Chaotic Sword God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1093

The response of Jian Chen is rapid, after breaking the antiquity secret technique, immediately turns toward the Saint always to kill, Emperor Armament jumps projects has ten meters huge sword qi to fly high to cut is old together fully to the Saint. Saint old battle strength has might as well be formerly powerful, after blocking this Dao of Sword Qi, the body may not the self-made backlash dozens meters distance, when he is unstable, Jian Chen displays Illusionary Flash to appear in Saint old behind, Emperor Armament has the fluctuation of energy of terror to merge into one organic whole with the space, punctures toward the Saint old head. In this is at a crucial moment, the Jian Chen body surrounding space coagulated suddenly, the Jian Chen personal appearance for it, the thorn to the sword of Saint old head is also one slow. A Jian Chen long and loud cry, the long hair is calm, the clothing clamor, rushing Chaos Force shook in within the body, has broken through the space of this coagulation, however he by this hindrance, not only the error struck to kill the Saint old good opportunity, instead was always also backhanded a thorn by the Saint, pierced the chest. Jian Chen, extinguishes my Yama Palace, takes your life to be buried along with the dead.” Meanwhile, together ice-cold The sound spreads to the Jian Chen ear, sees only in the Saint old side, wears the black long gown, the appearance that the age about 20 -year-old youth are quietly, in the hand is grasping a handle and Saint old exactly the same black long thorn similarly, like lightning thorn to Jian Chen forehead. That is Saint King 9-layer powerhouse.” Rui Jin complexion that the distant place observes changes, the body vanishes in immediately same place, hurries to by extremely quick speed. Although Rui Jin speed is quick, but that black clothed youth movement is quicker, the black long thorn arrived in Jian Chen forehead instantaneously, bountiful also without enough time rescues by Rui Jin speed. Jian Chen is unable to avoid, black clothed youth this struck closely has locked his aura, making him feel that own is unable to avoid the past in any event, only had hard meeting. In this frequency near the moment of death, Jian Chen was the extraordinary calmness, when thousand honored moment, golden rays of light flashed before from his forehead , a golden pagoda of fist size ran out of forehead instantaneously, changed into the golden light to hit together to the black long thorn that black clothed youth punctured. Thundering bang sound, black clothed youth this to Jian Chen must kill to strike by Saint Item to keep off successfully. In the black clothed youth eye reveals color of the regret, the corner of the eye split vision glances the Rui Jin direction, look immediately became dignified, then a palm had the vigorous strength to hit like lightning on the chest of Jian Chen, the body vanished in void immediately, did not know the trace. Jian Chen put out a blood, body such as the kite of broken line has flown upside down, his chest front already complete sunken, rib quilt Made into powder, the five main internal organs (entrails) has all destroyed, is injured heavily.

Sees Jian Chen to receive so heavy wound, in Saint old eyes murderous intention dodges, immediately to Jian Chen while winning the pursuit, wanted the thorough conclusion Jian Chen life. Rui Jin arrived at the position that black clothed youth just stood, complexion gloomy, the vision is swift and fierce, the whole body is the golden light is more shining, an incomparably huge pressure and spunk flood in the world, obviously moved the real anger. Beast Clan powerhouse, this Yama confessed that is not your match, today says goodbye in light of this.” Void has broadcast black clothed youth that indifferent sound. ah! another side, Jian Chen exudes one to roar, Chaos Force continues in within the body galloping, fast to heal injury, although is unable to let him in a short time completely healed, but actually by quickest speed injury controlling. Saint is old, even if experiences personally heavy losses, my Jian Chen can cut you in the same old way.” Jian Chen shouted to clear the way loud, fighting intent was getting higher and higher soaringly, the power and influence not only did not reduce in the slightest, instead compared with formerly also the stronger abundant several points. This is the Chaos Body formidable place, formidable physique, the formidable vitality, making Jian Chen have surpassed in the battle efficiency of average man, only if met powerhouse that cannot resist with all one's strength, otherwise, even if were seriously battered very much , can still fight with a same rank people. Jian Chen and Saint that old war the whole body is bathed in blood in the same place, present he was formerly crazier, was fiercer, has abandoned all quite the same as, is one trades the wound by the wound completely, trades the life by the life the way and Saint always fights to the death, the Saint Item float in his top of the head, guards frequently is hiding gets rid to sneak attack in that Saint King 9-layer powerhouse of hidden place. Jian Chen strength in Saint King 3-layer, can display the 7-layer strength with the aid of the prestige of Emperor Armament, 7-layer is his current limit, just and Saint is old, they battle frigidly in together, injury in unceasing addition. Remains is always prevented by the Saint by the powerful strength in Saint old faint trace Chaos Force in outside the body, keeping it from entering Saint old within the body to cause a bigger damage. Rui Jin look is indifferent, sinking sound track: My Dragon World becomes Small World, is independent with the outside, only if you have the complete strength, otherwise, gave up any idea of that runs away.” I escape into not to leave void, you cannot discover me, but I can actually kill you anytime and anywhere.” youth said. In Yama Palace decides by your status of strength however unusual, if I guess right, you because of this millenniums ago by Bloody Sword Sect Sect Master heavy losses the Lord of Yama Palace.” Rui Jin said that some strength conditions about Yama Palace, he had some understanding from Jian Chen there. Good, on my Yama, now my injury completely healed, the strength differs with you not in a big way, although is not your match, but I, if pesters in you, will make you have a headache, Beast Clan powerhouse, you think that we need to erupt a war.” The taking office Yama said that in the heart dreaded to Rui Jin very much that wants with Rui Jin Ba Zhan.

