saint Ruler powerhouse all are one startled, immediately careful sizes up Jian Chen to come, although they have not seen the Jian Chen portrait, but has actually seen the Jian Chen portrait as well as the statue, therefore is not strange regarding the Jian Chen appearance, this looked that immediately discovered at present this youth appearance unexpectedly really and Jian Chen Leader is exactly the same. Also is a huge imposing manner transmits, is approaching toward the Jian Chen position, comes the person is Bi Family Old Ancestor Bi Hai, brings to fly toward here that the Bi Lian wind spreading electricity is holding up. Bi Hai and Bi Lian two people are complexion are pale, the anger in heart in flaming is burning, the Jian Chen statue was destroyed, just liked moves their reverse scale, at this moment in their two people of hearts still in wants because to should with the person who any method came the disciplinary punishment destruction statue maliciously. However when Bi Hai and Bi Lian two people see clearly by several Saint Ruler powerhouse are sieged when middle Jian Chen and Rui Jin them, look all stares, the whole face is stunned look, in the anger of that flaming combustion along with it heart was similar to has thrown one bucket of cold water, cleanness that immediately extinguished. Brother, how is you!” Bi Lian exudes the shout, she at this moment is pleasantly surprised. Bi Hai is also a face astonished is looking at Jian Chen, then looked to change into one group of powder the statue, the whole face was the puzzled color, now, in his heart knows the person who destruction statue was the own great-grandson. Has seen Jian Chen Leader!” Several Saint Ruler powerhouse that catches up with first had determined finally the Jian Chen status, does not dare to have hesitates slightly, immediately respectful is bending the waist to salute to Jian Chen, mood very excited. Raging Flames Mercenaries Leader Jian Chen on Tian Yuan Continent is a legendary character, can see the character in legend, even if they have the Saint Ruler strength , is hard maintains tranquil.

As for they several people of anger, already restrained was clean. Jian Chen looked at Bi Lian that to become emaciated obviously many faces, in the heart that the reason of statue because of an anger that had in an instant was also dissipating in invisible, a faint trace loved tenderly from the heart raises, at once the footsteps void steps, arrive in front of Bi Lian instantaneously, was loved take pity on is looking at Bi Lian, supple sound track: Lian'er, the Raging Flames Mercenaries matter, was really laborious you.” Listens to Jian Chen this to clash the regards that busy care and loves dearly, on the face of Bi Lian cannot help but lacks a sweet smile, but when at once her vision has swept Raging Flame City center that already the statue that becomes is empty, on the face reveals the puzzled color, asked: Brother, this statue is you ruins?” Good, is I destroys personally.” The Jian Chen vision looks also in the floating whereabouts stone powder, expression light saying. Brother, this statue was I looked for over a hundred artisans, spent very big strength to carve, why you must ruin him, was this statue carving wasn't good?” The grievance of Bi Lian whole face, miserable. Lian'er, should not be angry, the brother has not blamed your meaning, but the origin about Raging Flames Mercenaries you knows nothing, this statue situated in city center, is not the elder brother, because of should belong to Raging Flames Mercenaries first Leader.” Jian Chen said in a soft voice that the vision looks to the remote horizon, reveals the color of recalling. First Leader? The brother aren't you also Raging Flames Mercenaries first Leader?” Surprised of Bi Lian whole face, reveals inconceivable look. Jian Chen shook the head, said: Lian'er, the brother is not Raging Flames Mercenaries first Leader, the Raging Flames Mercenaries first Leader name calls Kendall, the brother is only second Leader.” Past events are similar to show a film flashes in the brain of Jian Chen, lets Jian Chen recalls for many years ago own and Raging Flames Mercenaries several members goes to these days of Demonic Beast Mountain Range wanderer.

Now he also clear remembering, many years ago Raging Flames Mercenaries encounters chasing down of 5-Step Demonic Beast Golden Fur Tiger King in Demonic Beast Mountain Range, finally except for own, the Raging Flames Mercenaries member is buried in the Golden Fur Tiger King mouth completely, including the Raging Flames Mercenaries first Leader Uncle Kendall. Before Uncle Kendall body , the biggest desire develops on Raging Flames Mercenaries Tian Yuan Continent biggest Mercenary Group, strongest Mercenary Group, therefore, Jian Chen to complete Uncle Kendall last wish, shoulders to carry forward the Raging Flames Mercenaries lofty aspirations and high ideals. Initially, when Jian Chen just became Raging Flames Mercenaries second Leader, in addition the Raging Flames Mercenaries entire team only then he, later, had joining of Ming Dong. But now, many years passed by, Raging Flames Mercenaries became from past that obscure small Mercenary Group development a name shakes top Mercenary Group of mainland. Brother, who that Raging Flames Mercenaries first Leader is, why I stayed in Raging Flames Mercenaries such a long time, links a news not to know unexpectedly.” Bi Lian asked. Jian Chen sighed the one breath lightly, said: He died many years ago.” The voice just fell, Jian Chen extends both hands to grasp to below suddenly, sees only the Raging Flame City dead center place, increasing that upward the agitation that there ground starts, the soil started, is getting higher and higher, merely several time of breath, the giant statue that becomes by the congealing earth agglutination condenses the forming completely.