Chaotic Sword God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1220

Listened to this saying, in the Jian Chen heart to shake, once more careful sizes up this to be frozen the to turn into ice sculpture middle-aged man at present, in the heart was panic-stricken inexplicable, including the Beast God Continent ruler, the strength has reached the Saint Emperor peak, the distance surmounts Saint Emperor unsurpassed Origin Realm, only then one pace Eyre also froze to death unexpectedly here, this gave shock that in the Jian Chen heart brought compared with initially to see more than 30 Saint Emperor and ice sculpture also stronger fierce many of 9-Step Demonic Beast from afar. The great strength of Saint Emperor peak may not be common Saint Emperor can compare by far, the disparity between this is just like Saint Ruler 9-layer and Saint Ruler 1-layer, Saint King complete and initially enters the Saint King distance, although in same boundary, but strength disparity actually very big. But Eyre is not only Saint Emperor peak powerhouse, and is Antiquity Variation Beast, the battle efficiency the formidable even far ultra strength reaches the Saint Emperor peak Human Race powerhouse, even calls first person of under Origin Realm not to be overrated, but such as Eyre so formidable powerhouse was frozen the to turn into ice sculpture fate similarly unavoidably, not only this lets Jian Chen and in the Nubisi two people of hearts sends coolly, even if Rui Jin, Hong Lian and Hei Yu three people are also in the heart send similarly coolly. 500,000 years ago, the Eyre strength invincible world, nobody can how him all over the world, but he was brought death unexpectedly on the icefield, is not the fight dies, this place was too fearful.” Nubisi face shocking saying, in heart in sending coldly, after seeing Eyre ice sculpture corpse, in his heart the fear to this piece of icefield was also more intense. Not is only Nubisi, in the Jian Chen heart also had one to fear intent, this icefield was too fearful, can freeze to death Saint Emperor powerhouse with this cold climate merely, no wonder ten big Guardian Clan ancestor Saint Emperor so dreaded to North Pole Ice Temple. Rui Jin, Hong Lian, the Hei Yu three people look at each other one mutually, look is becomes the unprecedented dignity, even if facing Saint Emperor powerhouse, they have not revealed now so dignified look. Nubisi deeply is doing obeisance to Eyre body, then continues to go forward with Jian Chen several people. They have not gone to Eyre body, wore Space Ring on Eyre Tan Shouzhi not to move, had the front experience, they know that these many years passed by, Eyre flesh body or Space Ring already by here cold ice assimilation, once have ruined the ice layer in Eyre body surface, the Eyre entire body will also turn into pile of ice dregs together with Space Ring. After seeing Eyre fate, the mood of people becomes very heavy, then does not have the words, they maintain a straight line are continue go forward. After leading the way hundred li (0.5km), strength weakest Nubisi could not insist, had been taken back in the Saint Item space by Jian Chen, if not Jian Chen is Chaos Body, practice is Chaos Force, perhaps he also insists less than now. Here cold air went to a very fearful situation, even can give the freeze Saint King powerhouse Saint Force, Rui Jin they are depend own that powerful the protection of strength Highest Origin armor to achieve in addition so with ease. However Jian Chen in their several people of hearts also clear, here cold air and hundreds of thousands of years ago compares, small and weak were too many, otherwise, by their Saint King strength, Eyre who regardless of not to be how impossible to walk is farther, even has not seen these Saint Emperor ice sculptures, their own first one step turned into lifelike ice sculptures.