In the Rui Jin vision reveals the color of disdaining, said: „The escaping spatial technique of Yama Palace indeed makes me admire, can hide the truth from my sensation in my Dragon World, is indeed fierce, but I , to discover you, is actually easy as pie.” The voice just fell, Rui Jin face upwards to exude a loud and clear dragon roar sound, the sound is earthshaking, as if has to extinguish the prestige of world, the terrifying sound wave unexpectedly real space is similar to the sea water tumbling. Moreover in this dragon roar sound, but also contained a Dragon Clan pressure, this pressure is sends out from the Golden Divine Dragon mouth of emperor of Dragon Clan, its might by far be bigger than ordinary Dragon Clan stronger, can offend somebody Primordial Spirit. The Raging Flames Mercenaries five Saint Ruler eyes turn, fainted directly, body of suspended in midair falls to the tread, their five Saint Ruler by Rui Jin this earthshaking dragon roar sound shaking stupor in the past. Is old they also to be affected in Jian Chen and Saint of intense war, they simultaneously felt that web the stabbing pain transmits from Primordial Spirit, making their facial expression stagnate, temporarily could not attend to fighting. But Jian Chen of Primordial Spirit goes far beyond the itself strength, was older than one step to restore the Saint first, in the hand Emperor Armament pricked Saint old forehead that has not restored immediately, extinguished Saint old Primordial Spirit, body and soul completely eliminated. The space that Rui Jin this dragon roar sound, made in the fierce vibration, was tumbling just like the sea level, the folding waves layer by layer, escaping into the void old Yama gave to compel, appeared beyond the kilometer. Old Yama, even if your strength achieves the complete boundary, does not have the qualifications to let my Rui Jin headache, my Rui Jin kills you such as to moisten at fingertips, only if you are Saint Emperor, otherwise, you do not have the qualifications and I discuss the condition.” Rui Jin cold voice said that Dragon Clan is a formidable and arrogant race, let alone Rui Jin of emperor of Dragon Clan. The Rui Jin personal appearance quietly appears side the old Yama, has not used any weapon, a pair of big hand turns toward the old Yama the head to pinch directly. Old Yama look is dignified, invisible does not have condition the strength of world condenses to come instantaneously, collects the black in hand all long punctures like lightning the thorn to the palm of Rui Jin. Rui Jin look is invariable, on the palm has covered a golden scale instantaneously, grasps the black long thorn that the old Yama punctures in the hand. In old Yama eye ominous glow twinkle, condenses explodes in the terrifying energy of black long thorn loudly, wants to blast the palm of Rui Jin, however actually not to Rui Jin constitution slight injury. Also wants to fight with me depending on you, overreaches oneself.” Palm of Rui Jin still tight holds the old Yama weapon, that close scale defense strength on palm is very formidable, even if the attack of Saint King 9-layer is difficult to injure in the slightest. At this time, Rui Jin lifted the left hand of own slowly, the palm changed rapidly, suddenly turned into golden dragon claw, five long sharp thorns were glittering the threatening cold glow, pricked the old Yama chest like lightning.

Rui Jin that sharp dragon claw pierces the chest of old Yama directly, the overbearing dragon vigor gave to explode a big hole the chest of old Yama. Old Yama yawn blowout everywhere blood rain, is injured heavily, discards the own weapon decisively, leaves to draw back, body in changes pale, wants to escape void into. The Rui Jin flying high steps, every step treads to break the space, has the fearful space to fluctuate, making the space extremely unstable, obstructs the old Yama to escape into void, that only turns into the hand of dragon claw to glitter light golden rays of light, is indistinct can see complex runes to flash before, depresses from the upper air directly, toward old Yama head cap. In this flash, the time as if fell into static, the air as if stopped flowing, under Rui Jin dragon claw that region of pressure as if became a stretch of unique domain, a piece does not have the domain of time, making the old Yama the personal appearance stagnate. Rui Jin that huge dragon claw is glittering golden runes, having the unequalled strength to press in the old Yama top of the head, when dragon claw and old Yama the flash of head contact, the head of old Yama explodes loudly, Primordial Spirit has not run away on body and soul completely eliminated with enough time. dragon claw actually remaining power does not reduce in the slightest, from top to bottom , to continue to press toward the old Yama Palace body, only hears the intermittent thundering bang sound, the entire body of old Yama was pressed crushes, dies not entire corpse. The strength of old Yama in the Saint King 9-layer boundary, is on Tian Yuan Continent stands in powerhouse of Pyramid peak, the so strong character so collapses at the first blow in front of Rui Jin unexpectedly. Experienced Rui Jin to cut to kill Saint King 9-layer powerhouse with own eyes so to be unexpectedly relaxed, in the heart of Jian Chen the strenuous vibration, was unassuageable immediately, this was Rui Jin was relying on completely the strength with old Yama Bo Dou, has not used the Highest Origin weapon. Saint King 9-layer powerhouse actually absolutely does not have the strength of revolt in the Rui Jin hand! Rui Jin is Dragon Clan Dragon King, the strength unexpectedly so is worthily fearful, I and his disparity was too big, if I to kill this old Yama, cannot achieve Rui Jin to be so relaxed absolutely.” Hei Yu exclaims , is Rui Jin that fearful strength shocks.