Then the people went forward the half day, but this half day their five people actually only went forward 500 li (0.5km), finally by one piece could not be seen the cold fog of boundary prevents outside, this cold fog as if is a natural blockade, prevents path that the people went forward. This cold fog are not simple.” Four people stopped, Hong Lian stares at front one cold fog sinking sounds saying that really also has the mist to exist under the so terrifying low temperature, this is in itself unreasonable. The fog is by the water, but was impossible to have existence of water in this place root, because the water changed into completely compared with the steel and iron also hard solid ice. You stay here first, I go to have a look.” Hong Lian opens the mouth saying that at once flame rises sharply, Highest Origin weapon Raging Flame Divine Fire Heavenly Hairpin by her in the hand, cautiously was then entered the cold fog region. Hong Lian just stepped into the cold fog region, flame and cold fog touches, immediately sends out one sound, but here cold fog by far people imagination is more fearful, Hong Lian had insisted less than time of breath, the roaring flame of her whole body combustion completely was suppressed by the cold fog, the time that second attracts, flame completely was suppressed by the cold fog to Hong Lian within the body, the cold fog approaches the Hong Lian body surface rapidly, let put on that set of flame wing on Hong Lian to cover a light white ice crystal. Hong Lian color in great surprise, she already knows that this cold fog is not simple, but has not expected this cold fog so to be unexpectedly fearful, immediately no longer remains, immediately white flame well up from Raging Flame Divine Fire Heavenly Hairpin crazily, the flash covers her in inside. The great strength of white flame was far from red flame can place on a par, white flame, immediately the ice crystal melting that on Hong Lian had, all around cold fog city was compelled to draw back three zhang (3.33 m). Hong Lian relaxed, then protects oneself by Highest Origin weapon Raging Flame Divine Fire Heavenly Hairpin the continuation advance cautiously, here cold fog each deep point, the cold air doubles, Hong Lian treads the first step, was compelled to fall back on three feet cold fog by white flame to reduce to two -and-a-half feet. When she treads second, the cold fog from two -and-a-half feet approached to two feet, the third step, the cold fog approaches to one -and-a-half feet, when fourth, the cold fog had one foot to be away from Hong Lian.

When watches front white one piece often is the end cold fog, Hong Lian lightly sighs, has drawn back cautiously, she knows, if treads the fifth step, the cold fog will approach her body, then frozen becomes an ice sculpture her, even if has Highest Origin weapon Raging Flame Divine Fire Heavenly Hairpin to be hard to protect oneself. Thinks that you also saw, this cold fog is more fearful, even if I who we imagine can only step onto several steps, we cannot pass.” Hong Lian some saying of losing, she is the fire is Supreme, originally on restraint these cold ice, when she offers a sacrifice to the Highest Origin weapon, actually links a cold fog city unable to pass, this makes her not happy. A Jian Chen brow wrinkle, cold fog was fearful he naturally to see, but this cold fog seemed a barrier keeps off in the front, continuous boundless, if did not pass through, they only then halted in this, not to mention sought for Ice Temple. Meanwhile, in the secret room that in becomes by the cold ice casting, seems has about 20 -year-old females to sit cross-legged to sit on white mysterious ice cultivates. Female appearance extremely beautiful, beautiful woman, shames the moon and flowers, whole body snow white, is not only the hair, the eyebrow, the eyelash is a piece of white color. This female left Changyang Mansion many years of two young lady Changyang Mingyue. Suddenly, sat cross-legged to sit in Changyang Mingyue that on mysterious ice cultivated has opened the eye, among look a pleasant surprise, agitated saying: Fourth Brother, is my Fourth Brother, I saw the Fourth Brother......” to change into saying that Changyang Mingyue jumped down from mysterious ice, changed into a piece of white shade fast runs the secret room. This is one piece completely the room comprised of snow and ice, all decorations in room are condense by the ice crystal, glittering and translucent carving, very attractive, although this room decoration very fine, but is actually snow white, except for white or white, but the low temperature in room went to an inconceivable situation. In temperature with this room compares, ten thousand years of ice hole can only be the burning hot volcano.

But on thick ice in this room, wears the person of silver-white armor to shut both eyes to sit cross-legged to sit on the thick ice, the armor has covered her whole body, only then two eyes hug outside, cannot see the appearance. At this moment, the gate of room by shoving open of violence, ** the Changyang Mingyue face of both feet pleasantly surprised ran from outside, anxious saying: Imperial Guardian Shui, I saw the Fourth Brother, I saw the Fourth Brother, my Fourth Brother came, now was being prevented by the air/Qi of mysterious ice, you quickly made my Fourth Brother come.” The Changyang Mingyue expression has filled excitedly, perhaps was extremely happy, her appeared in the pale beautiful facial features is passing light blushing. Sat cross-legged to sit Imperial Guardian Shui on thick ice has opened the eye slowly, looks at Changyang Mingyue that face excited touching type, sighed lightly, said: your highness, couldn't you have forgotten them?” They who in the Imperial Guardian Shui mouth said that person who not only including Jian Chen, includes in Changyang Mansion similarly all and Changyang Mingyue has the relations. A Changyang Mingyue complexion anger, said: Imperial Guardian Shui, I am impossible to forget that my Fourth Brother they, he forever is my Fourth Brother, you quickly make my Fourth Brother come.” Oh!” Imperial Guardian Shui sighed deeply the tone, in the vision has filled reluctantly.